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Hello and happy Friday!  A few times a year, I hold a contest of some sort. These contests are such fun for me to hold and I just get such a thrill getting to peek into your beautiful homes and seeing our various products coming to life. So this contest is open to anyone who has purchased something from my shop. I always like to include examples of what a “good” picture/entry looks like which I have done further down in this post.





The picture(s) should be clear and in complete focus, the colors should be crisp and there should be no flash or bright lights. Best pictures are those taken during the daylight. Here are the few rules for this contest-

  • Your picture(s) must include an item purchased from The Enchanted Home
  • There is no limit as to the subject, it can be a room shot, an outdoor shot, vignette, a table setting, etc……
  • 1-2 entries max per person (cannot be same picture but slightly different angle)
  • Please email ALL entries ONLY to [email protected] (if you email to any other address we cannot process your submission)
  • On subject line please put CONTEST (so we can distinguish your emails from others)
  • Please in your email include your full name
  • We reserve the right to not accept your picture due to clarity, exposure, blurriness, size, etc……we  will definitely let you know if we cannot take your picture and give you the opportunity to submit another
  • We are accepting pictures today through Oct 2nd (or until we reach 80 pictures whichever comes first). The contest will start October 4th. A winner will be crowned on Sunday, Oct 7th.
  • Question? Feel free to give us a call at 800-804-9565


Here are some previous entries that best exemplify the quality and clarity that your picture should have. PLEASE take note of these and use these as a good barometer as to how your own picture submissions should look in terms of being crisp, bright and focused. Cannot wait to start getting in your pictures!


These below are just examples of quality/clarity of previous entrants/pictures that are considered ideal-




One lucky winner will win THREE MONTHS of Enchanted Home goodies. It could be porcelain, tole, melamine, gift wrap, bunnies who knows! But for three months you will get a surprise box in the mail, how fun is that:)


The runner up will win 10 rolls of giftwrap of his/her choice (from our holiday or everyday collection)


So, now it’s time to start taking your pictures! Hopefully we covered everything and answered any questions however if you have any of your own, simply call us at our toll free number. Cannot wait to start getting in your pictures, always such fun to see what you come up with!

Before you send them in, please take a look at the samples above that I have included and see if it resembles the quality/clarity of the picture. We hate saying we cannot accept your picture so want it to be the best it can be! Remember send only to [email protected]. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and incredible first fall weekend!

PS Last day of the nickel planters, trays and mint julep flash sale, many things are gone but a few things became available due to nonpayment. Click here to see the sale.

PPS Two more days to enter the giveaway for a Scout tote of your choice! Click here to enter, winner to be announced on Sunday.

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I will definitely enter, just need to stage the right picture. The examples are raising the bar! Beautiful, thank you Tina for hosting these fun contests.

Beautiful pictures, always enjoy your contests and love your blog. Maybe this time I will even enter!

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