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Good Sunday morning to you! First I want to announce the winner of the lovely tulip vase. Congratulations goes to-


Please email us at [email protected] to provide your name and shipping info so your prize can be on it’s way!


By the time you read this I will happily be ensconced in my Palmetto Bluff abode, unfortunately its never long enough but even a few days is a great opportunity to unplug and recharge:) We are still trying to figure out how to spend more time here and not have it be just quick spurts. I need weeks not days! Hope you are having a great weekend, and recharging for the week ahead! Here we go with my Seven on Sunday.



1 OUR HOME PROFESSIONALLY PHOTOGRAPHED A FEW YEARS AGO. I don’t think I have ever shared these pictures here. These were taken of our home a few years ago by a very talented interior design photographer. I love these pictures, and though some things have changed since then, I LOVE the way these came out and will always treasure them. I sure wish I knew how to take pictures like this:)



2 ONE TALENTED PARTY PLANNER In my previous life I just know I was a party planner:) With my love of playing hostess, flowers, decorating, setting a pretty table I just cannot accept I was anything but. So i always drawn to talented wedding planners and this one is a feast for the eyes!

Marcy Blum is a legend in the party planning business. Her talents have taken her all over the globe and with good reason. She takes all the stress out of planning a wedding or event and makes you party dreams come true! Just look at some of what her talent has created. Click here to visit her website.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST One of my favorite things about Sundays is getting to choose my most favorite Instagrams of the week and it is not always an easy choice by a long shot. But here is this weeks round up!



4. MORE AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS. I just get such a thrill seeing my products in your homes and this round up is exceptional. Thank you for sharing them in and please keep them coming. I love seeing how you display various things purchased from my shop. Check out these two talented tastemakers to see just what I mean! Many of you have asked about when the tulipieres will be in again. They will be here in 4-5 weeks. You can now preorder them to be sure you get them, click here to see the presale offers.

How stunning is this picture from one of our customers Amandaseend via Instagram! Magazine cover worthy if you ask me:)

And then check out how gorgeous this Valentine’s Day party table was set up by uber talented interior designer Clarybosbyshell using our tulipieres and scalloped pierced planter……wow!



5. NEW WALLPAPERS TO SWOON OVER. So I am back on a wallpaper hunt for our main powder room in PB. It;s a really pretty bathroom but no windows so I  need something light and airy that will add life to the room.

I did our other powder room which I love with a gorgeous cherry blossom grasscloth from Thibaut (see below). Here are some contenders I recently found. I am including a picture of my powder room so you can vote for your two faves, always value your opinions!

These are all from Schumacher-





These are from Thibaut-






From Scalamandre-


Want to weigh in? Choose your three faves and help me make a decision!


6. INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK  I love this story, had read about it about a year ago.  I love how it shows how even the simplest gesture can change a life. What a wonderful beautiful story this is. You just never know who’s life you  might change or touch. This is a beautiful example of paying it forward.


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY I am a self proclaimed news junkie, well make that a recovering self proclaimed news junkie. Almost  by default all my TV’s somehow go straight to the news, even in the car. Lately though I have made more of a point to listen to relaxing music or talk radio, I have Satellite so there are many options. I just know one thing- the news has been incredibly depressing and deflating especially lately.

I would have to say until recently 75% of whatever TV watching/radio listening I did was the news. Wondering how much company I have out there? Granted that is happily changing, but as I think about it, I spent so much time on it. And it really brought me down sometimes, the stories and the vitriol were at times hard to shake. OK your turn to weigh in!



And that is a wrap for this Sunday! I always appreciate you stopping in and hearing what you have to say. Hope you are off to having a wonderful day whatever you might be up to. Until next time………

PS Don’t forget to stop over at the new product posts where I am giving away a service for 4 of my beautiful melamine. Click here to enter


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Morning, Tina,

Saw your lovely kitchen again on this post. Any tips on choosing marble for the countertops?


Tina, of course your entire home is beautiful, but the loggias are just stunning. Being a lifelong Hoosier, always enjoy seeing that beautiful limestone!

Good morning Tina! What beautiful wallpapers. I did choose #5 as it seemed to be the lightest and airiest. However, 10 is the prettiest one to me. And another “however”, 8 mimics or is similar to the pattern in your mirror and sconces. I can see a sliver of the floor, but can’t tell what it is. Whatever paper you chose can’t fight with the floor pattern or the mirror. Can you get some good size samples and put them up with painters tape stuck to the back? I think that’s the only way you will know. Happy Hanging!!

I’ve been a broker on the North Shore for 30 years and it’s very rare to see a home as beautiful as yours.

I used to be a news junkie, it was causing me sadness, frustration and a sense of hopelessness. One day I decided there was very little if anything, I could do about any of it. I went on a news fast. It was hard at first but after a while I did not miss it at all. I find I can think for myself without someone analyzing the news for me according to how they want me to think. I read a book that explained how the networks are owned by corporations that present the owner’s biased view of the news with so much opinion becoming truth whether it is or not. It’s insidiously changing the way people view the world. I do read my local newspaper which is depressing enough so I am not ignorant of what is going on but no longer feed my mind with all the junk on radio or news stations that have been caught bending the truth or outright telling lies. They often leave out important information to prop up their often outrageous world view. They have the power to ratchet up hatred among the masses and often toward the innocent. It’s evil. If you can, go cold turkey and see how eventually you can actually start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel instead of darkness. News doesn’t concentrate on anything uplifting but makes everything seem as ugly as possible. We didn’t always have news 24/7. I have come to believe we aren’t really supposed to take in so much negative information on a daily basis, it’s not healthy and it does influence how we feel. Thanks for bringing up great points to ponder.

The video of the little boy that loves to read just melted my heart. Also, that he wants to share his books with other children.

Donna D…you nailed it…”fact checking” seems almost non-existent. *sigh* Tina, you home is exquisite…that’s a fact, in my opinion, franki

I was really torn as to which answer to choose for Sunday’s Survey. I selected the first choice but really didn’t like the wording. I was insulted by the phrase, “more than I should”. I watch both local and national news nightly because I want to and it’s my choice. There are too many people that contribute to conversations and don’t know the facts. I would rather watch the news and be informed, even if it is disturbing. Today, more than ever, we need to be aware of what is going on locally and nationally.

The photos of your home are stunning! Most of us can only dream what it would be like to live in a home like yours. As for your powder room in PB, why don’t you select a blush pink and do something totally different? It would be fun to change it up from the soft blues of the home.

That event planner certainly knows how to plan some beautiful events and/or weddings. It is so difficult to be the mother of the groom and only plan the rehearsal dinner. Hopefully, when your sons get married, the mother of the bride and you can plan the wedding together. I had so much fun helping our daughter with her wedding. She was working and very busy, and she relied on me to do a lot, which I was happy to do. I know when your time comes, it will be exciting and fun for you, as well.

Enjoy your down time in PB.

I really look forward to these Sunday posts. It’s another way to connect with like-minded people out in the world. (Years of bad migraines have me more isolated than I thought I’d ever be). Thankful for many things including TEH 😉

Your kitchen and loggia always are my favorites! They continue to inspire me with my own kitchen and (open) courtyard. Thank you for posting these photos again.

Since I went cold turkey, and stopped watching TV “news”, I have been so much more content.
The television is not the place to find a balanced, intelligent, report of today’s issu

I made a concerted effort a year ago to limit my news intake. I felt most of what I was viewing was simply opinion, not factual. I am
occasionally a little late on some news items but my peace of mind outweighs the need to be “in the loop”! Have a great day.

Your home is spectacular! Beautifully pointed. Remember to enjoy your home and those who are in it.

Your home is just exquiest and reflects your taste and style superbly. Enjoy your time at your “home away from home.”

I always adore the pictures of your gorgeous home. I take my time, sighing over every one of them. Thanks for sharing. You’re the best!

I think it’s absolutely vital to keep up with the news. There are so many fake/hoax stories that is so necessary to find out
the truth! President Trump is a businessman and has been doing a terrific job. Do his tweets bother me? No. He uses
Twitter go jump over the main stream media. I have volunteered in politics for 40 years. Community service is vital!

Tina your home is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos. They have given me so much inspiration for my own home.
I, too am a huge Hilton Head fan! I just love following your PB stories! Your blog is such a respite from the negative news and I look forward to visiting and being reminded of the niceties that continue to exist. Thank you!!

Your poll doesn’t include an option: can’t look away from the horror that is today’s administration! We all need to be watching.

I’m just simply blown away – no, I am ENCHANTED and mesmerized by your elegant home….so beautifully decorated, so unique, so many classic features and total architectural perfection!! You are amazing!!!!

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