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Good morning! Well we are officially in the home stretch and it is thrilling to finally be at  this stage of the game. Unfortunately not being there to oversee and ooh and ahh over every little detail  is unfortunate. As I would be there every single day if I were near by, maybe even twice a day:)

Our builders are just waiting on the rest of our lighting to arrive and then they will begin installing all lighting and the fans. The house is painted, the floors are done, cabinets installed, it is just about buttoned up! I just cannot wait until the next visit, which will really be to do a walk through.

This past week they finished up the driveway and apron and now the landscape starts. Railing is supposed to go in by end of this week which is going to be exciting to finally see installed. Will be sure to share progress pictures as they come. In the meantime, here is the latest (most outdoor)




The brick apron is done, love the herringbone

Exciting to see the driveway done!

Vanities getting their plumbing in

Not the best picture but laundry got plumbing and a beveled white porcelain tile for backsplash

Never was so excited to see a toilet:)

More plumbing

Doors and door hardware!

Closets getting completed, they did a fabulous job on them

Tub in one of my sons’s rooms installed

Showers getting installed

These are the epoxy floors samples for the garage, which do you prefer? I am leaning towards the gray.

Today talking about my outdoor porch, its quite large and a space I just know we are going to spend a lot of time in. It is a screened porch (thank the lord) and I love this particular screen, as you almost can’t tell its there.

I love the furniture we ordered,  it is the collection from Lane Venture. We own some of their outdoor furniture now and love it, it has held up so beautifully and looks the way it did the day I got it. And I am talking totally exposed to the elements 365 days a year including New York’s cold brutal winters.

Here is the collection with this exact seat cushion that we are doing-

Though I have not picked any pillows and likely won’t until the furniture is delivered, this is the general color scheme I am considering, light and fresh-

I know in addition to the furniture I want garden seats, and of course my beautiful Provence planters.  Having a hard time deciding on which color/style. As always would love your input. What color planters do you like seeing the overall color scheme?

Here again is the outdoor furniture to keep in mind as you look at these planters-

CHOICE 1- White florette

CHOICE 2- light taupe florette

CHOICE 3- pale blue florette

CHOICE 4- pale blue circles

CHOICE 5- Circles creamy white

Just playing with a few ideas, as we will not be there full time I may have to go with a really good faux boxwood


Also if you missed my last post where my most spectacular hood was unveiled, then by all means click here, it is worth seeing! I am still smiling ear to ear thinking of it!


As I always do I share my resources with you because this house simply would not exist without all of these incredibly talented and “wonderful to work with” resources-




METAL HOOD- CLASSIC CUSTOM METAL WORKS (ASK FOR CINDY)   if you are on Instagram click here to follow them, they are brand new to it!  (their website is under construction)





MARBLE FLOORING– TILE BAR  (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

ALL STONE SLABS- AGM STONE (best slabs in the south)




So there you go, that’s the very latest. More to come…..thanks for stopping in and being a part of this exciting adventure. By the way I have shared this video before but it bears sharing again. The funny thing is, Palmetto Bluff really is like this……

  Look forward to sharing the last month or so as we sprint towards the finish line! Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…..

PS Second and last day for the flower flash sale, click here to see

PPS If you are in the area please come and meet Mary McDonald in Stamford, CT on Thursday!

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It all looks fabulous. Waiting to see the finished product. What is the brand of the patio furniture you show in this post. At first I
thought it was RH but on closer examination I see it is not. Would you please share the the brand.
Thank you.

Hi Tina: PB is coming along beautifully! I am redoing my laundry room and love the beveled sink you used. Could you please tell me the brand and model so I can replicate it? Thank for your help

If the Mary McDonald event were in one of your norther NJ stores, I’d be there but with the weather this week….ugh! Loved her on ‘Million Dollar Decorator’.
Love the details you are showing, won’t be long now they way things are moving along!
Was in Hilton Head this week, everything was starting to leaf out and anything left outdoors, even for a few hours, was covered in lime-green pollen. Something you might want to consider with faux boxwood ie. how the heck do you clean out the pollen from the leaves other than using a blow-dryer? You may also find that you may need to hose down the screens on the porch – simply brushing the pollen off the screens off of the porch in our old house wasn’t enough to completely remove it. Unfortunately, screened porches are a necessity in SC if you want to enjoy bug-free evenings.

I agree about the green pine pollen. I have a screened porch and have to hose down everything after the pollen is gone. It usually lasts about two or three weeks. I bring my cushions in the house during that time. Otherwise you’ll have to wash them. I also have Lane Venture. It’s 15 years old and still looks great. I take the covers off the cushions every January and put them in the washing machine. Good as new. Love your color choices!

Tina, Good morning! Everything is really coming together! I am sure that it is going to be a champagne popping day on the walk thru.

Have a great day

It is looking so beautiful, can’t wait to see it furnished. I love your outdoor selections and vote for either the light taupe or the light blue planter. Those are really beautiful. Pollen is horrible we owned a place at Kiawah and every spring I would spend hours getting it out of everything. Once pollen season is gone though, it is smooth sailing. Thanks for sharing this beautiful journey with us.

How exciting to be in the home stretch! Last summer, when we had both bathrooms remodeled, I too got excited when the new toilets were installed. You are really a professional when it comes to designing beautiful homes. You just have the talent for selecting hardware, light fixtures, and more that are perfect for your new home. Can’t wait to see it furnished. Happy St. Pat’ Day to you.

Love watching your house come alive in Palmetto Bluff especially since we have just purchased a lot there too and will begin the process. Thank you for sharing all your resources. !

Beautiful pictures today and such progress since your last post. I love the pale blue planters and would mix the florette and the circle planters. They are both too pretty and have such great detail not to choose both of them. They would be beautiful with white azaleas or red/pink geraniums. Have a great day.

So fun and inspiring to see the progress. Best wishes and enjoy living in your beautiful new home!

It’s so exciting when a home is in the final stages. Soon you’ll be moving in and enjoying the Lowcountry. Everything looks so lovely.

So exciting to see this all come together. Can’t wait to see your decorating begin! Best wishes from another Carolina girl!!

PB is a wonderful slice of Heaven on earth. Would have a really hard time ever leaving it, hurricanes aside.

Hi Tina… sorry I haven’t been stopping by lately but I’ve been doing my best getting around all the power outages. I love all your choices for your beautiful new home. Good luck tomorrow and have fun. xx

Welcome to The Carolina’s m’dear. A small slice of heaven on earth. Go ahead and pinch yourself. Heed the advice of the pollinated people….it’s like a plague, but short lived. It will be fun to know how little time it will take for you to pick up a charming, Southern accent! Congrats on your lovely home.

Hi Tina,
Everything looks beautiful! I was wondering if you have archives of your prior PB posts? I would love to look back through for some of your choices and to see your progress.

It is looking fabulous. It is such an exciting time. I am a couple of weeks behind you and my tiled floors are going in this week! I will be so relieved once the front is rendered and the mixed bricks are covered over. We would love to have a screen porch as we get lots of flies and mozzies here in Australia. We tried it a few times but quickly found that our Magpies are no respecter of the screen and it was quickly covered in punch holes from them flying into the screen. We tried a much thicker, stronger one, but to no avail. After replacing the screen three times we gave up! Maggies are clever birds and quick learners but I think that they enjoyed punching holes which is why they kept doing it!

Thanks Tina for sharing the journey of PB. Would you share the resource for the screened porch that looks invisible?

It is so gorgeous, Tina and it’s going to be ready just in time for Spring and Summer! Love your finishes and can hardly wait to see you work your magic on the decorating. Happy Wednesday!

The patio furniture is beautiful! Love the colour you painted the kitchen.

Love how this project is coming along! One question….Do you leave your outdoor cushions outside year round? No covers?

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