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Hello! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. First off,  hope all of my readers in Florence’s path are safe and well. The flooding I have seen pictures of is surreal and heartbreaking. There is no messing around with mother nature.

So, by the time you are reading this I was supposed to have been touching down in Palmetto Bluff to enjoy a four day get away with five good friends but Florence had other ideas 🙁 The irony is that Palmetto Bluff thankfully was spared completely and it never ended up affecting the area at all. As a friend said “there were a few drops of rain that could have filled a thimble”.But they took precautions and ceased operations and are just now getting back to fully functioning. On top of that we all felt with the unpredictable nature of the storm and it still being very much present in a state away, it was best to postpone the trip, disappointing as that was.

So, hopefully we are trying again in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed. I made the most of it and we enjoyed dinner with friends last night and later today headed into the city, we have had some beautiful weather this weekend so taking advantage of spending time outdoors while we can. OK onto this weeks Seven on Sunday……..



1 LOVE THESE SHOES! I bought my first pair of Carrie Forbes shoes this summer and adore them. Only mistake I made was getting stuck in a rainstorm and had to take them to the shoemaker for a little “clean up” but they look good as new. These are super chic, comfortable and work with everything from shorts and capris to sundresses. Click here to see them over at Net a Porter.


2. AN ARTIST YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. I discovered her on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her work. Looking at her style I thought maybe she was from the low country and was drawn to her incredible paintingss that just draw you in. I am in love with her work and excited to share that I have reached out to her about doing a painting for Palmetto Bluff.

Any one of these are exactly what I envision above a chest in the foyer….truly beautiful. She is too talented to not share with you, click here to view her site and more of her gorgeous work.



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Seeing my roundup this week actually makes me realize that I am not quite so ready to  let go of summer afterall. SO many of these instagrams this week remind me of what a wonderful season it is, seeing all that lush green grass against the bright white and those fabulous summer sunsets makes me long  for summer all over again!



4 A BOOK YOU NEED TO GET IMMEDIATELY. This book is a literal vacation without the extra $$$ or having to fight airport lines! I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed going through this incredible “vacay in a book”.

Amanda Lindroth took her iconic island, elegant, laid back style and has translated it into one of the best coffee table books I have read/owned in a very very long time. I only post about books I truly love and this one is a huge fat YES. Click her to order on her site and be sure to prowl around, there is a alot of eye candy on her website!

And any book covered in grasscloth gets major extra brownie points:)



5. FALL FOLIAGE IN YOUR FUTURE?  This is the best map! Click here and then click on the month to see where your area stands on fall foliage and when it will peak and be post peak.Love this, and this year I refuse to miss out on driving upstate and taking in the beauty of the rolling hillsides and natural lakes sprinkled with falls majestic colors. I used to do that religiously and haven’t in a few years, this year I AM GOING! Click here to see the interactive map.




6. ENCHANTED HOME SHOP NEWS! So much happening over here. Very excited to announce the holiday papers are in production and we are going to get the patterned tissue as well I do need your input though. Here is what is happening plus there are a few new things in the pipeline, that I cannot quite share but hopefully will soon!

Ornaments are in production and just wait until you see all the fabulous. new designs including 8 different ginger jars, and the cutest Staffordshire dogs in three colorways. And yes bringing back the ginger jar gift toppers and will have plenty to go around this time!

New silver shipment coming in within the week which will have all the chargers, mini table lamps, new planters and more

A new porcelain shipment will be here in less than two weeks brimming with more beautiful porcelains (sale coming up within the week)

Blue and white pumpkins en route! They are now offered under presale offers so you can reserve yours now, click here


Digital paper samples for approval-


Now moving onto the subject of coordinating tissue to above patterns. We did very well with it last year, we sold out. The packs were too large (about 200 sheets per pack) and the actual tissue was also very large. Bringing it down to a more “human” size 20 x 30 and going to put them in pack of 50 sheets. They will be the same patterns as the giftwrap. So just a quick poll about pricing. Would love your input! Please check all that apply-

Progress on the current tole order, loving these dog beds so much!

I am developing a new INCREDIBLE lantern that will hopefully be available in ant brass or polished nickel. This has been a long time in the works but so far I am ecstatic over how it is coming along, stay tuned! It is half way through production but I am loving it already!


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This is all about TV series and the vast world they seem to have dominated! Is it me or have they become all the rage, whether on Showtime, Netflix, HBO, I lost count! I always feel so behind the 8 ball in what is new, exciting and “hot”.  I have admittedly, only watched a couple to the end- Downton Abby, Big Little Lies and Homeland.

Don’t know when all these came out but there are dozens and dozens I keep hearing about, it’s almost overwhelming!! So…….curious as to where you stand on this subject. Are you one of those always in the know or clueless like me, about all the new series out there? I find the entire world of series kind of daunting!


Well folks that’s it for this Sunday. Anything here excite you? Love to hear from you and your feedback and opinion is always inserting to read. So chime in…wishing you a wonderful day and great end to your weekend! By the way starting today,

PS. A FIRST! ALL of our melamine is 35% off! This is a first and a great time to take advantage of adding to or starting a new set, I use mine year round:) Click here to see all patterns.



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LOVE the 4th design of paper with the red check bows! I will be looking religiously to see when they are available!


Can hardly wait for the ornaments and gift toppers to come in! I am also thankful the PB and Hilton Head were spared this year (along with extended family).

Hi Tina! I’m a big fan of low country art also. Kelley Luikey does beautiful photography of South Carolina. She is on Instagram at naturemuseimagery. Beautiful images to decorate your PB home. She has some work in galleries in Bluffton and Beaufort.

The pictures of Teddy are such a joy. Even though he is no longer with us, the pictures are there for us to enjoy.

The Christmas tree paper is adorable! As for TV series, I’m currently bingeing on Ozark and re-watching Midsomer Murders. I also recently watched both seasons of Berlin Station and next up is Dietland.

I find the paper to be too cutesy. I like a simpler, more elegant wrapping paper.
Your pumpkins are lovely!

It is a problem that I love everything you create:-) The pumpkins, the ornaments, that new lantern (swoon) and the holiday papers are GORGEOUS. I cannot wait till they are on sale. I cannot tell you how many compliments I got on your holiday paper last year.

The Carrie shoes are adorable, very much my style and I always enjoy your instagram picks, have discovered many good accounts via your blog. Have a nice day, sorry your trip did not work out but I am sure you would rather go when the weather is perfect anyway!

Love the Christmas papers and hope that pagoda dog bed will be under the tree for my sweetie pie, Coco (maltese) she would love it!
Fun post Tina.

The tissue samples are lovely and fun. If not already considered, I would particularly like one with the boxwood topiaries and gold bows. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and beauty you share.

So relieved that your new home in Palmetto Bluff was not damaged in the storm. That’s got to be a big relief for you and your husband.
Loved all the Instagrams, but if someone is going to post something, I wish that it was spelled correctly! “Organize” is not spelled “organise.” Call me old fashioned, but can’t we at least spell words correctly on social media?

Thank you for including the foliage map, Tina. Such an unexpected surprise.

I hope the dog beds will come with a deep cushion to protect the pups from the sharp edges which can be a danger.

Good Morning, Tina! Thanks for another fabulous Seven on Sunday! Love the new Christmas wrapping paper. Just texted my Sista about your huge melamine sale. Have a great weekend.

What a great great post. Just love your blog, always something beautiful and inspiring to find out about. Thank you Tina.

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