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Hello friends! If you missed part 1 (the backstory and prep part of the party) please click here. Today is all about the actual setup of the party and watching it all come together. I must say it was a magical night, it all just came together so beautifully as I had envisioned and everyone (well almost everyone) wore white!

We had about 120 people and opened up our lower level for cocktails, a space we really never use so it was so nice to finally use it and what it was meant for. There, we had a big bar set up, and opened the French doors which leads to a pretty side patio area where we had passed hors d’oeuvres and a fantastic guacamole bar with all the fixings (full menu on bottom). Nothing like about 60 young adults to add some serious energy to a party:)

Then about an hour or so later, one of the musicians came with his saxophone to signal the guests it was time to walk up the stairs to the main patio area and what made it extra nice was the surprise factor about walking into a whole new space and seeing everything set in white. I must say seeing my guests in white alongside the white setting was really a beautiful sight! As dinner winded down, we had a cigar roller come which was a huge hit, the music revved up and the party was in full swing.

My ONLY regret is not hiring a photographer:( I figured everyone takes pictures so I would get a lot and I have but a photographers job is to focus on everything from the food to the spread, flowers, etc….and I am a stickler for those details so it would have been great to have had someone specifically to do that. It is a good lesson to  me and one I will not forget for the next time. Bummed we didn’t get any of the food pictures as that in itself was spectacular. But here are some highlights (thanks to various peoples pictures and a couple of my own)-


The main patio getting the finishing touches put on

Still working but getting there!

The lower level all dolled up, loved the touch of the oversized hurricanes lining the stairs on both sides, as the sun set it looked so pretty
Did all white hydrangeas and tons of small votives
The chef putting out all the fixings for the guacamole bar
Final touches getting added on lower level
And as the party was getting started…….

So here is an “aerial” glimpse as the party was just getting started (thanks to friends who took these)!

So wish I had gotten food pictures, the food was incredible and everyone complimented us on it (thanks Elegant Affairs)

Here is the upstairs (main patio)  all set up right before the guests started walking up to it … really looked so pretty-

And as the night was winding up, it was in full swing, the music added a lot (thanks Los Habaneros)

As everyone was starting to make their way up, the bad was warming up and the sun was settting…it was a beautiful sight!

Right after dinner, we had a cigar roller come and needless to say that was a huge hit with all the men, wish we had gotten a picture of this set up!

The day after is always bittersweet but the silver lining was all the flowers, the yummy leftovers and my big balloons still going strong:)

I even used the decor to plan a very impromptu dinner a few days later and used my “all white” decor!

And knowing many of you like to know what was served here you go and yes it might make you hungry!






Oh what a night! It is incredibly gratifying to put your heart and soul into something out and have it come out exactly as you had imagined….of course not overlooking possibly the most important factor, the weather!! A special thank you to Elegant Affairs for another superb catering job, Los Habaneros for music that created such a warm, festive atmosphere and to my son for making us proud and giving us a reason to throw this wonderful party:)

To be able to dine and dance under the stars on a beautiful night was the icing on a sweet cake. We will always treasure this beautiful night, which was more than a graduation party it was a celebration of life, love, friendship and family.

Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing you a wonderful day and hope the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming on your end, here they are in full bloom and it is one beautiful sight. Until next time……

Teddy, knowing your love of a good party, you were sorely missed:)

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This is quite spectacular. I love that you may spend money on events like this, but you come up with the most inexpensive and clever ideas that anyone can use. I mean an all white color scheme And those beautiful white balloons!!! They must have been such a hit! Congrats on another wonderful party. And thank goodness for god weather, right?

Tina, you really know how to throw a party!! It looked so wonderful. Your son is so lucky to have a Mom who is so talented. Congratulations!

What a night!!! I am copying your amazing menu as I am planning a big birthday party myself right now. Congratulations on your son’s graduation!

awesome party…awesome party PLANNER! Would you please share where and how the balloons were sourced? Balloons and white hydrangeas just made the party.

A beautiful party! The all white is outstanding! Thank you for sharing and congratulations to you son.

You certainly have the ideal home and patios to entertain guests. The all-white party looked beautiful, especially the flowers and huge white balloons. I can tell that you thoroughly enjoy having guests and are a stickler for details. I am sure your guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves due to that fact. It’s always a proud moment when a son or daughter graduates from college, and I’m sure your son appreciated the party. The only thing missing was your semi-white, sweet Teddy.

So beautiful and well done, to the very last detail. You thought of everything and it doesn’t hurt to have a magical place in which to entertain.

A small chuckle to myself: Ordinarily, it would have never occured to me in billion years but in the current insane atmosphere. “A White Party to Remember” is probably causing some hyperventilation somewhere.

Beautiful! I would pay good money to attend one of your parties, every detail is amazing!


Good morning! It looks like a wonderful party. I love the big balloons and the menu!

Tina I would have loved to celebrate with you
As an event and wedding planner let me say
It was “Over The Moon”
Beautiful party and fabulous menu!!!!

So when is your book coming out? Seriously, you are so talented. Would like you opinion on the seating for this party. You usually do the knock-out gorgeous long tables. This set-up was very informal but still elegant. The guests seemed to love it!

This sounds delightful! What a great summer party and the menu sounds delicious. Love the idea of a guacamole bar.

I love your outdoor patio furniture. I would like to know the manufacturer. I have similar furniture but need to add more furniture to my patio for additional seating, etc.
Thank you.

OH, WHAT A NIGHT! ??????? I hope everyone put on their dancing shoes! The ambiance was just absolutely beautiful! Your menu was exquisite! Your eye for details PERFECT! Congratulations on making your sons’ party so SPECIAL! CHEERS! ??

I have made 3 bar-mitzvahs over the years so I know the planning that goes into these large affairs. I also had to plan for multiple brunches etc for out of town guests for the entire weekend. Luckily I always had photographers and videographers. We went all out for these events because I knew as the mom of 3 boys I would have very little to say about any future weddings!! So far none of the boys is married so we shall see. Beautiful party. The thrill stays with you for several weeks.

Wow now this is a PARTY!! Your son and his friends must have had the best time, what a lucky boy to have a mom who has such beautiful taste and loves throwing parties;-) I get overwhelmed I must admit but still it is a fun process, think organization is the key and that is something I am still trying to work on. We are planning a sweet 16 for my daughter for October and she wants an all white theme so I am getting so many good ideas here, the balloons are fabulous! Can you get them anywhere? Love how you used them with the white flowers. Also the menu sounds delish! Thank you for sharing this beautiful night with us.

What a fantastic graduation party! I love the large white balloons-spectacular! You really know how to put together an extraordinary event, Tina. What a lucky son you have to enjoy such a wonderful party in his honor!

Goodness gracious! What a party! The art of entertaining is alive and well. So let’s encourage each other to do more of it.

Would you mind sharing what siding product you are using on the exterior of your PB house. Thank you so very much. Lovely blog as always.

Your attention to detail is incredible! I get in a flap with 8 guests! I think in addition to a home decor coffee table book, you should consider one on how to be the perfect hostess!

Well Done, Tina, Well Done!
A splendid event and what a passion you have to treating each and every guest with such thoughtful and delicious details.
Often, I also will get completely caught up in planning and executing a get together-It just is such a great outlet for creativity and practicing time-management.
I’d also like acknowledge that while you present a posh and elegant party-the way you share the details and insights is really such a humble and gracious gesture. We can apply some of these ideas from grand to tiny in our own lives and hopefully inspire others as you’ve inspired us.
Have a Happy and safe Fourth.

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