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Good morning, can you believe it’s Christmas Eve!! I can’t…..yet there is something really nice about it, knowing what’s done is done. It will be a night of family, togetherness, maybe watching a great holiday movie and of course something good to eat:)

And let’s not even talk about the karaoke machine I got for my birthday, yes yours truly will be belting out a tune or two or three……. So, as I do every Sunday I share seven things on my mind, and here we go……




1 MY CHRISTMAS DINNER TABLE! I finally got it ALMOST done…just in the nick of time to sit down and enjoy a wonderful much anticipated Christmas dinner with my family.

I used my Royal Copenhagen swag Christmas plates and paired them with a new addition, my GORGEOUS stag monogrammed salad plates from Sasha Nicholas, and what a pairing it is! Added fresh greens, pine cones and the rest is history…..have to actually finish setting it but this gives the basic idea:)


2 FANTASTIC BREAKFAST IDEA FOR CHRISTMAS MORNING This hash brown breakfast quiche looks so darn good, think I need to make it. It has something in it that everyone likes! I am going to be giving this a shot on Christmas morning. Click here to see the recipe over at The Cooking Jar.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Of course  this has to be all about the holidays because as of next weekend, the holidays will be a thing of the past, kind of bittersweet! Certainly not at a loss of beautiful images to share, this week’s are particularly incredible if you ask me.


4. A  MOVIE I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE Hollywood over the years has disappointed me, I can coUnt on my left hand how many movies I have seen that I loved, very few! So I am encouraged and excited that there is one coming up that looks really promising. All The Money In the World opens Christmas day. Looks fascinating-


5. AN ACCOUNT YOU NEED TO FOLLOW. I fell in love with these darling dogs the minute I laid eyes on them. It also turns out that their owner/mommy is a customer/reader of mine! She is wonderful and her daily log of her beloved pack of the cutest little bulldogs will put a perpetual smile on your face.

I love seeing them all dolled up for the holidays and seriously have not seen a better more behaved group of pooches EVER. They are just the cutest!!! There used to be 5, but sadly Henry passed away so now there are four. Here is just a snippet of what I am talking about, click here to see all of the unbelievable picture that chronicle these lucky little dogs lives:) Click here to follow Five Fabulous Frenchies.


6. GIFTS ARE WRAPPED! This is a huge accomplishment and one I am sooooo glad is over. I must say though I had a  lot of fun wrapping this year with my new holiday wrap! It was nice knowing I would never run out:) I loved the combination of blue, white and green. Here is a look and a quick video (gift tags from Dixie Design Collective)

Click on arrow for short video-

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY Are you a goal setter? Believe in New Year’s resolutions? I do and don’t, but this year I have all kinds of plans and goals for 2018. So this is one year that I have a list of several things I hope to accomplish. How about you, what are your thoughts on New Years resolutions in general?



Well friends that is a wrap for this Sunday. I will be back tomorrow to wish you a most merry Christmas and hope everyone has a wonderful day and a magical Christmas eve as we all gather with our loved ones to celebrate this most beautiful holiday.

As for me, I am  glad all the prepping, partying, gift wrapping, gift buying, decorating, table setting is for the most part over, now it’s time to sit back and just enjoy! Until next time…….

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Merry Christmas! Thank you for posting my Instagram post with the pups. Hope 2018 bring everything you wish for. ??

Merry Christmas! Thank you for bringing so much beauty into my life through your blog!!

Merry Merry Christmas Tina,
May your holidays be filled with love, health and fun.
I’ve enjoyed all of the beautiful pictures of your home and decorating.
It definitely added to my Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas Tina! I hope that you have a wonderful holiday. Your site is inspirational and I have learned a lot from you. Thinking of the unbroken and loving bond between you and your boy Teddy. Xoxo

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday dinner! Your tablescape is beautiful and who wouldn’t want to eat at that table! Just divine!

Christmas is not over until Epiphany on January 6th! At our house, we’ll continue to celebrate and enjoy the afterglow of Christmas Day through the saints’ days, our 48th anniversary, a little party or two, New Year’s by the fire with roast pork and black-eyed peas, finally “Little Christmas” on Epiphany with a special dinner followed by my own Epiphany Pudding. Finally, to all a “good night!”

Merry Christmas Eve Tina and family.
I am so touched by the beautiful post today, on my Frenchies. I am so happy they make you smile, as your posts truly delight and amaze me everyday.
You are the best!!! xxx

So enjoyed seeing your beautiful home at Christmas. Simply love your elegant table and your magnificent gift wrapping. Congratulations on being finished. Isn’t that a great feeling? Enjoy a wonderful Christmas and here’s wishing you a happy New Year.

Tina, your home is a virtual cornucopia of pleasure for the eyes! I have just loved seeing your tree with the beautiful blue and white ornaments, your table settings, your packages and everything else you have shared with us. Thank you for your beautiful Enchanted Home blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Merry Christmas, Tina. Have a wonderful day full of family love and memories to cherish.
Those Frenchies are a hoot. The white one always looks long-suffering.
It is Boxing Day now in Australia, but I am very happy that dinner is already prepared. When I am cleaning up the left-overs, instead of putting them all in little boxes in the fridge, I evenly distribute them into a large baking dish. It all goes in, the baked veggies, peas, cauliflower cheese, the left-over turkey and ham and stuffing, and the cranberry sauce and gravy are added last. When I am ready to cook it, I cover it with a pastry lid or sometimes a mashed potato lid. Each bite is a mystery full of Christmas flavours. This works well for all left-over roast dinners too.

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