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Hello friends, its a great and very exciting day to be here  today! First want to announce the winner of the darling La la Land dress giveaway. Congratulations goes to –

#43 Lea Kagel

Please contact us at with your choice of dress, size and address so your prize can be on it’s way!


I have been waiting for a long long  time to offer this exciting new arrival and I know many of you have been as well. These were a long time in the making, but after the success of my first pattern of blue and white melamine, I knew there is a big market for supers stylish melamine. Who doesn’t’ want their life to be a little easier! So I began the labor of love task of working on designs and colors and getting samples and getting more sample until finally…..they were perfect! And now they are on their way:)

Honestly,  I use mine almost every day, all four seasons. Not only is it obviously very pretty but it’s  also just so easy. Dishwasher safe, BPA free, it is very very hard almost impossible to break. For the outdoors, this couldn’t be prettier, really escalates your hostessing prowess to set a table with these gorgeous pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Plus they will be here right as the spring season begins, perfect timing for al fresco dining! These will really elevate any table they are set on, and will take your hostessing skills to a whole new level!  So before we start please over the  “rules” especially if you are new to these presales-


  • There are only two ways to order – call 1-800-804-9565 or email
  • IF you email your order request you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice (calling is easier)
  • This is a presale, these items are en route and due here on or about April 23rd and will ship immediately upon receipt
  • PLEASE do not submit an order request unless you can pay the invoice within 12 hours
  • This sale starts Tuesday morning and will end Thursday, March 29th
  • They are approx. 25%  less than what they will be when they go on the online shop
  • These are a final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • They are dishwasher safe and are BPA free
  • For large quantities or orders over 24 pieces per style please call us for a special discount
  • Referral program- If you love them so much and tell a friend and if they order more than $75.00,  you receive one free serving piece (bowl or platter) If you tell two and they buy, then you get two pieces and so on……
  • Wholesale, international inquires, and any other questions please call 800-804-9565


ITEM 1 This fabulous burnt orange/blue and white pattern is so stunning. Love the wide trellis border accented with blue and orange flowers and the blue pagoda. Definitely has an Imari feel to it. So crisp, fresh and elegant, just love the pattern and color combination, exquisite!  No one will believe its melamine!

The burnt orange/blue/white collection

Dinner plates  (minimum set of 4) 11″

sets of 4- $28.00

set of  12 $80.00

buy 24 or more contact us for a special savings


Salad plates 8.5″

set of 4 $25.00

set of 12 $70.00

set of 24 or more contact us


Soup/cereal bowls 7″

set of 4 $25.00

set of 12 $70.00

set of 24 or more contact us

Charger plate  14″ works beautifully with this pattern as well as the original (or even white plates)

If you already own the original pattern (below) you can add these chargers to your existing  dishes and mix in some of the orange/blue. The layering is such fun to do, no bad choice in the mix!


Medium serving bowl 11″ round

(this is bowl is great for things like potatoes, vegetables, sides, popcorn and berries)



Large serving bowl 14″ round

This bowl is perfect for salads fruit salad, vegetables,  large servings of sides, etc….here you are looking down inside the bowl


Long scalloped platter 18.5″


Here are some ideas of how they look “layered”-

Shown with charger, dinner and salad plate

Shown with charger, dinner plate, salad plate and bowl



The green/blue/white collection-

ITEM 2. The stunning new blue/white/green pattern is a beauty, so elegant and pretty enough for a dining table! This is like a breath of fresh beautiful summer air, light, wispy and so elegant. No one will believe it’s melamine!

Here is the entire set-

Dinner plates  (minimum set of 4) 11″

sets of 4- $28.00

set of  12 $80.00

buy 24 or more contact us for a special savings

Salad plates 8.5″

set of 4 $25.00

set of 12 $70.00

set of 24 or more contact us

Soup/cereal bowl 7″

set of 4 $25.00

set of 12 $70.00

set of 24 or more contact us

Large wide serving bowl 14″ round

Ideal for larger servings of things like potatoes, vegetable salad, great salad bowl, mixed fruit,etc….. (you are looking down inside the bowl)


Scalloped large serving platter 18″ long


Charger which also doubles as a serving tray 14″


Here they are showing they look layered-

Shown with charger, dinner plates, salad. plate and soup/cereal bowl

Charger, dinner plate and salad plate


Don’t  know about but this has me in the mood to set a beautiful table both indoors and out! I am really really proud of this collection, it is one of my biggest accomplishments to date, because I know there really isn’t anything else like it.  If you want to step up your hostessing game to the next level call. in or email us your order-


Wishing you a fabulous day, hope the sun is shining and those birds are chirping! Slowly but surely its happening here, spring is finally arriving!

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Janice Meisner on


Donna De on

Super Cute!

Angela on

This is so beautiful, I can’t believe its china! I am having a hard time deciding on the pattern to choose but you will be hearing from me later today (getting my daughters opinion)!

Leslie on

Well done, you have every right to be excited, this is the prettiest melamine I have ever seen. Nice job Tina.

margie tillotson on

WOW…….absolutely stunning!!!!!!

Anne on

love the green and blue!

Nancy on

Well I knew that I would be ordering the orange and blue pattern…now I can’t decide!!!

Denise on

Great if you have young children!!!

Emily on

I am actually in love with both patterns, they are stunning and look like real china. I cannot wait to place my order, this is just wonderful Tina and I have never seen anything like it.
ps love that picture of Teddy running in the snow

Eileen on

You’ve outdone yourself with the blue,green combo. Pretty!

Piper B on

I was pleasantly surprised when I scrolled to see the green and blue! Such lovely detailing on the plate rims. Especially love the center jar motif.

Nancy on

Really beautiful!

Elizabeth on

Beautiful, Tina. While both are incredibly pretty my favorite is the orange/blue becuase here in sunny Florida it would fit right into my decor. I sent an order to you and cannot wait to get it in April. I am sure this will become a runaway success. When are the bunnies and eggs arriving? I do not want to miss them.

Gail on

SPECTACULAR! Must own this for the summer!

Cindy Barganier on

These are fabulous! I hope they fly off the shelves for you.

Sandi Wells on

Please mention again the La La Land website. Thank you!

Polly on

The green/blue/white collection reminds me of the gorgeous fine china used in the restaurant at the Charlotte Inn in Martha’s Vineyard. Love, love, love!!!!! Great job!

Ann on

Tina I consider myself somewhat of a seasoned shopper and my husband would not argue! These have to be the prettiest melamine dishes I have ever seen. I would be tempted to use these for a formal dinner party hehe. They look like china with no fuss.
How smart you were to come up with these. There are several shops in my area (Main line, Philly) that would eat these up! Do you offer wholesale? Just lovely, can’t wait to receive mine.

Linda on

Beautiful Blue and Green Melamine!!! Love it!!

Judith Poremba on

When will the bunnies be here?

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