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Hello! Hope everyone is well and enjoyed a nice weekend. For us it a was a busy but fun one, which ended with a little Oscar party at someones house…always fun to see the fashion parade!

As I periodically do I share with you happenings in my life via my little iPhone, what would I do without it!  And here we go …….


So love our newest orchids! The flash sale was a big hit, these will all be added to the shop site in the coming weeks for those who have asked

Always love wrapping gifts when I get to use our beautiful papers!

Bringing my bunnies and cherry blossoms out….spring cannot be too far away!

This has been a snowless winter….here is the most we got, pretty unimpressive

Setting a table for last minute dinner guests

Had to take this….only in Savannah would you see a grand piano with a player there all the time at the airport! Yes I said airport, love it!

My new “chill spot” I am going into my living room more and more if not even for a few minutes, makes me happy

Three of our gorgeous mid sized fishbowls…can’t get enough of these!

Not sure if I ever showed the upstairs hallway, if not here it is!

So love our gorgeous wrapping paper!

Looking for a painting for my NYC design job, on the prowl

How beautiful do these colored vases with cherry blossoms look on the dining room mantle of my NYC project!

And the nursery is the sweetest room….I could move right in!

Loving getting in all these fabulous orders of monogrammed napkins featuring our new incredible linen embroidered napkins!

How sweet are these  oversized wooden  letters! Got this as a gift for the newest member of our family

A little foyer tweaking

As seen in Palmetto Bluff’s darling little market, all these gorgeous cans of Rose, I tried one and must say it was pretty good and so convenient!


And there is my wrap of the last week or so. Busy busy with a lot of pretty thrown into the mix. Thanks for stopping by and wishing everyone a fantastic day and smooth start to your week!

PPS You have up until 2/28 to enter this incredible giveaway. If you are on Instagram, this is a giveaway you will not want to miss! Mostly because it is for such an incredible cause!!!

Have you heard of Brave Gowns? It is a beautiful cause to raise money for the cutest most whimsical hospital gowns for children who are in hospitals for lengthy periods of time.

I was honored to be asked to join a group to sponsor an incredible bundle giveaway of so many amazing gifts!! You must enter, the prizes are unbelievable (not to mention a $300 gift certificate to the Enchanted Home:) Click here to enter and support this incredible  cause.

Imagine getting to pretend you are superhero and putting a smile on the face of a young patient, like this precious child below. Click here to learn more about Brave Gowns.


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Cathy R. on

Absolutely beautiful inspiring pictures…makes me smile.

Linda Kerekes on

Just had to chime in that there is a grand piano with a player at the Portland, Oregon airport. We have been voted one of the prettiest airports. We enjoy gourmet restaurants and charming local shops. Come see us!

Barb Moreau on

Gorgeous ‼️

Bettina Woodring on

Thanks for sharing all the beauty!

Joan on

Seeing Savannah’s pretty airport makes me wish I was back in Hilton Head!
Someone has got to make more attractive hospital gowns for adults. Just came back from visiting a friend who is getting knee replacement surgery and made a promise to myself that if I ever get any advanced notice of a hospital stay, I’m going to get several gowns custom made. She brought along a pretty nightshirt but isn’t allowed to put it on as yet.

Karen Wheat on

If you are the prowl for art—for your client—
Yes it is my husband’s website however he is very talented and definitely worth a look.

Ann Marie on

Thanks for this post… I had a rough day and it was good to see all the beautiful photos and wonderful story…Made me feel better..

Peggy Thal on

Always enjoy your posts! Love all your blue and white. I have been collecting since the seventy’s. Some of your vases and ginger jars could use some stands. Stands make them really make a statement. —

Lisa on

So much beauty! I love everything here- your home is so beautiful and love the design job pictures- you are so talented and I love your style! The snow pictures are just beautiful, we moved from New York eight years ago to beautiful Santa Barbara but I must say that I really do miss a good snowfall !

Christina Campbell on

I love everything about the Enchanted Home. Can’t wait for my home to become enchanted too.

Lisa on

Love the shots of the exterior of your home. It’s exquisite!

hayley on

Your home is so desperately stiff and stuffy: a pastiche of an English stately home. But we would never use fake flowers. Why act like sitting in your sitting room is so remarkable. Although I feel sad for you if it is. And who says “as I periodically do I share with you” – and mean some photos. It’s an iphone. Why are you so winsome about it? Most of the world has one ya’ know!

Meredith on

Gorgeous gorgeous Tina your home is so beautiful and love your style

Ann on

Hayley sounds like a jealous troll- Tina ignore and realize when anyone comes and criticizes you in an open public forum it says so much more about them than you. Love your voice, wonderful open and honest personality and impeccable style!

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