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Hi there, starting a fun new series where I will profile and share with you various taste-makers and style setters, whether they be designers, architects, party planners, artists or floral gurus. I so admire the work of many artistic talents out there and it’s fun and gratifying to share their talents.

There is so much beauty out in the world, you just need to seek it and I am here to help with that plight:) So every few weeks, I  will share with you a talented style setter who’s work I admire and hope you will enjoy the series!

Today I start off with a party planner who’s work I have long admired, the one and only David Monn.



We were lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding years ago which is how I discovered the “sheer genius” of  this incredible party planner! Hope you enjoy these inspiring and spectacular pictures-



Pretty fabulous, don’t you think! Makes me want to start planning a party immediately:) If you want to learn more about David and his incredible talents, click here to visit his website. Hope you enjoyed this, wishing you a great day and hope your week is going well. Until next time…..

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Sherry T on

Thank you for sharing – David’s tablescapes are gorgeous ❤️

Elissa on

Thanks For sharing this amazing talent!

Elizabeth Yingling on

Magnificent! Truly another stratosphere of wealth, in order to be able to afford these spectacular events… However, there are a number of ideas that can be pulled from the photos and incorporated into one’s own entertaining. That moss-covered lion (or perhaps something smaller?) is beyond brilliant for a garden-themed party.

Cindy G on

This is what I picture Heaven to look like! Truly magnificent and tasteful. Thank you
for sharing this talented man’s work with your faithful followers.

Mary Pickett on

How talented he is!! The things he creates each one spectacular !

Franki on

I have his book, “The Art of Celebrating” on my coffee table as we speak!! Brilliant!! franki

Joan on

Gorgeous! Is it me or am I the only one who, from a practical point of view, finds sitting at a table that is covered by flowers and candles slightly annoying, especially when you have to manoeuver the flowers and votives to find a small space to put down your drink glass and/or a small evening clutch. Good thing no one eats bread anymore because there’s no pace for the B&B plate, anyway!

Celia Becker @ on

BEAUTIFUL! Love your new theme and look forward to more. You are the queen of Blue & White which he seems to use a lot of, I on the other hand love Green & White which I see he also favors. Such inspiration. Thank you.

Elizabeth on

Beautiful! So many fabulous ideas to take from these parties.

Eve B on

WOW–David’s work is amazing. I was not able to click onto his site.

Dianne Kropp on

Amazing vision!

Pat R on

Thanks for sharing this very talented person’s work. I really do enjoy your artistic eye and design work. However, it stresses me to no end to read your blog posts because of the many grammatical errors. For example, in the opening today, twice you used the contraction “who’s” (which means who is) when it was obvious that you meant to say “whose”, which is the possessive form of the pronoun “who”. Perhaps you need to employ someone to proofread the posts before posting. Just saying … it can’t be classy with bad grammar.

Dominique B. on

I’m on board with you. David’s work is spectacular!!

Linda on


Melissa Safer on

Event planners are a Godsend. They can make or break a party or occasion.

Christine on

His designs are elaborate and gorgeous ! Although my tablescapes would never be so grandiose as Mr. Monn’s , I could use a few of his ideas !
I love the centerpice using the grapes flowing from the urn .
Each and every photo offers inspiration . I may need to host a dinner party soon …

Christine on

Oops … typo …
Please , do not judge !

Anne Marie O'Connor on

WOW! Truly talented and a gift being used by David Monn. Creative! Thanks for sharing! ?

Gina on

What a talent!

Kimberly S Dennis on

WOW! David’s talent is versatile and original…love each and every venue! Thank you for posting. Also just placed my porcelain order. Looking forward to receiving in April =)

Kate on

Tina, I always look forward to your Posts! They are always filled with “enchanting “ information and exemplify CLASS. My home is blessed by your extraordinary taste and timeless creations – and, so am I❤️.
Thank you for all of the inspiration!

Leslie Rainer on

Unreal! Thanks for your post on David’s incredible talent!

Megan on


Piper B on

Beautiful, but practically speaking David’s tablescapes makes me think he does not want to mingle with guests across the table. My centerpieces are always at a conversation-friendly level – high or low. Yes, a “wow” value, but how practical?

Piper B on

Sorry for my gram typo too, Pat R and I’m with you, Joan!

Peggy E. on

Love all the beautiful photos of the party events. The seaside event looks so casual and peaceful. The dark blue glasses and the wicker hurricanes really fit the beach vibe. The photo with the tall pink topiary is gorgeous and so feminine. The only photo that seemed odd to me, was the floral arrangement in a large shell with teeny, tiny candle votives on the table. They were so out of proportion to everything else on the table.

Enjoy your time in your, “Happy Place.”

Christine on

Tina, these are incredible!! What a talented party planner he is, I am like you and really enjoy and am continuously inspired by the amazing work of such talented gurus, you being one of them,

I happened to see the comment from someone named Pat and I was really stunned that she would have the nerve to come to your blog which is a free service, way better than any magazine and gripe . I didn’t think anything could take my breath more away than the beautiful flowers however her comment did just that?

Meg on

What a beautiful post, Tina and on a sidenote we got our Daisy’s new pagoda bed and we are all jealous 🙂

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