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Hello friends and Happy Valentine’s Day!  You can start now doing a little happy dance because today is a good day to be vising TEH!  The late Feb/early March container sale is on as of this morning.

As I do every time we have a container en route, the entire contents go on sale at special presale pricing for 2 days. A great chance to reserve a special something you might have had your eyes on and let’s face it, we all deserve a special little something gifted to us by us for Valentine’s Day!

Lots of exciting new arrivals and some of my all time best selling items are finally coming back in stock. Whether you are already a blue and white connoisseur or just starting out, there is something here for everyone. Please read over the rules before we begin (especially if you are new to this)

There are a few advantages to buying ahead of time, you will get these items at their all time lowest selling price and you are guaranteed to get what you want. Often the best selling items sell out before they even arrive. Please read over the rules before we begin (especially if you are new to this)-


  • There are two ways to order, call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30 EST). Email all orders to
  • You cannot order these online, you MUST call OR email us to place an order
  • IF YOU EMAIL- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers  (and pattern if applicable)
  • All porcelains are handpainted not machine made/mass produced
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours, this is not fair to us or to others who might want your item
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • This is a presale/advance purchase- this shipment is due here between Feb. 28th- March 4th
  • Any order over $500 will receive 10% off
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • The more you spend the more you save (see chart below)
  • Some items are available for international shipping you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale inquires must call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)



ITEM 1. Just in time for spring my newest style  village scene handpainted tulipieres are making a comeback and were an instant hit when I introduced them about two months ago. As this was a new style, I didn’t go crazy with the quantities  last time but more are on the way in all three sizes! I will be getting more in the April container.

Small measures 14.5″ $85.00

Med measures 22″ $190.00

Large  measures 32″ $235.00



ITEM 2. NEW!  Just love this amazing pheasant and floral wine bucket…..can you just see this on your spring and summer table? I sure can! 10,5″ x 9.5″ $85.00

ITEM 3. NEW! Gorgeous trellis and paneled ginger jar, just love this jar, it’s beautiful from every angle. Measures 18″ tall $120.00 OR a pair for $230.00

ITEM 4. The mini blue and white foo dogs are coming back…these super popular dogs are the cutest ones out there. Doubled up on my normal quantity, also makes one heck of a great pair of bookends! Mores 4″ x 6″
$90.00 for the pair

ITEM 5. Incredible village bowl, always sells out. This is very large and so grand, beautiful alone or filled with fruits, an orchid plant, so many options. Love it on a round table, kitchen island or dining room table9.5″ x 16″$135.00

ITEM 6. NEW! these amazing containers/planters are ideal for things like a pretty potted plant or flowers. These also make great utensil holders or perfect to hold a boxwood ball. Measures 8.5″ x 8″ either style $42.00

Lion/foo dog-


ITEM 7. How pretty is this new lion jar! Measures 18″ x 1.5″ at its widest point. Hand painted on all sides featuring a classic lion/floral motif. A steal at  $115.00 OR a pair for $220.00

ITEM 8. The gorgeous open field chunky ginger jar is making a return, one of my all time favorites. This has a special place in my heart as it was the very first ginger jar I ever owned. Measures 17.5″ x 11″ at its widest. Measures 18″ $135.00 OR a pair for $260.00

ITEM 9. NEW!  So excited to be getting these incredible village scene fishbowls in again. They are exquisite and pretty enough to stand alone but spectacular  to fill with a plant like orchids or any flowering plant. Really beautiful, measures 17,5″ x 18″ $135.00

ITEM 10. The original style of my tulipieres are coming back finally in small and medium, these always sell out and with good reason, they are spectacular and with spring around the corner, there is no better time to own one (or two)!

Small 14.5″ $85.00

Medium 22″ $190.00 each

Large 32″  $235.00 each


ITEM 11. Gorgeous blue and white pierced plate which is footed is coming back. A beautiful piece for display or field with cookies or fruit. This is 13.5″ round. $40.00

ITEM 12. Gorgeous cherry blossom mid sized fishbowl, this is so perfect for mid sized topiaries, a flowering plant inside or out. Love these with boxwood balls, topiaries, hydrangeas or a large orchid plant.  9.45″ x 12.5″ $115.00

ITEM 13. The long awaited and very elegant bird flat top jar is coming back, always a great jar which fits in anywhere. Measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ $70.00 OR a pair for $130.00

ITEM 14. NEW! So happy to finally be getting this most beautiful vase, features elegant scenery hand painted on entire body with fabulous “flower” handles. Measures 16.5″ x 7″ $120.00 OR a  pair for $230.00

ITEM 15. NEW! This wonderful mid sized ginger jar is the answer to many who have request some smaller ginger jar. A beautiful figurine/village scene is handpainted on this pretty jar. This beauty measures 14.5″ x 7.5″ $110.00 OR a pair for $210.00

ITEM 16. This is one of the most beautiful garden seats, large and intricately detailed with exquisite hand-painted and raised “bumps” as a border around the entire perimeter. This is a real showstopper.  Measure 20″ x 12″ $255.00

ITEM 17. The plum/cherry blossom blue jar is coming back and is one exquisite jar. A real standout piece, beautiful mixed in with other porcelains or gorgeous as a pair.  Measures 17.75″ x 10.5″ at its widest $130.00  OR a pair for $250.00!

ITEM 18. The majestic grand ginger jar is coming back, always sells out. This is one of. the most beautiful jars I carry, it is really grand and beautifully detailed,  seeing is believing and when people get it they cannot get over it. Spectacular with  amazing details including lion “rings” and a food dog hexagon shaped top and base.  22″ tall $205.00 OR a pair for $4o0.00

ITEM 19. The top selling trellis garden seat is making  a return just in time for spring. I have a few of these on my patio and they are a real statement piece.  Incredible detailing on this most beautiful garden seat, just love this design. Wonderful for indoors or out. Measures 17.75″. $150.00

ITEM 20. These incredible scalloped pierced planter is coming back, it is understandable why its a top seller, it is magnificent. Featuring a gorgeous village scented handpainted all around this beautiful planter. Includes intricate scalloped border and pierced base. It’s all in the details. This is gorgeous with nothing in it and perfect for an orchid or flowering plant of any kind. Measures 9″ x 14″ $185.00

ITEM 21.  This incredible sold out new arrival is coming back. We sold out immediately the first time and this time I have doubled up to be sure there are plenty! This was replicated after an antique English planter I have owned for years, it is amazing how it is a carbon copy of the original. Truly exquisite, all hand painted with beautiful real gold leaf detailing.

Measures 7″ x 8″

Presale price- $140.00


ITEM 22. Really love these jars, these more transitional solid white large chunky ginger jars are a beauty. Looks great alone or as a pair, these are very large and substantial. They measure about 23.5″ tall and have a beautiful foo dog lid.  $140.00 OR a pair of $265.00


Pale gray

The Giveaway-


So one lucky winner will win our new arrival,  mid pheasant ginger jar. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and you will be in the running. A winner will be chosen and named on Sunday so be sure to check back-

Call or email your order-



And that is a wrap folks! Many beauties and this post kind of gets me in the mood to do some redecorating especially with spring not so far away! Thanks for stopping by, until next time…..

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Ruth Kraft on

Enchanted by the tulipieres!

Mirna on

Hi Tina, of all of your wonderful giveaways… this is my absolute favorite. As always, your new shipment is amazing. I love all of your selections and it is hard to get just one item. Still loving your ornaments! It was hard to put them away.

Katy on

Love everything that’s coming!

Marion on

Am counting the days until my pair of tuliperes arrive! Have the perfect place
for them!

Rachael W on

I am swooning over that wine bucket…..just in time for Spring/Summer!!!!

Michael John on

happy valentines day!

Michelle B on

That garden seat is beautiful! Love it all 🙂

Julie Walton on

Love is in the air with the new Pheasant Ginger Jar! I ❤️ It!

Karen H on

Love all the ginger jars! And love your English planter!!!

Deborah on

Still head over heels for the planters! So very special.

Carrie Duva on

What a beauty that ginger jar is. It would look sensational in my new living room!!

Joyce Wilson on

I love everything! I need a bigger house!

Vickie H. on

So many gorgeous pieces! Can’t get enough of blue & white porcelain!

Paulette P on

The English planter (Item 21) is such an exquisite replica of your antique planters shown as a pair on your dining table. They are just beautiful. Tina, you have such style and talent.

Sonya O. on

The white transitional ginger jars are lovely!

Laurie on

All are so beautiful! How to choose……

Donna Wilson on

Absolutely the most gorgeous blue and white ever!!!

G.Lundin on

These large ginger jars are the best ever… I can’t wait to pair the new gray one with my other pieces. Thank you~

Tammy Ringeisen on

Beautiful pieces! Love them all. ~ Tammy

Peggy Ekena on

Happy Valentines Day. Really like the white ginger jar; so versatile. Still waiting for the cute bunnies.

Mary M on

Love all of the items! Happy Valentines!

Darlene Phillips on

I’m in love with it all , But items 17 and 18 Have really caught my eye!!

Michele Sweeney on

Every piece if lovely!!

Debbie on

Loving the new wine bucket! Such a charming g addition to your fabulous collection! Will be ordering that for sure!

Gina on

Absolutely love my pair of pagoda sconces that arrived last week! Thank you!

Natalie on

Beautiful porcelains!

Elaine McCarty on

❤️ a Valentine treat ❤️

Sandra on

Love the tulipieres!

Jane on

Tina, you have the best blue and white porcelains I have ever seen! I always look forward to your new offerings so I can add them to my EH collection.

Joan on

Wonderful pieces, loving the garden seat with raised ‘bump’ detail & new mid-sized ginger jar!

Sherie Wiser on

Love, love, love the jar!

Peggy on

Everything is so lovely… the little foo dogs remind me of flying home from Korea handcarrying a set of jade foo dogs as a gift for a family member… they were so heavy and felt like a sack of rocks!!!

Cindy on

I love everything!

Deri on

I just love those antique English planters. I am really enjoying my tulipieres, and can’t wait to use them for Easter!
Thank you,

Shari on

Having a hard time deciding on the ginger jars……so beautiful!

Kris B on

The large pale gray ginger jar with the crackled finish is stunning….they would be lovely in my living room!

Jennifer on

I so look forward to your posts! I’ve got my eye on the solid white ginger jar with foo dog lid. 🙂

Please enter my name in the giveaway drawing!


Anne Marie O'Connor on

BEAUTIFUL! Love, love, love the blue and white jars. Great accessories to any home!

Denise Heroman on

Absolutely beautiful … this container has everything I love ❤️ …. Happy Valentines Day ! ❤️

barbara martin on

hard to choose….all are outstanding!

Karen W. on

Blue-and-white is exquisite in any shape and size. Beautiful designs!

Janet on

All gorgeous, but loving those garden seats right now. (Maybe I’m just thinking spring?)

Lisa B. on

All the items are absolutely beautiful! Love them all!

Linda on

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love the chunky ginger jar you said was your very first one!

Aris on

My favorite are is the lion jar! So whimsical. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Dana Feiock on

As always, Beautiful! I love the bowl with the scene and the new fishbowl. Thank you for beautiful selection!

E on

I knew when I woke and saw the rain It was going to be a blue day…Who knew!

Susan C on

Love all your items, especially the new blue and white wine bucket and the white ginger jar! Beautiful!

Nancy on

I love the tulipieres !!!!
Everything is wonderful– but just may buy the tulipiere.
HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie on

Wonderful pieces you have coming! Enjoy!

Sherry on

Love the English planter and the white ginger jar. Actually love it all….

Ellen on

On Valentine’s Day you always steal my heart with ITEM 5, the incredible village bowl!! It’s such a classic piece of porcelain, fits into traditional, modern and eclectic decor and should be in everyone’s home. I have two and wish I could find room for more.

Lucy Porter on

I’m just loving the thought of two tulipieres on my dining room table for Easter dinner!

Kathryn on

All very tempting and Beautiful!

Chris on

So glad I got a pair of the tulipieres! Simply cannot wait for them to arrive.

Robin Primm on

Some really beautiful pieces here! I love anything with a foo dog.

Melody Highsmith on

Hands down you have created the most beautiful blue and white merchandise I’ve ever seen. Well done Tina.

Patricia on

So many georgeous pieces. Would love any and all to grace our home. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Shannon on

All of your choices are stunning !

Judith Poremba on

In love with it all, can’t decide which one to own!

Sandy W on

Love all of these, but the garden seats are beautiful and would love to get one someday. Also, the large, white, grey vases are gorgeous.

Rosalie on

So many wonderful blue and whites. Difficult to pick just one but #17, plum/blue ginger jar is my ‘must have’.

Andrea Voinot on

Always a thrill to see your new items and old favorites! Happy Valentines Day!

leigh on

Love them all but number 12 is a beauty! Thanks!

Lani Browning on

So many beautiful pieces…so hard to choose, love them all!

Pamela G on

Oh I just love every single one of these. Unfortunately the sale this time I’m not able to choose anything. There are some other higher priority obligations which must come first this time. Some things have to come before treating myself sadly. But maybe next time. Something I’d very much like to see is all three sizes of tulipieres together. I’m having a hard time envisioning the three sizes. Also, years ago, was ginger actually stored in ginger jars? I wish I had seen these years ago when in Holland, one would have come home with me SOMEHOW, or maybe I would have shipped it like the Cookoo Clock. I wish we still had our Camp David and White House tulips to put in some but they stayed at the house when sold. (a story of how we got these should be told off public sites, it pays to live 7 miles from Camp David, yes THAT Camp David). It just occurred to me, this would make a wonderful gift for my mother, the one in our family who began the family tulip craze when she asked me to bring her home tulip bulbs from Holland while I was there during a trip with the college a lifetime ago (in January too which was interesting getting tulip bulbs then, but I did it). My mother was born ON Mother’s Day that year so her birthday is always within a few days of it or every few years, on M’sD again. So, I do two gifts, one personal for birthday, one for the house for M’sD. This would be perfect for M’sD gift with tulip bulbs, again. I’ll keep this in mind.

Sherry Culberson on

So beautiful! Getting measurements of shelves so I can order properly!

Jane on

Beautiful pieces…always.

Marvin on

So many beautiful things. Really nice selections.

Kathy M on

Trying to decide which ginger jar I “need” for my Valentines Day gift to myself-great idea Tina!

Marvin on

Beautiful says it all!

Brenda on

As always I’m in love with all the blue and white. What a valentine surprise. I’ve loved blue and white since I was a little girl. My dear aunt, may she rest in peace, had the most beautiful home full f blue and white. This started my love for it some 65years ago.

Karen McLeod on

Love love the wine bucket! How adorable!!

Terry P. on

Sending the “LUV” to the TEH staff (especially Margaret)! I’m excited about adding to my Blue/White “obsession”!
Blessings to all for a Happy VALENTINE’s DAY:)

Helen on

I am seriously considering the foo dogs the dotted pattern on there bodies make them quite distinctive.

Donna on

Trying to narrow down my list……. can’t find an item I want to take off!

Mary H. on

Each piece is more beautiful than the next. Paradise for a blue and white lover!

Kathryn on

Love the wine bucket

Jayne C on

So many lovely items! I just ordered tulipieres and a garden seat, and I can’t wait for the shipment.

Ellen H. on

The #16 garden seat is so elegant. Love it!


My favorite blue and white displayed so well in your lovely and sophisticated home. Also love the pictures of Teddy.

Tamra Lee on

This shipment is just beautiful you have outdone yourself again! I am in love with the new garden seat (#16) the blue bump detailing is so exquisite.

Frannie B on

This would fit in well with my collection of blue & white! I would put it “front & center”.

JoAnn on

Beautiful pieces! I want them all!

Phyllis on

Loving the garden seats! A lot of nice things coming!

Karen I see lots of things in this container that would look great in my house!Gunn on

Just received one of your ginger jars and I’m so impressed, looking forward to purchasing again! I see lots of things in this container that would look great in my house!

Jackie Crane on

Happy Valentine’s Day! Lovely pieces, per usual. I hope I win!

Robin on

So many beautiful pieces.
Love the garden stools and wine bucket. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Susan K too on

The Blue and White Foo Dogs are just so cute!!!

Denise on

The planters are unique and darling.

Nancy on

I love your collection.

Temple m on

Love is in the air when I look at your post. Thanks

Linda Wishart on

The English plantar is my favorite

Rebecca hellman on

Happy valentines day❤️ I for sure have the BLUE flu!!!

April on

The birds are my favorite. Thank you for all the Teddy pics. Want the garden seat #19.

Megan Bobbitt on

Oh my gosh! So many fabulous items. Love each one!
Happy Valentines Day, Tina

Marge K. on

Love to think of spring and what I could do with all your lovely items. The garden stool, the containers to put fresh flowers in and the list goes on and on. May the sky be blue all day and the sun shine warmly so I can dream of spring!

Arell on

Beautiful items! The garden seats are exquisite.

Mary Baker on

I am having a blue and white Valentines Day! Love, love all the porcelain and I am going to add the Tulipieres to my collection. Already have the perfect place picked out for them. The footed pierced plate is a lovely new addition and I can vision cupcakes, cookies, cakes being served in fine fashion. Hope you have a good day and thanks for sharing all the beautiful items and the giveaway. Hope I am the lucky winner.

Katherine on

Once again, a beautiful collection from Tina! It’s gorgeous!

janis monachina on

So beautiful!! xo

Faye Barbian on

I love all the blue and white porcelain, especially the garden stools.

Dianne on

You sure know how to temp a person. Help. Blue and white forever 😍

Davina on

The ginger jars are my favorite.

Jessie on

The collection is absolutely gorgeous; I would take one of each! I would take Teddy as well. Just adorable on that chair!

Julie Goldin on

Love all the blue and white, and would love to win the ginger jar!

Lisa P. on

Love the wine bucket and garden seat!

Patti on

beautiful stuff!

Marilyn on

My wish list just grew! Loving me some blue and white!

Judy Rahe on

I just love all your blue and white!! Such beautiful stuff. Love to keep adding to my collection

Amanda on

Your shipments just get better. As a proud owner of several pieces the piece I am most in love with are the tulipieres, so beautiful. I am using them as centerpiece for our annual golf club ladies luncheon.
Have a bunch of new items I am adding to my wish list:-) Well done.

Judy Rahe on

I just love all your blue and white!! Such beautiful stuff. Love to keep adding to my collection

Janet Masterson on

I am absolutely ordering item #21- the square tabletop planter! They are just lovely…..and how you displayed on your table- gorgeous!!!

Jill H. on

Beautiful blue & white everything!!

Eileen Sims on

Beautiful! Blue and white forever!💙

Christine on

So in love with everything! Can’t wait for the garden seats!

Cindy on

I am loving the new garden seat!! Just exquisite!

Angela Middleton on

Always love to see your new shipments and dream about buying one of each! Ha! And of course love to see sweet Teddy at the end of each post.

Mary Parshall on

Oh my! Numbers 16 and 18 are so stunning! They would make terrific focal points in any home.

Mary on

Loving the new vase with the flower handles. 💕💕

Jeni on

So excited about all of the new things arriving soon. New to blue and white! So pretty!

Christine Fleming on

Love all your blue and white!

Andie on

I love all of your blue and white selections! I can’t wait to receive my order!

Holly Gillette on

Oh my goodness gracious! I want all of these gorgeous items! Placing my order ASAP!!!! 😍 Your taste is exquisite!

Ccchintz on

Item #16 is calling my name. I like it because it’s slightly taller than the average garden seat. So many things today. I like that flat topped jar as well. Happy Valentines Day

Todd Smith on

Great stuff…..yet again. Thank you for offering options. And thank you for the give aways. That’s a nice touch.

Elaine on

Everything is so beautiful!!! So, so difficult to choose…

Cay Miller on

The antique English planters are truly beautiful ! On the top of my list along with about every other item on your shop site. So fabulous ! This is the best place on the net to visit – hands down ! Can hardly wait for my 3 tiered rectangle server to arrive. Will be wonderful for this spring and summer.
Cay Miller

Michelle on

Love the copy of your antique planter box. My favorite of the blue white porcelains. Look perfect in your dining room.

Cindy on

Gorgeous assortment!

Blair on

I love the ginger jar!!

Arlene on

So glad number 21the beautiful planter is back in stock. Love everything

Mj DiNic on

Blue and white ginger jars sre so perfect in any decor. Love them!!

Laurie Marsh on

I absolutely love #16 garden stool. So beautiful and unique! Thank you for all you do!

DE Cannon on

Love pheasants! They are the most beautiful bird and they make me happy! What a marvelous collection you have Tina.

Regina S. on

This is all so beautiful! Have my eye on one in particular! Love it all!

christine on

All I can say is thank goodness one can NEVER have too much blue & white!!

Elaine on

Another great batch of goodies! Can’t wait for everything to come in!

Sherri on

The garden seats are exquisite!

Colleen on

I am in love with the pheasant jar!

Molly Ellis on

I am in total awe of the items coming in the next shipment. I am going to place my order ASAP, but not sure I can wait for the container!!! Tina, thank you for all of your hard work to find the best items! Cannot wait!!

Joanna R on

In love with the cherry blossom fish bowl! All the pieces are just lovely!

Saryn on

Absolutely love the new tulipiere style! So beautiful!

Arlene on

Hope this can be the start of my ginger jar collection; it’s a beauty!

Karenann on

All your new porcelains are so elegant and beautiful! I love all the ginger jars!

Susan H. on

Love your ginger jars and garden seats! Just beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity.

Casey on

Blue and white is my go to in every single room. You simply cannot have enough of it. I would be thrilled if I was able to add this wonderful piece to my collection!! 🙂

Tammy Godwin on

Thank you for the exciting pre-sale and give-away opportunity!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love your replicated English planter!

Marilyn on

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥️
Great selection of blue and white.

Lorraine Ciminillo on

I adore your blog. I love blue and white. So glad I found you! Prayers for you. I know how much you miss your fur baby. I been there and get it. No words.

Eve on

Love # 2 the wine bucket. The giveaway is beautiful–keeping my fingers crossed!

Wendy L on

Wow! Loving the wine bucket and the oblong fish bowl with handles! Beautiful as always.

Malinda on

Such lovely items to choose from today. . .I’m gradually building a collection:). Thank you!!

mariae on

Tina, so happy to know that all of these wonderful pieces are on the way!

Ellen Mullarkey on

I absolutely love the Foo Dogs

Bernadette on

Love all the blue and white!

Jill on

As always, everything is beautiful!

Karen Carl on

These pieces all truly leave me breathless!!!! Your eye for detail is magnificent!!!!! I wake up every morning looking for your gorgeous posts! A true feast for the eyes!! 💙

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

So many Lovely items💚💙💚💙💚 I must have the Cherry Blossom 🌸 jar. Happy Valentines Day Tina💝

Karen Carl on

Bellisima!!!!!! ALL of it!

Kim on

Love them all!

Katherine Lewis on

I am obsessed with absolutely everything on your site and am so happy to be placing my first of many orders!

Beth on

Want it all! Thank you for another giveaway. 💙

Gina Penner on

Love the scallop planter!

Cindy Patton on

All of these items are gorgeous! Can’t wait until my Foo dogs arrive!

Jean Tucker on

Love, love, the give -@-way ginger jar!

Jeanne E on

Loving all the blue and white porcelain. A lot of my favorites are in this container. Wow! Love the wine cooler, tulipieres, garden seats, planters, etc., etc., etc. So many favorites, so hard to decide…sigh!

Carole Klase on

A friend called to tell me about your sale since I can no longer get your emails. Your new blue and whites are just fabulous! I am hoping to see your Ralph Lauren vases on sale again. I got the large one (and it is really large) and am waiting for the small ones to be on sale again. Then–buy,buy,buy,buy!!!!

Mary L. on

Well you have done it again ! What to choose when I want 1 of everything!!! Thank you for bringing us such beauty!

Melissa Hebbard on

I adore your blue and white porcelain. I am hoping that I can get some shipped to Australia. I would really like to decorate my new bathroom which is mostly white, with blue and white Chinoiserie. One of those garden stools would be divine to throw a towel on, and the little brush pot could hold lots of lovely things. If it is big enough I might even be able to use it as a little rubbish bin. I would love to see you bring out a blue and white chinoiserie liquid soap dispenser.

Jennifer S on

So enjoy perusing all the new “lovelies” each time a new container arrives!

Kim Thut on

That English Planter is gorgeous!

Mary Jo on

I found out about your site on Instagram, each time I see your porcelain it only gets better looking and I have the hardest time picking what to buy. My beach house in NC is filled with blue porcelain, it fits with the calm of the water and the Blue Hydrangea walls in my home. “Who said it was only for the traditional home.”

Deb Harris on

I love the jars with the dark blue background the best, but All are gorgeous!

Connie Windham on

As always the items are beautiful, especially those garden seats!

Barbara B. Thompson on

Love the mid-size ginger jar—-then, also love that gorgeous vase! How to choose?!!

Laurene P. on

Happy Valentine’s Day! I especially love #19, the Garden Seat. It seems to be very similar in pattern to my Ralph Lauren vases, which I enjoy every single day!! 💙

Mary Mack on

Loving the white ginger her jar!

Elaine Civera on

Love all of your posts ending with Teddy,,,,every time I see a picture of him I tear up, and I never met this adorable fur babie.

JJ W on

SO many gorgeous pieces ! The returning favorites are really special.

Pam Lombardo on

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas!
Love & look forward to each and every email
Pam L

Sarah B on

Beautiful! I want it all! 🙂

Sherry B on

What a beautiful ginger jar for the giveaway. Hope I win !!!

Polly on

Love the planter with the gold details!

Kathleen peters on

Such beautiful pieces! Love them all!

Kathleen peters on

Such beautiful pieces!

Liz on

All SO fabulous ! WOW I need another mantel and a bigger sunroom! Thank you for such a grand assortment.

Shawna B. on

Garden seat is so nice. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Martha McC on

Perfect timing! Thanks Tina

Linda Owens on

I love the wine bucket! And love the pictures of Teddy.

Pat R on

Absolutely LOVE everything ! But especially love Item # 9, the fishbowl. It is exquisite ! Thanks for making available such beautiful pieces.

Dianne Kropp on

Love and want them all!!

Keely on

Those foo dogs are calling my name!

Fran W. on

Beautiful new arrivals. Love the picture of Mr. Teddy!

Beverly Rowntree on

I love the ginger jars! So classic. Also, love the garden seat. ❣️❣️❣️

Jennifer M on

Love the tulipieres!

Mickey on

So many gorgeous items!

Sara Ledoux on

What a lovely Valentine’s Day treat! Love the solid white and gray pieces–they will certainly add an interesting element to any blue and white collection!

Deb on

So many beautiful new things!

Leanne Turner on

Love those enchanted home mugs!

Claudia McCauley on

Such an assortment of beautiful pieces.
Love my antique planter…gets constant compliments…much thanks!

Maggi Krysak on

Everything is so beautiful!!!

Julie L on

All so pretty as usual! Love the new items! Julie L

Doug on

I wish I could buy one of everything and two of most!

Carolyn Agnew on

Never tire of the blue and white. My favorites are always the ginger jars! You have a beautiful selection.

Mary T on

All so beautiful!

Maureein o on

As always a feast of beauties! I like the garden seats!

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
Many beautiful jars! I hope I win!😃

Karen C on

❤️ Everything , xoxox ❤️

Mary Jane on

Everything is gorgeous!

Linda Beth on

Love the garden seats!

Mary kay Corcoran on

This container sale is a beautiful collection! Hard to choose a favorite piece but I love all of the ginger jars.

Edwina on

Your collection is beautiful. I would be thrilled with any piece and any would look pretty in my home. The large white ginger jar is exceptional. I’m coveting that piece. Maybe it will find a way to my home.

Joanna Jones on

I’ve never seen your sales before, but I am so excited!

Goldie Stetten on

I love the planters! I’m afraid I can’t resist them!

Nancy on

Hi Tina, I’m looking at some of the beautiful ginger jars to purchase!! It’s so hard to narrow it down…love them all!!!

Paula on

Love #17 plum cherry jars It is my fav

Yolanda on

Most fitting to share these beautiful pieces on V-Day.

Deborah L on

Beautiful! One can never have enough blue and white! Timeless!

Grace on

Love, love the new wine bucket! Perfect for spring entertaining💙💙

Jackie D. on

The garden seat with the blue bump design border is just delightful!!! Also LOVE the mini foo dogs.

Lori Carroll on

Enchanted Home always has great sales with so many items to choose from….love it!!

Alexandra T on

Love the new pieces! The grand ginger jar resembles Delft to me.

Ann on

So much blue and white to love:
I adore the garden seats so beautiful, but then again everything in this shipment is beautiful:

Dana Sipes on

A cup of hot tea and perusing the blue and white porcelain on Tina’s blog= a blissful morning distraction.

Kayln on

Love the cherry blossom pieces with blue backgrounds

Charlotte on

All of the new pieces are lovely, but i am drooling over the garden seats.

Amber Lipari on

I’ve already paid for mid-size tulipiere – can’t wait to get it!

Shirley Craine on

Love all the pieces! I can personally attest to the beauty and versatility of the vase (number 14)!

cheryl on

I could always use another ginger jar to add to my collection from TEH! Thanks for the chance to win!

Joan on

Everything is pretty! Love the ginger jar.

Victoria on

Love the ginger jars!

Beth H on

I am redecorating my office and have decided on a blue and white theme. The ginger jar would be a perfect addition!

Marica on

This has me CRAVING spring 🙂

Donna D on

Lovre the pale gray ginger jar!

Cindi T on

Lovely items as always.

Peggy Bryant on

As usual, a beautiful shipment of items to swoon over. Peggy

Jeanne Eckhardt on

Exquisite items!

Jennifer Doyle on

Love your items! Everything is absolutely gorgeous!! Hard to decide what to get with all the fabulous choices! You have great taste! Thanks for such a great website! A fan of your website and Instagram from Tulsa 😊💕

martha sappington on

This is a amazing collection of blue and white. Love every item, how can you pick just one!

Debbie on

Good Morning! I just recently stumbled upon your website, and I am so happy that I did. I live in South Georgia, and we very much love blue and white down here. I am eagerly awaiting my first order from you, and look forward to more in the future!!

Karen N. on

My house is slowly turning blue and white!;) I just love all your porcelains!!

Sandy Jones on

Off to buy the new tuliperies!!!!! Love the lighter blue.

Marion on

The pheasant jar is lovely and would make a great addition to a blue and white grouping!

Vicki on

Love those garden seats & the planter! Wow!

Catharine on

The tulipieres are perfect for the tulip season…..the more blooms the better!!!

Suzanne on

Gorgeous blue and white pieces.

Suzanne on

Lookingvforwardvto decorating our porch in blue and white this year!

Laura L. on

Wow! That “bumpy” garden stool is gorgeous!!

Sally Brashear on

Blue and white exportware has been my favorite forever. It speaks to us and satisfies deep inside.

Peggy Hitchings on

Your things are SO exquisite! The large garden stool and the English planter are my two favorite pieces because they are very sophisticated, and fresh looking! I love starting off my day looking at your beautiful blue and white pieces!

Marcia Moorhead on

Everything is fantastic!

Paulette Trenary on

Placed my order! Love everything!

Sarah M on

No ginger jar left behind!

Susan N. on

Item #2 is so perfect to use on my patio for casual entertaining and would make a great gift for any blue and white collector. Just ordered one and will probably wish I had another for a gift for someone special!

Teresa on

Love everything here! So much to choose from!

Renee on

What a beautiful collection you have put together!

Goldie Stetten on

Love all of it!

Nancy on

Love the fishbowl for a dining room table arrangement and really taken with the white ginger jars.

Brenda M on

Beautiful arrivals … love your blue and white collection!

Linda Cashman on

I think you should put a picture of yourself on your blog. Since it is so personalized, it feels strange to not be able to connect a face to the writing. Even cooking blogs have pictures of the author.

Mary Helen Anderson on

I would like to order #19 please

Susan M. on

I am so looking forward to receiving my tulipiere!! I also love, love the garden seats! So many gorgeous blue and white pocelains – love them.

dale on

I can see my spring flowers coming to life in so many of these items.

Kathleen Bossert on

Lovely selection!!! Makes me want a whole new house!

Vickie on

Love the cherry blossom fishbowl..gorgeous items as expected.

jacqueline bunge on

So many beautiful things! I love the replicated English planters!

June Steadman on

Oh my I am now dreaming in blue and white!💙

Jane DeMouy on

I found my thrill on Blue(berry) and White Enchanted Home Hill!

Aelish on

I’ll take two of everything! No I’m not kidding!!! ;0)

Brenda McFadin on

Can we purchase a mug without 250$ order ?

Donna Scully on

Wonderful selection of must have items………….with spring just around the corner, a tulipiere is a must!

Melissa on

All of the items you have listed for sale are spectacular! I think I am going a bit overboard with my order, but it is just too hard to say no to several of these treasures!

Rachel Hollis on

Love all the jars!!

Deborah on

Really thinking about that new 20″ blue and white garden seat! Everything you offer is lovely.

Yvonne Calitri on

Your pieces are so beautiful and looks very ancient chinese pieces. I bought this time a beautiful trellis and paneled ginger jar. Very good quality. Thanks again.

Tommye on

Love everything! Need to get second job or stop browsing

Beth on

I’m eyeing the tulipieres! Love them!

Rachael on

Fantastic giveaway! The tulipieres you’re brining in are so beautiful.

Dana on

Love all the new additions and as always, love seeing sweet Teddy pics‼️

Jayne Felix on

Blue and white forever!! Your pieces are beautiful, well priced, and always classics. Everything I have ordered from u .. garden stool, large pair of ginger jars, and my bud face are things I treasure and they bring me blue and white joy everyday. I have my sister Jo and my friends on your website… u bring inspiration and happiness to all of us!

kathleen on

So pleased with myself……I just ordered the big bowl which I have wanted for so long !

Michele O'Brien on

Love all of your things! Such an inspiration!

Susan Luka on

I’ve been waiting for this lovely garden seat! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Deborah Taylor on

I always love the flat topped ginger jars. The blue and white never gets old. My living room needs a pop of color. Any of these would be beautiful. Thank you for offering a giveaway.

Audrey on

Beautiful – as always – love the coffee mug!

Cheryl Barbour on

I Love the porcelains!! I can’t wait for my house to be completed…I will be placing my orders immediately!!!❤️

jeannie on

wow! such an amazing assortment! I am just starting my blue and white collection so I am really excited to have found you!

Mary Balagia on

I love everything!

Pam B on

I love all your blue and whites. So beautiful!! The 2 pieces I ordered will look beautiful in my newly remodeled kitchen.

Pam W on

Just love all the blue & white.

Sharon on

I love the new garden seat with raised “bumps” – just beautiful!

Camille on

Have loved everything I’ve ordered from you.

Debbie Welles on

How can you choose….so many beautiful items.

Beth Blick on

I love them all!! We are using all blue and white jars for my daughters wedding! 💙🌸👰🏼

Kathy on

As always, love the blue & white, but have to admit I’m loving the white & light gray ginger jars as well!! Decisions, decisions, hmmm. Want some white foo dogs too!!

Kathy on

Awwww, always good to see Teddy. Love the blue & white, but Teddy always warms the heart.

Kesha on

The ginger jars are so pretty

Diane Myers on

So many beautiful pre-sale items. What wonderful designs.

Lisa Jose on

Love, love, love everything!

Janet on

Beautiful !! So glad blue and white is making a comeback…actually, to connoisseurs, did it ever go away? Thanks for giving us some great new classics.

Sharon G. on

The large scalloped planter is stunning!!

Kathryn Whittemore on

All of these items are just gorgeous!

J Fain on

I discovered your site and blog last year and can’t get enough. Just hoping to win a ginger jar to add to my collection

Kelley on

Oh I wish I could buy all of them but decisions, decisions!

HilLesha O'Nan on

I love everything, especially the mini blue and white foo dogs. How gorgeous! 🙂

Susan malatt on

Beautiful selection

Tali M. on

I am loving the new blue and white porcelain wine bucket – perfect!

Karen on

Oh Boy more Blue and White I love it and just in time for spring.
I can’t seem to get enough!
I am addicted and I would love to win the ginger jar.
Thx so Much Tina !

Senken on

Beautiful items & design.
Have become addicted to your posts.

MJ Moore on

I really love the gold accents on the square planters!

Leigh rowe on

Beautiful pieces!


I can’t wait for my Tulipierres. I have the large, and couldn’t resist getting them in every size

Vicki Anglyn on

Love the garden seat! It would look great on my porch.

Gail on

Thanks Tina for bringing us something beautiful to see today. After a week of despair for country it’s refreshing to be greatful for the beauty in ones life. Your postings always make my heart sing. I hope I will always be aware of those in pain but remember God’s blessings and His promise for all people.

Sharon on

Two thumbs up for the pheasant ginger jar!!!👍👍

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