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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope this finds you well and having a good weekend. Our plans got derailed but that was not a bad thing, it gave us a little extra free time which is always a luxury. So I went on a clean out binge yesterday and was unstoppable. Ended up with four huge lawn bags full of stuff, feels sooooo good to purge. But you definitely have to be in the mood for it be effective! Today we are going out to Montauk,  something really nice about heading to the beach in the winter, once the crowds has dispersed.

There are still plenty of people there, but it takes on a much more civilized, calmer feeling and the restaurants are more enjoyable without the buzz of all the beach goers and masses waiting to be seated. Looking forward to it and hope it won’t be too cold to walk along the beach. I love walking on the beach in the winter. Anywho, moving along to my Seven on Sunday, here we go……




1 THE MOST AMAZING CUPCAKE BOUQUETS! I am always so fascinated by talented bakers and bakeries, I mean the cakes and cupcakes that come out of some of these establishments are mind boggling. The first thing that comes to my mind is they are just way too beautiful to eat.

Check out these from Kerrys Bouqckaes, so clever…….edible bouquets of the most exquisite cupcakes. She is located in England but I will continue to admire and ooh and ahh from afar! Click here to follow her on Instagram.


2 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK  If this story doesn’t touch your heart to the core, don’t know what will. What an incredible survival story and what a beautiful example of never giving up and paying it forward. This man is a hero in book and our world needs more like him, very inspiring and cannot help bring you to tears, a forewarning. The journey this man has taken is one to share as it can give anyone hope and show just how love the human heart can hold.  Wonderful story!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much to love and it’s all very random this week. Just beauty, fun and inspiration that we can all use on a daily basis!




4. NEWEST PRODUCTS ARRIVED!! I am like a kid in the candy store when new things come in and then when they get professionally photographed, it’s like the cherry on top of a very sweet cake! From our newest beaded tabletop lamp, the new candlesticks, the prettiest porcelain salt and peppers to the latest mint juleps and gorgeous chinoiserie Staffordshire dogs and pillows…love it all! So many incredible things coming up for 2019:)




5. A FEW RECENT FABULOUS CUSTOMER PICTURES. You know how much I enjoy sharing pictures with you of my products in customers homes. I am always wowed when you send them in or share them on Instagram. If you have a picture to send and want us to add it to our online gallery please send to [email protected].

Click here to see our ever growing spectacular gallery of our customers homes. Here are a few recent faves-



6. A FABULOUS CHATEAU TOUR  YOU WILL NOT GET OVER! This literally gives me goosebumps of the best kind imagine. Who doesn’t dream of doing this? Kudos to Timothy Corrigan, designer and passionate lover of French architecture,  to having the guts to sell what I would deem a perfect Chateau, “Chateau de  Grand Luce” (click here to see his finished product in AD), He has  now has sold it and moved on to another mega  chateau project, and what a majestic grand dame she is. He is living the dream for all of us.

My hat I mean beret goes off to Timothy. Now let me pick my jaw up off the floor and show you his “before”  which I  would happily take  as is:) I cannot wait to see this grand makeover take place, what a joy and thrill it will be to watch Timothy and his magic take hold! Makes me want to go pack my bags and go chateau shopping:)



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So……this has to do with book stores. I must admit I could live in them, literally. It has books, coffee, solitude and company when you need it, coffee 24/7, what more do you need! When our local Borders closed I cried (literally). I spent many afternoon pre Enchanted Home cuddled up with a great book or magazine, coffee in hand, sometimes would meet a friend.

Thankfully we have a Barnes and Noble not too terribly far away and I find myself stopping in frequently. Something about a bookstore. Yes, I can probably find it cheaper on Amazon but there’s something about the experience of being in a bookstore and actually buying a book there, its the entire experience. Wondering how much company I have out there?


And there you have my Seven on Sunday, did anything pique your interest? Hope you enjoyed this post, its fun to come up with all the various things that have caught my attention for one reason or another and share them with on these Sunday posts. Wishing everyone a fantastic Sunday. Until next time…….

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The beautiful blue and white salt and pepper shakers arrived..fantastic,as all your products❤️

Thank you a million times for the Timothy Corrigan video. I wish I could just follow him around (quietly, of course, except for exclamations of wonder). Think of the inspiration!

Though visually cute….the kids in the frig photo is really bad. Two many children die in frig accidents! Three siblings recently playing hide and seek.

The children in the refrigerator is not cute …
I nearly had an anxiety attack when I saw this . This photo should be removed from your site .

From my perch overlooking the Pacific ocean here in Cabo San Lucas, I have watched both videos. I understand Timothy’s statement comment about enjoying the process from start to finish. It’s the journey.
I was concerned about the picture of the two children in the refrigerator as many children have died in those darn things. But the talent of the bakers was just awesome. God’s beauty and God’s given talent.
Re the comment made by the irate dismissed employee, I always think of what my mother taught me, “fools names and faces are always seen in public places”.

Your inspirational videos are such a wonderful addition to the 7 on Sunday! This week’s was so touching. Thank you!,

Happy Sunday! Love, love, love the cupcake bouquets. Very talented people. The colours are beautiful and very creative! ??

That inspirational video??. My co worker takes foster children on weekends to give foster parents an occasional break. She says they always come with garage bags in tow. She always makes sure they have a backpack when they leave.

Been going to Montauk since I was a baby. Worked my way thru college waiting tables at Gosmans. Our house is up on the cliffs near ditch planes. I’m up there every summer for a couple of weeks. No place like it. Enjoy!!!!

I hope you enjoy you day in Montauk. I left my comment on Google. Most readers know the negative comments are usually sour grapes, as it sounds like the case here. Dwell on the positive and the joy you bring to your customers and readers. Would love to meet some day.
PS…never knew that info on the peppers! ?

Good morning Tina. Happy Sunday. I’m thinking of you out at Montauk enjoying a cool winter’s day walking the beach. This California girl has only been there twice but my daughter-in-law is from South Hampton and took me there, so I see it in my minds eye. ENJOY a nice day off. Oh, and it was fun seeing the lovely vase you sent me. Thanks again!

Thank you Tina. I love your weekly heartwarming story… just amazing. Love your blog!❤️❤️

As always, Seven on Sunday brings beauty into our homes. Those bouquets of cupcakes are stunning works of art. The tour of the chateau was charming. But how does one live in such grandeur? I would love to see once it’s been restored and decorated. Your feel good video is a testament to the goodness in people. With all the bad news we are inundated with daily, seeing this restores our faith.

This Seven on Sunday was filled with so many beautiful things this week. First, let me say, I thought that you had been to the flower market, only to find out, those beautiful flowers were on the top of cupcakes. Amazing talent and too pretty to eat! And, I love the Instagram with the deer’s antlers filled with greenery. It’s as if the deer is saying, “I didn’t eat your plant.” That chateau is to die for! I am watching, Victoria, on PBS each Sunday, and love that time period. I often think it would be wonderful to live during that time period, but then again, I love my modern conveniences. Thank you for a great start to my Sunday and enjoy yours.

I didn’t find an appropriate description of my bookstore/online routine, so I didn’t vote in your poll. I do both, you see, usually, but I really relish the time to browse in Inklings, our independent book store, especially on rainy days. The Barnes & Noble store left town about a decade ago, but we used to love spending time down there. At Inklings, however, I know the owner and several of the booksellers. They’re all great helpers but also know when to leave us alone to browse and ponder, sit by the fire and read, or sit at the children’s end and read aloud to a grandchild. Love that place!

Thank you for the link to see Timothy Corrigan’s magnificient chateau…and for another beautiful pic of your beloved Teddy.

Loved the tour of the Chateau with Timonthy Corrigan. His joy for the process is so wonderful to watch. Thank goodness for people like him who want to preserve the past. Please follow up on his restoration. I am sure it will be just beautiful.

The story of the man who adopted the children was just beautiful.

The green pepper Instagram thing is a garden myth. Have you ever sliced into a green pepper with no seeds? The peppers, like all fruits, are ripened ovaries and contain seeds. The number of bumps on the bottom is determined by the variety. Sweetness is usually a factor of ripeness, growing conditions and variety as well.

Loved the video of Timothy Corrigan’s renovations and before of his next project. What a dream to be able to buy a chateau and renovate.

I adore Timothy Corrigan and was over the moon when he liked several of my IG photos! Love the video! He’s so kind to take time to comment on my IG posts. I read mostly nonfiction and my library is full of classics that I collect from antique shops. Hope to read them all! I too was startled by the image of the children in a fridge and my heart goes out to the parents who have lost a child that way.

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