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Hi there, if you are a flower lover you have come to visit me on the right day! As you know  whether you’ve read my blog for a week or a year, I love flowers, in fact they are one thing I can’t live without. I always need to have some kind of flowers around. They make me happy so whenever I get a chance to go into the NYC flower market, I am one happy camper.

It is a bustling, energy charged district of the city which is just such fun and so full of life.  I went there last Sat and it was a short but successful visit. I got there after 11 and they were already closing up shop and when they start closing, they close up fast! But I was lucky to get to my favorite spots just in the nick of time to get a wonderful loot to take home:) I like going on Sat as the city  in general is not quite as busy, during the week it’s pure chaos but a fun kind:)

Cherry blossoms are in bloom so at every turn, it is truly breathtaking. I have a few favorites stops I always make and for those of you in the area or tourists who want to just go and experience the NY flower market for yourself, these are my faves-

Any kind of branch or blossoms on stem- US Evergreen hands down the king on the street for boxwoods, greenery of ANY kind, magnificent custom wreaths and garland and of course flowering blossoms when in season. They will happily cut branches down to any length you wan

Flowers- My personal faves are either Associated Cut Floral, G Page or Dutch Flower Line. Their assortment is incredible and the turnover really fast so you. know you are getting ultra fresh flowers. There are many others but these three are big players in the flower market. Most flowers are sold in bundles which can consists of anything from 3 to 6 dozen. Some flowers are sold by the stem (hydrangeas as an example) You can ask them to break them up which they often will.

**Some have asked if you need to be registered or have credentials to go, the answer  is no. You just waltz in and act like you are a flower big wig lol:) Seriously though they sell to everyone, you will not get the same price obviously as someone with an account who buys regularly but the prices are still very competitive and you know you are getting the freshest flowers in the  market!


So here are some pictures that will hopefully capture the essence of this fun and unique street filled and lined with flowers and branches of every kind-

When they start wrapping up for the day, they do it quick and efficiently, I was there as the doors were locked, just in the nick of time!

One of my most favorite places, US Evergreen…….they are the king on the street for all things branches, cherry blossoms and greens

Yep, its a jungle in there!


And a picture of my loot, bearing in mind I really had no event going on so I had to restrain myself:)

First have to get it out of my backseat, this not a totally untypical picture of my backseat when I go to the flower market:)

And once the loot is unloaded onto my kitchen counter top

Getting my containers at the ready and so it begins….

When working with these extra long cherry blossoms sometimes its easier to do the arranging outside (bring the vessel. in empty then add water once its placed where it is going to be)

And finally the fun part, getting to place all these beautiful arrangments around the house!

And now for my pièce de résistance, ready? It is possibly my all time most favorite flower arrangement ever-

Ta dah! Only wish I was having a party!

Some closeups

And four days later when the flowers were starting to fade I took them out of the main vase, and added just the blossoms and these beautiful little vases filled with the tulips, hyacinths and what was left of the roses-

I am pleased to say I am still enjoying the above arrangement 6 days later and going strong (cool spots in the house and fresh water daily are important)


And that’s a wrap with my latest trip to the flower market. If you are in the tri state area and have not been, by all means, go! You will completely “get” why I so love to be there and even if you are a visitor/tourist, it is well worth the trip to venture in and just take in the bounty of fresh flowers flown in from all over the world and fun chaos of the flower market. If I didn’t love what I do so much, I might have looked to work in the floral industry:)

Thank you for stopping by…and how about you? Are you as crazy for flowers as I am? What are your favorites? For me, hydrangeas are the best bang for the buck, and can last a long time, tulips are right up there and of course seasonal cherry blossoms. Love peonies but their life is way too short for that kind of beauty, hyacinths turned out to not only smell sooo good but surprisingly lasted a long time. I am always up for trying new flowers too, and always on the prowl to work with something I have yet to buy.

Wishing everyone a great day, and hoping flowers will be part of your day in some way, shape or form. Until next time……….

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Not living close to a flower mart..I stopped at my new fav grocery..”Aldi’s”..roses $3.25 …they lasted a week…at last I clipped close to head and put them in glass candlesticks (rather than candle) and they are drying perfectly. Luv flowers!! franki

I too LOVE flowers!! I would go absolutely crazy at the NYC flower market!! This was a great post and your arrangements were beautiful Tina!!

My favorites are green hydrangeas. I love them with all my blue and white porcelains. I can get almost two weeks out of them, changing the water (hot!) and trimming the stems every other day. Trader Joe’s has the best flower selection in my town.

Love flowers. Waiting for all my peonies to bloom in the next few weeks. Those are my favorites along with hydrangeas.

I can picture you playing with your flower purchase and I wouldn’t want to get in your way while playing. You are one blessed young lady and you definitely know how to bring our the beauty of each stem. Play on!

Wow! This post is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I want to get to the market pronto!

I would have to agree with you, that pink arrangement is one of your best to date! I love the little accent of yellow tulips and the way they droop so perfctly. I absolutely love flowers and plants of all kinds. In Illinois, I am finally able to do some gardening and get my hands in the dirt. I planted four red bark dogwood bushes in the yard this spring, and they are gorgeous. They will give me some winter interest with their red branches against the snow. I may even use some of the branches in my urns, by the front door, at Christmas. But, who wants to think about snow right now? Thank you for sharing those beautiful arrangements with us.

I’m surprised you bring the flowers home, especially roses, not in water. Also surprised to see your porous containers directly on your beautiful wood surfaces. They don’t leave a ring? Or do you have a separate glass container inside?

OH MY!! These arrangements took my breath away, you are so talented with flowers. That great big arrangement is incredible. I bet they smell great too. Thanks for all your tips and recommendations. My daughter is starting law school in Sept. so I will be in NYC a lot and will most definitely be visiting market, fun post!

I’ve just been introduced to these gorgeous Green Eyed Roses which are orange on the outside and bright green in the center. But my favorite flowers are plum blossoms and peonies.

This is one beautiful jungle, just give me that beast of blooming dogwood branches and I will be content! I hope to make it there one day. I think it’s nice you are decorating for a special party for yourself!! Thank you for the flower porn, those roses are amazing!! Have a great weekend Tina! ~Emily

Absolutely beautiful.. Looking at your arrangements has me thinking it’s time to go flower shopping.

This is SUCH a pick-me-up. Your site is my all time favorite. Thanks so much for sharing all your energy, creative ideas and your beautiful homes with all of us.
cay bird

You are having a party because your flower arrangements are a party in itself ! Flowers always brighten the day. Thanks for sharing.

Tina you are so talented! Those arrangements are GORGEOUS!!!
Love love love the peonies!!!!

How very pretty for Spring! Love the pinks! And I loved the bowl filled with lemons. It made me so happy!

I’m crazy for flowers and have a lot of flowers in my perennial borders that I cut and make bouquets out of. Though sometimes I am torn between cutting them and leaving them in the borders to enjoy from afar. Thanks for sharing your joy!

Hydrangeas are my favourite too. If they start to droop,cut them and place they in very hot tap water. This revives them.

Possibly the most gorgeous arrangement ever!! I agree. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have those flowers last all year long. All my favorites and you arranged them magnificently! Come do mine blue and white vases!!! Thank you!

Since this box is named “Comment,” does that mean questions here will not be answered? I’m interested in a pair of vases on the far left and right in your last picture. I don’t see them for sale. Can you tell me about them, please? And where I might buy them? Thanks.

How fun to be in the NYC flower district and to live so close! I was there years ago and remember how exciting it was. Tina, your arrangments are just amazing and so beautiful. That one large arrangement is really a stunner and so professional! How do you know how many flowers to buy? I am like you, always need to have some fresh flowers around. We have a Whole Foods 10 min away and they have a really nice selection so I go there weekly to see what’s come in. You have inspired me to try a few new combinations with this post. Thank you.

Gorgeous flowers and love the way you arranged them! My daughter is starting school in NJ in the fall, so we’ll be out in the NYC area. I’m going to look into visiting the flower market when we’re out there. Obviously, won’t be able to purchase a lot of flowers, but would love to just see it!

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