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Hello! Time for  part three of the  winter warehouse clearance sale. Found even more fabulous items up for grabs and you will  instantly recognize the amazing deals.

We had an issue yesterday with some of the pictures being way too large so everything has been corrected, we apologize for any inconvenience! We will update the sale later today with what is still available. It is generally quicker to make a quick call but we also will take your order  via email.


Things go fast so you know the drill either call in or send your order request via email. Please read over the following rules before submitting an order-

  • Call in or email your order 1-800-804-9565 or email
  •  Our office hours are 9:30  to 5:30 Eastern standard time
  • Calling or emailing your order in are the only two ways to place an order
  • IF emailing your order request- you must include name, address, phone number with your order for us to send you an invoice
  • Please refer to item number only
  • Very limited quantities of each item, subject to availability
  • If you cannot pay your invoice within 12 hours, please do not submit an order
  • Final sale and shipping is extra
  • Everything shown in stock and ready to ship
  • International orders must contact us for shipping charges ( only certain items to be sent to internationally)
  • Questions? Call or email us 800-804-9565


ITEM 1 SOLD OUT   One pair left at these gorgeous blue and white candlesticks that stand about 10 inches tall   The pair is $80

ITEM 2  last of this gorgeous navy and white porcelain cherry blossom vase, 15 inches tall




ITEM 3  SOLD OUT  Lovely foo dog *just one as the other broke. Great for an existing vignette or atop a stack of books!



ITEM 4A one left of this fabulous pale blue trellis planter with gold metal pierced border. Measures 9.5″ X 10″ X 10″ $80.00


4B One left of each tray, one ivory/gold and one black/gold. Measures   25″ x 18″ x 1.5″$110.00

4C  SOLD OUT  One left of the gorgeous ivory/blue wide planter trimmed in gold, measures Measures: 15” L x 8.5” W x 6” H


4D  One left of this beautiful scalloped black/gold tray.  Measures Measures 24″ x 17″ x 2″ $105.00

 4E  SOLD OUT   last of this magnificent pale blue scalloped chinoiserie tray 24 x 17 x 2 $105

 4F SOLD OUT    last of this super elegant pale blue  with gold oval tray with gorgeous detailed pierced rim border 

 Measures 25“ x 18“ x 2“ $110.00

4G SOLD OUT    last one of this pretty pale blue painted tissue box


ITEM 5. These lovely square silver bamboo casserole holders are sure to be the most stylish dish on the table. Includes Pyrex dish. Beautiful bamboo design, done in a silver nickel finish. Measures 11.5″D X 9.25″W X 3″H

$75.00 each (the square one)


ITEM 6. SOLD OUT   We are down to the end of these. This is one incredible vase. Features a pale green background with blue design. Great and regal size, measures   Can you believe today this is $75!!! This is truly unheard of. One is gorgeous but a pair is really showstopping!

This picture does not do it justice which is why I have included this show house space where I used two of them so you can see just how gorgeous it is!

$75.00 for this incredible vase!



ITEM 7 SOLD OUT  One of my favorites, the workmanship on this is so beautiful and just not seen anymore. Features a generously sized planter (i use mine to hold make up/skin care products) but its equally fabulous for flowers or orchids.

Measures 12.5″ x 7.4″ x 6.5″ $95..00 2 LEFT

ITEM 8 SOLD OUT   Calling someone who likes to polish silver. This is the last of this planter, it needs a little polishing but otherwise is in perfect new condition. Measures  11.5″ x 7.5″ x 5.5″


ITEM 9 How about these incredible white linen and blue coral placemats and napkins? Just in love with these and can see an alfresco table set with this fabulous pattern.

 I had received peace with the hopes of carrying them on my shop but he custom fees for too high to  make it feasible.

These come as sets of 4

4 placemats $45.00

4 napkins $40.00

ITEM 10 SOLD OUT WE ONLY HAVE LETTER V   A  few left of the linen cocktail napkins all are hemstitched, have letters V and D

Set of 4 $14.00

 Only available letters are V and D

ITEM 11 This fabulous fabric from Kravet is a favorite, the color and print is so pretty. These are such a steal and will fit into almost and color scheme. We have 2 20″ pillows and one lumbar 11″x  18″

20″ pillow- $80 each (2 left)  includes down inserts

lumbar- $65.00 each (1 left)  includes down insert

ITEM 12 The very last of these fabulous chinoiserie tole lamps that sell for upwards of $600 and more. These are a steal!!  The bases alone measures 17.5 inches to 18 inches

ITEM 12A One of our two best selling lamps this incredible hexagon caddy lamp is a stunner. I have two in my master bedroom:) We are including a beautiful shade with it. Both for $135.00 (one left)

ITEM 12B SOLD OUT   Our top selling lamp, this beauty features an elegant chinoiserie scene all over on a soft powdery blue background. Gregorius scalloped shape. TWO LEFT

$130.00 each OR pair for $250.00 (two left)

ITEM 12C One of our exquisite newest arrivals, we have one left of this beauty. Lovely blue and white scalloped caddy lamp. Includes the shade

$140.00 for both! (one left)

ITEM 12D Last one of these beautiful jewel toned on beige background caddy lamp.

$75.00 below cost!

ITEM 13 SOLD OUT   Last few pair of the darling pink foo dogs. These are so easy to place into any vignette, whether atop a stock of coffee table books or used as chic bookends! Measures 4″ x 6″

$40.00 for pair (four pair)


ITEM 14 SOLD OUT Last of these wonderful nonbreakable plastic glasses that look like glass. Three wine goblets and four low balls. 7 pieces $20.00, well less than half of their normal selling price

7 pieces $20.00 (one set)

ITEM 15 SOLD OUT   Calling all DIY’ers. These fabulous box planters were a hit and I hope to bring them back. This is the last one and needs a little TLC. One final  broke off, so all you  need is a little gorilla crazy glue and you have yourself one gorgeous planter. $50.00 (these sold for $175)

Measures 13.5” x 13”

$50.00 (one left)


ITEM 16 SOLD OUT    This beautiful chinoiserie tole lantern is a stunner! Electrified and ready to hang, however is missing the glass panels. Can easily be hung without glass or you could have the glass cut to fit into the lantern. Less than half of the original price. One left, measures 22″ x 13.5″ x 11.5″

$115.00! (one left)

ITEM 17  SOLD OUT  Last of this large jewel toned handpainted tulip vase. This is a beauty and this picture does not do it justice. Beautiful figurine scenery and gorgeous colors. Last one

$95.00 (one left)

ITEM 18 Last of these obelisks. Offered in pale blue/gold, ivory/gold or ivory/blue. Measures 22″ tall

$65.00 specify color

1 ivory/gold SOLD OUT  

1 blue/ivory

2 pale blue/gold SOLD OUT  

ITEM 19  SOLD OUT  This is the last of this fabulous antique pheasant ginger jar, measures 13“ x 12“. A real beauty $90.00

ITEM 20 These  incredible orchid arrangements always get grabbed very quickly because they are an unbelievable value and are seriously the most realistic orchids I’ve ever seen !  Then you pair that with their gorgeous containers and these really have the wow effect

20A this magnificent for stem beauty is a showstopper unfortunately there are two small chips on the planter however depending upon how you will use it this might work for you well if you are placing it up against a wall say on a console or chest-  from the front you do not see the chips

 Measures 26“ x 17”


20B Can you really believe that this is faux!  A gorgeous three stem pink orchid arrangement in our stunning pheasant large planter.

 Measures 26“ x 19“ x 21“


ITEM 21 SOLD OUT  this is the very last of this magnificent hexagon ginger jar with foo.  dog top.  A really eye-catching gorgeous ginger jar whuch is highly decorative and such a pretty shape

 Measures 20“ x 11.5“ at its widest $145.00

ITEM 22 SOLD OUT   Last of this beautiful pheasant vase with elegant “butterfly” handles, elegantly hand painted

 Measures 17.5“ x 7“ at its widest $95.00


Thats a wrap. See something you need? Simply call or email your order in


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Charlene on

Every item is beautiful and to be desired!

Elizabeth on

So many great pieces. I hope the sale is a great success.

Mary Alice Taylor on

Beautiful every single piece!

Cathy Livanos on

I would love to purchase item 8, the silver planter that needs a little polishing ! Just let me know how I forward payment to you and my shipping info .
So love your site

Susan Ashley on

It would be nice if you updated the available list. I wanted to buy the ginger jar with pheasants, I was told there are no more. It is still listed for sale.

Roberta Lyon on

It would be helpful if you would include the sizes of lamps on your sale – i.e. height size of base.
Thank you,

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