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Hello to all my fellow blue and white lovers, these “meetings” are for us, the incurable blue and white-aholics out in the world and yes, there appear to be many of us out there. Every month I feature a different way to use and incorporate blue and white. Sometimes it’s just a touch and other times, it’s all out blue and white overload. Suffice to say there are few colors or styles that do not work with blue and white.

Today I am focusing on blue and white themed dining rooms. One day I suspect I will do a blue and white dining room. I can see blue and white hand painted murals. now:) I had fun putting this post together because it got me thinking in many new directions, these posts are actually incredibly cathartic and often get even me thinking outside of my own box. As always, I love to  hear what you have to say on the matter so please do chime in! So, let’s take a look at using blue and white in the dining room……….




Cathy Kincaid, one of my faves shows the impact of using blue and whtie porcelain to your hearts content in a dining room! What a beautiful statement it makes.

Clearly I love blue and white in the dining room (this is before the chinoiserie murals were installed)

Love the fresh feeling of this faboulous space by Tracy Lynn Studio

Bria Hammel added so many interesting elements to this room, love that it’s eclectic, interesting and really draws you in

And then you have spaces like this dream of a dining room by Phoebe Howard… it!

Really liking this unexpected mix of pattern and tones in this dining space from Brooke Crew

A fabulous dining room where I love every detail, Suzanne Kasler

Isnt’ this pretty? I see this as a fantastic dining room for a coastal home or elegant beach house, Kelly McGuill

Beautiful, bright cheery room by Ashley Whittaker

Ashley Whitaker nailed this fabulous space!

A beautiful and very dramatic room by Brooke Crew

Another incredible dining room by Cathy Kincaid

Gorgeous space, with subtle touches of blue and white and of course the porcelains are a standout! Hilary Taylor

Wish i knew the source  for this, have had it a while…..too good to not share!

Blues come in all shades and this one is so gorgeous, love those lacquered walls! Fox Group

Lovely dramatic space by Jane Beiles, interesting that she used two different blue velvets on the chairs, have not seen that!

A very soft blue and ivory was the palette selected by Suzanne Kasler for this dramatic space, so tranquil and elegant

Love everything about this from 3 North, great play on fabrics!

How about this chinoiserie inspired room in blues and turquoise! Digs Design Group

Really like the work by Clary Bosbyshell and this space is no exception, its sophisticated yet so inviting and warm

Beautiful and inviting dining room by Margaret Kirkland

Beautiful room in blue by Susan Bednar

This is such a moody, cozy and dramatic room. I love the idea of bookcases, not often seen in dining rooms but it makes the room feel like the kind of space that could do double duty, Sage Designs

How gorgeous is that pale blue chinoiserie and love how porcleain really stands out against it, M and M Interiors

Bear Hill interiors mixed in other warm tones with the pale blue dining chairs

This is a more casual dining room with the wicker chairs but isn’t it a beauty! Love the soft tones, Suzanne Kasler

Done in one of my favorite blue palettes, this soft and serene dining room by Munger Interiors is fabulous

A beautiful, bright and crisp space with striking fabrics Traditional Home

Another beautiful space featuring blue and white ceramics by Susan Bednar



In celebration of our mutual love of blue and whtie, I have a beautiful blue and white pair of foo dogs offered up as a giveaway! Perfect for a dining room chest or console. All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment on this post. I will announce a winner on Saturday!

And that friends,  is a wrap for this meeting. Always love to hear your feedback on your thoughts and what you think of blue and white in the dining room. Thanks for stopping in and thanks for sharing and keeping alive my love and passion for blue and white! Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time…………..


Teddy wearing his blue and white jersey:)

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Karen Tortorella on

It is weird. I LOVE blue and white. I have it all over my home. For some reason I just do not like it in the dining room. Very strange. I have it in the kitchen. Just not in the dining room.

cheryl p on

Love the mix! Some dining areas very traditional and others give a fresh look. Thanks for the inspiration!

Robin Gwaltney on

I have a blue and white dining room and am filling it with all of your porcelain!!

Karen W. on

Beautiful pictures! I love all the varied shades of blue and the creative interpretations of blue and white.

Glenda Rogers on

Love ? blue & white! Thanks for the

sharon cass on

Love your posts! Beautiful blue and white rooms!

Susan on

I love today’s post. Always love seeing your blue and white, Tina!

Mary on

Love your theme for today’s post.

Eileen on

My thinking about blue and white has changed drastically since reading your blog for so long. My bedroom is blue/white/chartreuse green accents and I love it. I’ll have to find another room to put in some blue and white!!!

Sandy R. on

Such beautiful inspirational dining rooms! I can just imagine the wonderful food, fellowship and memories made in each and every gorgeous setting!

Becky O. on

Thanks for my blue and white fix this morning! Fabulous post?

Debbie Dixon on

Beautiful blue and white post. There is not much prettier than a table set for dinner in a blue and white dining room. Thanks you!

Deri Terry on

I really enjoy these blue and white posts! The dining rooms are beautiful!
Thank you,

Sue on

Thank you for sharing all the beautiful blue and white. I have totally gone that direction throughout my home with pops of orange and it makes me happy everyday

Patty Ann on

Blue and white always works for me. You took us from dramatic to charming. Something for everyone’s taste.

Eve B on

Love every shade of blue. Have taupe wallpaper and blue and white porcelain in my dining room. Love the look!

Donna C on

Thank you for researching blue and white dining rooms! Several have given me a new direction, thought process…

Jennifer S on

I enjoy a bit of blue and white in several rooms, including the dining area. Love the foo dogs!

Maggie on


Patty on

Loves these Foos!

barbara m on

Incredible dining rooms, one and all…never get tired of blue and white when there are so many shades to choose from.

Donna Tarleton on

Love your timeless blue & white photos.

Roxanne W on

You can’t get any better than blue and white….. especially in dining rooms! So many choices to add blue and white China on the table!

Roxanne on

Nothing makes me happier than looking at pictures of blue and white! I actually had a person come to my house, look around, and utter “I really don’t like blue”. Whaaat?!?

Jackie D. on

I have always loved the crisp classic look of blue and white! Lots of inspiration, Tina!

Virginia on

Just love the photos. I grew up with a blue and white dining room as my mother had a beautiful collection of porcelain. I now have her collection and I’m adding to it with your lovely pieces….

Karen Wheat on

Blue and white—day or night…elegant and welcoming. Accent pieces to fabric and wall color…nothing says Chic and Enjoy like blue and white.

Cindy W on

These rooms are exquisite! Hard to select a favorite. Thanks for gathering all of them for us to drool over!

Anita. on

Blue and white in dining rooms is the height of hospitality. The dining rooms you featured validate my opinion. So much inspiration ??

Judith Poremba on

Love all the pictures, very inspiring!

Jackie Shell on

Love anything by Suzanne Kasler! Blue and white is classic and goes with any style decor

Rose Frasher on

My master bedroom is blue and white with built-in bookcases on two walls. Most of the pottery was/is purchased thru your site and now has moved into living, dining, family room, and kitchen. I even have a bakers’ rack on the covered patio with your pottery. Love it!

sabrina morgan on

My blue and white craze started in the dining room…..and I love it! I have several pairs of Foo Dogs and these would be a lovely addition!! Love all your posts…

Rose on

Blue and white are not just beautiful, they’re happy. I picture the people that live in these rooms and they’re smiling! Thanks for an uplifting post!

Valerie on

Your posts always appeal to me as I am a lifelong collector of Blue and White and Chinoiserie. Would love to add the Foo Dogs to my collection, they are wonderful. On a more serious note, I pray that your niece is continuing to heal well.
As always, thanks for the inspiration.

Jane Braica on

Love them all, but in particular, the map wall in the casual dining area.

Cheri on

I decorated with blues in the past and then went to more neutral tones.
Think I’m going to start adding back more blue really missing it.
Would love to start with the foo dogs!!!

Cindi T on

From the elegant to casual, just proves once again you can’t go wrong with blue and white.

Jennifer James on

I have always been drawn to the calming combination of blue and white. I think it’s because it reminds me of the beach 🙂
My home is an eclectic mix with splashes of blue and white ginger jars and it really works. I just love it!

Tara Kaplan on

Absolutely love all these beautiful dining rooms!

Helen M. on

I love these posts.
I find out what I like and what I don’t like in interior design.

Liz on

This is fun to see how others use
Blue and White.

Kaathryn on

So beautiful, Tina! Love that you featured dining rooms and hope to see another room (maybe just all bathrooms, for example) featured in our next meeting! Thanks for sharing!

Vicki on

Good morning Tina. This is another beautiful reminder of all the creative ways to use blue and white. So much inspiration!

Bill on

I love these rooms. Thanks for the giveaway

Gay Lundin on

Oh those are my favorite foo’s, please Luck be mine! Every time you post pictures I tweak and move things around in my home… my husband thinks I’m nuts! We all do it! Thank you!!

Tim F on

Love the foo dogs!

Page Whitfield on

I love anything blue and white!!

Mary M on

Love these dining rooms! This has given me some great ideas for mine!

Joanne on

Awesome photos! What a difference a shade of blue makes–one photo showing a muted blue was show-stopping for me!

Megan on

Great inspiration pics for my dining room! Crossing my fingers for the foo dogs:)

Jayne Felix on

Blue and white decor,
is there anything better?
Adds zest to my life!

Elissa C on

Blue and white dining room heaven, amazing how many different looks you can achieve using blue and white in different ways ! Love the powderpuff blue more contemporary looks mixed with the dark wood and of course the ceramics! It’s the perfect finishing touch !

Lois Munn on

Beautiful, blue and white rooms have always been my favorite!

Jill on

so inspiring! Love it!

Sally on

I love all the blue and white rooms. I recently purchased my first ginger jar at a thrift store!

Patricia on

One can never be too thin or possess enough blue & white!

Anamae Coberly on

Thank you for this wonderful article. Gave me alot of ideas.
I love blue and white in every room. Blue and white with yellow, green, or aqua can make any room look different, but still has the basic blue and white theme. All my friends know my blue and white porcelain fetish so they are always finding some for gifts. YEA!

Joyce on

Inspiring! My blue and white collection has been passed down lovingly through generations of smart women. I am continuing to add to it. It is a joy to see that it still loved and stylish today.

Deane on

All the interiors are beautiful. I wish you could sell similar porcelain centerpieces to the ones that are on the table in the first dining room by Cathy Kincaid. Fabulous!

Susan Hayes Long on

Nothing is more classic and stylish forever more than decor based upon blue and white. These divine porcelains transport any space, whether dining, living or even the screened porch. Blue and white is happy, no matter how gloomy a day it is.

Beverley Scott on

All beautiful! I could not pick a favorite.

Megan Bobbitt on

Love all the blue and white!
Thanks for sharing these these special pictures!

Ann B on

I can only think of one phrase for Blue & White that just evokes an emotional response – je ne sais quoi!

Loretta Turner on

I will never get tired of blue and white, it is classic! Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful ideas! I look forward to your blog every morning with a cup of coffee, every day should start this way!

Margianne on

Such an inspiring post on our favorites of blue and white. Thanks, Tina

Lorraine on

All the rooms are just to die for
Would love any one. Well except for two
Just wishing

Kristin on

What beautiful inspiration… the rooms with the chinoiserie wallpaper get me every time!

Debbie B on

Thank you for your constant enthusiasm and beautiful research on blue and white rooms and accessories. Always so inspiring!

Laura Lott on

I so enjoy your blog. Always the epitome of style and grace. Seeing it in the morning gives me a beautiful and serene feeling to start the day!

Peggy on

Loved all the blue and white dining rooms!! Can never have enough blue and white. ❤️

Yvonne Freeman on

Love everything!

Linda C Wolf on

I love everything blue & white ! It always makes me happy!I was blue & white girl in the 80’s & 90’s and now I am going back to it.I’ve been decorating 44 years and it is timeless ! Linda

Donna A. on

I picked up some good ideas from your photos Tina. Also, would love those Foo Dogs in my entryway. They have a strong presence.

Susan Watson on

Love the foo dogs!!!! I need them in my living room.

Melissa Marsden on

The varying tones of blue can create very a different feel in each room – formal, casual, eclectic, light and breezy. I’m not sure any other color has that versatility!

Elaine on

Love blue and white❤️ Such gorgeous rooms,!

Adrienne on

My entire house is blue and white and it’s always so exciting to see how others use this color combination. I’m constantly inspired!

Terry P. on

What a WONDERFUL way to enjoy my morning cup of “joe”! Thank you kindly:)

Sandy W on

Those are all beautiful dining rooms. I have been able to use blue and white in my new dining room, and love it.

Sylvia Johnson on

Thanks to you and your beautiful Porcelain, I now a blue and white dining room!!

Leslie Huff on

Absolutely love all the posts!! I have loved blue and white for as long as I can remember but you have re awakened my love!! Would love the foo dogs!!!

Mary Ellen on

So many luscious shades of blue. I want to have them all.

Rebecca hellman on

Better than therapy… I always feel soooo happy in a beautiful blue and white room❤️ Love the blue and white club

Natalie on

Always a pleasure to read your posts. Your taste is impeccable and so inspiring. I have loved all of my porcelain pieces that I have purchased from Enchanted Home. It is because of your inspiration that I redid my family room in blue and white and ordered many porcelain pieces from your collection. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Foo Dogs… I have always had my eye on them 🙂

Lucy Porter on

Beautiful pictures. I’m inspired to paint my dining room a new color to show off all my silver and blue and white.

Linda Imgrund on

Beautiful pictures. Thanks Tina! Cathy Kincaid is a favorite of mine too.

Jane on

So many beautiful dining rooms! I have blue and white porcelain in my dining room and love it,

B. Woodring on

So inspired by all the beautiful rooms showcased in this email. Can’t wait to make a few adjustments!

Lori Kelleher on

For many years, I thought I was alone in my obsession for blue interiors. Imagine my joy to learn that I am not alone and that there is a resource for amazing accessories and room design. Thank you for feeding the beast!

Maureen Winchell on

Gorgeous photos! Always inspired!

Jen on

Those foo dogs are amazing! I love Blue and White. I have a number of ginger jars and our everyday dishes are blue and white. So classic, especially for summer!

April on

As much as I like using blue and white in my home, I have mixed it with tans and browns. This can work with holiday
themes for the Fall with oranges and browns and during the Christmas holidays with reds and greens.
There are many shades of all these colors can be blended. I think you need to be careful of how
much blue you use and how your space is divided. Always like seeing what people mix in their space.

Melinda on

Thanks for all the inspiration! It lifts me out of rural America and lets me see the world. I always look forward to your posts and sit back and enjoy. You have an exciting writing style that encourages me to want to try things.

Mary Ann on

Love seeing all the different versions of blue and white, light to dark. Would love the foo dogs for my dining table to join the sitting Chinese figures.

PeggyThal on

Beautiful dining rooms. I have been collecting blue and white ginger jars since 1970’s. They are in my kitchen, morningroom, laundry and kitchen sitting area. Jut have always loved them and still even now.

Mia D. on

Blue and White is my all time favorite way to decorate!

Joan on

Love blue and white, my dining room is all blue and white and I love it!

james r smith on

wonderful rooms!

Dale on

There is always room for more blue and white!

Suzanne Sloan on

I love my blue and white dining room, but this post has given me ideas for a few tweaks.

Dotti on

All the rooms are beauties! Just shows blue and white can be the star in any style!

Deanna on

There’s something about a lacquered room. You did one in dark blue in NYC and that room popped! Today was a room in pale blue. So gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration, Tina!

Deborah Johnson on

Great post! And just in time for freshening up my dining room.

Maria on

Love the variety of rooms that you chose but that they are all warm and inviting. I would love to dine in any of them!

Deb S. on

Inspiring pics. occidental blue and white is a classic!

Susan Bonfield on

Outstanding dining rooms! I feel that blue and white can be used in any room, sometimes just a touch and sometimes all out!

Linda Miller on

You are inspiring me to make some changes around my home! Love the first Kincaid photo and of course the second.

Yolanda on

Love the softness of blue and white. You do such a great job of capturing its beautiful!

Linda Anzalone on


Jane Ray on

Tina, of all the posts you do (and they are all wonderful), The Blue and White Club is truly my favorite. It’s full of inspiration. Thank you for doing this for us!

Natalie H. on

So adorable, just love these dogs!

Christine Kennedy on

Always been a blue and white person – great eye candy today! But what steals my heart is the way you end every post with a photo of your beloved Teddy ❤️

Judy on

I just love Foo dogs! ? i only have one pair and one single green jade one ! ?

Jo Shafer on

The stunning display of blue and white in the first two dining room photos impress me quite a bit! I like an arrangement of plates on walls or a row of smaller plates along the top of a door, whether dining room or kitchen or even the drawing room leading into the dining room. Four large plates frame a painting on the wall over our bed, and on the dresser, a large planter filled with soft blues of hydrangeas. Of course, I have mantel arrangements, too, and one of my Blue Willow tea sets on a table, ready for afternoon tea. Most of these pieces I have collected from my favorite source ~ you!

Nancy Olmsted on

These are all just gorgeous! But the room by Bria Hammel is my favorite. It is so warm and inviting. I love the vintage touches, and the light fixture – stunning. I could just see sitting in this room for hours with friends, family and tons of laughter.

Susan Emmerling on

Oh I love love love the dining room photos, and the foo dogs! I love blue and white, esp the chinoiserie type porcelain. I have pieces of it in every room!

Sandy Havill on

Love the blue and white club! Thanks for the great blog and give always!! XOXO

Ellen DeCarlo on

It is only recently that I found your web site and I am a huge fan. Love the Foo Dogs and I have the perfect spot for them — an acrylic sofa table that already has two blue and white temple jars. I really appreciate the portfolio of dining rooms, each with its unique take on blue and white decor. I click on your email everyday for inspiration and just pure pleasure of viewing the beautiful rooms that incorporate my favorite colors — blue and white — and admire the creativity of the designers.

Goldie stetten on

Great ideas, I have a cream dining room with several blue china patterns. I want to paint or wallpaper. This post had lots of great examples. Thanks Tina!

Robin on

My name is Robin, and I have a blue and white obsession! Thank you for holding these meeting for us! They are both therapeutic and inspiring! 🙂

Joan on

There are so many blues, it’s hard to not find a shade or pattern you’ll fall in love with!
Barclay Butera’s beach house is a wonderful example of B&W used in a shore house that doesn’t scream ‘we’re at the beach’! Think it’s featured in his ‘Living in Style’ book. Love his use of discrete punches of red and Chinese porcelain, yet the rooms don’t feel precious or stuffy.

Tempie martin on

I’ve had blue and white in my dining room for 40 years. Have always embraced changing it up to reflect my current taste. Now I have primitive 7ft.long pine table and honey pine 7ft. Tall cupboard along with monogrammed ivory linen parsons chairs at each end black painted cane bottom chairs,large black plate rack and everything is embellished with blue and white I have been collecting forever. I even have a large blue and white ink drawing of the blue willow pattern. Always get great comments on it.

Joy Searles on

Gorgeous dining rooms today. Thank you!

Charlene on

What a lovely journey through your post of Blue and White on this rainy Thursday afternoon. A Blue and White Club is fabulous? and what a gathering of like-minded souls!

Molly Ellis on

Blue and white Club is my favorite meeting day!!!! Thank you for all of the great ideas. Those lacquered walls were amazing!!!

Jennifer on

I love your blue and white porcelain in my dining room because it adds another layer of elegance and is timeless and classic.

Tiffany Wilhite on

I love seeing all the different ways to decorate- thanks for sharing all these wonderfully diverse photos!!!

michelle l oleary on

My favorite is the light blue lacquer walls. So peaceful. I think your dining room is beautiful as is with touches of blue and white.

Lisa on

I love everything blue and white! Started collecting blue and white Blue Willow tea sets as a young girl and have moved on to bigger and better blue and white pieces ever since! There is something blue and white in every room in my house!!!

Nancy on

Only one word to sum up these dining rooms….

Mary Lou Layden on

So enjoyed this post and seeing the totally different ways to use my favorite blue and white porcelains and fabrics, paint, etc. Makes me so happy inside ! ?

Barb Wi8smer on

I love foo dogs! I graduated from high school in Okinawa, where we called them “shi-shi dogs”. Thanks for all your do – I love your posts!

Cindy on

I love blue and white, especially in my dining room!

Kate Shotwell on

I have always love blue and white and I am now adding more and more porcelain. This post certainly was a feast for the eyes!

Ann on

What a treat on this gloomy day in zkentucky to view all of the gorgeous blue and white dining rooms. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Mickey H on

Love your blog. Thanks Tina.

Carol G. on

I have decorated with blue and white since the avocado green and harvest gold days…..what a challenge it was then to find anything I liked! Thank you!

Jennifer Garren on

Just amazing how the different shades of the same color can project totally different moods.

Doris on

Beautiful rooms, lots of ideas!

Corinne on

Thank you Tina! I also love these posts and find them inspiring as well as full of ideas of how to decorate around my blue and whites! Have a great weekend.

LindaB on

Love, love, love the blue and white look. Don’t know why I haven’t been decorating with that look before! I recently purchased an antique secretary desk and have started filling it with blue and white porcelains! So lovely!!

Jan Brown on

Fabulous! Thanks for posting!

Sue Yuditsky on

Some beautiful dining rooms! My favorites are #1 and #2…both beautiful and more my taste!! Thanks for the ideas shared…

Vicki on

Could that source be Carolyn Roehm?

Sharon Murphy on

Of course the blue and white dining room segues to, what else? But blue and white tablescapes!
Love the Foo Dogs! Would be beautiful in my powder room sitting on floating brass and glass window boxes against a white on white striated wall paper. Towels in varying shades of blue with a white monogram…

Patricia Freeman on

I always have “ blue and white” fever….. glad there is not a vaccination for this….. a treat for the eyes!!!!!!

Judy S. on

I loved the Suzanne Kasler dining room!! I’m addicted to blue and white!

Suzanne Phillips on

Got to love a foo dog, especially a pair! ❤️They are gorgeous & would be a beautiful addition on my deck this summer! Just found your blog & I’m hooked, keep up the great work & congrats on the Hampton pop up, will definitely stop w/ my designing friends!

Trudi R. on

Lovely post Tina! I would love to win the foo dogs as my home is all blue and white.

Dominique B. on

Just love this post with so many fabulous ideas for my new breakfast room! Thanks for all your time and everything you do Tina! Love everything you sell!

Cindy Young on

How inspiring to see so many variations of blue and white dining rooms! I never tire of this classic combination.

Carole on

Love the blue and the ivory. Thank you for the inspirations as always!

Victoria on

Beautiful post. Of all the rooms posted above yours is by far the most beautiful in my eyes. Even before the chinoiserie mural.

Carole on

Love the blue and the ivory. Great inspirations as always!

Christy on

I tell everyone the blue and white thing is a disease. Happy to have it!

Ann R. on

Addicted to blue and white. And the foo dogs!

Donna Scully on

Love blue & white French Country chic dining rooms…Your Palmeto Bluff dining room has some of those elements……simple elegance.

Suzanne Johnson on

Love everything on your site!!! So beautiful!!!???

Beth Wilson on

There’s just something about blue and white! As a lover of the ocean and all things related, I think it is somehow related to that (at least for me!). Loving the striped chairs too!

Dianne Kropp on

Thank you, I’m in the process of doing my dining room in blue and white and this was exactly what I needed.! My recent purchase of blue covered chippendale chairs along with several of your porcelain pieces are my starting point. I am now filled with ideas and know the direction in which I’ll go! Wish me Luck!

Nancy on

Thank you for all the dining room “blues”! I love seeing blue and white porcelain plates on a wall.

sue on

Thanks for the post and the contest

Beth Hauser on

Have been converting my living room/dining room to a stand alone dining room and the palette is blue & white. I’ve been struggling with the 3rd & final fabric selection . This post helped me to finally make a decision. Thanks for the inspiration!

Pat Burdette on

Thank you for sharing the blue and white inspirational dining rooms. I have a varied collection of blue and white in almost every room in our home. It’s always timeless and classic. Keep Inspiring!

Kathy on

Thanks always for continuing to inspire me ???

Debbie on

I am just redoing my dining room in blue , cream and a touch of pink. Thank you for the inspiration.

Linda Gist on

I love blue and white – it’s displayed throughout our home. It feels fresh, clean and timeless. Love your blog!

Tanya B Hackney on

Always love your posts. So fun to see different ideas of using blue and white!

Margaret O. on

Fell in love with the blue and white Traditional Home!!!!!Beautiful.

Sheryl Kiefer on

I swoon over blue and white and when you add in chinoiserie, I am in heaven. Beautiful, peaceful rooms!

Annie Knight on

My first blue and white room I did over 60 years ago. My parents let me paint my bedroom. I had the most beautiful pure blue walls with white trim. Being only 14 years old I really didn’t know how to pain, so everything other than wall were white…door knobs, hinges, light switches. I also installed shutters that I painted white, and white curtains with lace trim. My parents kept it until they moved to a smaller home. That was when my daughter was 6 years old.

Michelle Jordan on

This is a space to dream and I cannot imagine a good dream that does not contain at least some lovely chinoiserie. My treasured chow mix created a tortured dream when he bounded over the sofa to great me but took with him my blue and white garden stool which cracked into 6 pieces!

Ruth on

So much eye candy! Love the inspiring mix of blue fabrics. I have different shades of blue throughout my house. Thanks for another beautiful post!

Barbara Morris on

Blue and White is just timeless! Any occasion, any room, dressed up or pared down.

Gail C. on

Thanks Tina for such inspiration on a rainy day in Georgia. Always love PB post.

Mary Anne on

In England now and seeing lots of Blue and White !!!

Gloria Wilcox on

Swim and swoon … “swimming” in these blue and white posts keep me “swooning!”

Tammy Bennetts on

Love the classic blue white combination but most of all, love your enchanted home! Your taste is exquisite.

Ray Jackson on

Hi! My name is Ray and I’m an addict! I fell off the wagon again today at an estate sale! I’m thankful that I have an understanding wife!
I thoroughly enjoy your blog! I’d love those foo dogs and they would look great with my other 400 plus pieces! I’m serious when I say I’m addicted! Keep up the great work! Love it!

Susan on

Love a blue and white dining room!

Rose Harrison on

I’ve had blue and white tiny rooms and three different homes, can never get enough of it!

Rose Harrison on

I’ve had blue and white dining rooms in three different homes, can never get enough of it!

Jeanette on

Wonderful inspiration. Thank you!

Gayle C. on

Love your choices!

Jeanne E on

I love Blue and White Club! I’ve been decorating with blue and white for 40 years. It’s great to see how classic blue and white remains!

Sandy McCune on

Love all the Blue and White. My favorites!!! Love the Foo Dogs,too. You are an inspiration to all .

Susan on

My love affair with blue and white goes back as far as my childhood in Williamsburg Va. It has been my one constant companion that never leaves, never grows old and never disappoints, Thank you for the dining room inspiration as my dining room needs a little love!

AmyB on

Loved this post so much. Most of my porcelain collection is currently packed away in preparation for moving. Can’t wait to decorate my next space with them.

Peggy E. on

Love all the beautiful photos but something is off with the dining room by The Fox Group. It feels crowded and the ceiling is way too low.

Alecia R on

Thank you for sharing. All great ideas.

Mary on

Didn’t realize there was so many of us blue and white lovers out there. This is my new favorite read!

Judith on

I love blue and white in the dining room! I have it in there in my house.

Ann S on

Your site is always such a pleasure to view. We are lucky to be able to see what you design and offer.

Jeannette Gevedon Interiors on

Hi Tina,
I love looking at and reading your posts, as I am one of the blue and white aholics! Unfortunately I only see them on Pinterest and not as an email even tho I have subscribed and your site says I’m on the list, but I am not. ? So by the time I see the posts ( like today) it is too late to enter your give away’s. Would you please look into this for me? Thank you much, Jeannette

Jo Lamond - Australia :-) on

I’m not ashamed to admit that blue and white decors bring out the voyeur in me, I can’t get enough of them. I love to absorb the dramatic mix and match of blue and white themed rooms, From the faintest hint of the softest blue to the deepest dark depths on midnights hews, I love it all mixed with white backdrops or vice versa. In all its glory from dramatic bowls, urns and jars to furniture adorned with fabrics striped, floral, paisley, plaid texture to smooth no matter how it comes blue and white will last many lifetimes. It’s calming, soothing, casual or traditional, playing up to your tune. Today’s dining rooms fill with my senses with joy, jealousy and wonder whilst being calm all at the same time. So many wonderful ideas. Thank you from the bottom of my blue ginger jar heart – you had me a blue and white xx

Judith Kafka on

I absolutely LOVE the beautiful foo dogs! Perfect for a bookshelf in any room!

Jo Ann White on

I am a new convert to blue and white and it started with my dining room. So excited to be going in this new direction.

Bonny Berryman on

Your post are so tranquil, they give me the break I need from the stressors in my life. Blue and white is my favorite combination of color.
Blue like the beautiful sky and the white for the purity of a peaceful life. In other words, a piece of heaven Is always close at hand.

Fran Gillis on

Lovely and refreshing!!

betty overly on

my favorite color is blue and white it rules my life in home decoration and in clothing

Christa on

With navy blue walls, the blue and white table setting in my dining room was so lovely this weekend with a centerpiece of hot pink peonies, blue delphinium, deep pink roses, and deep pink English daisies to complement the fuschia and blue plaid napkins. I did not want to clear the table. The only thing that would have made it better would be a pair of blue and white foo dogs.

Sharon Foster on

Beautiful rooms. I have already told my husband that I would like the large blue and white tulipierre for my birthday in November! Love your site.

Janet Sullivan on

Love all of your blue and white posts! Thanks for all of the inspiration! I will have to share some pics of my own blue and white decor.

Donna on

After all four of my kiddies have moved out, I finally get to live the Blue and White life that I dreamed of!

Tracey on

The M and M interiors is one of my all time favorites! I referenced that picture many times, just beautiful!!

Ruth on

Enjoying this post while having morning coffee on my balcony (before it rains again) ! ?

Theresa on

So Many beautiful deigns and ideas in 1 place!! Thanks for the eye candy.

Maria J. Murray on

I love the complete collection!! They all magnificent! I have a couple of the white and blue vases but never had the opportunity to own a pair of Foo Dogs, if I won these set, I will place them in the hutch of my dining room. I want them to be the talk during dinnertime and I am sure my friends will want to know how I obtained them, they look amazing!

Bethany on

As always, your taste is impeccable!!

Arlene on

LOve Love love,,, all the dinnig rooms were exceptional and makes me hungry!

Mary Casey on

Love the post- so therapeutic to know there are others with the same obsession!

Anne Ringer on

Love all the blue and white rooms dishes fabrics, so calming and restorative. Never gets old . We had a foo dog in the yard, cement. My father said it was our best behaved dog ever.

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