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Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying beautiful spring weather. Here we have had a lot of rain and cooler temps than I would like however things are starting to look so lusciously green I am not going to complain. Supposed to head out of town to visit a sick relative in a few days and then with luck will go to PB from there, I am looking forward to a few days of unscheduled downtime and hopefully some beautiful warm southern weather! I am having PB withdrawals…plus it’s sunny and in the 80s there, what a tease!

It was a very busy but super exciting week with our porcelain container arriving on Tues and the etched glass and wicker collection arriving Wed. We have been busy little elves getting everything out, I was starting to have serious porcelain withdrawals we were almost having a porcelain drought:) But going forward we have a steady shipment of porcelain shipments (and many other things) coming in so stay tuned! Onward to my Seven on Sunday-


1 DIXIE DELIGHTS, HAZEN AND CO AND ONE BEAUTIFUL BRUNCH PLUS A GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!  One of my favorite stationers which I have shared with you many times is Dixie Design , their stationery is extraordinary beautiful and really appeals to my aesthetic. If you need any kind of stationery or invitations, I highly advise you do not make a move without visiting them first. Their selection is sublime.

They recently partnered with Hazen and Co and collaborated on this fabulous bracelet and stationery set inspired by artist Shanna Masters’ chinoiserie watercolor. Then they hosted this incredible brunch in honor of Mother’s Day in Dallas recently and it’s just too beautiful to not share. What a beautiful event!

On top of that, they are offering one lucky Enchanted Home reader a VERY special giveaway, to enter you need to visit me on Instagram  (click here)

Click here to see the most beautiful stationery from Dixie Design


Click here to see the stunning jewelry pieces from Hazen and Co


And as if that is not beautiful enough a lucky winner is going to win an incredible giveaway thanks to Dixie Design Collective and Hazen and Co,this giveaway is through Instagram.

One winner will win these incredible trio of bracelets ( jade, freshwater pearl and pink rhodochrosite and agate) in the beautiful lucite box AND the most beautiful chinoiserie stationery set!


And they will win this incredible and droolworthy chinoiserie stationery set!!


2 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK MAN WALKING TO ALBANY I love and most admire people who believe with all their heart in something, generally because that something has touched their lives and hearts. Frank Romeo,  a 70 year old veteran is one such man.I often think about vets who give their lives for our country but when they come back from war, what are we doing for them to pay back their service? Arguably, not enough. Click here to find out more

He is walking from his hometown on Long Island all across NY state. This is for those who want to raise awareness of PTSD and mental health in general. As his story is more of a local story at least so far, it is gaining steam and I am wanting to help spread his word by featuring him here today. He has a website which talks about his mission, a bit about him and his walk which just started.  Click here to find out more about Frank and his journey.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever a shortage of incredible weekly favorites to share with you from Instagram. Think this weekends roundup is proof positive that the beautiful signs of spring are everywhere!


4 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PAPER PLATES! That’s right I did say paper. You can thank me later:) So I found these truly exquisite PAPER plates, yes believe it or not they really are paper in helping a friend from afar plan her daughters bridal shower.

I just cannot get over how gorgeous these are. I am not one to use paper plates but must say these are converting how I thought of paper plates! Click here to visit Talking Tables.


5 WHITE FLOWER VIGNETTE You know me and white flowers, simply cannot get enough! Here is a quick glance at a recent quick trip to the flower market and some of the arrangements I came up with, plus the last of my fabulous pink cherry blossoms, put them in a favorite jar and placed them on my kitchen island. A flowers post to come up in a week or so because after all, it is the season of flowers:)

Absolutely love seeing an assortment of mint juleps filled with white flowers lined along my mantle, makes a perfect mantle vignette!

And very much enjoyed the last of my beautiful pink cherry blossoms-


6 EXCITING NEW ITEMS! You are always the very first to know about new items and I am thrilled to share with you today some new things coming in about 3-4 weeks! We have all kinds of exciting things happening and a  post dedicated to all the new Enchanted Home shop news will be coming up within the week so stay tuned…….

Very excited over these fabulous new pagoda hurricanes (more colors to come)

And feast your eyes on these magnificent silver pieces, so excited to get these!!

Could there be a prettier wine cooler? No!

In love with this small delicate planter

Two gorgeous  large new trays coming in

Isn’t this small box fabulous!

Two new chargers!!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So……this is for anyone who has tried the supermarket delivery services like Peapod. I have never used them but they seem to be really catching on. We were out to dinner with friends over the weekend and they swear by Peapod deliveries.

They were the best testament as to why I will give them a try. My friend is so funny because a few days later they got a delivery and she took pics and gave me a running narrative of how they work. So here it is as seen through my Cindy’s eyes-


Wondering how many of you use this service or something similar? With our increasing busy hectic lives, this is actually a godsend. I cannot stand gong to the market so am excited to give this a whirl. Your turn to chime in.


And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this Sunday’s post. I try to make it diverse and it can be very random, truly whatever has my attention on any given week. Always love to hear from you and hope you will chime in. Wishing you a fabulous day and relaxing end to your weekend!

PS Last day to take advantage of our fabulous curated Mother’s Day sale broken into price categories. Click here to see the sale (all items guaranteed arrival by Mother’s Day)


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Another fantastic post, the brunch is beautiful and your new products have me drooling. Can’t wait for the pagoda lanterns and silver chargers. Thanks for the veteran story, I totally agree not enough is done to support our veterans, and his story is inspiring.
Great post, thank you Tina.

Everything is beautiful as always. On this very soggy dreary day your blog is a ray of sunshine. Got my porcelain order in on Friday and it had me smiling all day long…BEAUTIFUL!

Beautiful and uplifting as always! Thank you for the mention, it’s always an honor!?

I have never used Peapod, but when my youngest son was at Boston College and had to live off campus junior year, he used Peapod. He loved it. They even accepted coupons for money off on certain products. He said everything was very fresh.

If home delivery services uses those wimpy plastic bags, I won’t even bother. Otherwise, I’d love it, especially in the winter.

My white lilacs (syringa) is almost in full bloom, so this afternoon Hubby will cut several sprigs for me to arrange in a couple of Blue & White vases for the front rooms.

Tina we have Peapod have weekly deliveries, you should try them, they are wonderful and so easy to work with!

Love all your flowers and visiting your blog is a treat, thank you for all the beauty you share.

The only time I used a grocery delivery service was when I fractured my knee. It was so helpful since I could not drive or walk at the time.

Great post! Your new items especially the silver little box is exquisite! Very sweet!
I haven’t used a delivery grocery service yet. I remember as a child my mother had her groceries delivered weekly and even the milk was delivered. I think it’s all coming back. Our lives busy and it’s kind of nice having these services again and not being frowned upon. Have a great week. ?

Good morning, Tina. Thanks to you, I follow about a million people on Instagram!! Absolutely love the pagoda lanterns. Enjoy your week – safe travels.

I use Amazon Fresh. You pay a monthly fee of $14.99 and can have as many deliveries as you want during the month — orders in my area must total $35. I get two or more deliveries a week from Amazon Fresh. I don’t always know our schedule so I today I found out we’ll be eating at home tomorrow and Thursday so I placed a small order (around $40) this afternoon it will be delivered “doorstep” (I don’t have to open the door) before 7 a.m. tomorrow morning so I can put it away before going to work. By Thursday I’ll know what’s going on and will place an order for the weekend to be delivered Friday or Saturday morning. It’s so convenient.

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