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Hello, take a seat and buckle your seat belts you are about to get front row seat to the most beautiful parade of blue and white porcelains ever, our biggest container of the year!  This is a HUGE container, as in 40 feet brimming with almost 1000 porcelain pieces, a porcelain lover’s idea of heaven!

Many many new items which has us very excited!! This container is arriving either tomorrow or Friday! Many new items and several long time sold out items coming back:)


Normally we do not have 2 porcelain sales within a few weeks of each other but these containers are arriving within 2 weeks of one another so here it goes. Please read over the rules prior to ordering especially if you are new to these sales.

  • TWO WAYS TO ORDER– Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all offered at special arrival sale pricing, about 15-25% less than what they will be when they go online
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • This container is due here this Friday, June 28th so we estimate orders will start shipping out July 1st
  • Spend $600 or more and save 10% off your entire order
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • NEW! REFERRAL INCENTIVE- recommend a new customer and if they spend $100 or more you get a referral fee of $10.00 ($10.00 for every $100 they spend)
  • Shipping Internationally?  Please call or email us for a ship quote
  • Wholesale? Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565



And without further ado, let’s get started!


ITEM 1 FINALLY after several months of MIA,  this best selling chunky bird ginger jar is back!! So excited to see these again, they are super decorative and work beautifully literally anywhere. Measures 17.5″

One is $145.00

Pair is $270.00

ITEM 2 And the same great chunky jar shape is coming back in the popular phoenix design as well!

Measures 18″ tall

$140.00 each

$265.00 for the pair

ITEM 3 NEW! Gorgeous double happiness tall jar. How beautiful is this! I love the butterfly handles, measures 16.5″ tall,  a beautiful piece to have solo or as a pair. Perfect for cherry blossoms too.

$135.00 each

$260 for a pair

ITEM 4 Our beautiful round village scene garden seat is back home where it belongs. One of my faves, I have a few on my own patio, beautiful scene on entire body of jar even top!

Measures 17.5″ tall


ITEM 5  NEW! Super beautiful large foo dog classic fishbowl. One of my favorites and one I happen to own. I love this with a great big  boxwood ball, a big hydrangea plant or large topiary.

Measures 17.5″ x 17.5″


ITEM 6 After months of being sold out, these beauties are coming back. Stunning pair of lightly antiqued white foo dogs. How regal these are, resting on their pedestal, Super decorative, great for mantles, consoles, chests, etc…..

Measures 11.5″ x 8″

Pair is $140.00


ITEM 7 Super stylish mini pagodas in two styles! These are perfect for atop a stack of books, to use as bookends or just to fill into any vignette. Two great styles.

7A $45.00 for the pair (measures 8″ tall)

7B $40.00 for the pair (measures 7.25″ tall)

ITEM 8 Our top selling extra large white chunky ginger jars are coming back! These are so fabulous, I own a pair and love them. They are very grand and really substantial looking.

Measures 21″

$145.00 each

$275.00 for the pair

ITEM 9 Super stylish flat top dragon ginger jar, these styles mix and match so beautifully and this is a classic pattern.

Measures 8″ x 8″

$75.00 each

$140.oo for a pair

ITEM 10 Our fabulous oversized village scene centerpiece bowl finally is here! And this time we tripled up on the amount we order, wildly popular- a perfect centerpiece which also makes one heck of a gorgeous planter for orchids, moss balls, fresh flowers, etc…

Measures 16.5″ round


ITEM 11 This newer village scene large fishbowl with braided handles is a stunner. I use mine for orchids, hydrangeas and even have one for the mail! A generously sized very elegant large fishbowl.

Measures 18″ x 7.5″


ITEM 12 NEW! How fabulous are these new jars!! Beautiful rich handpainted jars, a pretty ivory background with tones of greens, tans, light browns, roses, soft red. A stunner solo or as a pair. Very high quality handpainting on these most elegant jars. I especially love them as a pair. Imagine with top off and filled with pink cherry blossoms:)

Measures 17.5″ x 10.5″ at its widest point

$160.00 each

$315.00 for the pair

ITEM 13 Elegant chunky figurines ginger jar are making a strong comeback. Such a stylish jar, I own a a pair and find these to be one of the most decorative ginger jars out there.

Measures 17.5″ tall

$140.00 for one

$265.00 for a pair

ITEM 14 Our beautiful extra large pheasant ginger jar is coming back, one that continues to be a favorite and with good reason- it is fabulous!

Measures 22″ x 15″

One $165.00

Pair $315.00

ITEM 15 Our fantastic mid sized bowls are now super well stocked after being sold out for quite a while. These are not only beautiful to use as bowls but make the perfect planter for orchids and hydrangeas. Super versatile, offered in two styles.

15A Measures  11.5″ x 6.5″

15B NEW! Pretty new village scene bowl.

Measures 12″ x 11″ x 5.5

ITEM 16 So after waiting on this for 6 long months, this  most elegant garden seat is back! This extra tall seat is exquisite and super high quality with amazing detailing. Hand painted all the way around with elegant raised “dots” on top. It comes as shown with 6 raised dots, replicated after the original.

Measures 19.5″ tall


ITEM 17  Our mid sized elegant blue/white pagoda is one of my favorite products from my line. I own a pair and move them all over the place, inside and out. They work literally everywhere and are a fraction of what they are elsewhere. Super versatile.

Measures 24″ tall

$190.00 for one

$375.00 for pair

ITEM 18 FINALLY! An all time favorite! Our incredible straight fishbowl is coming back and we will be well stocked on this super seller from here on in. This is one beautiful fishbowl with beautiful “lion rings”

Measures 16.5″ tall


ITEM 19 NEW! How about this elegant village vase with pretty floral “handles”. A great size too for your weekly flowers, exquisite details.

Measures 15.5″


ITEM 20 Love this incredible chunky dragon ginger ,lightly antiqued with chic foo dog top.

Measures 18″

$145.00 for one

$270.00 for pair

ITEM 21 Gorgeous open field chunky lightly antiqued ginger jar. This jar has more white space than many of the other jars so is a great compliment when mixing patterns.

Measures 18″ tall

$145.00 for one

$270.00 for pair

ITEM 22 Tulipieres for flowers season! We are going to be well stocked from this point forward on these beauties. We will have all three sizes in all three colorways.

22A OURS EXCLUSIVELY! This is the original pattern

Large 33″ $225.00

Medium 22″ $190.00

Small 14.5″ $105.00

22B Large 33″ $220.00

Medium 22″ $185.00

Small 14.5″ $105.00


22C Village scene

Large 33″ $225.00

Medium 22″ $190.00

Small 14.5″ $105.00

ITEM 23 Wonderful mid size jar, love and own this (you aren’t surprised are you)? Love that its predominantly navy, it really  pops among other porcelains, plus a great size too. I often remove the lid and use this for fresh flowers, works beautifully!

Measures 14.5″

$120.00 each

$225.00 for a pair

ITEM 24 Loving this mini bud double happiness bud vase, this is ideal for a bed table or end table. Adore them with a few simple blooms.

Measures 9″ tall


ITEM 25 This is one magnificent vase, I actually have two in my foyer. Two grand vases with the double happiness symbol, lightly antiqued and elegant “butterfly” handles. Measures 23.5″ tall, perfect alone but really sensational as a pair- magnificent!

Measures 24.5″ tall

$175.00 for one

$340 for a pair

ITEM 26 A planter every blue and white lover needs, this is such a practical size and beautiful shape and really priced right too!

Measures 12″ x 6″


ITEM 27 A brand new jar, elegant bird chunky ginger jar.  Gorgeous bird scene with pretty florals, love the lightly antiqued effect with elegant foo dog lid.

Measures 18.5″

$150.00 for one

$285.00 for pair

ITEM 28 Our mid sized pagoda is back and certainly one of the most stylish pagodas out there. These too, I am constantly moving around and they work inside as well as they do outdoors. Measures 16″ tall

$155.00 each

$290.00 for a pair

ITEM 29 FISHBOWLS. Nothing can add beauty to a patio/front door/pool area like a giant blue and white fishbowl. If you know the prices of these, which often hover around $1500 and up, you will be stunned at the prices here. A fraction of what they are elsewhere! This is a perk of my being a direct importer of fine porcelains!

ITEM 29A This peacock fishbowl is one of my all time favorites. I own it and have a huge 36″ boxwood ball in it. Just a stunningly beautiful fishbowl which about a quarter of teh price these sell for elsewhere.

24″ x 24″ x 20″


ITEM 29B  Another stunner! This is a mid sized village scene fishbowl, ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Measures 17.5″ x 18″


ITEM 29C This is a newer fishbowl, stunning extra large fishbowl which has the elegant lion rings on the side. Imagine a huge topiary tree, boxwood ball or large hydrangea plant, would be gorgeous!

Measures 22″ x 23.5″


ITEM 3o Our super gorgeous oversized wine/beverage bucket is coming in again, perfect timing for spring/summer entertaining. This will just “make” your table.

Measures 10.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 32 These mini small bud vases are fabulous, perfect for a nightstand or an end table. With any porcelain purchase you will get super special pricing on these cuties!

32A Measures 5″ tall a perfect little bud vase $12.00 with porcelain purchase ($20.00 without purchase)

32B 5″ tall, a perfect bud vase. $12.00 with porcelain purchase ($20.00 without)

ITEM 32 SPECIAL PRESALE (COMING IN ON NEXT CONTAINER) These incredibly grand 47″ tall  soldier jars are frequently requested and available by special order only. These are sensationally beautiful, the kind of jar that stops you in your tracks. One of the most beautiful jumbo jars I have ever seen and one that is easily thousands in the few stores that carry them.

A VERY special opportunity. These huge soldier jars are very very special and were only ordered special order a few presale ago. If you know the prices of comparable jars you know they easily go into the thousands. The detail/workmanship is incredible on this massive jar. It measures 42″ tall.These were ordered by someone who since found out they sold their home so they are up for grabs. If you have been looking for an extra large pair of exquisite jars, look no further. Very special! There are six pair available to preorder.

Measures 47″ x 26″

One $605.00

Pair $1120.00

A lot of say you love seeing pictures of the above items “in use” so thought this gallery of pictures might help-



One porcelain loving reader will win this best selling hexagon planter! We will announce the lucky winner on Sunday. Just leave a comment here and tell me your favorite item and where/how you would use it, that’s it! Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by, hope this post starts your day off right:) If you know someone else who loves porcelain and especially extra great deals on porcelain, send them over (and earn a little something in the process with our new referral incentive (explained above). Until next time………

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I’m in love with the wine/beverage bucket. I would use it for a chilled bottle of bubbly, or even as a vase to hold fresh hydrangeas from my garden. 🙂

Just moved into an 1840 loft and need a centerpiece for my dining table. Filling it with big green Granny Smith apples or summer yellow lemons would be perfect for a summertime look. Multiple orchids would be happy there in the fall and winter. Lovely???

I love the garden seat! I would use in my living room next to a green chair. I love mixing blue and white with green.

I love the smallest and largest… hard to find both and so pretty!
I always look forward to your beautiful photos!

My favorite are the foo dogs ?? So beautiful. Love the giveaway and would so good on the bar top in my kitchen.

I love the large fishbowl pictured as item #11. I would use it in my Dining Room either filled with fresh hydrangeas or with orchids.

Those big white ginger jars are a favorite. Keep thinking they would look great flanking the fireplace.

The fish bowls are elegant and would love one with one of your large boxwood balls for my patio.

I love the #25 tall vase. I would love to see it on the end of my fireplace, full of pussy willow.

I found the new ivory ginger jars were a refreshing change from the blue! I would use on a sideboard or mantle! Very unique color combination!

I like item 29a the pheasant fishbowl. I would use 4 of them around my pool with blue daze or blue plumbago planted in them.

Love all your Beautiful pictures. Amazing selection of Blue and White. Especially fond of the different shape fish bowls?

How fabulous is that garden stool! #16. I would love to have it on my patio next to my lounge chairs and potted flowers.

Oh my God,SO many wonderful pieces! And I love the new jars #12. So pretty and mix perfectly with the blue and white. So so pretty!

Love the wine or beverage bucket. So perfect for summer or year round entertaining

Love the extra large pheasant ginger jar and have the perfect spot for a pair of them in the bookcase in our study,

Gorgeous Tina!!? I’ll be ordering 2 of the double happiness bud vases. Perfect for my mantel or dining table.

Have MERCY! I’m definitely in “trouble” now:) So HAPPY that you FINALLY have gotten that Garden Seat w/ only 6 dots – (the other was definitely ‘off’ in looks).

You have been very busy amassing such a wonderful collection. I can’t wait for a nice long break to shop!

We recently bought a house in Charleston, SC, and blue and white porcelain looks right at home here. We have 5 wide steps up to our front porch (or “piazza” as they are called here in the low country) and I would love to line the steps on either side with the oversized wine buckets planted with big pink hydrangea for a summer party. It would be spectacular!

I love the chunky ginger jars. I would use them just about everywhere.. I love putting branches in them and sm lights !

Love item #13 – A pair of these would look beautiful on top of my 1920’s English bar!

My fav item is the tulipiere. I own one and may purchase another. This item is reasonably priced and beautiful and a rare reproduction. The originals can cost thousands. I use the tulipiere in my library in the winter so that I can enjoy the promise of spring. In the spring and summer, I fill it with garden roses and place it on the patio table as a centerpiece. Fantastic !

My favorite from this collection is the “double happiness” vase (Item 25). Almost fifty years ago, this symbol was part of a treasured wedding gift. We really should gift ourselves this vase next spring when we celebrate our special. anniversary.

My favorite item is the garden seat. I would put it by my couch to use as a beverage table

All of these items are beautiful, but I’m currently loving #30, the oversized beverage bucket. It would be lovely at a party filled with bottles of wine, champagne, or sparkling water. But I love how versatile it is because it could also be filled with a flower arrangement or plant on my entry table any day of the year. And did you see how adorable it looked on the 4th of July post on The Pink Clutch blog? It was filled with blue hydrangeas and American flags. What an easy and beautiful idea for Independence Day entertaining!

My favorites are many…..hard to pick just one! I ordered #14, a larger jar than others I have, to use on a sofa table behind my sofa or to put on my fireplace hearth. Or interchange!

I love Item #16 the Garden Seat ! I would put this in my bathroom by my garden tub. It just adds that special touch to the bathroom. When you walk into a bathroom and see that elegant Garden Seat it is a big WOW factor..

So many choices and all are beautiful. I am moving to a new home and cant wait to decorate with all
my blue and white.

Of you can never get enough blue and white,

Wow wee!!! Looking at all of these makes me happy with my blue and white collection started years and years ago!!!

Wow! What a fantastic collection of blue and white. I love the garden stool and could see it on my porch or in the living room.

I LOVE the double happiness tall jar (Item #3)! I would fill it with long greenery/seasonal stems or just enjoy its stand alone beauty. A perfect compliment to my growing collection.

I LOVE the double happiness jar (item #3). She is pretty all by herself or filled with pretty and tall stems. A perfect piece to add to my collection.

I love the beautiful bowl on 15a. It’s perfect for my breakfast room round table. I can’t wait to get one to put my hydrangea in.

I would love any of them I would take number one the chunky bird ginger jar and put it in my small entry living room

I would love any of them I would take number one the chunky bird ginger jar and put it in my small entry living room

Everything is so beautiful, Tina! I would choose items 21, 23 and 27 and use all three as a grouping in the center of my dining table or buffet!

Your “in use” pictures are a blue & white feast for my eyes! I never tire of them. One of these days I hope for a garden seat to use as a small beverage spot for my courtyard. It will make a charming but practical accent to all the cobalt blue cushions.

What a stunning collection. So many beautiful pieces. The garden seat #4 is one of my favorites. I use them inside and on my patio and this one would be perfect anywhere.

I would love a pair of the large planters for my front porch. It would set the tone, introducing my guests to my passion for blue and white before the even enter my home.

Love the straight fishbowl! I’d have it on my front porch with red geraniums. Mums in the fall.

All are beautiful, as usual. Item #12 is exquisite! Must find a special place for this one, perhaps two!

For me, the mini pagodas are a perfect fit to tuck into my mantle. I DO love the flat top ginger jar as well and while I probably don’t have a spot for it, I might get it anyway just because I love it!! As usual your flower arrangements are stunning!

Those soldier jars are really magnificent! I’d place them in the dining room flanking the fireplace or maybe on the patio. They are stunners!

Pictures are exceptional and so very helpful. Thank you Tina. I’m waiting for the blue/white extra large umbrella container to return….hopefully.

When I see all these beautiful things I wish for more room. My flowers will look spectacular in the vases.

Your garden seats are so beautiful and versatile. They can be used inside or out, which I love, and just add that little something to any room!

Ginger jars make my heart happy. Would one day enjoy purchasing your Pheasant Jar to display on one of my console tables!

I love everything shown but I would love the garden stool and would use it on my lake home porch.

I love everything as usual but I’m so excited that the oversized village scene bowl is back in. I absolutely loved when you did a fall al fresco table with that bowl as the centerpiece filled with pumpkins and gourds. But it sold out before I could order and I’m so happy to see it back in.

Wow, everything is beautiful, especially the pagodas and soldier jars! I still love the tulipieres I purchased from you the best! Thank you,

The straight fishbowl is so beautiful and different. I would use this in my foyer with a plant in it.

By far my fav is the new pink and cream jars! I am obsessed with anything pink and these are so gorgeous will add the perfect touch to my dining room!

Oh my!!! The soldier jars are gorgeous!(item 32) I can see a pair of them on the ground flanking the the sides of an entryway in a foyer! Just beautiful!

So hard to choose a favorite but I rather think item #30 the wine bucket!
Perfect for this Summer on the patio w gathering in family and friends…….
Your posts and displays are gorgeous and all inspiring?Thank you!

I do table scape competitions and this years inspiration is blue and white Asian. How perfect would this incredible bowl be for a winning table filled with beautiful flowers?

My favorite piece is the large tulipiere. I have asked for one for my birthday this year. I would primarily use it on my sideboard as a prized addition to the arrangement of silver currently on display. But I would certainly be moving it to other areas for variety and impact. I would love to have a pair so look forward to asking for another one for my birthday next year!

#14. My sideboard has a bench underneath it. I’ve been dreaming of a pair of these jars underneath, one on each side of the bench. It will be stunning!

My favorite is item #1, the bird ginger jar! It would start out on my fireplace mantel with a gorgeous bouquet of white hydrangeas and greenery! The decor options in my home are unlimited for this beauty!!

As usual, everything is beautiful. I love the straight side fishbowl, but I really need the beautiful garden seat on my patio!

I love item #1. Would love to add this to my collection. I have always been a blue and white addict. You item are beautiful.?

I just purchased the hexagon garden seat! I hope it’s as beautiful as the picture! The plan is to put this in the master bathroom next to the free-standing tub; however, if it’s as beautiful as I think it’s going to be, I may want to find a place on the main level of our home for all to see!

I adore that 47” soldier jar! I would love to place it in my foyer with a beautiful floral arrangement.

My favorite item is the large tulipieres. I just love them! This will be my first time ordering and I am super excited!

Love #16 the garden seat. I think they are beautiful used as a side table next to a chair, inside or out. They also double as extra seating! I sat on one that I pulled up to a puzzle table this winter and it was the perfect height! One can never have too many. Good inside or out and even as a shower seat if it allows water to drain through! Your things are beautiful. Thanks!

I LOVE the #27 ginger jars- would love to use a pair on top of my china cabinet. Also have always loved the hexagonal planters with orchids! 🙂

I absolutely love #12. These are the colors in my dining room and I have been looking for something like this for quite some time. I just need to measure and make sure they fit into the space….Love everything you have!

I would love to order some of these urns to convert into lamps for a client. Do you have a source for wholesale silk lampshades?

The mid size bowls are a favorite as a centerpiece for any table. They are lovely with flowers, fruit, or any seasonal filler.

I really like the beverage bucket, love the bamboo handle. I can think of so many different uses for it

I love the large b/w bowl! So many things I put inside, maybe the planter could fill in until I can get the bowl…

That soldier jar is to die for!!! How I wish I could order two of those. Actually, I would like two of everything!!!! Sigh.

I have been wanting that hexagonal planter for the longest time. To win it would be a little dream come true!

The many stunning items in your incoming shipment have me drooling. It is very hard to choose a favorite. I plan to order several to add to my extensive collection, but I would have to say, I guess my favorite of all would be #18, the Elegant Village Vase to hold the fresh tulips I always have in my apartment when they are available.

I absolutely love the Pagoda Garden Seat and know it would look lovely in my front room.

I love all of these pieces and can see them used for Fourth of July decorating with beautiful blue hydrangeas and American flags . This past Christmas I used blue and white with Christmas trimmings and it was gorgeous. Will need to add to my little collection.

In deep LUV – the straight fishbowl will be used for my braided Chinese Money Tree. (I’ll use the extra $$ to pay for my Enchanted Home purchases – lol)

Item 29A-it’s so hard to find a blue & white flower pot that large! It’s gorgeous! I would use it on my patio wuth a lovely topiary inside it.

I have been waiting for so long to find this beautiful blue/white fishbowl, your Item #11. You see I found a fishbowl stand at an estate sale and I have been waiting six long years to find just the right fishbowl for my stand. I will use it on my Fr. antique entry chest and/or my formal dining table to hold fruit or luscious peonies, hydrangeas, orchids or lovely daffodils, not to mention deep red proteas or other spectacular seasonal arrangements. Can’t wait to see what lusciousness the fishbowl will inspire!

Look at the beautiful artwork on the pheasant fishbowl #29A. I would plant a Meyer Lemon Tree inside and
place this on our Veranda.

Love it all! The oversized pheasant jars are fabulous. I own a few pieces of the porcelains and everything exceeded my expectations.

Love it all! The oversized pheasant jars are fabulous. I own a few pieces of the porcelains and everything exceeded my expectations.

I love item #27, the 18.5″ jar with a beautiful bird scene. We are starting an addition of a screened in porch, and I plan on using several of your pieces in there. I am a bit concerned about ordering too many things and not having a place for them…wait….can you have too much blue and white porcelain???

Look at the beautiful artwork on the pheasant fishbowl #29A. I will plant a Meyer Lemon inside and place this on our veranda.

I love the straight side fishbowl planter. I have two with topiaries flanking wood box planters beside my front door. They are gorgeous!!

I love item 28, the mid-size pagodas! Love, love, LOVE THEM! I would use them on my dining table in the spring and summer and on my fireplace mantel in the fall and winter…..but they could be used anywhere and everywhere! ???

A fantastic price on the Soldier jars. I am trying to think of a place to put them. Spectacular!

Love the new porcelains!! My southern belle heart “bleeds” blue and white. I adore the little bud / small Item #32 vases. I could imagine these at each place setting for a goregous luncheoun table. Each filled with any sort of goodies or little flowers intended to be taken home as a party “favor”. How lovely!!

The wine bucket is catching my eye today. Hey, tis the season for entertaining and it would look divine filled with rose and white wines.

I just love item #1, love the antiqued look and think I need 2 for my entryway table!

Just loved each and every bit of the stupendous blue and white porcelain
Trying to decide Mmmmmm
But I have another day.

The beverage bucket with the rattan handle is my favorite for a stylish bar cart!

Love the pagodas, the possibilities for their use is endless as with all blue and white

The set of Tall Garden Seats are screaming to flank our dark brown wooden, double front doors! ? We are lacking a place to perch!

Absolutely love #23 simply because of the beautiful predominantly navy coloration! I would have no problem finding a place to put it in my home!!!!

I would definitely get a planter or fish bowl and fill it with hydrangeas! It would be front and center at my parents 50th Anniversary celebration!!

I love item 16. I have a couple of garden stools in my living space and they add that special pop. This one is beautiful!

No. 32 has taken my breath away! Stunning! I wish I was home with a tape measure to see if they would ever work in my library.
No. 23 has my attention as pair I need on new console table in my family room.
This is another incredible container of blue and white! ??

I have actually wanted a bowl like 15a and 26 that I can fill with faux lemons and magnolia leaves similar to one I saw in one of your posts. My very favorites are ginger jars 14 and 23 that I would love to add to my collection of ginger jars.

Item 11 is still my favorite! I have dried hydrangeas in mine on my buffet.
It makes me smile every time I walk in the room.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mid-size pagodas (#17)!!! I think a pair of these would be stunning on either side of my mantle. All of your treasures are so beautiful!

Item #12 is so unique! There are way too many that are beautiful. Seeing photos how to use the items help a lot to find places in our home(s)! The bowl is also a great shape!!

Hands down #32 just gorgeous. I would place on each side of my China cabinet in dining room I’m anxiously awaiting to hear more about the robe you had the poll on recently. I really look forward to all your post viewing my obsession of blue & white also the recipes you share from time to time. ?Brenda

I wish I could buy them all! But #18 is absolutely perfect for a new spot on my front porch. I have been dreaming of the perfect shape. My house is being painted in July and a newly installed front door will be the perfect color blue for my blue and white collection.

A wonderful selection of blue and white! Numbers 8, 21, and 23 seem like they will fit beautifully in my growing collection….

I’m really liking the predominantly navy jar! Nice. And the hex planter has been on my list.

I think sharing the pictures of the porcelain in different settings was brilliant. I keep wondering how I could find room for more, but the pictures help so much. There is never not room for more. Inspirational. I have made my decision on what I need (lol). Thank you again there is no source like you!

Oh Goodness!!! I make a list – then go back and add something and delete something. I can’t make up my mind there are so many beautiful things – and I could find a use for so so many of them. I definitely want Foo Dogs. And I love the antiqued ginger jars. Sometimes I wish someone would just tell me what to purchase and make it easy!

My favorite piece is the fishbowl— I would place it in the center of my reclaimed wood farm table— I have tapestry chairs with nailhead trim around it. The bowl with maidenhair fern would add the perfect touch of elegance !

I love the ice bucket, no wait, the garden stool, no! the lattice bowl! Well, truly, this newbie collector would welcome any and all of these lovely pieces!

I have a lot of blue and white and I own two solder tall vases but what I want and never owed is a garden seat. So that garden seat and maybe another planter. Going to treat myself

Love the chunky ginger jars! Seeing them used in your pictures makes me want to buy them all!

The hexagon planter is my favorite! I have been looking for one for the front of my home.

Oh my they are all my favorite. I wish I could have them all. However, I love the pagodas. I don’t have one so it would be my favorite. Any of the pagodas. Lol
I love love looking at the pictures showing how your blue and white is displayed

I am an interior designer of fifty-four years, and it is rare when I have seen a more enticing display of blue-and-white ready to be put to use! A friend directed me to your website, and believe me, I am now a fan! I’ll be sending an order soon, and I am delighted to add you to my list of wonderful sources!! Chinese (and some) Japanese blue and white porcelains have been at the top of my “favorites” list for many years, and I’m a happy designer to have you in my life! Sincerely, Janet Wright, R.I.D.

My home is so pretty because of the blue and and white porcelain that I have purchased from you, Tina. I just love how it blends with any decor. Fresh and lovely. Thanks so much.

Wow! You aren’t kidding!
And, beautiful pictures too.
I like 29, 30 and 31 best.
And always fishbowls.
The pink cherry blossom was nice too.

I am definitely buying the over size fishbowl for my outdoor patio. I also want a beautiful boxwood ball in top. I love this container!!!

I would love to get another garden seat. I have two blue and white ones on my deck (not as nice as yours…), but I would like one inside!

I love it all! Such a beautiful selection. My favorite is #29 — I would use a pair on my front porch, filled with boxwood.

I absolutely love the two planters I purchased last year and have them filled with bright pink geraniums! I agree, seeing photos of how you and others put your beautiful jars to use is inspiring and gives me ideas for my own home.

Item #4 is a classic for me. I would add it to my porch area which becomes our extended living room in the summer. So many places to move this beauty for convenience and just showing her off!

I was looking for the perfect container to place my orchids to set on coffee table. I found it after a long search. Thank you, Nita

Each piece is so wonderful that I cannot decide. I see possibilities for decorating my home year round. Perhaps I need one of each to satisfy my blue and white hunger.

I love the pair of white Foo dogs. I would use them in my dining room on my wall sconces! #6

Hi Tina, what a great way to start my day by seeing this beautiful post ! I already own several of your porcelain pieces and have to tell you each one is as beautiful as the next . More prices also are literally unbeatable ! A good friend of mine month ago, purchased a few giant fish bowls and paid over $1500 for each of them when I told her about your site she almost started crying Haha.
She is now one of your most devoted customers As am I! For today my favorite piece is the new style bird ginger jar – a pair on my dining room would be beautiful ? I also love that new tall elegant garden seat, I could definitely see a pair out on my patio ! Keep up the great work because no one has a selection of blue and white porcelain like you do .

Loving the garden seat….for anywhere in my house!! Using blues and white porcelain for all my orchids and house plants….also love my blue and white Staffordshire dogs on my mantel!

I would love any piece in the collection but today am looking at Item 26 Fish bowl which would look great on my DR credenza with a lovely orchid and some moss. Wish I could find peonies in local shops but almost impossible in AZ.

I have several favorites. My most favorite porcelain piece is item 29B, mid sized village scene fishbowl. I would prominently display it on my living room with boxwood, flowering plant, or topiary.

Dear Tina,
I like both of the garden seats. I use them for our front porch in the summer, and bring them into the formal living for the winter.

Oh my. Can’t decide on my favorite! LOVE the navy midsize ginger jar and the tall garden seat!! Would love to win the planter…. as Sunday is my birthday 🙂 (a big one)

I love the mid-sized pagoda. I move it all around the house, but especially love it at the dining table.

I want them all but I guess if I have to pick one it’d be 22A. I don’t have any tulipierres and I’ve always admired them. In medium for my house. Or one medium flanked by two small

I love the the Tulipieres. They are so beautiful, versatile and make each month of the year special.

Impossible to find anyplace except EH.

Those were such inspiring pictures of all your beautiful items in “action!” I really love your vases at Christmas time with flowers or foliage. So pretty with the blue and white!

Tina I am so excited! This is the Motherload of blue and white pottery. My favorite piece is the beautiful MIA chunky bird jar. Two jars will make a statement on my kitchen mantle over the stove. ?

Hi Tina. Love the hexagon planter. I could see arranging some fresh picked ferns from my yard in it!! Blue and green is such a great combo.

I love Item#3…the double happiness tall jar …these would look lovely in my foyer atop guided sconces…during Christmas I would place red berry stems in them…

I just love item #25- the double happiness vase! I want a pair of these on my entryway console flanked by my extra large ginger jars. Happy indeed!

Oh my goodness, I am new to Enchanted Home & blew up Pinterest saving pics! Love them all – how to choose? How to choose? 🤔

I would use item #19 (village vase) on my hearth, next to my blue-tiled (non-working) fireplace. I am accenting my blue-and-white chinoiserie with touches of emerald green–which, trust me, looks fabulous–and this piece would look stunning with bright green upright bamboo. Just the perfect size and shape!

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