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Good Thursday morning to you, we have lots going on over here and just got our container brimming with all the new Provence planters, the tray tables in both colors plus our newest large planters that are perfect for plants, flowers and it doubles as one heck of a gorgeous wine bucket.

Now that this container arrived and all presale orders have shipped, the rest is on sale for 2 days Great chance to snag an item you might have had your eye on.We always do a presale about a month before they come in and an arrival sale for 2 days when they arrive. Everything shown in stock and ready to ship! Just a few rules before we start-

  • There are two ways to order, call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30 EST). Email all orders to (if emailing after business hours we will contact you the next business day)
  • IF YOU EMAIL- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice
  • You cannot order these online, you MUST call OR email us to place an order
  • These are all in stock and ready to ship now
  • This sale ends Friday night at midnight
  • Limited quantities of each item
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers (and be sure to state color if that applies)
  • Many customers are already in our system but for those who have multiple addresses, you must specify which address you want your items shipped to
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours
  • We cannot hold items, only once your order is paid for is your order considered a completed order
  • Get an extra 10% off for orders over $600.00
  • For Provence planter orders, if you are ordering 4 or more we offer a 15% discount our already amazingly low prices!
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Questions? Please call us at 800-804-9565


ITEM 1 One of our best selling tole planters, absolutely exquisite! Perfect for orchids or hydrangeas and makes one gorgeous wine bucket filled with your favorite drinks! I used mine recently and filled with it Rose and Pellegrino and it was gorgeous! A beautiful piece to use indoors and out. Measures 6.75″ x 17..5″ x 11″ $110.00

Here are a few pictures showing them being used-




Pale blue/gold

NEW! Ivory/blue

ITEM 2 NEW!  By popular demand! This incredible long awaited floral/vine chinoiserie mirror is such an elegant mirror, complete with beautiful gold accent detailing. In the few places that offer handpainted tole mirrors, they are more than four times the price that these are today.

Here are the mirrors in my home-

2A This handpainted beauty features the beautiful floral/fine pattern, painted in a rich mossy green with elegant gold detailing. Measures 16″ x 52″ x 30″ Offered at an unheard of price- $315.00

Mossy green/gold

2B. This handpainted beauty features the beautiful floral/fine pattern, painted in a gorgeous red with elegant gold detailing. Measures 16″ x 52″ x 30″ Offered at an unheard of price- $315.00

Dark red/gold

2C. This handpainted beauty features the beautiful floral/fine pattern, painted on an ivory base with the beautiful blues and elegant gold detailing. Measures 16″ x 52″ x 30″ Offered at an unheard of price- $315.00


ITEM 3 NEW!  This fabulous chinoiserie figurine mirror is a beauty! Handpainted and finished with an elegant gold leaf border. Measures 16″ x 52″ x 23″ A price you simply cannot find anywhere for beautifully handpainted mirrors-  $315.00

3A  Stuning figurine pattern, ivory with blue and elegant gold detailing.

ITEM 3B Rich mossy figurine mirror in  Green/gold

ITEM 3C Fabulous figurine mirror in Red/gold

ITEM 4 Provence planters. Getting in another round of these gorgeous metal  planters just in time for the warmer months ahead when we will all be busy beautifying the outsides of your homes! These are spectacular by a front door, on a patio and by the pool. They each have four holes for drainage and are painted a weatherproof paint. Here is a look at Provence planters in various settings-

SMALL 18″ X 18″ plus 3″ finial
MEDIUM-20″ x 20″ plus 3″ finial
LARGE-22″ x 22″ plus 3″ finial
EXTRA LARGE- 24″ X 24″ plus 3″ finial

4A. The elegant paneled styled Provence planter is offered in Ivory, black and pale blue

SAVE 10% off with an order of $500 or more

Medium-  $375.00

Large- $390.00

IVORY/WHITE- Medium (4), Large (4)

BLACK- Medium (3), Large (3)

PALE BLUE/GRAY- Medium (4), Large (5)

ITEM 5 This beautiful new style has quickly become a favorite, just. in love with the design!! As with all the others, these are metal and painted in a weatherproof paint (but we always recommend spraying or applying an extra sealer). There are four drainage holes as well.

SAVE 10% off with an order of $500 or more

SMALL 18″ X 18″ plus 3″ finial
MEDIUM-20″ x 20″ plus 3″ finial
LARGE-22″ x 22″ plus 3″ finial
EXTRA LARGE- 24″ X 24″ plus 3″ finial

Medium- $380.00

Large-  $400.00

IVORY- Medium and large

PALE TAUPE- medium and large

BLACK- medium

PALE BLUE/GRAY- medium and large

ITEM 6. The trellis design is slightly more transitional in style and just a beautiful pattern. Very elegant with such wonderful styling…all you need is a beautiful healthy tree/plant and you are good to go! Same features as the others, with four drill holes.

SAVE 10% off with an order of $500 or more

SMALL 18″ X 18″ plus 3″ finial
MEDIUM-20″ x 20″ plus 3″ finial
LARGE-22″ x 22″ plus 3″ finial
EXTRA LARGE- 24″ X 24″ plus 3″ finial

Medium- $380.00

Large-  $400.00

Black- medium and large

Pale blue/gray- medium and large

Ivory- medium and large

ITEM 7. NEW!! Our fabulous  tray tables are incredibly beautiful… much more in person if you can believe it. I love them and they are a classic that will be part of my line permanently!

Offered in two beautiful color combinations, blk/gold or ivory/gold. Love the bamboo legs, beautiful, elegant and functional. Includes removable top round tray (24.5″ round) that can be used separately. Ideal for use as an end table or a convenient tray table,one client is using it as a bar…love that idea. The tray comes off for entertaining and serving in a most grand style. A truly multi functional item offered in two colors.

Measures 24.5″ x 24.75″ x 24.75″ Offered at a truly amazing price of $335.00 (specify color)





This is your chance to get a steal on a few items we have only 1 or 2 left of. Whatever does not sell will go into our next warehouse clearance. We are cleaning out the shelves to make room for many incoming items.

ITEM 8A. The original style Provence planter. Have only a few left of each size/style. Great last call deal on these beautiful planters. Also these are easy to paint, it is advise to use a primer than any good weatherproof paint (some have used a marine type paint that is used to paint boats) and it always comes out beautifully.

SMALL 18″ X 18″ plus 3″ finial
MEDIUM-20″ x 20″ plus 3″ finial
LARGE-22″ x 22″ plus 3″ finial
EXTRA LARGE- 24″ X 24″ plus 3″ finial

Light blue-

1 Medium left $295.00 (reg $395)

1 Large left $320.00 (reg $425)


Small- 3 left $275.00 (reg $375)

Medium- 2 left $295.00 (reg $395)

ITEM 8B. These were a special order and the customer only ended up needing 4 not 8 so we have 4 of these beauties up for sale! This color is called Mayflower Blue and if it happens to work for you, it is really your lucky day. Otherwise this is a very easy planter to paint over, so if you are feeling a DIY, its a great time to take advantage of one incredible deal.

4 of these left in medium 20″ x 20″.

Normally they are $405.00, TODAY they are $285!!! Take all four and instead of $1140, they will be $1050. That is the deal of the year!

ITEM 9. WE only have one or two each of these gorgeous planters, perfect for chests, consoles, kitchen islands, filled with your favorite seasonal flowers, these look super stylish for all the seasons! Rockbottom prices-

Medium 10″ x 10″ x 6″ $85.00

Large 11″ x 11″ x 7.5″ $105.00

ITEM 10. Last of these mirrors. Great deal, one you could never find elsewhere. If you happen to have a place for any one of these mirrors, it is your lucky day!

10A.  Black- 3 left of this stunning black painted tole with gold leaf vine/floral detailing…fabulous! 52″ x 30″ $295.00

10B. Ivory- 2 left of this stunning ivory painted tole with gold leaf vine/floral detailing 52″ x 30″ $295.00

 10C. 3 ivory  53″ x 23″ $295.00


One lucky winner will win a beautiful tole planter with elegant metal pierced border rim and gold leaf feet. A true beauty, I  use mine for seasonal flowers and it looks great with an orchid. All you need to do to enter is tell us your favorite piece here and how you might use it. I will choose a winner on Sunday!



That’s a wrap, thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful evening. If you want to place an order you can call or email it in.  Until next time……


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Margot on

Love it all! I own 2 of your provence planters and love changing them up with the season, get so many compliments on them.

Love your blog, it is. my go to first thing in the morning alongside my first cup of coffee:) Have a great day, Tina

Nadine on

I love the white and gold planter. Would make a statement on my bedroom chest of drawers. I would choose pretty greens on moss to plant in it. 🌿

Eve on

Love all the pieces. # 7 is one of my favorites. Trying to see where I can use this.

JFain on

Beautiful planters and containers. Wish I had one of each.

Barbara on

Love Item 5 planter. Actually really like the mirrors too.

Cynthia Tavares on

Hi Tina, My son is getting married in April 2019. We are looking for your medium blue and white tulipiere for centerpieces at the tables. We would need 8-10 of them. The ones he wants have been sold out for a while. Do you expect to get more in?

Lynne OBrien on

I love the new design planter, item #5 in Ivory. It is absolutely a fantastic beauty! I would put two of them flanking my front door filled with a topiary! Just gorgeous!

Phoebe on

The tray tables, provence planters, the garland planters, the mirrors, love it all! I would love to use the red/gold mirror in my soon to be renovated new powder room. Doing a beautiful Cole and Son wallpaper in there that is gold, green and red, Think that mirror would be striking in there, going to measure!

leigh on

I love the planters….so pretty as is everything!

Alice Genzlinger on

Great pieces and hard to chose just one. The black/gold planter however needs to come to my house to hold orchards as the planter that the florist had with them is so ugly I destroyed it as soon as the orchards arrived.

Kerry Anne Barr on

I would love the beautiful tole planter for my coffee table in my family and would either have a cyclamen or orchid. Sadly I am from Australia so think it would be difficult to safely pack and transport. 😢

Beverly Rowntree on

I love the tole tray table. I would use it as a coffee table in front of a small Chippendale love seat in my bedroom. I also love the Chinoisserie mirrors.

Rachael W on

The Ivory Tray Table is just gorgeous! I would love to use it in my living room next to my slipper chairs.

barbara martin on

my fave is the giveaway, so many uses for this one…..

Anita. on

Always difficult to choose when everything is lovely but having to choose I have to say the tray table.

Kelli Williams on

Medium planter with finials in ivory are my favorite but I also love the planter to hold drinks or flowers!!! Great idea!

Eileen on

Absolutely love the planter box used as a wine bucket!!

Judith Poremba on

Still in love with the black tray table.

Linda on

The trellis and rosette planter sparked my imagination. I can see two of them planted with topiaries anchored by trailing colorful flowers. They would define the outer two corners of my tiny patio, pulling it together.

Donna DeMarino on

Love the planters.

Cindi T on

Loving the ivory and gold planter. Imagining it with orchids in our master bedroom sitting area.

Alicia on

I love each and every style of the Provence planters, but am especially partial to the new style! I would put 2 eachby the front door with topiary and two on the deck and change them seasonally! Thanks for the continued design inspiration!

Sandy W on

The Provence planters are beautiful and my favorite of all. Looking for some new planters soon for House we are building.

Judy Toline on

Love the planters. Would look great on my side porch😍

Vickie H. on

WOW! The #5 planter is so classic you can use it virtually ANYWHERE! All your offerings are so special!

Sandy R. on

Everything you have posted is gorgeous! The tole mirrors are stunning!! Please enter me in the giveaway. I hope that I can win the planter. It is a beauty!

G.Lundin on

Oooo so handsome, I feel lucky….Ok, maybe it’s a bad case of I want it

Regina on

I love the trellis design planters. So beautiful.

Laurene P. on

I love the blue and ivory tole painted mirror. I have so many rooms I could use it in, but it would be a stand-out piece in my foyer! So Pretty!

Geri on

Item 7 is amazing! So elegant and just the right size to place next to our ivory couch in the living room of our coastal Maine home.

Yolanda on

Awesome planters

Lisa on

Hi Tina, I love all your offerings, but that black and gold tray table would go beside my favorite chair to hold my reading glasses and a cup of tea! Everything is beautiful!

Leah on

I love the tole planter in ivory/gold. Would make a beautiful centerpiece on a rectangular dining table filled with flowers. Surrounded by a few gold or ivory tapers.

Linda Owens on

I love the mirrors and would love to have one in my powder room. The planters are beautiful too.
Linda Owens

Susan K too on

The beautiful green floral/vine chinoiserie mirror is fabulous!

Ramona Oneill on

Beautiful items. Sent pic of mirroe to daughtet to see if she would like it.

Linda Plemons on

I love then ALL! I most especially love the photo of Teddy, RIP sweet baby!

Karen on

I just love the table. Absolutely gorgeous!

Sherry B on

I love the rectangular Tole planter. It seems so versatile and could be used in many ways. I could see it in my powder room holding pretty guest towels, in the kitchen with drinks as you have shown and of course with flowers.

Donna Cook on

Love love the tole planter is beautiful. I would use it any where in my house. One of my favorite flowers are orchids, definitely would use the planter with orchids and moss.

Dianne Kropp on

I think I would fall over if I ever won any of your beautiful things. I will never give up trying!

Mary W. on

Number 7 in white and gold is speaking to me this morning. It would be lovely on my summer porch next to my reading chair with a glass of white wine on a summer day.

dale on

Mirror mirror on the wall. The blue is the prettiest of all!

mariae on

I love tole all of the pieces but my Favorite Tole piece are the Mirrors, I would place it on a foyer on top of a console, would use it as a bathroom mirror, at the end of the hallway and of course as a dresser mirror!!!

Irene Waldeck on

The gold and cr planter is lovely!

Donna Scully on

Beautiful planter post!……………love to have a pair for our place………………I like the topiary type shrubs……….just wondering how to soften the look, maybe some ivy type plant at the base.

Jennifer S on

The tray table in black at the end of a sofa would be great. Love how a touch of black anchors a room.

Bonnie G. on

I so like the painted mirror in black – so versatile!

Susan Jacoli on

I absolutely love the green mirror (2A). It would look fab ha going in my bathroom.

Perfect offering on

Tray tables are so useful during the summer months on screened porch; a touch of class!

Laura Koning on

The planters are stunning!!

Corinne on

On another note……Noticed you have a Macrostie Chardonney. Excellent choice for chardonneys and sav blancs! Their property is beautiful with great wines especially those by Kent Ritchie. Looks even better in your planter!

Brenda M on

Love the #1 tole planter quite versatile. Beautiful arrivals as always!

Debbie H. on

I love the provence planters. So elegant & would look great anywhere.

Victoria Russell on

I adore the 10A Black Mirror – it’d look stunning anywhere in my house but I’d put it in my entryway!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Great buys!

Camille S on

Either #1 or #9 for my guest room filled with toiletries or water & snacks & reading material.

Melissa Moore on

I love the ivory and tole planter! I’d use it in my kitchen to hold my fresh herbs!

Vickie on

While I like EVERYTHING today, I am picking 4A Provence l planters.
Perfect for my home décor remodeling of deck and patio by the lake.
Will use for lemon trees we are planting. And, bougainvillea.

Sandra Hurlbutt on

Love the blue and white mirrors.

Sandra Hurlbutt on

Love the Ivory and blue mirrors.


My favorite piece is the black lattice planter. I would use it in my front covered entrance with a topiary or small tree.

Alexandra T on

What a great place for guest towels in the powder room! Love it!

Deborah on

Love the new designs for the planters. They are like garden jewelry.

Becky Mattingly on

My favorite piece is the floral
vine chinoiserie mirror. Love the green. Can see it in my foyer.

Karen F. on

Love the flexibility of the tole planters… the ivory and blue one is my favorite!

Jeanne on

I love the blue and ivory mirror and the tole planter. I would hang the mirror above and place the tole planter with an orchid on the bachelor chest in my Santorini blue living room. I love your tole pieces!

Eileen on

The number 6 trellis design is so pretty. Ivory would be the best for me. Love it all.

Bettina Woodring on

The planters are still my fav…. Would love to fill with lemon grass!

Design Chic on

So much to love, Tina. The planters are wonderful! Happy Thursday ~

Karenann on

Everything here is so beautiful, it is hard to choose a favorite. I do love the planters, especially the trellis ones.

Nathan Bahn on

I like the ivory/gold planter. We love to have wine and cheese parties and this would be great!

Tammy Ringeisen on

I love the floral/vine chinoiserie mirror. They would look great as vanity mirrors for an upcoming bath remodel! Everything is beautiful.


Carol Ezovski on

I really like the tray table in ivory/gold. The mirror is gorgeous also!

Denise on

Everything is beautiful!

Fran W. on

Love the tray tables!

Linda Beth on

The tray tables are beautiful. I would love to have one for my living room!

janis monachina on

I adore the mayflower blue planters!

Marilyn on

I love them all. It is hard to choose a favorite. Thank You for the giveaway.

Lexi on

I happen to just adore the planter you are giving away, it is so stunning! I would definitely fill it with hydrangeas.

Joan on

Too many favorites to choose just one.

Marion on

They are all so lovely.

Whitney on

The ivory and gold planter still my fave! Multiple uses but really want to fill with hand cloths in powder room!

Deanna on

LOVING the BLACK PAINTED TOLE MIRROR….would look perfect over a French desk/vanity.

Rosalie on

The black tole mirror (10A) is the perfect complement to the guest bathroom. Would have absolutely stunning.

Peggy Bryant on

The blue tole mirror has caught my eye, but then all of your shop has. ~Peggy

Catherine B. on

Everything is so lovely as always!! Any of the Provence planters would look great on my deck.

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