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Good Tuesday morning  to my fellow blue and white lovers and given what you see every time you open a magazine or go on Instagram, there are many of you out there! Once every several weeks, I hold a “virtual online meeting” to discuss our beloved favorite color combo in some way shape or form. If you want to see previous meetings, then in the search bar (once you click on top on the blog tab) you can type in “Blue and White Club” and you will see all the previous posts.

Today we are talking about mixing blue and white with other colors. As far as I am concerned, there is not a color in the rainbow that blue and white does not look beautiful alongside. But let’s get the conversation going and I hope you will chime in with your thoughts. Do you prefer an all out blue and white room or enjoy mixing it in with other colors? I have included a bunch of examples of how well it works in so many different color scenarios. Then hope you will weigh in with your opinion.


Suellen Gregory has nailed the blue, white and yellow combination!

How about this room full of blue and white accented with red, Chinoiserie Chic

Gorgeous example of blue white and green, so fresh looking, Tracy Zeller Design

Sometimes all you  need is a pop of a really vibrant color for the wow effect, Apartment Therapy

Wow just loving the rich brown walls with the blue and white here, incredible! Alex Papachristidis


Gorgeous nursery showing how pretty blue, white and green are together Brown Design

Always loved a room of blue and white with a touch of black, it never fails!

One of my personal favorite color combinations, blue white and tans/browns, Cindy Rinfret

Blue, white red and orange, fabulous combination, Ballard Designs

This is one fabulous bedroom featuring classic navy and white with crisp greens, love it! AGK Designs

Citrine Living incorporated soft yellows and grays beautifully into this blue and white accented space, very soothing and serene

This is one gorgeous room, love the sophisticated coastal feeling, Pinterest

Love this space by Mary McDonald, she effortlessly shows us how to mix in orange with a blue and white room, gorgeous!!

Really like the distribution here of the green in the sofa and painting  against blue and white, think this is very well edited, Sarah Barholomew

Soft yellows against blue and white is timeless, Houzz

Another magnificent example of blue and white with a touch of black, Palm Beach Lately

How about these green walls against the blue and white, love it! HGTV

Proof that even in the darkest and moodiest of rooms, blue and white can still hold its own, William McClure

Somehow, someway this very pink room looks sublime with the blue and white mixed in, Mary McDonald

A stunning example of how fabulous blue and white looks against the drama of black, fabulous!

Though this room feels more tonal I do love the soft creams and golds accenting the blue and white, Traditional Home

How about this pretty bed ensemble by Kyle Knight Interiors showing how pretty blue and white looks accented with pink

A tablescape I did a few springs ago featuring blue, white pink and green…very fresh if I say so myself:)

I have to say though I am not a huge fan of orange in decor I think this room is pulled together beautifully, Sanity Fair

How about a pop of line green alongside blue? Mary McDonald strikes again

Well once again pink shows it gets along just beautifully with blue and white, Instagram

Stone Gable shows us that fall colors work magnificently with blue and white in the fall, as with every season:)

Tory Burch shows us how beautifully purple pairs with blue and white

Ahhhh this green is heavenly as a backdrop with the blue and white, Degournay


Does this have you thinking about possibly adding a little color into your blue and white? It definitely has me thinking of certain combinations in a whole new way. I just started a new edesign project with someone who loves color, so I think we are going to have fun!

In case you are feeling the need to add a little blue and white something, we have a 15% off sale all blue and whites today and tomorrow (ends tomorrow night). Click here to see all our porcelains, they are categorized on left by types of porcelains.


That’s a wrap for today, wold love to know your thoughts on various colorways with blue and white. Have a favorite? Do tell, wishing you a fantastic day. Until next time…….


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Holly on

Lovely and lively post! You’ve convinced me that it works well with most colors. I love blue and whit with green the most. Not a fan of it with red! Holly

Kristen on

I love all of these examples! I have B&W mixed with red in some areas of my home, and green or black in others. I love that black bookcase shown with the slightest of blues painted on the back of the bookcase!
Thanks for the inspiration this morning!

Jill on

Love them all! My favorites are blue & white with tans & browns and blue & white with orange. I agree that Blue and white goes with just about everything.

Sandy R. on

The fabulous thing about blue and white is that it is so classic it can mix with other colors for a seasonal touch. That is one reason I dearly love it. I get bored with decor if I can’t switch it up to stay fresh and keep my interest. I think of all the trends of the past (country, colonial, etc.) that have come and gone and the money I wasted. Investing in timeless blue and white (which I have always loved) is money well spent because there is so much that can be done to stage it beautifully in any decorating style.

Sandy R. on

The fabulous thing about blue and white is that it is so classic it can mix with other colors for a seasonal touch. That is one reason I dearly love it. I get bored with decor if I can’t switch it up to stay fresh and keep my interest. I think of all the trends of the past (country, colonial, etc.) that have come and gone and the money I wasted. Investing in timeless blue and white (which I have always loved) is money well spent because there is so much that can be done to stage it beautifully in any decor .

Eve on

WOW! Love all the blue and white combinations. Good taste never goes out of style–that is why blue and white is classic.
I have a blue and yellow room at our beach house and love it. Our living room is blue and white with a pop of coral. Our main house living room is cream, taupe with blue and white ginger jars and garden stools as is our dining room. Never tire of it.

Mary Alice Taylor on

I’m obsessed- never ever in my 75 yrs has anything touched me like the blue n white! Late in life to do a total about face however we just did! I can’t get enough !

Bettina Woodring on

Love mixing blue & white with rich tones of greens, browns & gold! Truthfully love it mixed with any color!

Peggy Wilkins on

I love all the photos-blue and white is so classic and pairs well with any color. I particularly love the blue and white with yellow and touches of gold, against rich wood furniture. I’m about to put out my fall decor, and the blue and white looks amazing with that as well. Thank you for the inspiration and lovely photos, they make me smile!

Mary on

I especially love the room by Mary McDonald – it has such a warm, cozy, collected feel.

Becky Mattingly on

I think my favorite pop of color with blue and white is that orangey red. I love it. But I also find mixing tans with the blue and white is so classic and comforting.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Blue and White always looks fresh. It gives a true feeling, richness, regal and most of all its just so pretty together. And you are right, many colours compliment it as well. In the springtime I love the colour fuscia with it too. Beautiful! ?

Alice Genzlinger on

Degournay room makes my heart skip a beat. Your table setting with blue, white, pink and green are my colors. But I also love the bright green painted wall with the blue and white decoration. Do not love orange inside and was so tired of so many rooms done in blue and brown, it would depress me to live in a blue and brown space. So many of your pictures are beautiful and your taste is excellent.

Yolanda on

So many classic ideas. Love them all!

Teresa on

Love blue and white and agree it goes with any color. I pair pink and green with my blue and white.

Sharon on

Many beautiful examples of how versatile blue and white is. Thanks to you I love it all over again! We just built out dream home and are just starting to furnish it. I already have gotten some of your beautiful pieces and plan to add more. I have a color scheme with lots of greens and beige’s and the blue and white mixes in really well.
I am doing my daughters room in a pale lavender so plan on adding a blue/white garden seat next to her window bench. Thanks Tina for an inspiring post.

Holly on

They’re all so lovely! I do especially love the blue and white vases full of purple flowers, and the fall arrangements in blue and white!

Viki on

Loved all of it!

Dianne Kropp on

Wow! That was exciting and yes, I do love blue and white with most colors, especially green, yellow and orange. In my own home I have it mixed with the camels, creams and have some black thrown in, too! I’m keeping this post to inspire my future decorating endeavors! Thanks again, you’re the best!

Christy Isbell O’Hara on

I absolutely love all of your examples! I too think B & W looks great with any color. I’m personally excited to mix it into my Autumn decor this year. It looks so beautiful with oranges, reds, and earth tones. I’ve been scouting your Instagram posts (old and new) to get ideas and inspiration- starting with your new pumpkins. Happy Fall!

Dominique B on

Hi Tina! What a great Post! I knew blue and white goes with many different colors…but to see all these awesome photos like this with blue and white are breathtaking. Wouldn’t it be fun to have unlimited rooms to be able to decorate and play with different colors and our blue and white!!!

Denise on

The pictures are lovely. Thanks!

Kathy on

I just acquired 2 chinoiserie cabinets in different finishes. My plan was to paint both an antique white, but after seeing the black secretary and the black bookcase, I am rethinking my decision Thanks for opening up my mind to a different possibility!

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