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Hello and happy Sunday!  First want to announce the winner of the pierced dish giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

# 50 MARGE K

Please email info@enchantedhome with your shipping info so this goody can be on it’s way!


So nice to see the sun and let’s just hope the last snow is really the last, it is time for spring! Though believe it or not they are talking about more snow this week. Yes, there really is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Have had an enjoyable weekend, a few dinner dates with friends, some much needed down time to finish watching The Crown (addicted) and gearing up for a busy week ahead.  Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Onward  to my Seven on Sunday….


1 A RESORT I  NEED TO PUT ON MY TRAVEL CALENDAR! I know 2 people who have been here and they both raved and gave me their stamp of approval saying I would love it. I don’t have to look far beyond that unbelievably beautiful water to know  I would indeed! Located on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, The Dunmore looks like a dream.

One look into the welcome sight of blue and white decor and I am already hooked! The beautiful Dunmore Resort is comprised of cottages and private residences for rent with lots of wonderful amenities, they said it has a similar vibe to a beautiful oceanside private club….works for me! Click here to see more


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This weeks round up is a beautiful reminder that spring really is in the air, a little bit of this and a bit of that…..


3  SNOW PICTURES! Hopefully this will be my last batch for 2018! As beautiful as it is, and it really is magical….we have had enough. We got more in the last 2 weeks than I think we have had all winter long. But admittedly, it does make for beautiful picture taking and thought I would share some taken from a few days ago-

4  A FEW NEW DESIGN PROJECTS. Have lots of balls in the air right now, and it’s all exciting, just wish I had more hours in the day! I have been working hard on a few designs projects and created various mood boards to bring my ideas to life.  Really loving how things are moving along and we are making great progress. Here are a few recent mood boards for some exciting projects on the front burner-

5. IT’S ALMOST ROSE SEASON! Wow,  Rose has really caught on in the last few years, and now its being made into all kinds of spirits. Really puts me in the mood for a glass of Rose on a beautiful summer evening. Justlook at how the explosion of Rose has made it into all other kinds of spirits, wow I have lots to try:) Can’t wait for summer!


6. SUCH CUTE PET PILLOWS! We all have pet lovers in our life, including ourselves and these pillows are just too cute. You send Lilipi a picture of our pet and they create a life size pillow of your cherished pet. What a great gift idea too! You can do them shaped or square, and the quality is fantastic and so lifelike. Next best thing to having your pet with you at all times. Click here to visit Lilipi


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Do you have a bucket list? Whether one in your head full of ideas of an actual written list? I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago and she mentioned she keeps a list of things she hopes to do and accomplish for any given year. Her list comprised mostly of travel but had some personal goals too and I was fascinated by how she takes that list really seriously and to her credit, has been able to check off many things from her list.

Got me thinking, life is short and we are not getting any younger. There are so  many places I want to go, things I want to see, foods I want to taste, etc…..maybe I should be making a bucket list (maybe a realistic one and a fantasy variety lol)! How about you? I think I may just sit down and make an actual bucket list myself:)



And that is a wrap my friends. Anything here pique your interest? Thanks for stopping in, and making TEH part of your Sunday routine. I enjoy creating these posts as much as you enjoy reading them:) Wishing everyone a wonderful day and good end to your weekend. Until  next time….

PS Don’t forget you can still enter the giveaway for the Decor Market rug, click here to enter


The Blue and White Club

Presale on the incoming silver shipment (with mini table lamps and planters)

The Beauty Files

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Teresa on

I love this picture of Teddy. ♥️
Gorgeous post.

Katie Clooney on

Good morning, Tina! I love to see your mood boards. It’s so much fun seeing what you are working on. I added 3 more sites to follow on Insta, thanks to you. I think that I might have to order two dog pillows this week. Hope you enjoy your Sunday and have a wonderful week!

Vicki on

Aaaaaa, Teddy!

Big fan of the mood boards too.

Elizabeth on

Whoever your clients are, they are so lucky! Those mood boards are breathtaking. Love this post, took note of all the new Rose products, am part of a ladies wine club and my turn is in May and that could be a fun theme to feature all the different variations of how Rose is being used, thank you for that idea.
Those dog pillows are so cute, can’t wait for the silver lamps.

Peggy Ekena on

So glad that you posted the Decor Market rugs yesterday. I purchased a gray and white rug, one that you featured in your blog, for my dining room. I am sure it will look beautiful and add a touch of elegance to the room. I also enjoyed the free shipping and 20% discount. I wish I could just hop onto a plane and visit The Dunmore. It looks so relaxing and beautiful.

Celia Becker @ on

Happy Sunday morning to you too. I have an informal Bucket List that never included the Bahamas until now after reading about that wonderful resort. All I ever hear about the Bahamas is that Atlantis resort which is everything I am not about when it comes to travel. Thanks for showing me there is more to the Bahamas than I realized.

Kathryn on

Hi Tina, can you please share the program you use to create your mood boards? Thank you and have a blessed Sunday.

Kathryn on

I also concur with Celia, my husband is checking on a quick getaway already!
Thank you ⛵️⛵️☀️☀️?❤️❤️❤️

Ann on

# 5 is my favorite.

Frannie B on

Here’s an addition to your Rose group. Tequila Rose Strawberry cream. Check it out at Looks pretty and tastes even better. Serve over ice or can be combined with other flavors i.e. Bailey’s Irish Creme.

Bonnie G. on

Some of the rose beverages are appealing. Have a tasting soiree!

Kathi on

My husband and I returned from Harbor Island two weeks ago. We dined one evening at the Dunmore, but stayed at Coral Sands a neighboring resort. It is equally spectacular and on the same three mile stretch of pink sand that the Dunmore enjoys. Our trip began in Nassau-think Atlantis and cruise ships-a busy tourist filled town of high rises and casinos. Definitely not our idea of a great vacation, but my husband had a business meeting there. Afterwards, we chose Harbor Island to escape to as it offers the opposite-quiet, nature takes center stage and the architecture is clapboard British Victorian era buildings(colonial era). The vehicle of choice on this must reach by boat oasis, is a golf cart. One day we hired a guide and boat and were taken to gorgeous reefs which we had all to ourselves for snorkeling. I almost don’t want to tell anyone about this special Island in the Bahamas. Already, some of the deserted neighboring islands are being marketed for building lots. (Man Island to the north for example). The beach seems to be a favorite with fashion designers as Polo had models doing a shoot for upcoming adds on the beach the week we were there. They stayed at Coral Sands as well. So don’t wait too long…….this oasis might start to look like Nassau!!!!

Lisa on

These Sunday posts are such fun and of course seeing Mr. Teddy at the end is the icing on the cake.

We are going to the Dunmore next month, will report back. We are going as a large group and have heard nothing but really good things, I am looking forward to it.

I love those winter pictures, that gate picture could be a painting. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

Julie Estes on

I am not receiving your blogs or e-mails.

Kate on

You have the sweetest pictures of Dear Teddy❤️

Michelle on

I recently read an article in great favor of elaborate life plans, with a heavy emphasis on planning. It was a great method of making dreams, which seem unlikely and impossible, completely realistic.. We all know that life is impossible to fully predict but infusing your life plan with your prioritized bucket list is a good idea. You may find as I did, that when a crazy life changing event occurs your entire lists changes, but that’s when the priorities become clearer. I may have less time, but the real dreams float to the top to be seen. I’d advise to teach kids to start early and plan their bucket lists, for adults of all ages to always persue them and as in all things, be ready for change. My list has always had more experiences than things (and i love beautiful things and have been lucky to have many) but when faced with time limits there was nothing material on it at all, just experienes. They lifted to the top.
Lazy beaches, food in native lands, dangerous sport, laughing kids, barking dogs, unexpected breathtaking views and the people to share it with. Fewer things are as fun or meaningful as a shared bucket list moment.

Ellen on

Another fabulous post, really enjoyed it. On the subject of buckets lists, I turned 50 last year and vowed to make one every birthday.
I did last year and there were 12 things on my list, two were travel related, 3 were health related and the rest were odds and ends (personal goals). I am proud to say I achieved all but 1 (taking a trip to Fiji) which we are now planning for this year. I think having a list and committing to at least trying to achieve what is on it can be a tremendous motivator. It can’t hurt and can only help!
Thanks for your Sunday posts, always the highlight of my Sundays and a nice way to end the weekend.

Elizabeth on

Good evening Tina!

I always love 7 on Sunday, its fun to click thru and discover your finds. The dog pillows are so cool, I need to get one of my Munchen. Heading over to check out your instagram favorites.

Life is so very short and although I do not keep a bucket list I have a list in my mind of things I want to see or do.

Have a fabulous week Tina! Thanks for coming to visit my blog today!

Susan Haidon on

What a beautiful hideaway in the Bahama’s. We will have to check that site out! Live the seclusion; especially when you want to get away for some R&R? Happy Sunday!!

Carolyn on

Good morning, your home in the snow is spectacular. Tina, I tried your Caesar salad recipe from last Sunday and it was absolutely delicious! You were right, my family loved it so thank you. Hope you have a good day and thank you for your blog 🙂

Mitchell Davey on

Hi Tina, Harbour Island is a must go to on your bucket list. You will not be disappointed and the food is good everywhere. Sip Sip is a must for lunch, the only time it’s open. You can also rent one of India Hicks three homes on the island or her late father David Hicks home on Eleuthera. She is also part owner of The Landing hotel which has a wonderful dining room that is only lit by candlelight when we dined there. Very good food!!! Robert Arthur’s website is a wealth of information for anyone thinking of going there. You also should check out Annika von holdt instagram photos of the island. She is a Danish writer who lived on the island when her son was young but moved back to Denmark for his schooling. She, her husband and son return there two or three times a year for extended stays and posts many photos of her Harbour Island life. She is good friends with India Hicks. If you go, enjoy the island life.

Mary Ann Pickett on

Great mix of wood finishes in your designs, Tina!! You’ve got me thinking I need a bucket list!!!

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