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Hello and happy Friday to you. Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day, getting to come to PB was the best present ever (and much needed) though its only for a few short days. Looking forward to totally unplugging and enjoying carefree days biking, lounging and having no agenda (well there is work being done but work here just feels different). It never lasts long enough but we take what we can get:)

So……there are MANY new products in the pipeline which I am so excited about and just have such a great feeling about! Though I can cannot show you everything quite yet, some of the items in the works are bringing back the magnificent etched cake domes, a beautiful new line of stunning etched hurricanes, expanding on the wicker products to include wicker drinking glasses, place mats and 2 new styles of oversized wicker hurricanes. Stay tuned.

What I can talk is being discussed here today! We have two new melamine patterns and a gorgeous new gift wrap collection.  As you might know by now, I greatly value your opinions and feedback. It helps me make certain decisions and will often even validate some decision making in  helping me pull the trigger on something. When you manufacture, you must commit to huge minimums so it can be a little nerve wracking which is why getting feedback from all of you is so wonderful, so thank you in advance. So let’s get this show on the road……….



So first gift wrap, every holiday season and every spring the last year and a half,  I have introduced a new collection. I love designing gift wrap, I do it because I don’t see what I am looking for out in the marketplace. I have come up with four new chinoiseie papers this spring and I must say I am totally smitten. I can’t choose a favorite colorway. All you need is a great big wide satin ribbon in ivory or even a gingham to make the most glorious gifts!

When you order gift wrap you are committing to thousands of rolls of each color, so as this is now going into production I am not sure about doing 3 vs all 4 colors. I would love to know which 3 are your absolute favorite. If all four come out pretty equal….all 4 it is! But if there is one color that really lags behind that will help me. So let me introduce you to the spring’s new papers, pretty enough to be wallpaper if you ask me:)

Now the four colors, pale blue, pale green, pale pink and white-


 NEW SPRING MELAMINE (all BPA free and dishwasher safe)

Collection 1. So this is the first new pattern which I love first because it has blue and white but I also added some colors via these pretty spring flowers. I think you can either play up the color or keep it as a small accent.I can see adding flowers to the table in all the brighter colors in a blue and white vessel…my mind is running with all kinds of ideas.

Or imagine a table set with this and the tulipieres filled with colorful flowers, ooh la la! The pagoda flatware would compliment this so beautifully. So here the pieces we got as our sample pieces and then a short poll on this pattern.

Here is the dinner plate which sorry if I am bragging but I think it’s a work of art:)

Salad plate

Soup bowl

Large serving bowl

Large serving platter

Collection 2. I am in love with this and cannot wait to set a table with it! Here is the second pattern which I need to explain as the sample is not back here yet. This stunning blue and white pattern was created off of a collection of four plates that I owned for a long time, each featuring a unique chinoiserie scene.

People always emailed me about these whenever they were featured. I looked into having them done as porcelain plates (and that is still on the burner) but I thought what a fabulous melamine collection this could also make and so the wheels started turning. I can see this pattern paired with our newest arrival of the basketweave flatware.

So here are the plates that were the inspiration-


And here are the melamine salad/appetizer plates that will be 7″ (they will be sold as s set of 4, each plate with a different figurine scene)

And here are the two dinner plate options, which center do you like better?



And if you are looking at the salad plate on the dinner plate (aerial view) this is what it will look like-

Here is the small cereal/soup bowl-

Serving platter

Serving bowl



I hesitated to  show you warehouse pictures that just do not do justice to how gorgeous and special these pieces are but what can I say, I am like a kid in a candy shop and have zero restraint. Just had to share!

Love these  chunky oversized hurricanes, they include glass inserts (will be here next week)!

And beyond excited for these incredible handpainted chinoiserie lamoshades (lamp shades and sconce shades)

And how about these fabulous pleated silk lampshades, have several lamps that need them! (have both lampshades and sconce shades) Will be here next week!


A future square wicker place mat/charger

New tole items that were just out of production about 10 days ago, now they are almost done and shipping

More bamboo lanterns coming!

Check out these gorgeous new trellis/lattice sconces above that are a new item…they are stunning!





One lucky winner will win a four place settings of any of the three current melamine collections! Your choice between these three fabulous patterns below. Simply leave a comment on this post telling me the new arrival you are the most excited about and you will be eligible, check back as I will announce a winner on Tuesday morning!



So there is a special melamine offer today.  With any $50.00 purchase of melamine purchase, you will receive one oversized melamine  serving platter! A great way to get a headstart on your spring/summer entertaining:) Click here to see the current melamine collections.


Well this sure was fun, getting to share with you much of what I have been working on! I just love the creative process and normally look to create something when I am unable to find it or think there needs to be a more affordable option (like my tulipieres)! Melamine and gift wrap were two categories though I just didn’t love the selection of so I got to work and made them a reality.

Thanks for stopping in, your feedback and input is always very valuable to me so I thank you in advance. Happy Friday to you, wishing you a great end to your week. Until next time……

PS BIG NEWS! The Enchanted Home Shop has its very own Instagram account. To celebrate we are offering THREE MONTHS of Enchanted Home goodies!! If you are on Instagram be sure to stop over, become a follower and enter the giveaway.

You must leave a comment on that post and tag two people. We will be announcing a winner on Saturday (tomorrow)! Click here to follow @theenchantedhomeshop

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Everything is so very beautiful! It is hard to pick just one. Love the tole sconces.

Would you ever consider wallpaper. I think that wrap would be gorgeous wallpaper!

Hi! The bamboo lanterns are super cute! I could see them on my porch ?
I wish you would have a blog about how you started your business. You are definitely an artist.

It’s hard to pick just one thing! I LOVE gift wrap and the new patterns you have today are exquisite. I would use any/all of them! And I absolutely love the blue and white melamine…can’t wait to see the finished product!

Love the new wicker items ! They add such warmth and charm to any setting. The new melamine is charming

Oh Tina, you have outdone yourself this time. The hand painted chinoiserie lamp shades, the new melamine, and the gift wrap are the most beautiful I have ever see. You really should think of doing a wall paper next. Your designs are lovely. Oh, I need a beautiful cake server and have not seen one in your silver pieces lately? I hope you will be adding one to your line of Silver serving pieces.

The new melamine dinner plate with flowers is my favorite new item. The colors and design are beautiful and work all year in the south. Thank you for the giveaway!

Well…since I’m in the market ( so to speak) for updating lamp shades…I CAN’T WAIT to see “that” shipment!! Living on a lake and entertaining by the water makes melamine invaluable!! franki

Always excited to see what’s on the Enchanted Home horizon! Love the new melamine options and second the other reader’s comment about wall paper!

I am planning to redo a room soon, and that pagoda lantern or sconces could be perfect!

I’m always so excited for new tole pieces! Can’t wait to see what comes in the next shipment!!
I love the black and gold tole pieces!

I am excited about the wicker hurricanes. They would look good with flowers in them, or candles. ?

Love using melamine for summer entertaining. Your beautiful melamine designs have elevated the options for creating a beautiful tablescape.

The new figured melamine is simple over-the-moon! I am going to try to get a set of these! So cool…worth the wait!!!

Love everything you are sharing today! Really love the beautiful malamine serving pieces!!!!

Can’t wait for the new melamine collection, the design is so unique, Looking forward to the arrival!

The new melamine with delicate flowers is my favorite, been waiting for it to come out. Have never tried melamine before but this will do it!

I have to note that while I voted for three of the giftwrap, it was Only because I couldn’t vote for all four. Absolutely stunning.

Oh my goodness. I love everything you create! I’m so excited for the new melamine line and will be heading over to purchase it for my summer outdoor entertaining. You allow me to host with elegance. Thank you so much. ? Susan

I am excited to see the square charger/placemats are coming. Perfect for my summer table.

I love the newest melamine pattern that is all blue and white. I would love to see this in porcelain too ?

I love the new gift wrap! I love pretty presents and can’t find anything as beautiful as your papers.

I love the new melamine, but absolutely cannot wait for the chinoiserie lampshades! Those are to die for gorgeous! You are so talented!

I love the handpainted lampshades. They are so unique and elegant. I think they would make a lovely addition to my dining room chandelier.

Love the new sconce lampshades! Especially the sweet little ones with the hand painted look! So beautiful!

You have been quite busy. Love all the new products, especially the bamboo lanterns.
Enjoy your brief stay in PB. You deserve it.

I really like the new salad plates from collection 2 above and will use them with my melamine I already have from you! Can’t wait!

Collection 2 of the melamine is fantastic. I have two of your earlier collections. The first you did in green which triggered my. Alcott decor and your blue snd white pagoda collections. I love them both and everyone inquired about them. I used one for a “pot luck” event and it was never returned! ? At least they had good taste! Solid plasticware for glasses and great looking plastic cutlery would be wonderful. What about a pitcher or some dirt of vessel that coordinates for flowers? Love your taste! Thanks

The melamine salad plates are so beautiful!! I also love the square wicker chargers !!

The handpainted chinoiserie shades are exquisite, and can’t wait to have those! However, the pagoda melamine is a very close second! ❤️

The new spring melamine is the bomb! Adding the splash of color was the perfect accent!
It will make a great addition to any spring fling!

Excited about the square wicker chargers! Hard to pick just 1 – the painted lampshades are a close 2nd!

I am obsessed with the blue and white collection! I need these in my life and on my table!?

Absolutely love design #2. I have two sets of melamine dishes and have put myself on dish restriction but I may need these anyway.
I do have an incomplete set of Copeland blue and white Chinoiserie with gold rims which is fancy and gorgeous in my view . They are old and Replcements can’t find my more for me. I can send you a few photos if you would like added inspiration for blue and white.

How can I pick a favorite?! I must say the lamp shades and bamboo lanterns are calling my name though!

I love the pastel colors of the new lampshades…definitely will bring some sunshine into the room!

Love the melamine plate collection with the four Chinoiserie scenes. I, too, own that plate collection. I purchased it at a small interior design shop years and years ago. Would love to have the unbreakable version!

Since I’m not a complete blue and white devotee I’m most inclined to purchase the collection with the green accents. Thank you for offering different options, Tina!

I really love style #2 of the new melamine collection. It reminds me of the Blue Willow pattern that my mother-in-law had, but with a fresh, updated look.

Love the new wicker pieces you will be featuring! Would so enjoy using them for summer entertaining on the patio!

Ah! Love them ALL! But am most excited about the bamboo lanterns! Beautiful and will be looking for these! 🙂

Lamps are my weakness so I’m most excited about the possibilities of what your new lampshades offer.

I like your new BLUE and WHITE melamine pieces. Sometimes when I see a third colour in patterns I shy back choosing it especially on a plate where my food is going to be placed. I don’t like the pattern fighting with my food choices/colours. This is just one of my idiosyncrasies. But again, your new blue and white melamine choices are lovely. ?

Love the oversized hurricanes.
They would be lovely in my new Florida home.
Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration you give us Tina. You are truly very creative.

Oh…! The hand painted lamp shades! I’m walking my home now, searching for a spot for them! So quietly elegant!

And.., the wrapping paper! Love it.

I absolutely love the blue and white melamine I love the plates that inspired you can you make dinner plates like that in the future also I’m excited about the etched hurricanes I love reading your posts

Looking forward to your new pleated lampshades and all the new toleware. Sorry, Tina, but I just don’t like melamine. The patterns are darling and if they were on pottery I would be first in line. I think it’s just a personal quirk for me. Does anyone else ever say that? Life is too short not to use the real thing (and we eat outside every night in the summer, always have, even with little kids). Keep up the good work with all your new designs!

What is not to love!! I love both of the melamine patterns, all of the wicker products and those lampshades are to die for ?? thank you for using your talents to make the world a prettier place !

Both sets of melamine
The new sconces and bamboo lanterns
Painted lampshades

are all officially on my “must have” list!

I have blue and white melamine but collection 2 is calling my name! You are so creative and I’m so excited and inspired when I read your posts. Keep them coming!!!

I like the blue/green/white melamine set the best. It’s refreshing and reminds me that Spring is just around the corner! Lovely patterns!

It is about time I got some melamine for the summer months. I love the new collection #2 which was inspired by your dish collection. The new wrapping paper is quite pretty too! So much fun to see your new items and thank you for asking for our opinions! Enjoy PB!

I love the melamine but am also really excited about the silk lampshades. I love the look of patterned shades and cannot to see yours!

I love the white lanterns that are coming soon. Could they be wired for a kitchen pendant?

After growing up on melamine, it’s hard to wrap my head around it’s return. However, I love the blue and white Asian centered set. so superior to what I grew up with.

I love the New Collection #2.
So fresh and spring like beautiful for a warm weather table all summer!
Tina you are so talented and you have the dream JOB for sure.

Your new melamine collection is exquisite……would not beable to choose berween the two. Always love the blue and white, but love the happy, brighter colors as well.
Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

I’m in love with the pleated lamp shades. It is so difficult to find printed and/or colorful shades. Thank you!!!

Wow you have outdone yourself! Both of the new melamine patterns are simply beautiful, and will be a wonderful way to dress up any table ! I love how you came up with this idea because I agree the melamine available today is not that impressive .

The gift wrap is sensational, I cannot wait to buy it And all that basketweave is sublime!!

All the melamine collections are stunning! #2 is my favorite but they are all amazing.

Love love the new figural melamine collection!! Actually love all the melamine collections!!

Loving the new wicker! I also like the set of 4 salad plates based off your set and would like to see them in porcelain…

Very excited about the lampshades! It is so hard to find reasonably priced printed fabric shades.

Hello! It is definitely a toss up between the Chinese character dinnerware and the square wicker charger,,,,,,,,,,Both will be great additions to your shop!

The new melamine with the blue and white flowers reminded me that Spring is on the way. I love your blog by the way.

I love all the blue and white melamine sets and the hurricanes with the glass inserts!

I’m always excited about beautiful giftwrap! (Would still love to see the blue and white plates in porcelain!)

I love the new patterns of melamine dinnerware. I especially love the two serving platters. They would be so handy and look beautiful on the table or used in a buffet. Winning the giveaway would be wonderful! Thank you for the chance.

Absolutely LOVE the plans for those four plates!! I’d like to purchase sets in the melamine and (hopefully) the porcelain.

Love all the new items…especially the new blue and white collection! Enjoy P.B.!

I can’t wait for the new hand painted chinoiserie lampshades and sconce shades!!!

The pagoda set ( #1) is the best look I have ever seen. Love the appetizer plates so much. You continue to amaze me!!
Blue and white “addict” describes me best. ?‍♀️ So glad I found you.

The item that I am most excited about are the indigo dotted silk shades. I love these. I hope I can get them in the right size!

I love everything as usual but I’m so excited to buy the hand painted chinoiserie lamp shades! Absolutely stunning!

Ecstatic for the new blue and white melamine! We entertain outdoors and melamine is perfect for it.

I love collection two – it’s perfect. I’m also really excited about the chinoiserie lampshades – I can already see them in a bedroom I’m working on.

Very excited about the large melamine serving bowls – they are perfect for summer porch serving when porcelain bowls feel too heavy to carry. And I love the bamboo large lanterns!

Oh my goodness! Those Chinoiserie painted shades are to die for!
When will they be available?

I just received my melamine order today! I purchased the blue and white plates for my picnic basket! With Spring around the corner, I could not help but think about going on picnics with my husband. Even after 20 years of marriage, during the warm weather months, we still pack up the wicker picnic basket for a romantic lunch.

All of the items are beautiful. I think the shades are exquisite and are my favorite! I missed Teddy at the end of the post.

Hi Tina! Thanks for sharing what is in the works. I like the future square wicker place mat/chargers! Enjoy your weekend in PB!

There are so many beautiful new items, but I think my favorite is the gift wrap. I enjoy gift wrapping and any of these would make a lovely presentation! My favorite blue gingham ribbon would work well, too.

I love the Melamine plates, the blue, green and white flower print. I’m dreaming about spring and summer and dining outdoors. We’ve had one very cold and rainy season. These beauties will be a wonderful addition to our table, inside and out!

Hard decision but I think I like the new blue and white with the rectangular platter. All the patterns are beautiful though. I love melamine for outdoor dining.

The lampshades are so special. They add a custom, “I hired an interior decorator” look. They will really elevate a room and provide a thoughtful touch.

I LOVE the new blue and white melamine! I’d love the mix it with some of my pieces from your other blue and white melamine collection?

Loving the new gift wrap!! I have lots of baby gifts on the horizon and they would make any gift extra special!!

Looking forward to seeing the new wicker items. The simplicity of the oversized hurricanes is perfect!

Tina, I love the new melamine pattern that is in the works..all blue and white!!! And the new wrapping paper!

Choice #3 love the blue & white. Would love to see melamine in the rose medallion pattern

The silk pleated lamp and sconce shades are beautiful! They are exactly what I’ve been looking for without knowing that I was looking for them!

The blue and white pleated silk lampshades are lovely! Also, just followed your Enchanted Home Shop Instagram!!!!

The Melamine collections are so smart and stylish. Thank you for the opportunity to comment and enter the giveaway. Have a lovely weekend.

You have really out done yourself with all the beautiful new merchandise that will be coming in. I’m really excited about the the new lamp shades, they are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for bringing us such great choices for our homes!!!

The spring melamine is my favorite, love the colors! I have “every day” dishes with similar colors, but can’t seem to stop chipping them!

I am excited to see the new melamine plates! Such great patterns in blue and white!
Thank you,

I am beyond excited about your new melarmine patterns. In fact, emailed at the beginning of the year inquiring as to when they will be available! Ready to order!!! Perfection for poolside dining!

Melamine rules! I bought a set with platter over 18 years ago. It has blue irises. They do not fade and are very forgiving. Pretty outside table and young kids No problem. I need to update my set for casual dining. Always loved chinoiserie-look everything since I was young. And these melamine fit the bill perfectly

Hi Tina, I love the lamp shades. I wish you would do matching lamp shades for the Asian Melamine set. It would look great on the tables when dining outside during the summer.

I love the gift wrap!!! I’m a sucker for gift wrapping.
How about some ribbon to go with it.

I can’t wait for the lampshades – chinoiserie and pleated! I know just where I will use them!

Hi Tina,
I am most excited about both the hand painted shades and the silk shades. The hand painted shades are of course unique and would be impossible to find on your own. The silk shades are classic in style and the fabric goes easily with other fabrics….these are also hard to find or have made. You have made it easy for more of us. These are the touches that make a home feel special.

Love the bamboo hurricane lamps and the new melamine line. Fabulous! Love that you ask our opinions!!

I am most excited about the new blue and white melamine, with the salad plates matching your collection ~ beautiful!!!!

In your new line of hurricanes, will there be any shorter than 14.5″, maybe about 12″? I hope so. The ones you have now are just a little too tall for where I want to use them.

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