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Hello friends,  its Christmas weekend, can you believe it!  I have scheduled this ahead of time knowing what a very busy week it was going to be with our party and family coming in. I plan on doing some serious resting on Sunday but only after I buy my last few gifts. Then its all about staying home, cooking, wrapping gifts, RELAXING, movie watching, game playing and most likely some mean rounds of ping pong:)

Hope your weekend is going well and that you too are just about done with all your holiday prep so that you too can enjoy the real meaning of the holidays, its been quite a whirlwind and I must say by the time this weekend is over, I will be one relieved and happy camper:) Bring the relaxation on! Let’s get started with this Sundays post……..



1 A BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY HOME This is a beautifully classic home decorated for the holidays found in Traditional Home. Extra brownie points for the homeowner for using blue and white on her mantle:) Such a lovely, elegant and inviting home  click here for more info.

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Of course this weekend will be all about Christmas and trust me, it was hard narrowing it down to a chosen few! Many incredible exterior shots that just scream Christmas in the most beautiful way possible.  Hope you enjoy because this is probably the last Sunday featuring Christmas for  awhile:)


3 BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIES TO BINGE WATCH OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS! So I admittedly am a kid at heart about many things and one of them is most definitely Christmas. I love the magic of the season and Christmas movies make me very happy:)

They just transport you to a really happy and joyous place. Town and Country came up with a great list of some Christmas classics that are worth watching (or in my case rewatching). As we all gather with our loved ones over the next few days, a great movie can bring us together, regardless of what our ages might be in a way few things can. Click here to see them all, have any of your own to suggest?

4 WHITE FLOWERS DURING THE HOLIDAYS So I will do a recap on my holiday party over the next week or two but in the meantime, one theme this year was white flowers. I love white during the holidays and have a feeling this might be my new holiday theme going forward.

I bought amaryllis, paperwhites and about 8 dozen white roses. I had such fun making arrangments with them and popping in a little fresh greenery to add a holiday vibe. I love the way they came out. Heres a sneak peek-

5 INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO OF THE WEEK Please don’t be upset with me for making you cry on this Sunday morning. I just couldn’t resist sharing this video of the 10 most moving/beautify Christmas commercials ever. #9  is one of my personal all time favorites, I cry every single time I see it like I have never seen it before.

And in the same vein, #5 is a pretty close contender. It just goes to show how easy it is to spread just a little bit of joy, you just never know what effect a small gesture can bring.


6 MY NEWEST MELAMINE PATTERN!  For your eyes only….this is by far the one thing I am most excited to share, my newest melamine pattern that is in the works, yes 2019 is going to be a great year:) My beautiful melamine that only looks like china has been such a hit that I am excited to announce I am going to offer a new pattern just in time for spring!

Finalizing the additional serving pieces but the dinner plate is done and we are just finalizing. I will be getting this dinner plate sample soon for approval and can hardly wait to have it in my hands. I can see so many beautiful table settings with this fabulous new pattern.  I will also,  as I have done with the other patterns add an elegant charger to go along with this (which doubles as a round serving tray) Stay tuned!

Some of the supporting pieces


7  SUNDAYS SURVEY  Almost coming off the heels of an incredibly busy and bustling holiday season the idea of Christmas cards has been at the back of my mind for a while.  So today’s poll is all  about Christmas/holiday cards, do you send them out? I know we all love receiving them! I used to be so good about getting  bribing my boys to take holiday pictures and took great joy in sending out our cards. As they got older, it was 3, then 2 then 1 and the last time I did it, it was just sweet Teddy:)

So I have, embarrassingly not sent cards out in I think 3 years. Every year I say I will and time gets away from me, so 2019 that is really going to change, just watch and see! I will be sure to do this in Sept. so its a done deal. Curious how many of you send out cards?


And that is a wrap for this Sunday, the Sunday before Christmas. We will be taking the next few days to relax, sit back and finally enjoy the magic and real meaning of this season….being together! I will be back on Christmas with a photo recap and then its back to real life on the 26th. Wishing everyone a calm few days as we head towards the finish line:) Thanks for stopping in. Until next time…….stay calm and jingle on:)

PS We will have our much anticipated 50% off sale on all ornaments, holiday wrap and dog gift stockings starting Christmas night. We are quite low on several items so first come first serve, be sure to look out for the sale which will be announced starting later on Christmas night.

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Many thanks for a year filled with your delightful blogs………they have been my first read of the day and always put a smile on my face….Thank you for bringing such beauty into my life……

Time for me to unsubscribe. I’ve enjoyed the posts, miss Teddy. With all the abundance of purchasing and decorating, however, I hope that you might include ways to promote charity & generosity. It appears there is an abundance to share with others, children, schools, the homeless, those in recovery.

Love white roses so much. Use them in my home every year and sometimes add red roses too. This year everything is white and gold. Call it the” year if the deer.” Did not get my cards out this year because of traveling and just enjoying myself and family. This year no pressure and just fun. Merry Christmas to you. Your home looks beautiful as always.

I loved the commercials and yes it made me cry….I just recently heard of a site for all your readers to follow up on…it is called “TisBest” and you can buy gift cards to give and the recipient will be able to choose the charity of their choice…it is in the giving that we receive….Look up the web site…It is my new go to when giving a gift(other than your website) Happy Holidays…

Well, thank you for the video. I’m busy crying my eyes out… heart warming and tender ads. They should all be that way. Thanks for sharing. I just put it on facebook.

Your new pattern is quite pretty.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Tina I can’t tell you what pleasure I get out of reading your blog. I love seeing the world through your eyes because you are obviously a very kind person and you seek beauty wherever you are and that is a wonderful Quality . Your home and flowers are absolutely beautiful and I so thank you for sharing and being so open because you taught and inspired me in more ways than you might know.
Love the video and I love that you’re including an inspirational video every Sunday, you really have chosen some winners!
And that new melamine pattern makes my heart swoon- definite must have? enjoy these last few days up until Christmas, I hope your party went well!, Merry Christmas !

Good morning and happy holidays…..once again, teared up on the commericals. What a beautiful reminder of what this season is all about. Thanks for sharing.

Tina, that article on the Brubaker home has been among my favorites for many years. Such a great story. I also use only white flowers at Christmas. In fact, you will find white roses and white orchids in my home year round. You might consider a beautiful white flower called Star of Bethlehem to add to your array. Really love your Seven on Sunday. Merry Christmas.

Thank you for brightening my Sunday (and always) as I have just about devoured every morsel of these photos and video too! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a beautiful New Year in 2019 to all!

Marcia, “others, children, schools, the homeless, those in recovery.?” What about all she and this site does to promote jobs, stimulate the economy, providing employment and quality of life for merchants, retailers. I particularly enjoy the promoting family, home and loved ones. Less people would be homeless and in recovery if they had loving secure families and homes.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. I had beautiful homes in the past and had so much enjoyment decorating them. I’m now retired and scaled down to a two bedroom apartment. Seeing your ideas and home bring back fond memories of what was in the past. Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas!

The commercial that brought me to tears was #1. How powerful the Christmas spirit can be when even enemies can stop and reflect on the moment.. Merry Christmas to you.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. It is a pleasure to read your blog and enjoy the many different things you share. From new items to surveys on our thoughts of our world as it is today! I look forward to every new posting. Your world of blue and white is dear to my heart. I wish you all the success in this new year with many blessings to you and your family. Can’t wait for the new Melamine pattern to come in .

Thoroughly enjoy all your posts. You have a soft, sweet heart and when something stirs your heart you share with us only asking that we respect each other in the comments. Please do not stop showing your audience all the beauty you capture with your photography as not all of us have the means or health to go the places you do. I adhere to what our Lord and Savior said about telling others when we give. We are not to go about praising ourselves by telling others about it. Keep it to yourself.

Tina thank you for sharing all the beauty you find with us. Your home is an inspiration and you are so kind and generous to let us take a look at all you do. Merry Christmas!

May you and your family have a wonderful, blessed and Merry Christmas! Thanks for all you do.. Your blog gives me so many ideas and I love reading it everyday. Enjoy the holidays!

Tina I use my mothers blue and white I had packed away I love that it makes me happy. Next year white flowers. Thank you.

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