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Hello and happy Sunday! First I want to announce the lucky winner of the melamine. A big congratulations goes to-


Please email with your shipping information as well as your choice of pattern.


 It was a really busy week and especially exciting when we got the long awaited melamine in at the end of the week, it is sooooo gorgeous. I will be setting many tables this summer with it though truth be told, it is a year round item. I use my current pattern literally every single night! The melamine is now online to see it click here.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful spring weekend, it is so nice to have the milder weather and not have to worry about coats, scarves and hats! I forgot just how  much I love this weather. Anywho, onto my Seven on Sunday……..


1 SPRING HAS SPRUNG. Well it finally happened despite my hemming and hawing that it never would. We have had the most glorious weather and this has me so eager to start planting all my planters, they are ready to get their makeovers. Here is what is blooming around here lately-



2 MY TALENTED CUSTOMERS  AND A QUESTION ANSWERED  Love getting my customers pictures and how you use and create with things you have purchased from me. This customer used outdoor paint and spray painted her Provence planters to match her decor, think they came out great and this certainly shows how easy it is to do this with a single can of spray paint (just. make sure its weather resistant paint)

Shr wanted to change the color to suit her decor and proves how easy it is!! Thank you for sending:)

Another customer here painted hers to match her shutters-

A lot of my customers ask if we can put the faux orchids  in their planters. The answer is yes, we do. Eventually we will have this option online on the shop but in the meantime if you are someone who has inquired you can always inquire via info@enchantedhome. or call us 800-804-9565. Here are a few recent ones we did for customers-

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful roundup this week reflecting the beautiful season of spring,  just feast your eyes on these-

4 MY GIFTWRAP IS COMING! I am so excited and you can imagine the thrill to get in my sample box, which caused a knee jerk reaction to start a major giftwrapping frenzy. To say I am in love with each and every one would be an understatement, these will be in within about 3 weeks and there will be a presale on them soon. Love them (and yes many of you asked about the gingham ribbon so we will be offering that as well)-

5. A GARDEN THAT TAKES MY BREATH AWAY. Wow, when I saw this I closed my eyes and could almost feel that California sun beating down on me, that west coast breeze while I sipped my cocktail by this glorious pool setting. Then I opened my eyes and it was a cold dreary NY day, it was nice while it lasted:) This is such an inspiring garden, love love love it! Traditional Home

6. THE CROWN IS COMING BACK! I am soooooo excited that a new season was officially announced,  albeit with a few cast changes. I am counting down the minutes,  until season 3 and this cannot happen soon enough in my book, I knew there was going to be a season 3 but now that’s officially announced, I can sleep at night:)  If you want to read more about it, click here. Here is a preview of a few cast changes-

Think he will need to lose the earring to fit into the part:)

I thought she was irreplaceable, her likeness to the Queen is uncanny but many are banking on her replacement

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY  OK, this is about sleep. I know what the recommended hours are to sleep per night however I don’t remember the last time I did that, I find myself going to sleep pretty late and am by nature an early riser, I generally am up between 5:30-6.  I have always been this way, and my parents confirmed ever since they remember, even as a kid that was my sleep schedule.

So….am curious how many night owls are out there! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night or can’t sleep and find myself channel surfing at 1am, thinking there must be an entire world out there awake along side me. So….your turn to weigh in-



Well friends that is a wrap! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Sunday, thank you as always for stopping by and making me a part of your Sunday routine. Until Nextel time….

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kathleen on

LOVE the lemon wrapping paper.

Sandy on

The spring pics of your home are beautiful! What a gorgeous garden!
I really enjoy seeing the incredible genius of all the readers who keep sending photos of their inspired spaces.

Bettina Woodring on

Love all the gift wrap!!

Linda Cashman on

Tobias Menzes will be FABULOUS as Prince Phillip. He played 2 characters on OUTLANDER, a not to be missed series of Diana Gabaldon’s books entering its 4th season on STARZ this fall. He played himself in 1945 England and his notorious, horrible relative in 1745 Scotland. I love The Crown, Downtown Abbey, etc., but Outlander is the best one I have ever seen. It is a time travel, fabulous romance that is historically accurate and occurs in different countries and has several main characters that are intertwined over all kinds of historical happenings and the costumes are wonderful. I never remember seeing such chemistry between the two lead actors before–it is addicting. Gabaldon is writing the 9th book in the series now. Catriona Balfe plays Claire, a WWII English nurse and Sam Heughan plays Jamie Frazier, a Scottish Highlander from 1745. Sam Menzies is a historian in 1945 and an English Dragoon officer in 1745 when he plays his notorious relative. There are several other main characters interwoven through all the adventures, including Lord John Gray, a very kind man whose character runs through the books and is Jamie and Claire’s savior many times over, because Jamie saved his life when he was 16 and an English gentlemen never forgets ( and there is that little complication that he is a closeted gay man in the 1700s and he has fallen deeply in love with Jamie and never wants anything to happen to him), and he marries the sister of the girl Jamie had a one nighter with who had Jamie’s child and died so the sister and Lord John are raising Jamie’s boy (Jamie had the one nighter when he thought Claire was dead). You MUST watch this series on demand from season 1 episode 1 or buy the DVDs.

Joan on

Happy Sunday all!
The new wrapping papers are lovely, the ‘lemon trellis’ is gorgeous! Congrats on another successful product!
Love the pool pic, did not realize until I started interviewing pool contractors just how difficult is it to find someone who will build you a simple, tasteful, rectangular pool with limestone coping and patio. Why is that?
What is even more difficult is finding pool tile that is suitable for the freeze/thaw cycles in the northeast. Naturally everything I loved initially was not ice-friendly! And when I did find a tile that would blend into the surroundings (not Florida sea-glass colors), it had to be special ordered! (Let’s not even discuss the push to have you install an underwater lighting system that will make your pool look like something out of Vegas. Just because I live in NJ does not mean I want to decorate like a Real Housewife…)
I appreciate that, given everything that is going on in the world this is a First World Problem. Just curious how many others are having issues when you want the end result of your project to be simple and tasteful?
Love the Krylon idea for painting metal. Another option is contacting your local auto body repair shop, especially if you have vintage metal furniture. They can grind down the rust and powder-coat paint the pieces in any color under the sun! Metal is metal, whether it’s a 1950s patio dining set or a 1950s Ford!

AW on

A lot to love here- the gift wrap is spectacular,congratulations on another beautiful success!
Started watching The Crown and it is addicting.
Your customers are a talented bunch,I got the white Provence planters a small so love them,I will be planting oversized lemon trees in them later in the season and will send in pictures when I do,have a nice Sunday.

Mary Baker on

Love the color of the turquoise planters, so fresh and clean. The pictures of the wrapping papers are beautiful. I ordered some of the selections for Christmas and loved the colors and designs. It was hard to cut those beautiful papers but the gifts were made all the more special being presented in them. I so look forward to the Seven on Sunday pictures and looking at all the selections. As far as sleep patterns, I only sleep about 5-6 hours a night and am always awake before dawn. I can never sleep past sunrise, can’t imagine being able to do so. Have a great week and thanks for your post today.

Teresa on

Happy Sunday, Tina!
Such a lovely post! Your plants and flowers were ready to bloom. So beautiful!
As always, Sunday is my favorite.

Elizabeth on

Good morning Tina,

As I age I get less and less sleep but I too have always been a night owl and sometimes I don’t even like to go to sleep, i feel like I don’t need it(as strange as that sounds and I know that I do). Love all of your finds, especially Cake Atelier Amsterdam, she is so TALENTED it is unbelievable.

Have a great day!

Cathy Perry on

Tina, where did you get the dog bed in the picture? Are you selling them?

franki on

Just re-read my David Monn tome, “The Art of Celebrating.” He IS something!! franki

Susan Haidon on

Spring had sprung. Your grounds look beautiful. Good to know you do the orchid inserts. Absolutely adore the wrappings! Happy ? Sunday?

Peggy Ekena on

Your estate looks gorgeous with all the trees in bloom! Spring is my favorite season, with everything coming to life after a long, snowy, cold winter. Thank you so much for carrying the gingham ribbon; it has been impossible for me to find the navy blue. Will it have wired edges? I am disappointed to see that The Crown’s major characters are being replaced. The originals were great and looked so much like the people they were portraying. Enjoy your beautiful weather.

Rosemary and Lavender on

Truth be told, I usually go to be at 3:00 a.m., but since our trip to Europe, I reset my clock and now try to turn in around midnight, which is super early for me. I love midnight walks. The peace, silence, time to think and create. But waking up at 11:00 a.m. made me feel out of sync with the world. I envy you getting by on less sleep. That would be wonderful! P.S. You’re yard looks like spring has really arrived! Beautiful! Enjoy!!

Annie on

Hi Tina I so love your posts and it’s a treat after coming off of a wet soccer field. Love the giftwrap!

I sleep late also around midnight and am up by 6 to work out. I do fine on 5-6 hours of sleep. Also huge fan of The Crown and am excited for season 3.

Bonnie G. on

I absolutely love the lemon wrapping paper but then again, it is all attractive.

Elizabeth on

Your yard looks so pretty coming to life, and good to know about the planters and how easy they are to paint.
Love The Crown and so do my twin girls who are 15,we binge watch together?

Laura Koning on

I love the gift wrap! want to use it for other projects as well!

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