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Good evening! Hard to believe we are on chapter 33. And really hard to believe we are in the home stretch, doing it from afar has been a first for me. It is not for the faint of heart, as so many decisions need to be made remotely and often quickly.

It really pays to do your homework well ahead of time. On the other hand, you are more motivated to make quick, concise decisions because of the distance and time constraints (often decisions cannot wait until my next visit).

I,  for the most part made decisions that reflect a clean, transitional but classic aesthetic. I think this is a look that will not go out of style any time soon. I have to say,  so far I love what we have chosen. And rugs, furniture, and a lot of lighting has already been ordered so that is really exciting!

First as I always do I share pictures of recent progress. For almost the last 2 weeks the house has been closed off as they were staining the floors and painting the entire house. I decided to do one color paint and one color trim throughout. It was nerve wrecking to try and make multiple paint decisions without being there and getting to see samples on the walls.

We had narrowed down the neutral white to two and decided in the end to go with Sherwin Williams Alabaster and the match to Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. Here is the latest then we will move onto talking about various design decisions-


Before the paint but during the staining of the floors which I love-

Floors above were not done so that is NOT the final color

And right before they started painting-

And as the painting got underway-

So today is not about a particular subject but a number of random things. Went fabric/wallpaper shopping for a client and of course had PB on the back of my mind. We ordered beautiful cream couches from Theodore Alexander,which will be piped in a pale blue fabric.

We had the fabric chosen fro the chairs (same as piping) only to find out that it was disconnected. I was soooo excited when I found the fabric at Robert Allen. Its a very soft pale blue very fine small scaled herringbone-

It looks gray here but is actually a very soft pale blue

And then I found some really pretty fabrics as coordinates for pillows or small benches-

And even found some beautiful wallpapers as possibilities for the family powder room- (these are from Thibaut)I have the sconces for most of the bathrooms and will defiantly wallpaper them, then all that is left really is to add a few accessories so it’s nice to think at least two rooms will be done!  Here are some of the papers I found-

The day I brought these samples home I got a belated birthday gift from a special customer, and in the goody box were these gorgeous chinoiserie embroidered towels, the timing was perfect and they are the ideal starting point to creating  my dream blue and white powder room-

Many of you asked about these carpets below, they are all from Rosecore (click here to visit the site). They have gorgeous carpets that can be made into any size area rug or wall to wall carpet. This is the living room rug we are having made (bottom left is the color I chose)

This is the dining room rug (the small cream one on left is the living)


If I were to eventually put a runner and/or stair runner in the house how gorgeous is this! (also from Rosecore)

And this is more formal that what is appropriate for this house but this sculpted carpet is soooo beautiful! (also from Rosecore)

I am now needing to order fans both for indoors and out. Fans are as indigenous to the south as snow is to the north, so every room almost will have one and the covered patio will have three.

Considering one of these for my bedroom and guest room, both could work-

This is a good choice in terms of wood color for the great room and landing upstairs-

This one I think could be nice for the boys rooms, it has a more modern/industrial feeling-

This I am thinking would be great for our covered porch as it matches the mahogany ceiling-

One room that is really important is my bedroom. I love my bed (an upholstered bed) and so far have ordered the bed, nightstands and a chest. I will need a nice chair and bench. But right now starting to think about lamps. I am thinking of a porcelain gourd style lamp. Love the look of this Christopher Spitzmeiler lamp-

But thinking something a bit less “blue” and a softer more gray/blue might be in order-

And I am really into custom gathered shades, and will most certainly have a pair made for my bedroom. Even thought these are all beautiful obviously I would have them made in colors that work with my room but this is the idea. Mine will be much more transitional but aren’t these lovely! Stay tuned because some will be coming to my site very soon:)

Lastly I cannot wait to put the Provence planters both by my front door and on the porch, I am smitten with my new arrivals and having a hard time choosing, I love all the colors. I played around and honestly there’s not a bad one in the bunch…..what tree design do you like? I am somehow loving 1 and 3, still undecided on what color I will use.

Sometimes I like to finish these posts with a little opinion poll. So in the kitchen we did beautiful Caluctta Gold countertops and did beveled Calcutta gold subway tiles. We decided to do the tile all the way up to the ceiling as there is not a lot of exposed wall space and it was a nice way to finish the kitchen.

But I wasn’t sure if I was totality smitten and spoke to my builder about possibly removing it and having it just up the the 20″ or so and then have exposed wood.

I have not seen this person and I am told that once you see the countertops with it, it looks really pretty. Also keep in mind the “crown jewel”, the metal hood will cover a good portion of the wall so I just may be over thinking this , two others who have seen it love it as is. Love to know your thoughts as always.

Here is a few finished kitchens with the same idea to give you some idea-


Well, that’s whats new and exciting this week with PB, you can see we are in full decision making mode.  Hoping to get down there in the  next few weeks, fingers crossed. It is thrilling to be in the final stages and I cannot believe that in a few months, we will be able to call this a part time home.

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…….

My resources that I have been so pleased with, that they are all worth sharing (click on name to visit)-








BASKETWEAVE MOSAICS (ask for Eric and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

TILE BAR  (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

AGM STONE (best slabs in the south)



For Valentine’s Day, a wonderful little flash sale on a specially curated Valentine’s Day collection starts Tuesday afternoon, click here to see-

Also- The Blue and White Love contest is filling up really fast…still have room for about 14 more pictures, click here for all details!

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Nancy OShaughnessy on

Love your blog and look forward to reading it every week. Can you please tell me where you found the soft blue /gray lamp below the 2 blue lamps.

Christine Fleming on

Love all of this!

Janice on

Calacatta Is the correct spelling of this tile. So easy to misspell! Everything is beautiful!

Annie on

Love these and wait for them!! We are breaking ground next month on a vacation house in Florida – have gotten countless ideas from you and really really appreciate you sharing all of your sources, your endorsement means a lot.

You must carry the tile all the way up it looks fabulous, I can just visualize it once all the paper comes off and that hood goes in it will be spectacular and a real statement- your choices have been so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this fun experience with your readers.

Elaine Lucas on

Wow! Sure enjoyed your blog today. PB house is fabulous!! Love the creativity!

Alice Genzlinger on

Looking for a green lamp shade so can’t wait for yours to come in.

Elaine Lucas on

Love today’s blog. Such creativity!

Celia Becker @ on

Tina, I simply love everything! You are so talented! Congratulations on getting close to the finish line, that’s so exciting. I loveall of your choices and think the Calcutta subway tile is stunning.

Linda on

I’m remodeling my bathroom and using the Calacatta gold marble also. Once I saw it, nothing else compared! Your kitchen has my bathroom colors. I found a wallpaper I love to go with it. Can’t wait to see your finished project in PB!

Elizabeth on

Everything looks fabulous! I would wait on the kitchen, it looks beautiful in the finished examples! Have a great ight Tina!

Suz on

Tina, your Bluff house is lovely. I am so happy for you and your family.

Regarding your ceiling fans, I have lived in the south most of my life and have learned a very important lesson…all ceiling fans need to have indoor/outdoor blades! This is due to hurricanes and other inclement weather situations which require you to have doors and windows open to survive the heat during those times. And, yes, I have a massive generator which you would think would give me constant electricity. Sorry….not so. In severe weather situations, which happen in the south more than you think…. trees go down and companies can’t travel to refill your tank. Generators malfunction regardless of how ‘strong’ you think they are. Thus, after seeing every fan in my home look like a drooping butterfly with blades hanging down due to moisture….I replaced all. If you go ahead and put on ‘all-weather-blades’ you will save yourself a lot of time and money in the end. You can still have the fans you want however, change-the blades out when ordering. Just a suggestion for you.

Leanne Turner on

The tile going all the way up is just beautiful to me. Something that not every room can have.

Eve on

Getting so excited to see the house when completed. Love the chinoiserie towels. Is there a link to order them?

Corinne on

My two cents on the kitchen wall tile. …it works in the ‘finished kitchen’ photos you supplied because the tile is the same color as the cabinets, so not too busy. In your kitchen, there is too much of a contrast between your wall tile and the cabinet color and I think it looks too busy. I’m sure in person it looks much better than the picture. Just my two cents…..

Lori on

Wonderful!!!!! So enjoy your updates.
Can you please tell me where I can find custom lampshades? Lovel!!!

JoAnne on

Tina, your new home is lovely. I think your batch of calcutta gold tile has too much variation and fights with the grille work on the cabinets – which are wonderful. The images you posted of calcutta tiles are far more consistent in color. What may be bothering you is the busyness of all the pattern. If you are going to take it down and replace I would specify a very consistent color range. The concept is lovely.

Dianne on

Tina…. I love to read anything you write!!!
When I have a new email from you…. it’s one of my favorite things,
I love your taste in decorating & all of your ideas… keep them coming!

Barbie on

Everything is beautiful!! You are so lucky! I think going all the way up with the tile is too busy. I’m not a decorator so just my opinion.

Donna on

Love your marble, but I think it’s Calacatta. Calcutta is a place in India. Your house will be beautiful.

Susan on

I love seeing your sweet dog and wish he was there to enjoy your new home too. Your home is coming together beautifully and you’re brave to do all this long distance! But you are very talented, Tina, and your present home is gorgeous..
My initial opinion of the kitchen was that there is a lot of tile going on in there. I’d wait and see what you think about it in person since it would be a major job to remove it. However, if it’s too much tile, now is the time to change it since it will be a focal point in the home. Simplicity is beauty…and you will add more as you live there longer, so my advice is to start off slowly. These new Southern communities have homes that are much simpler in style.
Good luck…and go with your gut!

Susan Haidon on

So many beautiful choices. Really love the sculptured carpeting. Really like the blue/grey lamps. So much softer for the boudoir. Can’t wait to see finished product. Exciting!!!

Kathryn on

Hi Tina, I think you need to go with your gut feeling on the calacutta tile. It’s busy, a lil too much grey or dark tones as Corinne pointed out
As a fellow designer, looking at your other finishes throughout the house this one appears off based on the photo (bad lighting?). As I tell my clients, redo and follow your instincts that will make you happiest in the end. And yes, tile to the ceiling- gorgeous!! My 2 cents too ?

Frannie B on

Just visited some $1+ model homes this weekend. Lots of tile used EVERYWHERE. I know I would get tired of it and then what? Take it off & go to the expense of repairing the wall(s) & doing something else. What about cooking fumes discoloring the grout in the higher areas? Not for me!!

Deanna on

Beautiful! This is becoming a gorgeous home. It will be the prettiest house in PB!

Dana Sipes on

Don’t laugh. Well, do laugh, but seriously consider Big Ass Fans.

Yes. Its a real company. And I believe Palmetto Bluffs has a few in the restaurants around Wilson Village. They provide commercial and residential fans. They will look a little modern at first, but they have some traditional looking models as well. These babies will cool and cut through the Low Country humidity. Worth checking out.
We worked with Andrew.
Minneapolis, MN

Susan on

Beautiful fabric choices and rugs. Hate to say it but I would rethink the tile to the ceiling. I normally love it but I think it looks really busy. Your cabinets are stunning and it distracts from them. I’m sure you have a stunning window treatment you will be adding and wall tile will really look to busy.

Kate on

I love the pictures of Sweet Teddy! This one of him running towards you through the snow is particularly touching! So bittersweet!❤️❤️❤️

Eileen on

You are right about the south and fans. We have fourteen fans in our house and use them all. I love the romantic feel to them.

Design Decor Deux on

You are the highlight of my morning reading your blog with my coffee and puppy?

Cindy on

Tina what a great post, possibly the best Palmetto Bluff post so far! Such good progress, once the painting starts, that to me is the really exciting part. I give you credit doing this long distance, I don’t know if I would have it in me.
Just love all of your selections and the soothing color palette. I love the tiles going all the way up it gives the room real character and is a very custom look. I think the veining in the marble is what makes it so pretty. Otherwise it will be a sea of white. That is my two cents, know you will make the right choice.
Thank you for sharing all your terrific resources.

Teresa on

You are one busy lady!
Can’t wait to see the finished home!

Marie Taylor on

Good Morning Tina!
Beautiful photos!! So exciting seeing your house come together. Love the soft blue herringbone fabric. Can anyone order or is it to the trade only? Also the blue gourd lamps would be perfect in my bedroom. Are you going to offer them? Where is the best place to order lamp shade? Lots of questions this morning. ??
Best from rainy Florida,

Karen on

Funny that you asked about the tile. When I saw the first photo of it I actually said to myself “Hmmmm, interesting … She actually took the tile all the way to the ceiling? I think it’s a bit much.” Personally I think it’s a little busy and will feel even more that way when you expose the counter-tops. Only giving my opinion because you asked. LOVE the home!

YB on

You have such beautiful taste. I will weigh in with why I can understand your hesitancy about the tile. I makes a huge statement. I was actually startled when I saw it. I understand that much of the wall will be covered. I can visualize it. Still, it just strikes me as cold and hard for a kitchen/family room. To me, wood is warmer and cozier. I love this application in bathrooms though. But in the end, this is such a huge decision I encourage you to trust your own instincts and not rely on the judgment of others.

YB on

I forgot! Can you share with us the vendor for the custom lamp shades? Thanks!

Amanda on

Tina recently found you blog and and Instagram and love it. I just love the house and all your decisions makes me miss our old lake house.
I personally really like the effect of the tile going up the wall, think it offers a very interesting custom look and once your counter tops are uncovered, think it will tie in really nicely, and like you said the hood will cover that wall which will be the focal point.
Go with your instincts, they have gotten you very far.

Robin on

Hi Tina,
Just had to tell you I LOVE the kitchen! When I scrolled to the picture I thought Wow that is stunning! The hood is going to cover up a large section of the tile. You also are doing such a soft color palette (which is my favorite) that I don’t think it will be too busy…it will be another part of the home that adds character. I personally love every fixture, tile, cabinet that you have chosen. Fantastic job, my hat is off to you! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Vicki on

Think the kitchen tiles will be great when everything is finished & decorated. You’re focusing exclusively on them now, but they will meld into a beautiful soft background for the room.
Love those blue & white striped lampshades! Hope you will have full size shades & chandelier shades too.

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina,
Beautiful choices. I’m not a decorator either, but I think the marble tiles all the way to the top makes it too busy.
Love the lamps and the wallpapers !
Have a great week
Lucy in California

Danae on

Tina- the tile wall is no “busier” than a papered wall would be. I actually believe it might look too chopped up and busy if a third visual (wood) was introduced. It’s also possible to hang one item on the tile if you wanted to. Photos create a lot of light/dark contrast and it probably looks less so in person. Beautiful choices including the Calacutta.

Holly on

While I love the ceiling fans you are choosing from, did want to chime in. From a Southerner who has spent the past 15 years slowly replacing the basic white (ugly) ceiling fans that the prior owner installed in of our 1920 Colonial, you might want to reconsider putting ceiling fans in every room. You really only need them in the outdoor covered spaces, where a breeze will be welcome on hot summer days. Personally, I think you would be more happy with chandeliers or flush/semi-flush fixtures in your living spaces and bedrooms, unless you think you’d actually run the ceiling fans in your bedroom at night. We are down to one remaining indoor ceiling fan in our home right now, in our master bedroom, and I HATE it. Such a dust collector and who ever remembers to switch the direction of the fan blades in winter vs. summer? Just my Southern two cents…

Mo on

It takes lots of bravery and extraordinary talent to manage this kind of project from afar. You certainly have both!

Donna D on

Leave the tile up. In a white kitchen texture is the way to go. ~ It’s fabulous! Don’t wimp out!!!

Eileen Meinert on

Would you please give the exact name of the Robert Allen blue herringbone fabric?

Susan on

I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the past several years. I, too, went through a major renovation of a Historical home and it has been nice to read your blog and share similar experiences. It’s a daunting task- fun, challenging and full of twists and turns. After that home was complete, I started my Florida home which I worked on long distance as well. I laughed at painting the whole house the same color as I made the same decision for the same reason. I used Farrow and Ball Pointing and am thrilled. Lastly, my best little buddy is getting old. I am enjoying this time with him but dreading the day he leaves us. I look forward to reading on but I am through with my renovations!

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