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Hello! I spoke to you about three months  ago about wanting to find just the right artist to paint a painting for our hallway in PB. When I first saw the work of Charlotte Terrell I knew I found my artist.

I must say that not only was she was a joy to work with but I loved that she kept me in the loop every step of the way. She would show me progress pictures and allow and welcome my input, (lighter here or darker there,etc…). Not once did she remind me that she was  the artist and that  it was her way or no way. She worked with me and it was very important to her that I was ecstatic with the final result.

Towards the end I started thinking about adding egrets which are such an integral part of the low country landscape and she was open to it. She offered to add them, show them to me and allow me to make a quick enough decision to be able to paint over them if I didn’t love them, now that’s  what I call customization at it’s finest! But I fell in love with the egrets the minute I saw them and realized they were the perfect finishing touch to this beautiful piece of art that I will treasure forever.

She has a keen ability to understand and therefore translate what someone wants onto the canvas. I told her I wanted a soft, ethereal palette that made me feel like I was in Palmetto Bluff and these pictures take me there. For anyone in the market for an exquisite and very special painting particularly featuring landscapes, I cannot recommend Charlotte Terrell highly enough. So thought it would be fun to take you along on this fun journey right down to the beautiful finished product being hung! Thank you Charlotte:)


The “during” stage-

And the day of delivery (good things comes in wooden crates)-


Hung and home at last!

We are  going to raise the painting about 4-6″ but that will happen next visit:)

Gorgeous solid crystal lamps from Decor Market and can you even believe they are TWO for $156 and the quality is amazing!!!! Click here

The hydrangea arrangement from my shop, click here to see all florals


And there you have it, our  new Palmetto Bluff masterpiece! I just love it, and it’s so nice walking into the house and it being one of the first things you see.  It  just enhances that wonderful feeling that overtakes you being in idyllic Palmetto Bluff and perfectly captures the essence of the low country so beautifully.

Click here to visit Charlotte Terrell’s website and take a look for yourself. Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a great weekend,  until next time!

PS The warehouse winter sale part 3 is going on and has been updated to reflect what is still available.. Be sure to take a look,  click here to visit.

PPS Phenomenal sale has started on our colored ornaments…….a whopping 55% off! Never too soon to start planning for Christmas. Click here to see the colored ornaments (they are organized by color on left column, scroll to bottom)

No need to comment on raising the painting, I have already said in my above comment it is being done next visit, this was done without our being there:)

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Eve B on

Beautiful painting. Love the colors.

Patricia Parker on

The picture is fabulous. So much so that I think the lamps cover up too much of it. Perhaps move the lamps
further to the edge and raise the picture some?

Amy on

Thank you for sharing this with us it is absolutely gorgeous ! I think that the addition of the birds was brilliant and like you said a part of the low country living. She is very talented and I am going to keep her name and pass it along to my sister who is building a house in the Cape ! Beautiful job.

Peggy Thal on

Love the painting! Very beautiful. The lamps cover it up too much.

Catherine Lackenbauer on

The painting is exquisite!! Just perfect
The lamps are beautiful but seem to be too large and the shades detract from an otherwise perfect vignette as they hide quite a bit of an otherwise magnificent painting!

Donna on

LOVE you new painting but i think it covers the painting and takes away from the painting, especially when the lamps are on . I would want to showcase the painting. The palette of the painting seems to be the perfect blend of the colors you used throughout your fabulous home,

Tiffany on

I love the new photo of your fur baby!

Carol M on

Glad you are going to raise that painting. It is lovely and that should keep it from being covered up too much by the lamps.

Elaine on

I agree the lamps and the bowl distract from the painting.

Beverly Murphy on

The print is beautiful and looks lovely in its place. However, the lamps cover it up too much. One lamp would do and maybe a bit shorter. Why cover such a pretty piece?

Louise Kitchell on

Charlotte is a fabulous artist and a wonderful person! The painting captures the low country marshes.

Arlene on

Oops….something is wrong here. The large white shades on the lamps cover the painting too much. The layering is off. The depth of the painting is lost. I am not sure of a solution. I am thinking no lamps??? Perhaps a floor lamp off to the side? Love the PB house! I am sure you tweak on every visit.

Kelly A. on

Love the painting but I think the lamps cover it up way too much.

Sandi Wells on

The painting I’d beautiful but , in my opinion, the lamps are distracting and cover much of the artists work. Also, would it not be better to raise the painting?

Cindy on

Happy Saturday Tina, the painting is just beautiful and such a perfect fit for your beautiful coastal home .

I do wish your readers would read a little more carefully though because I saw where you said you’re probably going to hang it a few inches higher so I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to give their expert opinion when you’ve already stated that. Too funny!

I think it looks great as it is but like you have already said could also be moved up a few inches to show even more of how beautiful this painting is, I also love the chest can I ask where you bought it ? Beautifully done as always ?

Bryan on

Two words- beautiful and perfect!

Marilyn Hathaway on

The painting is beautiful but the lamps block half of it. Raise the painting..maybe smaller lamp shades! Lovely addition to your home!

Alva on

The painting is perfect, but the lamps detract.

Pamela Krick on

Love the art , my thought is the lamps over shadowed it. Probably needs a longer chest and lamps would frame it better. Yes I’m a designer.

Robert Redmon on

Looks great but I would either dump the lamps or better yet a wider cabinet to accommodate lamps and see the work fully.

Carolyn on

Why does everyone say you should raise the painting when you already said it yourself ???
So crazy! Tina you chose wisely and the painting is just beautiful. You are right Charlotte is a really talented artist I have to keep her name handy !

Sue on

I actually love it exactly as it is, I think the lamps are beautiful with the painting and I can imagine it was looks so lovely at night . You made an excellent choice.

Sandra Caughlin on

Painting is gorgeous; but, too much is covered by the lamps. Perhaps buffet lamps or one lamp on the side? Still stunning!

Ann on

I love the painting but it’s hidden behind the nice lamps! Perhaps you could light the painting and not the dresser.

Adrienne on

The painting is so beautiful, it’s a shame to cover it up with the lamps!

Susan Light on

Tina this is so beautiful and I cannot imagine a prettier painting for your beautiful new home .

I think it looks perfect just as it is ?

Katie St. Claire on

The painting is lovely but I honestly think it is a shame to hide so much of it behind the crystal lamps – just my thought!

Toni on

Very exquisite painting however I think the lamps really detract from it as they cover too much of the painting. If there was a wider piece below then the lamps could be more to the sides of the painting which would show it off better, almost frame it. Plus I don’t care for the light shinning on the painting like that. Either a picture light or spot from the ceiling would be a more dramatic effect for such a lovely piece.

Peggy Gildea on

Painting is lovely
A talented painter is Ray Elliis
He had died but the gallery may still be in Savanah
Beautiful paintings of the low lands

Christine Pajonas on

No lamps, no pot of flowers, higher, and wider chest.

Franki on

That painting really does draw you right in!! Perfecto!! franki

Rosalind Laird on

Beautiful painting and yes raiding it 6” would be perfect
I think sconces on either side, no lamps and maybe something other than hydrangeas on chest such as small collection of clear glass objects not to distract
It’s makes a beautiful statement in your entry !!

Phoebe on

Hi Tina, I wanted to let you know that I got my monogrammed napkins yesterday and I literally jumped in the air with excitement they are so unbelievably beautiful so thank you thank you !!

This painting is so beautiful may I ask the size I love that it’s so oversized . Some of these comments are making me laugh it seems like the “experts” are coming out of the woodwork today .

I think the artist did an incredible job on capturing the look that you were after and that it looks so beautiful in your foyer, raised a few inches or not it is nothing short of perfect .

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Your new painting is lovely. Very calming and peaceful, yet also uplifting. The colours in the painting are beautiful. Great choice!

Theresa on

Gorgeous! . But you need a wider chest so the lamps can be spread farther apart and not obscure the beautiful painting.

Liz Jones on

LOVE your painting and lamps. Say – what is that chest of drawers? Is it covered in linen? Very interested in that! Love your PB home….

michelle l oleary on

The painting is beautiful and perfect for the home. Is it possible to add sconces on the wall? I think they would be perfect in this application.

Pam W on

The painting is beautiful! A wider chest or removing the lamps would showcase the painting. Even with raising 6 inches, the lamp shades will cover too much. Please don’t cover up this beautiful painting!

S Rocca on

Love the painting…..smaller lamps maybe.

Mary Pickett on

Love the painting! I want one!!!

Norina on

What a beautiful painting! My compliments to the artist. I read your last comment about raising the painting 6 more inches. The problem I think is not so much about raising it. It’s the lamps and flowers that take away from the beauty of the scene. It’s too distracting. Besides 6 inches higher will not matter, in my opinion if the the beautiful artwork is obscured. Sconces might be lovely.

Kelly Hinkley on

Perfect! Beautiful artwork for a beautiful home.

Benesse on

Very pretty. I would have gotten it in 3X the size with just a bench blow it. Nothing to block the view.

Cecelia on

Hi Tina I I am just leaving a comment to tell you how beautiful the painting is and how perfect it looks where you have put it. I would never dare question how you do things because everything you do in my book is perfect.

I probably shouldn’t say this but I am kind of shocked at how many people are so quick to give you their opinions in such an opinionated way. I love it just as it is and thank you for sharing !!

Deanna on

I’m laughing at all the comments about the height of that beautiful masterpiece. At least you know you have many detail oriented readers in the world. Enjoy your weekend!!

Janice on

I love the layering of the design elements, including the lamps, which of course are functional as well.
It will be perfect after you tweak it a bit!
What a lovely and serene vignette. 🙂

Samia on

Love the painting and love the lamps ——- just not together. The lamps are too large and are totally distracting.
Thank you for highlighting the artist. Her work is magical

Jenny on

Looks so serene… I can see why you are delighted. Would you consider moving the lamps and just having an art spotlight coming from the ceiling. Not that I would ever really consider giving “you” style advice but I feel the lamps detract from the spectacular artwork.

Peggy Gildea on

The painting is great
You may also like the work of Ray
Ellis. I think there is a gallery in

Dana on

A longer chest or table will move the lamps further away from painting. Painting is gorgeous but really big for the small chest.

Dana on

a longer table or chest would move the lamps & be perfect in my humble opinion ?

K on

Most amusing ‘comments’ ever read on your blog 😉
Wondering if ‘we’ (as a society) actually read entire articles completely? Possible great topic for future blog!

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

The painting is LOVELY and SERENE!
Please consider using simple crystal sconces
on either side rather than the too large and
distracting lamps, which are very attractive but need
to be placed somewhere else.

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

Another artist you would love is award-winning C. Ford Riley at Stellers Gallery in Jacksonville., Fl,. He paints like Audubon (birds) and specializes in marsh, woods. and coastal scenes – often with birds in them – BREATHTAKING!

Mary on

Absolutely beautiful painting as is everything in your home. I hope you are laughing and shaking your head as much as I am reading the comments???

Carolyn on

Hi Tina, these comments from your readers are a riot ! I would never come onto your blog to give you advice when I think everything you do is just right on the mark. When I read that you are considering raising it a few inches I thought to myself yes I can see that, that could be a good idea . But seriously even as it is I think it looks absolutely beautiful, enjoy your gorgeous new painting ! She sounds like a delight to work with.

Anon on

Good morning I am a day late to this post but so happy I got to see your finished painting, wow it is really magnificent ! I can imagine that you must be thrilled with it .

Too many of your commenters who are trying to tell you what to do, suggesting you get a new piece of furniture and take away your lamps and get an electrician to come put in sconces – that is outrageous ! I would never think to go to your blog and make such ridiculous suggestions .

They should assume as I did that you ordered this furniture and that you like this furniture and to suggest otherwise is insulting. I guess manners and commonsense are not something to take for granted.
? your painting

Ginny on

Seriously do people not read??

Victoria on

Looks beautiful. Good experiment though to see who actually reads what you have written 🙂

Susan on

Beautiful painting
Why cover it with lamps and a flower arrangement?

Liz on

What a beautiful painting and it is so fitting for your gorgeous coastal home . I love it exactly as you have done it, a great piece to first see when you walk in !!

Cindy on

Thank you for the introduction to this very talented artist, you chose very well. It looks perfect ?

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