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Good morning! Is it really June 4th? Summer is already going by fast:) Feels like a  long time since we had a porcelain presale.  We have not one but two incredible porcelain containers en route. The first will be here around June 12-14th and the second around June 25th……..finally! It feels lately as though we were experiencing a serious porcelain drought, suffice to say we are going to be very well stocked going forward:) Something for everyone and plenty to go around. Great thing about this presale is that this container will be here in less than 2 weeks so almost instant gratification!

The second thing is the prices are unbelievably if you know the prices of fine porcelain. One big advantage to purchasing over a presale is securing the exceptional prices that are offered. Once here they go online at their regular selling prices (still less than other retailers) and of course several of my porcelains are exclusive to The Enchanted Home….you will only find them here.


Today’s container is heavy on large fishbowls since planting season is upon us, tulipieres since it’s flower season and there are a bunch of new items too as well as the return of some items that we cannot seem to keep stock of (tulipieres, bowls, certain ginger jars, etc…). Some fabulous new introductions too! Please read over a few rules before placing your order-


  • TWO WAYS TO ORDER– Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all offered at special presale pricing, about 15-25% less than what they will be when they go online
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • This container is due here on by around June 12-14th (sometime that week) and orders will ship in the order they were received
  • Spend $500 or more and save 10% off your entire order
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • NEW! REFERRAL INCENTIVE- recommend a new customer and if they spend $100 or more you get a referral fee of $10.00 ($10.00 for every $100 they spend)
  • Shipping Internationally?  Please call or email us for a ship quote
  • Wholesale? Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565





ITEM 1 One of my two all time favorite jars is coming back. This is such an exquisite jar, looks like a million dollars. Large and oversized, makes a real statement. Put two and you have a showstopping vignette, gorgeous pattern and beautiful chunky shape.

Measures 22″ x 15″

One $165.00

Pair $315.00

ITEM 2 It’s fishbowl season. Imagine these with oversized topiaries, a lemon tree or huge boxwood! There is nothing as beautiful as blue and white large fishbowls outdoors. I have several and plan to add even more:)

These are truly magnificent and handpainted on the entire planter, they go for upwards of $1500 and more in the few places that sell them. This beauty which measures 24″ x 24″ x 20″ is sure to beautify any space where it is used. If you know the prices of these extra large fishbowls, you will see these are way less than a third of what most sell for.

24″ x 24″ x 20″


ITEM 3 Finally! This magnificent grand pagoda is coming back after a very long time…..I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair. These are the ultimate blue and white statement and are truly grand. So excited to have these again. Measures

Measures 47″ tall with both pieces (just the top piece measures 24.5″ x 6″)

One $385.00

Pair $745.00

ITEM 4 It’s fishbowl season. Imagine these with oversized topiaries, a lemon tree or huge boxwood! There is nothing as beautiful as blue and white large fishbowls outdoors. I have several and plan to add even more:) This beautiful village scene fishbowl measures  and includes gorgeous details like the lion head rings on either side.

Measures 17.5″ x 18″



ITEM 5 The “grand dame” of ginger jars is on it’s way. I have seen jars like this for $1500 and up. This is one of the most beautiful jars I have ever seen, literally takes your breath away. First, its huge and a real statement making kind of jar. Then the details and beautiful scenic pattern along with the pretty detail of the raised dots along the top of this jar just make it something super special. These sell out fast and we get a limited number of these. This is GRAND.

Measures 27″ x 13.5″

One $245.00

Pair $465.00

ITEM 6 Another gorgeous jumbo  fishbowl. Beautiful village scene fishbowl with elegant lion head rings on either side. Perfect for indoors or out, filled with a boxwood ball or topiary of some sort.

Measures 27″ x 13.5″


ITEM 7 Cannot tell you how welcome these bowls are…..have been waiting a  very long time for them to come back. The manufacturer closed his doors so we had to find another and so happy we did. These two best selling bowls are so beautiful for so many purposes. They make stunning vessels for flowers, orchids, etc….They are also perfect for kitchen islands filled with fruit or lemons and lastly they make beautiful decorative accessories with nothing at all!

ITEM 7A Trellis and floral bowl

Measures  11.5″ x 6.5″

ITEM 7B Village scene bowl

Measures 12″ x 11″ x 5.5

ITEM 8 Love these little jars, they are the cutest. Perfect small jar to add to an existing vignette or makes a charming set of bookends!



Measures 7.75″ $35.00


Measures 7.75″ $35.00

ITEM 9  Fabulous village/figurine scene fishbowl. Love this piece and own it filled with orchids. Such a beautiful and elegant mid sized fishbowl/planter.

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″ x 6″


ITEM 10 Need a stylish umbrella stand or even a beautiful cylinder vase ? Then this is your piece!

Measures 17″ x 8″ $115.00

ITEM 11 Mini foo dogs in navy and pale green are coming back. These   are  so darling and heavy enough to also be super stylish bookends. Offered in navy and pale green.

4″ x 6″ $45.00


Light blue (they look like they have green but they are light blue)

ITEM 12 Our gorgeous mid sized pagodas are super stylish and perfect as a pair. The size makes them ideal for just about anywhere from dining room tables to kitchen islands. Measures 16″ tall

$145.00 each

ITEM 13 NEW!! So excited about getting these grand white pagodas. As with the grand blue and white pagodas, these are two for one. You get the gorgeous showstopping grand 42″ pagoda but if you need a shorter one, it comes in two parts and you can use the top half as a shorter 24″ pagoda!

Measures 47″ tall with both pieces (just the top piece measures 24.5″ x 6″)

One $370.00

Pair is $730.00

ITEM 14 Getting in. more of our super popular oversized chunky white jars. These go fast, great shape and size finished with a wonderful foo dog lid. Measures

Measures 21″ x 13″

One is $145.00

Pair for $280.00

ITEM 15 OURS EXCLUSIVELY! Tulipiere time! Yes its the season of flowers and tulipieres and we are getting them in again, these always fly out so if you have had your eye on one, don’t wait! We are getting in all sizes and this time the small is coming back in (all 3 styles)

15A Village scene

Large 33″ $225.00

Medium 22″ $190.00

Small 14.5″ $105.00


15B OURS EXCLUSIVELY! This is the original pattern

Large 33″ $225.00

Medium 22″ $190.00

Small 14.5″ $105.00


15C OURS EXCLUSIVELY And after being out of the white, they are finally coming back too!

Large 33″ $220.00

Medium 22″ $185.00

Small 14.5″ $105.00

ITEM 16 This square planter which is new to our collection has quickly become a customer favorite, with good reason. Everything looks great in this perfect sized planter, includes bottom plate.

 Measures 10″ x 10″ x 8″

$125.00 for both planter and plate

ITEM 17 Our super gorgeous oversized wine/beverage bucket is coming in again, perfect timing for spring/summer entertaining. This will just “make” your table.

Measures 10.5″ x 9.5″ $120.00

ITEM 18 Our ultra popular mini blue and whtie foo dogs are coming back. These are the cutest, and they make a perfect gift to any blue and white lover. Because they are heavy, they are also ideal stylish book ends.

Measures 4″ x 6″

Pair $75.00

ITEM 19 This wonderful figurine flat top is a beauty and such an easy shape and design to mix in with other porcelains. Measures 8.5″ x 8.5″

One for $80.00

Pair is $140.00

ITEM 20 One of my favorite newer jars, this navy figurine/floral ginger jar is gorgeous. I love the foo dog top, the chunky shape and the dramatic handpainting. Measures 17.5″

One $145.00

Pair $270.00

ITEM 21 A best selling planter, this incredible pierced round scalloped planter is a masterpiece. Everything looks good in this planter, especially great with orchids, fresh flowers and hydrangeas! Measures 14.5″ x 9″round


ITEM 22 This square figurine jar is so pretty, love the square shape. Looks fabulous next to more traditionally shaped jars and vases. Perfect solo or as a pair. Measures 12″ x 7.5″ tall

One $90.00

Pair is $165.00

ITEM 23 Fabulous figurine and floral tea jar. Love this piece and it’s one of my favorite shapes.

Measures 15.5″ x 11″.

One $145.00

Pair for $280.00

ITEM 24 A VERY special opportunity. These huge soldier jars are very very special and were only ordered special order a few presale ago. If you know the prices of comparable jars you know they easily go into the thousands. The detail/workmanship is incredible on this massive jar. It measures 42″ tall.These were ordered by someone who since found out they sold their home so they are up for grabs. If you have been looking for an extra large pair of exquisite jars, look no further. Very special!

Measures 47″ x 26″

One $615.00

Pair $1150.00



One lucky winner will win a pair of darling mini dogs (color of winners choice but must be an in stock color. Just leave a comment on this post telling us your most favorite item and how/where you would use it, I will announce a winner on Sunday morning!


Always very exciting to anticipate a new container filled with beautiful blue and whites!! This one will be here within 2 weeks so we are eagerly awaiting it’s arrival! If you have friend or two that you know loves blue and white porcelain and especially at a great deal, tell them about the sale. On for 3 days, thanks for stopping in and wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time…….

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As always, everything is just lovely! My favorite, however, is the ginger jar, item #20. There’s just something about ginger jars that make me swoon. The story that unfolds on the jar is beautifully painted.

I really love the scalloped bowls. They look so nice with bulbs in spring and Christmas ornaments in winter!!

I love the pagodas and the fact they come in two parts. Double use please easy to store if you need too !

Oh my, oh my….I absolutely love the giant fishbowl! And yes, it is begging for a little lemon tree 🙂

Be still my heart. Beautiful porcelains to play with as Summer is almost upon us. Having almost finished painting the outside of our home I’m excited to change the large screened porch and I’m eying the fish bowls as the one I have from you needs a match. Blue and white is perfect for anytime but Summer it’s almost a must.

The planter, item 21, is wonderful. I can visualize it on my coffee table filled with orchids or a flowering plant. I live in a retirement community in a wonderful apartment. Blue and white are my mainstays. I keep it filled with fresh flowers and some silk arrangements. I am “enchanted” with your daily blog.

This has become a serious addiction.;) #24 is stunning, wish I had the space for it. #4, the fishbowl is gorgeous & I can totally see this on my front porch filled with Martha Washington Geraniums.

I love the fish bowls! They are so grand to use with plants and flowers this time of the year! Have to choose which size will work best for my needs.

I love the mini Foo dogs! Would love to win the giveaway since that’s my favorite item! I’d either use them on a book shelf, on my mantle or in my son’s room.

Love that you are offering more solid white pieces to mix in with the blue/whites! All looks wonderful!

I absolutely love my oversized chunky white jars with the foo dog on the lids! I’m always looking for ones similar, but in a light celedon crackle finish, hint hint… 😉

15A – village scene tulipiere – love love love! at first glance it reminds me of my juliska salad plates. would add to kitchen table as centerpiece decor.

It’s all so gorgeous, but those little spotted foo dogs are calling my name! (Also, there seems to be a mistake on the pricing on item 15C, small size. It says $10 and that is clearly incorrect.) Thanks for offering such interesting merchandise!

My favorite is the square planter. I think anything green and blue look fabulous together so any sort of green plant, such as a fern or even an orchid with the green leaves would look wonderful.

Already ordered a pair of the large village scene fishbowls… cannot wait!! I’m going to use them flanking my front door, which is painted orange, and plant them with blue hydrangeas. I’ve been searching and searching for some blue and white pieces for a while and these are perfect. So excited I found your gorgeous site!

Item 22 the round planter is my favorite. I would put a floral or plant it in and place it on the coffee table in my formal living room.

My favorite item is two items! I adore the 15B Tulipieres and the 18 Mini dogs – especially the blue and white dogs. I have two homes filled with blue and white and could use them anywhere in either home! Timeless!!!

The umbrella jar! I never thought to use at as a vase! I’d put it in my sunroom with sticks and silk cherry blossoms. What a great idea!

I love item 1! A pair of those gorgeous jars would look fabulous on the built-in shelves that surround our fireplace in our master bedroom!

I really like the mini blue and white foo dogs. Would love to have a set for my new bookcase, in my new house, in my first ever own study!

I have a major crush on all the tulipieres! I want one of each…especially the 47” ones…the stuff of which dreams are made of. ?? ?

My favorite item is the pair of blue and white pagodas I purchased. I displayed them on a white bookcase in my first floor guest bedroom.

All of the favorites plus some new items!
Tina, your selection of porcelains is my very favorite thing about your website! I love all of the new tea jars, I can always use another flattop. And the assortment of ginger jars and vases can’t be found online anywhere else.
THANK YOU for all of these goodies!!

Love love love The Grand Jar…Item 5! So different with the dots and I would use
The pair in bookcases or on my side board!

I just love the beverage bucket. It’s so pretty and I can see so many uses for it. Beautiful piece for outdoor entertaining.

Hands down, Item #5. I have an antique sideboard built into my kitchen and these would be STUNNING on either side.

What a beautiful selection you have! Each piece is so pretty and fits into everyone’s decor! I especially love the Trellis and floral bowl. I would love to display it on my dining room table!

I am in love with the pheasant fishbowl. I dream of having a pair with boxwood balls in my front entry!

I love the wine bucket! So classic and beautiful!

I hope that you are well Tina, and that your niece is continuing to do well at rehab!

Where do I begin?!! They’re all magnificent! Just ordered the “grand dame”, Item 5 to go on the hearth of my fireplace. It’s exactly what I visioned going there and can’t wait to have it in our home!

I LOVE the blue and white mini dogs. We just renovated a 1916 rustic colonial coastal cottage on the Rappahannock River in SE Virginia. I’m decorating in a coastal theme with my blue and white accent pieces everywhere. These little guys will look lovely on my mantel. Ty always for the inspiration!

Item 21. the etched round scalloped planter. I would
use it in the living room on a small table all alone with Orchids in it so will will stand out. ??

These all are so beautiful, Tina!

Item 21 is my favorite; would use it as an orchid planter on our formal dining table.

The blue and white Foo Dog pair is so versatile…………can use them any where………..on a book shelf, end table, any and all rooms………and to incorporate them into a dinner table tableaux! What a perfect gift to have on hand!………….a must have staple!

I am in lust with the tall pagoda tulipiere. Such a showstopper! I also love the somewhat more humble umbrella stand.

I love the green mini foo dogs! I have the blue and white speckled foo dogs, but they could have friends… 🙂

One, really just one favorite? ….I love them all! Right now I seem to be drawn to the classic pair of ginger jars #1 or the tea jar, or the….see there I go. Thanks for the lovely selection.

Wow! So much to love! The bowls are gorgeous! Are they food safe? I’m always a little fearful if there is no mention.

Hands down the Village Scene small tulipiere…perfect for a small spot with beautiful flowers!

The soldier jars are outstanding! Would love to have a pair to flank my raw wood French entertainment center. Ooh lala!

My very favorite are the huge soldier jars. The details are exquisite!! I would place them in my foyer.

Oh, the Soldier Jars are magnificent!!!
The mantel in my all-white sunroom just screams for them. I’ve built the design of all of my homes (for 40+years) around my lifelong collecting of everything blue and white, but I’ve never seen these before.
They are exquisite!

The tulipiere with the village scene is beautiful with simple ink painted design. A must have! Can’t wait to get one!

15C I love the tulipieres. I would use the small white one in between my round Blue &White tulipieres that I got while having the privilege of living in Den Hagg Netherlands

The huge soldier jars arethe blue and white jars of my dreams! Would be great right by my glossy blue front door!

I love your website – look forward to reading it. Your homes are absolutely beautiful. Love the blue and white mini foo dogs!

Blue and white heaven! My favorite is the village scene tulipiere. It would look amazing in the entryway of our new home on a skirted round table ?

My favorite is ITEM 17: the oversized wine/beverage bucket because of the bamboo handle and it’s timeless beauty. Here in Florida, we’re lucky enough to be able to entertain year-round and blue and white porcelain is a staple not only in my home, but in my outdoor space too. I’d use this stunning piece to chill a bottle of rose’ and imagine myself and my guests in a Slim Aarons photograph like Poolside Glamour!

My favorite are the grand and mid-size pagodas. Love, love, LOVE them! I have a bombe chest that I would use them on. I would have so much fun decorating with them. ???

I have a problem trying to see the size of the jars , can you take pictures of them next to something so I can tell how big or small it is
Thank and I love # 20

Hello, Tina
I love blue and White porcelain , there are a few pieces I’d like to order, but I would like to know if you re shipping to France or Russia , and how much will be the import charges
Thank you

I want it all. The wine bucket is stunning with the bamboo handle. I’d enjoy using it wine but it would also be a lovely addition to my bar cart when not in use.

Your offerings are superb. My wish list is long and getting longer. I’ve now made myself a Christmas list, that I will probably fulfill myself! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Love the new cylinder vase (#10). Perfect size to fill with tall seasonal stems throughout the year! love, love it!

Oh Gosh, how to pick a fav… so many! If I have to pick I love any of the planters. Would love a grouping on my back patio. Also love the wine/ice bucket for entertaining.

I’m in love? with everything, but Foo dogs are a welcoming addition to any room. So my personal favorites are any color, but dark blue or light blue would be my first choices. Thank you?for making these beauties available for sale!

Loved everything but especially number19; the flat top jar. Really love all the flat top,styles

As usual I love them all! That wine/ beverage bucket is a favorite! I would use practically for chilling wine or decoratively with flowers too. Such a great assortment of porcelains!!

After collecting for many years, the blue and white still takes my breath away! So gorgeous!
My favorite is the Grand Dame ginger jar which I will put on the hearth of our fireplace in the dining room.

I would take lucky 17 and get a pair of them to use for planters for my fireplace mantle!!! Love the bamboo and think it would give a fun vibe for summer!!!! Absolutely stunning collection and tremendous prices:)

Your Awesome Selection is to be commended! I just returned from China and You’ve curated wonderful authentic reproductions that look as though coming from the Ming Dynasty!

There isn’t one favorite–THEY ARE ALL FAVORITES!!!
Always have a place for any of them.
I adore the special order extra large soldier jars.
already own the large pagodas.
never too much blue and white in my house!!

Everything is gorgeous and I it’s difficult to pick my favorite but I believe item 24 is my favorite.

The umbrella stand is divine. Living in Portland, Oregon, we know a thing or two about rain. So I would actually use the umbrella stand for it’s intended purpose – to hold umbrellas. Never would I have to dig an umbrella out of the coat closet again, as one would be waiting for me in it’s gorgeous blue and white home right by the front door.

Item #2 is my favorite. I’d enjoy planting a fern or summer arrangement in it. Your pieces are beautiful!

I love the pics. of Teddy. I look for them every time I see your post. I lost my grand dog Jake January 2 and the whole family misses him terribly and will for a long time. So, I know exactly how you feel.

Wow- I could really USE this in my “in progress” vignette ! My fingers are crossed !!!

My favorite item is so difficult to choose! I love them all! If I had to choose, I would have to say Item #1 in a pair. Sooo versitile! Love using for florals of all kinds but so beautiful layered with other pieces or gorgeous on it’s own. I really enjoy moving my pieces around my house into ever changing vignettes.

The foo dogs are my absolute favorite! I have always rescued pekes and they are so much like each other. Both have great smiles and fearless hearts. They will reside on my work desk in a alcove of my kitchen. Unconditional love and fearless protection ??

My fav is ITEM the mini blue and whtie foo dogs. I love decorating with books and these are on my wish list as they are the perfect size for my table.

Hello, I am using the blue and white China to decorate for my wedding in April. Looking to spend $35-$100 per vase. And need about 10 more pieces. Will most likely want to purchase pairs. Could you send me what you have available? Thanks!

What a beautiful collection of blue and whites you have coming our way! I am especially fond of the ginger jars and the Foo dogs – so pretty! And the rooms have so many great ideas to be incorporated into my home. Thank you so much for that!

I love the village scene bowl. I can see it on my kitchen, dining room or coffee table. I would fill it with sea shells, pine cones, fruit. I could go on and on with ideas it’s a versatile piece.

I love the blue pagodas, I’m writing a book and would love these for the centre of the table . All dressed in blouse and white China a crystal. Blue and white are my favourite colours

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