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Hello and Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Well, last week I was complaining about the cold and yesterday we hit 80 degrees, not sure what to make of it but that kind of temperature jump better not be an indicator of what we have in store for summer! Otherwise I will be longing for winter again:)

Had a great day in the city yesterday, a wonderful day to be there….got lots accomplished and it was a mix of business and pleasure. Today we have dropped almost 40 degrees and it’s back to feeling like late winter, besides having to do a few errands, its a great day for an easy relaxing day at home. Onto my Seven on Sunday…..



1 GORGEOUS CHINOISERIE PRINTS! I am so in love with these framed prints I just got back for my bedroom. The perfect very pale gray/blue that I was looking for. And the fretwork frame was the perfect finishing touch.  I hung them and they were perfect for that wall. The lighting made it hard to get a great picture but you get the idea. Yes,I know there’s a box on my chair, clearly not an staged picture:) but you get the idea!

Many have asked about these (after seeing them on Instagram), one pair is online already (the blue pair) click here and these are also going to go online, any questions until they do you can email us at or call 800-804-9565.

This is one of the two pale blue murals we got back for a lucky customer-

And here are mine hung-


2 MY AMAZINGLY TALENTED CUSTOMERS! I just love as you probably know by now getting in pictures of my customers showing my items and how they use the in their homes and every day life. I nearly started hallucinating when I saw this simply spectacular setting with our ginger jar and  our gorgeous blue/withe pagoda flatware….seriously swoonworthy!! Here are a few highlights, click here to read all about it over at Beaux Mondes Designs

Love seeing my beautiful pagoda flatware and large ginger jar in this spectacular setting


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A beautiful round up which reflects the coming warm season, thank goodness. I love this grouping of beautiful interiors pictures, monograms and some beautiful food/cake pictures thrown in (obsessed with beautiful cakes that are literal works of art)-


4. A GREAT MINI BEFORE AND AFTER.  Have so enjoyed working with an edesign customer in Florida who thinks they are moving in about a year but wanted to spruce things up. With her busy household, certain projects got moved to the wayside, so we worked on a budget but you would never know it:)

She wanted to spruce up her bathroom without a total redo. So my suggestion was to paint the vanity, paint the walls a fresh creamy white,  take down old mirrors and lighting, add new mirrors and sconces to warm up the space. We also ordered beautiful monogrammed towels, and a few new fixtures for above tub/toilet area and the refreshed bathroom looks so much better-


AFTER (amazing what a painted vanity, new lighting and mirrors can do)

The bedroom is the current project- For now we added a new rug,  nightstands, lamps and beautiful new monogrammed bedding. Waiting to hang the chinonseire framed prints and a few other small touches-


5.EXCITING SHOP HAPPENINGS. So happy that my beloved bunnies and eggs are finally en route, as well as my newest container of chinoiserie tole. By popular demand the mirrors are coming back and I have introduced 2 new colorways which I must say are quite beautiful. A new shipment of planters is coming just in time for spring and summer planting, can hardly wait.

Here’s a week at what is to come-


And the bunnies and eggs have just shipped (will have a presale on them in a week or so) once I get professional pictures back-


6.ONE BOOK YOU MUST ADD TO YOUR DESIGN BOOK COLLECTION Are you a serial interior design book collector like I am? Received this last week and what a sight for weary eyes. I came home one day exhausted but perked right up seeing this wonderful book in my mailbox. It is full of serious coastal beauty and great interior design inspiration, I got so many ideas for the PB house.

Phoebe Howard is one of my favorites, her aesthetic really appeals to my taste and this coastal version is a fantastic “must have” book. It is one of those books that I will sure go back to again and again. Another winner from Phoebe Howard! Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Some favorite pages (love that she includes many suggestions of paint color and she is a paint master in my book)


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So…….this is all about diet, living/eating healthy. I have started working with a nutritionist and must say it was a great decision. I had always most of my life been lucky enough to eat whatever I wanted and pretty much stay the same size. After about the age of 45,  that started to change, and I realized I had to be more careful so I am glad I am being proactive and want to be and look my very best.

I am doing this more to be healthy than to be skinny……I am happy if I can fit in my size 8’s but more importantly I really want to eat and live as healthy as possible. Right now I am doing a detox/purification for 3 weeks, it is limiting but I must say I am feeling surprisingly good and just knowing I am purging those toxins from my body makes. me feel even better and more motivated to stick with it. It is limiting for sure but temporary plus summer is coming:)  Have you ever done a detox or nitrification of any kind?



Well, that’s a wrap for this weekend. Wishing everyone a fabulous and relaxing Sunday and great end to your week. Thanks for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday mornings. Until next time…….




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B.P. on

Hi there is so much to love here, from your beautiful bedroom makeover to that blue and white setting, it’s all so pretty.

I also love the new tole pieces and will “need” that red mirror! Have a nice day, Tina and thanks for these great Sunday posts.

Ellen on

GORGEOUS! Every single picture. love your new murals and all the new mirrors, cannot wait for the bunnies! Happy Sunday.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Your master bedroom is beautiful. A lovely place to relax in at the end of your day.

Mary Baker on

Love the bathroom makeover and the bedroom too. Both are beautiful and so chic. The monogrammed bedding is so elegant. Have a great rest of your weekend.

Julie Albachiaro on

HI Tina,
I did the Standard Process Purification 3 week cleanse in March and felt great on it ! It was a wonderful reset.
I’m 51 and know what you mean about thinks staring to change. 🙂
I have never done one and still can’t believe I did it but I actually ( crazily ) ended up enjoying it and will definitely do it again.
I felt SO good while I was on it. The first 3 days were very hard but after that, it was actually easy.
Good luck with the process, I think you will be so glad you did it.

Lisa on

You have my wheels turning with your before and after of your clients bathroom. I am in the same rut, we are in a rental until our new home is ready (next Feb) and I HATE the dark wood vanity and horrible lighting. I think I may have to copy your idea, I can’t believe how differnt it looks without having to do that much work. I also love her (and your) bedroom. I would love to order some monogrammed bedding.
Everything looks great on this post today, and of course love seeing Teddy at the end, he is the cherry on top!

Susan K too on

Lots of inspiration in this post! My bathroom vanity looks exactly like your clients make over, so……. on

Is it wise to use real marble for the bathroom floor?

Jill on

Would love to replace my master bedding with similar monogram ensemble. Can you disclose your source?

Nancy on

I am glad to hear you are investing in a nutritionalist. But makes me wonder about them. Your kidneys and liver would have to be in extremely horrible condition for you to need a detox. They are a hoax. That’s why we have livers is to detox our bodies. They do it daily. I’m sure you do feel better but that is because you are eating better foods. Which, if you do all the time, you’ll always feel this good.

Bettina Woodring on

Love the bedroom pics…thanks for sharing.

Joan Grier on

Tina…Love the Chinese panels!!!!!Exquisite!!!!

Indigo on

Love the make over. Can you share the source for the monogrammed bedding?

Andie on

Love the window treatments in your bedroom. So peaceful and tranquil! I can’t wait to order the blue and white bunnies! Love your posts!

Donna D on

The bath makeover looks great I’d be tempted to put another one of those great mirrors in the middle as the sconces are already there and the space is large enough. A framed art piece or painting would also be very nice or a shallow wall cabinet.

Susan Haidon on

Adore those bunnies. Happy ?Monday!

Connie Jenkins on

I need the mirrors, the bunnies and can’t wait for linens.

jonnie on

i have about 1500 pieces of blue and white ceramics my favorites are the ginger jars please show more.

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