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Hi there, first I want to announce the winner of the wicker hurricane  contest. Congratulations goes to-

#67 Wendy who left this comment

Please email us at [email protected] to provide your shipping address so your hurricanes can be on their way!


Well if you saw my post about a week or so ago on my trip to the NY flower market and my “loot” this is part 2. Click here if you missed that post. Love flowers? Then this post is for you and you might just want to sit down, there is a lot to take in.

So after I had fun with a flower arranging session, I then had all my arrangements done. I just wish I was having a party! I was,  as it turns out,  having guests twice that week so it worked out in that respect. It was so nice  having beautiful fresh flowers to add ambiance to a small lunch I hosted and a dinner later that week.

I love to experiment both with various varieties of flowers together and in the containers I use. One of my all time favorite arrangements was a surprise in a way. I decided to play with my new wicker hurricanes which also make great flower vessels. I was not prepared for just how much I was going to be in love with these I LOVE the way they turned out and wish I could have frozen them in time. I mean feast your eyes on these-


Just LOVE these flowers in my new wicker hurricanes (click here to see the wicker hurricanes)

What’s better than one? Three of them! The mini is a new size and will be here in about 2-3 weeks.


I am sure many of you know this but if the temperatures overnight are say 45-65 (in other words cooler than inside of your home) I put these arrangments outside over night and bring them back in to maximize their life. After about 3-4 days they were starting to show a little age so one cool night I put them outside and the next moring, I swear they looked as good as new, like they had a facelift over night!

Even if you don’t bring them outdoors, be sure after 2-3 days to trim the stems and add fresh cool water.

Here is what I did with those gorgeous hydrangeas, made a pretty spring/Easter vignette on foyer chest-

And the magnificent cherry blossoms? First let me tel you, you have to really love cherry blossoms to lug them home and work with them. They are huge, messy and heavy but when I get determined there is no stopping me. Suddenly I have herculean strength I didn’t know I had:) Though my son was the one who carried them inside, here is how that played out-

Got my biggest ginger jar that I could lift!

I arranged them outside because of how messy they are, albeit a beautiful mess

So worth the mess!

And inside they are just spectacular-

And finally my white flowers were re purposed for a small lunch and a dinner I hosted that week so they got maximum use! I must say I have had many flowers on this dining table but those white flowers rank as my all time favorite. Especially on my beautiful pale blue tablecloth, if I could freeze frame that setting I would do it in a heartbeat!

I have never seen my dining room table look more beautiful, these white flowers just “make” it

Wish I could keep it looking this way forever!


Hope this gave you your flower fix for the day! I will duplicate these flowers again, these were among my most favorites. Next up is peony season and I cannot wait to visit a peony farm in the coming weeks…..I will have to host something to celebrate peony season:) Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed and wishing everyone. a fantastic day. Until next time……….

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Your arrangements are absolutely gorgeous! I loved them all and loved the ginger jar which looks like it is adorned with pearls. Thank you for sharing.

Just magnificent! Actually, there really are no adequate words to do justice to how beautiful this is!! I also love blooming branches and have wrestled with them also. Definitely worth the effort and mess! You are inspirational!

What a perfect way to start the day – a dose of pretty! There is just something so compelling about an arrangement of white flowers.

Absolutely gorgeous! White flowers are my favorite too. I always put my flowers in the garage at night where it is so much cooler sitting on the concrete floor. Definitely helps them remain beautiful so much longer. Truly beautiful!!

Love, love, love those cherry blossoms. Sadly I have nowhere to buy them and I’m not about to cut them off my own tree, I want cherries. I always wonder how the floral suppliers get these blooms, I guess they come from non-fruit producing trees? Do you know? I’m curious.

White flowers are my absolute favorite! I loved the large “messy” arrangement of blooming branches on the table in the foyer.

You have such a talent for floral arrangements, Tina. So inspiring! Love how you used different blue and white vases and jars on the table.

Gosh, I’m in love with your big, beautiful chandelier….what a statement piece and so elegant. Actually, your entire dining room is stunning. It just looks like “home”, so inviting and such a joy for the eyes. Thank you for sharing.

Such stunning flower arrangements. I love the mix of flowers. Thanks for the tip about putting the flowers outside at night!

You are so very fortunate to have such a wonderful flower market at your disposal. The flower arrangements are beautiful and I am sure your guests enjoyed them, as well. The cherry blossoms in that large ginger jar are beautiful on the table in your foyer. I just wish that I lived near a flower market, like in New York or Seattle. What fun that would be.

You are so very fortunate to have such a wonderful flower market at your disposal. The flower arrangements are beautiful and I am sure your guests enjoyed them, as well. The cherry blossoms in that large ginger jar are beautiful on the table in your foyer. I just wish that I lived near a flower market, like in New York or Seattle. What fun that would be.

Your white flowers are so classic, nothing much is more elegant than green and white flowers!! A fantastic job!! How lucky are you to be close to such a great flower sources.

The wicker hurricanes do look great loaded with flowers, I like how it helps to conceal the stems.

Stunning beauty in white! I’m introducing more white into my spring/summer bouquets, too.

YOU are AMAZING !!! Thank you so very much for what you do ! You bring JOY into my life with your beautiful postings ! ❤️

Hi Tina,
Please share with your followers how to keep cut hydrangeas from drooping. Yours always look lovely and upright. What do you do?

Absolutely elegantly serene and beautifully executed ! So skillfully decorated with full instructions to follow. Very much enjoyed.

Which shop do you normally go to – I was in the district the other day and felt over whelmed – please let me know.
Thank you.

Would you possibly share your dining room chair fabric? Your dining room is stunning and my all time favorite. So enjoy Enchanted Home and look forward to your post.

Lovely dining room decor; classic. But adore the golden retriever. Reminds me of my precious Chester.

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