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Hello and happy Sunday. First congratulations goes to the winner below for the beautiful chinoiserie planter-



Please email your name and shipping address to so it can be on it’s way!


It’s Oscar Sunday! ! I still  love watching the preshow and some of the show though I rarely make it all the way through. I so love watching the fashions on the red carpet (or lack of sometimes:) and tonight we are going to someone’s house for a little Oscar party.

I have not seen all the shows nominated but have seen a few, may the best flick win. If you are an Oscar fan and want the lowdown on each movie up for the best picture, thought this was an excellent recap with juicy tidbits, click here.

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Anywho, busy busy weekend here, I am not a huge fan of being out four nights in a row as I do love and cherish my “down time” but it’s been a good one and I am not going to complain:) And off we go with our Seven on Sunday-



1 NICO AND LALA This has been a long time favorite stationer of mine and with good reason. They make such gorgeous things! Every time I see a new creation to obsess over it makes me want to create a reason for a party:) Take a look at some of their beautiful work, and then  click here to visit their gorgeous website and  here to follow them on Instagram.


2 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK I so love finding a story that I think warrants sharing on these posts. And this Sunday’s is so unbelievably sweet and heart warming. It brings happy tears to my eyes and shows you kindness and downright goodness comes in all shapes and sizes (even those with capes)! This just makes me feel so good:)


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always a highlight for me as you know getting to choose my absolute faves of the week, and believe me it is often very difficult narrowing it down. But here are this weeks picks-


4 OUR NEWEST AMAZING MONOGRAMMED NAPKINS. SO excited about these! They will soon be added to the shop site (in about a week or so as many have asked). We had a flash sale which had a fabulous response, and seeing these beautiues in person is next level. We got many people emailnig us telling us how wowed they were when they got them. We are about half way shipping out the presale orders and a big batch is going out next week.

So we now will carry these most exquisite 100% linen napkins, with such gorgeous detailing. Real old world stuff we are talking about  here that honestly you just don’t see everyday, which is why I am so thrilled about them. Add the monogram and you have to me, napkin perfection:) Take a look at some of the recent orders we got in.


5. MY FASCINATION WITH KAREN BLIXON AND GIRAFFE MANOR I have long wanted to visit Niarobi just to stay in Giraffe Manor, this all started after seeing Out of Africa. What a once in a lifetime experience that would be and I would love to visit Karen’s house in Nairobi as well. Somehow she has managed to live her life as if time has stood still and I am jealous and in awe.

The famed Danish author Karen Blixen (Out of Africa being one of her epic novels/memoir based upon her own story,  among several others)  has a life story that  is utterly fascinating, talk about a a lady living her dream and what a dream it is!

An accomplished, artist, humanitarian, animal activist among so many other things. I have read and seen Out of Africa more times than I can count…..and to be able to channel that vibe and to be able to visit Giraffe Manor would be like living a day in the life of this icon during a much more civilized and genteel time in our world. Fascinating!! Click here to find out more about Giraffe Manor.

I meant this is storybook if I ever saw it! Can you imagine eating breakfast like this!

This is what you call pure fantasy


6. AMAZING SASHA NICHOLAS Love fine china? Join the club! If you are in the market for china or an incredible gift, look no further than at Sasha Nicholas. In addition to carrying the best of the best in china, they have their own SENSATIONAL monogrammed line of products, some of which I own and cherish that are as pretty as they come.

Their ability to put together china patterns is bar none. Click here to visit the amazingly beautiful world of Sasha Nicholas!   

And click here to follow them on Instagram.

I am working with a client who was looking for options and boy, did they ever deliver!! Look at these fabulous potential combinations they put together-

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK this is about vitamins. I have not taken them religiously, but that is changing. Wondering how many of you take vitamins daily. I am getting better and more vigilant.

I am now taking a multivitamin for someone my age. I figured I was getting all the nutrients and vitamins through my healthy diet but realized I need to cover my bases by taking the right multivitamin, one that has less iron and more calcium. OK your turn to weigh in-


And that friends wraps things up for this Sunday! I always appreciate you stopping by and sharing our “virtual get together”  every Sunday morning. Hope you enjoyed the post and wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Until next time……..

PS Don’t forget about our sensational melamine sale that just started last night. . They have never been 25% off. So today through tomorrow, all three beautiful collections are on sale…not too soon to start thinking about sprig entertaining:) Click here to see the  melamine collection

PPS If you are on Instagram, this is a giveaway you will not want to miss! Mostly because it is for such an incredible cause!!! Have you heard of Brave Gowns? It is a beautiful cause to raise money for the cutest most whimsical hospital gowns for children who are in hospitals for lengthy periods of time.

I was honored to be asked to join a group to sponsor an incredible bundle giveaway of so many amazing gifts!! You must enter, the prizes are unbelievable (not to mention a $300 gift certificate to the Enchanted Home:) Click here to enter and support this incredible  cause.

Imagine getting to pretend you are superhero and putting a smile on the face of a young patient, like this precious child below. Click here to learn more about Brave Gowns.


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Linda Cashman on

My daughter and I plan to visit Giraffe Manor after I finish getting my knees replaced. I finally made the tough decision to do the knee replacements so I can enjoy sightseeing, as walking more than 2 blocks was excruciating. Both were bone on bone and I was tired of all the injections and pain meds that did not help for very long and then just took the edge off the pain. I got my right knee replaced two weeks ago—a 3-D imaged exact copy of my knee called CONFORMIS. They don’t tell you how really hard the recovery is. I have never had such pain. I can’t drive for 6 weeks—basically my right leg has to learn to bend and walk again. It is like dead weight—I have to move it by putting my left leg under it.
I am at 90 degrees of bend right now—heading for the 120 degree target. I am told in 6 weeks I won’t believe the change and will wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. If anyone is considering it, be warned you will need help with everything for a few weeks. My treat will be seeing HAMILTON in New Orleans on March 17 (front row season ticket seats to Broadway in New Orleans). I will take my rolling walker, because the slanted walkway to the front row at The Saenger will be intimidating.

Sara Walker on

Thank you for the link on the Oscars. Interesting reading! But to me the most interesting thing about these awards are the huge budgets the studios spend to garner votes from academy members for their movies. I’m not talking ads, but gifts to these individuals. So, the idea of a movie winning based on merit, well, that is open for discussion. “Roma” as best picture? Really? Other than the opening scene with the mop and water, it’s predictable and plodding. Netflix has spent over 25 million just for this awards campaign. After all, it’s called SHOW BUSINESS.

Celia Becker @ on

Thanks for informing us about Brave Gowns. It sounds like such a great cause. I’m going to talk to my daughter-in-law about it who is a Neonatologist and see if they have them in her hospital.

Lisa H. on

Brave Gowns is an inspiring and worthy cause!

Regarding the Oscars: I quit watching many years ago. But I do enjoy the pictures from the red carpet.

Lisa on

Such a good Sunday post and so much to comment on. Love the stationery and china, great leads.
Love Oscar fashion but find the show boring- though I am very much hoping Roma wins! The video of the little boy is the sweetest thing- love the joy he is spreading. Thanks for sharing Tina and have a great day!
PS thank you for telling us about brave Gowns- what an amazing organization and I am so happy that you are a part of it. I love the idea

Alice Genzlinger on

Have had to go throught a detox because of poisons I have incurred throughout my life, some from going barefoot as a child and others from chemicals that were used by others that I didn’t know to avoid. One of the biggest however was Mercury from eating tuna and salmon that I loved and still do. I thought I was taking the best vitamins but learned they were not at all. When I contacted the companies that made them I asked for a certificate of analysis to learn they were sourced either in China or Vietnam. Needless to say they were loaded with toxins. Be sure to buy your vitamins from a reputable shop and question their contents by getting a certificate of analysis from them. I feel amazingly better and the inflammation that was making me tired, sick, and unable to move my joints are gone, praise the Lord!

Jo Shafer on

I’m supposed to take a variety of supplements EVERY day, but I remember on most days, at least

Fine linen napkins . . . beautiful! I prefer white on white embroidery. Several years ago I found one embroidered in pale blue. It was in a large box in a back room of an antique shop in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Maybe there are more? Oh, yes! My young children and I dug through the whole box and collected all six!

Giraffe House still exists? And real — not imaginary — giraffes come to visit through the windows? Wow! My grandchildren would love an experience like that. Yes, Karen Blixon’s memory lives on for real, not just in OUT OF AFRICA book and film. Beautiful story!

Mayflower House on

What a fabulous Sunday post! Thanks so much for the share, such an honour to be included in the line up. Leilani xx

Christine on

Beautiful post- so much great information and inspiring pictures here today Tina. I love the video of the little superhero feeding the poor, what a sweetie pie! The China pictures have me rethinking a whole new look for my dining room??

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