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****My usual Seven on Sunday post will appear later Sunday, just in case you are wondering where it is Sunday morning****

Hope this finds you doing well on this summer weekend. The weather is supposed to be fabulous and we need to make these summer weekends count!  This summer is very special because a small pop up shop just opened over at super chic East Hampton Gardens…..a first for me!

I have always dreamed of having my own little shop filled with my carefully curated line of products. So this was a great first step. We officially have a pop up set up in East Hampton for part of  June and July!

With the illness and seriousness of my niece’s situation it put a hiccup in my plans and I have only been out there twice but looking to be out there a lot more in July now that things are finally calming down. Better late than never:) Seeing my items in warehouse is one thing, but seeing them beautifully displayed in a charming little shop is on a whole other level and the thrill of seeing it all together was indescribable. It is like seeing a beautiful  culmination of my dreams and hard work over the last few years:)

It was such an exciting prospect and this establishment was a perfect pairing with the Enchanted Home for a few reasons. Our aesthetics align perfectly and Michael, the owner is a great guy- such a fun, creative and warm person to partner with. If you live in the area or will be out that way this summer, please do stop by!! And hold the date of July 13th if you will be in the NY area! We are going to host a fun event, details coming shortly. Meanwhile, step inside…..


I was fortunate to stop by the other day and decided to “take you inside” at least virtually…..the. next best thing to being there. So, welcome!

The gardens take your breath away…….everything looks like it was on a serious case of steroids, flowers and greenery as luscious and full as they could possibly be

Love seeing my blue and whites nestled into small and elegant vignettes throughout the garden

Michael’s gardens are the stuff dreams are made of, soooooo luscious and fairtytale like.

You literally want one of everything and how pretty do all my blue and whites look sprinkled in and around the gardens!

Every flowers seems to be blooming on cue like a well rehearsed orchestra, must be that Hampton air


And welcome to The Enchanted Home’s pop up!

Love how everything has been so beautifully arranged and displayed


So love seeing everything all set up. After July 4th, will be putting finishing touches on everything inside and setting up some pretty vignettes outside too. We have a fun event that we are putting the finishing touches on for July 13th at East Hampton Gardens (16 Gingerbread Lane, East Hampton).

We didn’t have a lot of time to plan it, but if by chance you will be out that way, please do put July 13th on your calendars! I promise it will be worth the trip:). And sometimes those last minute shindigs turn out to be the best ones. Thanks for “coming in” to the shop today and always love knowing you stopped by. Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

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Eileen on

Love the gardens and the popup shop. So pretty, all of it.

Jennifer on


Kathryn on

I wish I could be there on the 13th…love the pop-up shop! Prayers for your neice at Duke…she is definitely in good hands down here in Durham where I live not far from Duke University.

Eve B on

So exciting. Plan on stopping by in a few weeks.
Sending healing prayers for your niece.

Roxanne N. on

A feast for the eyes! Thank you!

Barbara on

Oh, my goodness-this shop puts the enchanted into The Enchanted Home in capital letters. It all looks so tempting that I don’t know how people will make their choices. I only wish I could be in the Hampton’s for this but duty calls in Virginia this summer. Tina-you are a very gifted person and we are lucky you are out there sharing all your talents with everyone.

Sharon on

Gorgeous!!! Open another one in Bluffton.

Charlene on

!What a wonderful dream come true! I share your heart and love seeing all your beautiful wares in place?Enjoy!!!

Lorraine on

A marvelous visit to a truly enchanted garden

laurence de Preval on

hello I want the same shop in France !

Jill Wagner on

Wish I lived closer! Everything is simply gorgeous!

April on

Wish we could have all the beautiful flowers in Arizona. The pop-up is wonderful.. Must be great fun.

Mary Ann on

California is just too far away for a visit to your pop up. Darn!! It all looks beautiful. I am lucky, however, to already own some of the items on display. Love using my melamine dishes.

Carolyn on

Cannot get over how beautiful everything Is!!! I would not have any self-control if I stepped foot into that fabulous little store you were right, the gardens are so beautiful . How I wish I was going to be out that way, however my sister will be in Bridgehampton for one month so I’m definitely going to tell her to stop by and I will get to live vicariously through her visit ! Can graduations this looks like a great partnership

Lynn Tinker Toye on

It looks just lovely! Wish I was closer so I could stop by.

Angela Middleton on

Holy cow! Heaven!

Mary Anne on

Just a feast for my eyes!!! Absolutely stunning displays…. I am sending prayers for your niece….

Barb Austin on

Wish I lived near you…beautiful and saw so much I would like to have 🙂 Are those silver pagoda salt and peppers available?

Deanna on

Gorgeous! Wish I had a trip planned to NYC so I could visit your pop up shop. It’s so beautiful.

Margaret on

Beautiful representation of all your wonderful pieces ~ well deserved ~ Bravo!! PS: Are the blue and white tumblers yours?

Anne Marie O'Connor on

WOW! Great team work with Michael. Looks very complementary and wishing you both success with Sales. LOVE seeing everything pulled together and displayed. ?

Marie Taylor on

Hi Tina!
The shop in the Hamptons is wonderful!! We were visiting family on Long Island last month. If I had know about the shop possibility we would have put off our visit to July.
Are the blue and clear stemmed glasses yours? They would be a wonderful addition to my blue and white stoneware and the beautiful blue and white flatware I have from your shop. Looking forward to knowing where to purchase them.
Prayers and good wishes for your niece. I hope her recovery continues smoothly.
Best, Marie

Frannie B. on

WOW! Makes me want to move to the other Coast. You outdid yourself again. Congrats! Love those paper napkins, are they part of your products? If not, can you advise where I could buy them?
Thanks again for making my morning a happy one with blue-and-white.

Paula on

This pop up shop is so gorgeous! Typical Tina—everything’s just perfect! But I feel so badly—did I miss a post? What is wrong with Tina’s niece? Sending prayers no matter what the issue is.

Alison on

Congratulations on a dream come true! It all looks so beautiful. Wish I weren’t stuck in Virginia and could visit!

Theresa on

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I only wish your pop up and East Hampton Gardens were near me! : )
Congratulations Tina!

Ann Marie on

How beautiful everything looks.. Just goes to prove blue and white looks good anywhere: outdoors and in!

Victoria on

How did you do?

Whitney on

Congratulations! A dream come true I’m sure. There are more Pop Ups in the future!

Regina on

This is so lovely.
Wish I could partake.

Maria J. Murray on

Love it!! Thank you for the great ideas..

Maria J. Murray on

Thank you for the great ideas..

Cher Baar on

I would love to join your blog but could not get the button to work, would not take me to the subscription sight. Thank you, Cher Baar

Jony Baron on

Wish I could come. Did you ever consider coming to Canada? Toronto isn’t to far from Newyork. Thanks for sharing.

Arell on

Just beautiful! I love seeing everything displayed!

Rosalind Laird on

Tina, the shop and the gardens are incredible!!!
They are a beautiful backdrop for the blue and white and I can just imagine how thrilled you are to see your gorgeous things displayed among the flowers!!

Phyllis Parrish on

Lovely as always! I just have to have the blue and white s & p shakers do you ship?

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