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Good evening, hope you are having a great week. Here, we had two ridiculously back to back frigid days, no snow though. I have a friend who is way south down in Palm Beach who told me even there they have had weather in the 40’s!

I am done with winter personally and am dreaming about spring days like never before BUT I will say it again, wouldn’t mind one incredible, magical snowfall, just one:) Trucking along with plenty going on around here, lots of exciting things ahead for 2019.

As I periodically do I share recent life’s happenings as seen through my iPhone. So here is a look at life around here lately……



Our office in located at a large warehouse, while my office is so pretty the warehouse is just a warehouse, so added one of my favorite fishbowls and one of our faux boxwoods to dress up the entrance to the office, love it:)

This is the closest we have gotten to a snowfall…..quite disappointed we have yet to  have one magical, “forced to stay home” kind of snowfall, if its going to be frigid, at least I want some snow thrown in with it! And yes in case you are wondering, my ginger jars really do stay out year round, snow, ice or sun:)

I do not want to see this on my dashboard again…..brrrrr!

This fabulous cake dome above was a top seller and the company that made it closed which was so unfortunate.  I am happy to report I am having it produced and with luck will be stocked around late March/early April!

Speaking of new products, just loving my new basketweave items, more to come

Made my favorite salad of fennel, celery, radish with a lemon dressing, click here for recipe

Went to this new Chinese supermarket and this stopped me in my tracks….Hello Kitty toilet paper! I was a former Hello Kitty addict (when I was younger) who knew they made the cutest embossed Hello Kitty toilet paper!

A gorgeous Venetian mirror that I got for a song a few years ago coming out of storage, now need to find a perfect place!

How beautiful is this tablecloth we had custom made for a clients beautiful foyer!

Post Christmas cleanups going on all around my home, my dining room is holiday decor free, just about to put away my favorite mini table lamps

until I get to use them again (hopefully soon)!

And gave my stovetop a bit of a “tidying up”

Had plenty of these going this winter

One of my highlights in the last week or so was adding springy cheer to my home filling my tulipieres with spring flowers!

LOVE guacamole. The key to me is lots of cilantro and never too much lime juice. I sometimes make a meal out of it!

How pretty are these custom pillows that just went out to a lucky customer!

Dropping off things to a lucky blue and white loving local client!

The minute I look forward to most I must admit is getting home (especially when we don’t have to go somewhere, I am practically jumping for joy) putting on my comfy clothes and retreating to my refuge aka my bedroom

I am all about details and whats not to love about this gorgeous pair of antique chairs in this beautiful Scalamandre velvet and gimp! Also love the added  touch of the beautiful chair pillow:)


So there you have life around here,  at least the pretty and inspiring:) You always have to be able to find the beauty in life and I am searching for it all around me, wherever I may be. Hope you are having a great week, always appreciate you stopping in. Wishing you a fantastic day, until next time…………..

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Everything is gorgeous, as always!
Would love to know what fabric and trim was used for those fabulous blue and white pillows!!
To. Die.For!!!

I so love looking at your corner of the world, It’s much different then mine!
Thank you for sharing!


Always a pleasure reading and visualizing your random pictures. Love your navy and white pillows. The velvet is so rich looking. ?

Today’s picture of Teddy stopped me in my tracks. So cute of him running in the snow! Do you ever think it soon may be time for a new puppy?

I’m sure I’m not the first one to say this but you really do live in an Enchanted Home! Every tiny space is gorgeous!

Please more info on the blue/white pillows. Stunning. Gave me an idea for fabric. Thanks you for sharing.
Do you think the blue/white products could stand 120 degree temps outside? Appreciate Tina.

I sought on one of your pages beautiful blue and white cutlery do you sell that or where can I find it. Where can I find it

I think you need another “Teddy”! Makes my heart melt every time I see a picture of him….time for a look-alike pup perhaps?

Thank you for sharing. Your photos inspire me. My home is looking more and more like your lovely space everyday. Just finished moving a few blue and white pieces around in my office inspired by your photos. Please keep them coming!!

Beautiful,especially love the chairs at the end with that beautiful shade of Scalamandre velvet. So peaceful.

Really enjoyed everything (but the 5 degree reading sent a chill through me) and especially seeing your retreat. Can’t blame you for being ready to head home to that sanctuary.! THANK YOU!

I love these posts. Tina. That salad looked positively delish. Love that cake dome!! Stay warm, it’s going to get cold again!

I’m surprised that you left a couple of porcelain pieces on your courtyard! Wouldn’t they break in a hard freeze?

So many great things to comment on, your salad looks so good and I love any glimpses into your beautiful home .
Your customers antique chairs are so beautiful as are those navy pillows, can we order those navy pillows ?
You cracked me up about the hello Kitty tissue, I have a 14-year-old who is still obsessed with all things hello kitty I did not know they make that I’m going to have to see if I can find it on Amazon ??
Thank you for your always beautiful and inspiring posts .

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