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Good morning,  hope you are having a wonderful week so far. Here, busy busy and gearing up for what looks to be a super chock full summer at Enchanted Home. As I periodically do I share life with you as seen through the lens of my trusty little iPhone.

What would we do without them to capture life’s moments that we need to hold onto for one reason or another? I know for me, they capture everything and once I have thousands of pictures, I know its time to start deleting and keeping only those that are “must haves”. Yes, I can get carried away with my picture taking but then again with one touch they can easily be removed. So here are the highlights from the last week or so-



Was in NYC and it was an unusually breezy day, it was so magical when it started raining cherry blossoms!

Took a pair home of our newest ginger jars, these gorgeous dragon jars and filled my favorite fishbowl with these fabulous purple hydrangeas, striking!


Spent a soggy day out in Southampton but it was still fun, had coffee at my favorite coffee stop The Golden Pear

Even on a dreary days, Southampton’s pretty outdoor restaurants are still super chic

Yes, finally got these planters done! I was a little nervous for fear of the temps dipping but so far so good. These are New Guinea white impatients, very hardy and can withstand the long summer sun

A match made in cherry blossom heaven. Our beautiful cherry blossoms/ginger jar tote bag with tissue next to my arrangement on my island for which this design was inspired!

If you ever need monogrammed gifts, LB Originals does the very best. I can always count on her for the most fabulous gifts with INCREDIBLE turnaround (click here to see her items)

Spent the day with a friend at the unbelievable Hudson Yards, have you been? It is astounding what they have done there!

The showpiece is “the vessel” this incredible staircase has a few fun facts- it is 150 feet tall and can hold 1000 people. It is made of bronzed steel and concrete and cost a pretty $150 million to construct. It also requires RESERVATIONS to climb it! Yes, that’s right the are done 14 days in advance, imagine having to work so hard for your workout:)

They opened a Milos (a famous Greek restaurant) on the top floor where we enjoyed a beautiful and delicious lunch with one incredible view!

You feel cooler just walking into this place, check out this interactive graffiti wall where you can leave your mark

And only in NY would you see this below! These very interesting bottles caught my attention but I noticed no one was there then I read over what it says on the iPad, you get your bottle of choice, text them what you took and they will finish the checkout process…..felt like I took one step into the future:)


Fun, pretty and random highlights from the last week or so. Hope you have had a fabulous week, wishing you a great day. Thanks for stopping in, until next time……

PS On the subject of tablecloths, many have been asking/calling to see if they can still order one. It was such a flurry of activity when we offered them that we had to stop taking orders until we got ourselves organized with them.

We finally are shipping out the last of the tablecloth orders and have enough fabric for a limited number of tablecloths.

We have fabric for the following-

2-3 silver tablecloths

2 pale green tablecloths

one small pale blue tablecloth

The fabrics to refresh your memory are below-


Pale blue

Pale green

If you want to order please call us at 800-804-9565 for info.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time!

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Lots to love but I especially love the images of your gorgeous home. The planters look beautiful!! Thank you again for your sweet comments and your support. Would LOVE to see you in the Hamptons!!xoxo

Have been MIA this month as volunteer at the VNA Visiting Nurses’ Assoc) of Somerset Hills in NJ. Sale is held twice a year in the Spring and Fall and donations of household items, clothing, jewelry, fine art, china, etc (there is little that we don’t take) is sorted, (and in some cases cleaned) and priced. Each tent is a ‘Department’ and all proceeds go to supporting Hospice and Adult (Day) Care for those with memory issues. Junk should be spelled ‘junque’, the quality of the donations is very good….
Very long story short, we get a LOT of B&W donated. In fact I was speaking with a customer during the sale who was admitting her addiction to B&W and I asked if she subscribed to “TEH”. OF COURSE she did! Needless to say I was able to sell a lot of our B&W!
Love the more antique-looking Chinese export pieces (ginger jars, etc)!
Have a great week all!

Your front entrance looks spectacular with all the white flowers in the planters. The only thing missing is beautiful Teddy sitting there.

Hi Tina, absolutely love your front porch with the concrete flower pots. I love symmetry and what your did is gorgeous. Are the round box woods real or faux?

The “i phone moment blogs” that you post are one of my favorites to read beside’s “Seven on Sunday”. You show New York in such a special spectacular way. I have only been to New York once for a long weekend. I need to go back…lol

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