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Hello! This is not one of my usual long posts with tons of pictures, this is a “midstream post” of my holiday decor.. But this shows you where things are so far. Making progress but this year really late out of the starting gate.

So, crunch time is officially here. I am furiously going through my list of gifts and though I am taking a very different approach this year and going practical and more utilitarian rather than just give “stuff” there is still work to do. So I am focusing on making sure gifts are done. Then I am working on details for my Christmas party this weekend.

We are getting out last minute orders for people and as the clock races towards Christmas, we all have our “punch lists” to complete.We are not having the huge party of about 100 people like last year but doing family and a few close friends. But whether you are doing it for 50 or 100 honestly its still pretty much the same amount of stress, oops I meant work:).

And then there is the holiday decorating, I will admit this year I am even more behind then previous years. But this past weekend I found small pockets of time and started to finally make a dent. It was super helpful to have the tree up already and of course the stockings hung. I finished my dining room mantle just and later today will finish my living room mantle then finally working on doing adding some holiday cheer to my hallway.

I bought a lot of fresh greens but don’t like to put them out too soon as they dry up, so some are still in the garage in their “:holding pen” along with the amaryllis and paper whites.

Normally my Decking the halls post features my home done and decorated. This year putting a twist on things, it is showing things midstream. Not totally done but getting there. Maybe by Christmas day I will be able to show you the completed home:) I know one thing, next year things really and truly will start much sooner. This kind of stress is for the birds! That said, I will get it done, always do. So here are things midway-


So my front door got its gorgeous huge 38″ custom wreath with greenery which I added a little “Sno blast” spray to. I kept it simple with a oversized ivory taffeta bow. I love it:) Not done with adding greenery to planters hence why you do not see the entire doorway! Simple and elegant.

And love my dining room mantle, it is exactly as I hoped it would come out. I used all fresh greens but again used the Sno blast spray to give the greens that fresh snowkissed look that I so love, added my beloved stockings,  white berries, the ivory Staffordshire dogs and of course some gorgeous blue and white pieces from my collection:)

Just added these gorgeous new cone topiaries, a new but late arrival this year. Next year you can count on these being available! Used the same ivory taffeta on the wreath and hung it on my mirror. I will do the other chest later today.

Yes,  well aware that these ginger jars do not match (just in case you are wonderging), they are part of my “ginger jar orphanage”, but are soon being replaced with new arrivals:)

Got one chest done in our foyer hallway, used fresh greens and these beautiful metallic paper Christmas trees….large sugar cones with you guessed it- a spray of Sno blast lol

And finally my tree which I so love, the only thing that was done early this year! We have it in the living room and I must say I am loving this new spot, it really adds so much to the room, not to mention smitten with all my new ornaments:)


I realize I have a long way to go and its not “done” the way so many bloggers homes and instagrams are, but I am getting there and can assure you that by Friday this house will be “Christmas ready”! I work well under pressure. Thanks for stopping in, hope this finds you doing well, happy and jolly and most importantly pacing yourself during this particularly hectic week, keep calm and jingle on……

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It’s all beautiful. Looks quite “done” to me. You should relax and enjoy the beauty of your home.

Is the tree in picture a living tree? Also I love your fireplace screens. Do you ga e a source for them?
Have a Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your beautiful home !

It’s gorgeous Tina. Thanks for sharing the journey and experience. Have fun at your party!

Can you provide me with any info or your gorgeous living room rug?
As usual, your house is magnificent! Merry Christmas ? and Happy New Year,

I am wondering what type of red ribbon you are using on your ginger jars and Staffordshire dogs? They look velvet or satin and possibly wired? Such a beautiful post.

Your home is gorgeous as always! Do you put lights outside? I have cut way back on my decorations this year. Trying to have just a few major highlights instead.
Tina our Golden passed away around the same time you lost your sweet friend. I thought “Gracie” would be our last one. We have been blessed with several grandchildren lately and I thought adding a puppy to the mix would be too much. The pictures of Teddy have really made me miss her especially lately. So I am now on a waiting list for a Golden Retriever puppy next year. Looking forward to that and the gifts of little ones. Blessings to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas!

Tina, Your decorations are beautiful and inspiring. If you had to stop now your home would be ready and beautiful for Christmas.

You always make my day brighter. I look forward to your post with much anticipation to see what you’ll post next. Today, these pictures are so beautiful. They inspire me to step out of the box with my decorating. For the first time in a 100 years I have as of Xmas 2017 a 5ft flocked tree covered in your ornaments and nothing but blue and white and crystal. I love it. I sit at night and just gaze at its beauty. Thanks for all you do. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Really like the pine cone topiaries; they look great in the blue and white bowl. I was wondering if you have a florist or interior design firm that could decorate your home for you and relieve you of some of the stress of the season? You probably love to do it yourself, but it would be great to have the basics done and you could finish with wreaths, flowers, and plants. I can’t imagine how you do it all and have a busy social life. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

See– you’re getting there. Just pace yourself. Your tree is awesome! I believe you had said that you’re getting an artificial tree this year because of the bug problem you experienced last Christmas. The news report warns us that this year, we’re dealing with the same problem. So, if anyone is purchasing a live tree, check it out carefully. Merry Christmas to all !

Your dining room mantle is so lovely! We have a pair of the medium-sized ivory Staffordshire-type dogs on our breakfast room table with varying decor depending on the seasons & we dearly love them! I named ours Harry & Meghan! You did such a fantastic job in creating these! Happy Holidays to you!

All of the decorations are gorgeous, as usual. Thank you so mush for sharing. I noticed the beautiful fireplace screen with the shell on it. Could you possibly share where I might get one like it or similar to it? I also love the blue rug in that same room for my dining room. Thanks again.

The most elegant and gorgeous XOXOX

I’d love to send you pictures of my home with Christmas decorations!
How do I do that?
Thank you!!!

It must be rather wonderful to see all of your beautiful creations and to know that you designed and had made your own wrapping paper, stockings and ornaments as well as the gorgeous planter boxes, pottery, silverwear and other lovely goodies decorating your home. I guess it is the ultimate in handmade!

Somehow delivery times for holiday items ordered needs to be speeded up. Christmas items ordered a couple of months ago still have not arrived and most people like me already have their tree up and decorated. People are too busy to have to redecorate. I love buying things from Enchanted Home, but the holiday delivery timeframe needs improved.

It is all beautiful. Love the Santas next to the fireplace. Would love to see something similar next year for purchase. Happy Holidays!

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