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Hello! This is going out a little later than usual. First want to announce the winner of the gift wrap and ornament giveaway. Congratulations goes to-


Please email us your name and shipping address so your goody box can be on it’s way!



What a busy birthday weekend and what fun.  Three birthday dinners in a row, two city days, a baby shower….a lot for one weekend but no complaints! After some stressful moments during the last few weeks, it was nice to kick back,enjoy a martini (or two) and be surrounded by the love of family and good friends:)

But now its full steam ahead into crunch time for the holidays! We are busy busy getting orders out left and right, and happy to stay we are fully caught up!

We have TWO great promos happening today. And there is still time to get these things before Christmas! Click here to visit the shop…….


And for anyone who has their eye on silver chargers, its a great time to buy today, click here to see the silver chargers (just got them all back in stock)


Also for those who have asked, it is still not too late for those still needing gift wrap or ornaments. We are still busy sending them out. So all orders placed by Monday will get their orders at the very latest by the 22nd. Hope you are enjoying this second to last weekend before Christmas….crazy how it has snuck up on us, isn’t it! Onward to this weeks Seven on Sunday….



1 A FABULOUS BOOK YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED! So I am a HUGE fan of  Tish Jett, her writing style and subject matter of all things French, specifically from the perspective of French women is utterly fascinating and draws you right in. I loved her first book, Forever Chic so much that I gave it a few times as gifts.

This second one, Living Forever Chic is giving the first one a run for it’s money. I am dying to sit down and finish it but have only had very small windows of time to read it. What I have read though so far is amazing, this is most certainly another best seller which delves into all aspects of French living as seen through the eyes of French women, it covers fashion, self care, entertaining, decorating, beauty and more!

It includes many interviews and honestly is just the most wonderful and captivating little book. There are MANY books on French living and style but to. me, these are the very best.   I cannot tell you how wonderful her books are, it is the best quick escape, also great stocking stuffer idea. Click here to order


2 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK Warning- get out your tissue box before viewing! I said I will share one inspiring story every Sunday and this is always a highlight. It just makes you feel warm and tingly to see and hear about good deeds people are doing out there.

With daily news that is both depressing and infuriating, hearing feel  good stories becomes a must for me! This 9 year old’s amazing deed will surely bring you to tears, what an incredible story, so worth sharing and spreading!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST The holiday inspiration is in full swing this weekend and I just couldn’t help myself but  this weekend there is a twist! EVERY Instagram shown features my products!

I cannot tell you how happy seeing these makes me and it is such an honor to know so many of my beautiful creations are gracing so many gorgeous homes. You better believe I am proud!  Hope you enjoy this weeks roundup-



4 SNO BLAST  Have you tried this?  This is the next best thing to the real thing, snow. I bought this on a whim as I love the look of snow kissed greens. I just experiment with two branches just to see how it would look and I can see I am going to love it:) So you know what will be keeping my busy later today! I plan on doing this to a bunch of the fresh greens I just bought and stay tuned for the end result!

Before and after0

I like the subtle snow kissed effect compared to the darker greens or may even mix them, still int the “experimental” phase!


5 FILLERINA SKINCARE UPDATE AND A GREAT MASK! So I had gotten the Fillerina and some of you wanted to know how I was faring. After about 10 days of using it, I realized the burning I felt most of the time after applying it was not normal and it turns out my face was reacting to something in it. Neiman Marcus happily took it back but a friend of mine bought it at the same time and has been using it for almost 4 weeks. She said the first 2 weeks- not much of a difference but she said just as of last week, her skin is notably better looking/plumper. She is very pleased for anyone who was curious and said she will continue to use/buy it.

In the meantime I like giving myself masks from time to time and though I love the sleep mask from La Prairie and it is still my most fave (it is expensive) I did discover this mask from Fresh after it was recommended to me and I have to tell you, this stuff is good!

My friend has been using this for a year or two and swears by it, well I bought it have used it twice and really really like it. I can see why it won best beauty award from Allure. My skin not only feels super soft but tightened/firm (in a good way). This gets my vote! Click here to find out more


6. CHRISTMAS AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE What fun to see how Christmas is ushered in over at Buckingham Palace. No surprise, it is simply fabulous and must be such fun to be there and see all the holiday festivities and regalia. It is certainly no small undertaking!



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY If there was one word that summed up this past week it was overwhelming. For a variety of reasons it was a much more hectic week than usual and though I got through it, I am not going to lie it was really stressful at times and even to the point of tears. I find everyone’s stress level is way up around the holidays to begin with so even smaller things can “set you off”. The big thing is how does one deal with it!

I have gotten better over the years in recognizing and knowing when I need a time out. Thankfully my birthday was Friday and I gave myself a self imposed “day off” with minimal communication via email, social media etc…. I just had a really nice day to do as I pleased and by the next morning I was fully recharged. Wondering if you are good at recognizing stress and how you deal with it? I am all ears as. knowledge is power!


And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Anything here pique your interest? No doubt this finds you busy busy like myself during this exceptionally hectic (but fun) time of year. I hope today you will get a chance to up your feet up and relax a little. I plan on doing the same…….until we have people over for dinner later:) No rest for the weary! We are almost there folks, until next time……


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Happy Belated Birthday! Hope your men spoiled you! Love HRH, but then again I’m Canadian, so I’m biased…

You should post the video of our White House decorations; Mrs. Trump did a wonderful job along with the White House staff of elves! Besides always looking beautiful and elegant, Melania Trump has marvelous taste.

The clip of the boy and the soldier got to me! So beautiful. I hope this next week slows down a bit for you. Happy Birthday! May this next year bring you much happiness and many blessings.

Just a tip for an amazing “sleep mask”. I have been using Sleep it Off by Clarity Rx nightly and can really see a difference in those fine lines. Their products are clinical grade and free from stuff you don’t need!

OK, so you warned me to have a tissue box handy for the pay it forward story and thankfully I did ’cause I’m still wiping my eyes. YIKES! How sweet! It was fun to see the Buckingham Palace video as well. I actually saw some of the very same ornaments I own, purchased in London. Happy Birthday Tina and enjoy a lovely holiday week.

Thank you for sharing that video. I just made a donation to Snowball Express because of it. What a sweet boy.


As I get older, I am better at handling stressful situations. As is said, “I don’t sweat the small stuff.” If something breaks, I say, “Oh well” and go on. And I must say, thank heavens for my daughter! When something really bothers me, I talk to her, and 95% of the time we are on the same page. My husband, of almost 45 years, is great, but sometimes, men just don’t get it.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and may you have a less stressful New Year.

Stress is part of life. As the years have passed, I’ve learned that I need to pace myself when preparing to host an event. It’s NEVER too early to begin preparing for anything whether it’s planning a party for a crowd, shopping for gifts or in your case, business ventures – start as EARLY as possible. Trust me, it really helps. There are so many people who shop for Christmas things during the summer, so advertising at that time is not too early. Happy belated birthday!

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