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Hello friends. Ready for even more peony love? If you missed part one of the peony post, click here. I personally cannot get enough of these most beautiful flowers. Sadly,  it’s a very short season which makes it even that more cherished. This year, I really had fun with them. I was lucky to discover this fabulous lady out on the North Fork who has a farm and grows them, nothing like getting them just cut!

So yes you could say this was a major highlight for me, getting to play to my hearts content with peonies which I love so much.  Here we go with the second round of how I styled my peony loot. Here we go-



This was a favorite of all time, blush peonies (lots of them) in a huge mound in one of my largest gingers jars (about 24″ tall). A showstopping centerpiece! Luckily a friend “borrowed” it for a fundraiser in her home, so it was put to good use!

Moving outside set up this pretty table featuring my newest melamine and woven style hurricane, which makes a beautiful floral vase too!

Blue, white and pink….what’s not to love

Loved this color combination, it is so fresh, crisp and summery, I experimented with the peonies in one of my large hurricanes

I also experimented with them in one of my smaller ginger jars, could not make up my mind which I liked more!

Then went onto the patio and changed things up with a pretty green trellis tablecloth

Liking the color combination feels very fresh


Hope this gave you your fill of peony love for the day! So sad their season has come and gone, and I was lucky to have gotten one of the last batches to set a beautiful table this past weekend for a small birthday celebration for my husband:) How I wish peony season could last longer or if someone could come up with a hybrid where we could buy these year round! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Click here to see part 1 of the peony post.

Are peonies one of your favorite flowers too? If so stay tuned for my part 3 in a week or so, a final installment on my insatiable love of peonies! Anywho, thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time…….

PS In honor of flowers and flower lovers out there, all hurricanes are 20% today and tomorrow! Use code “style”. Click here to see all hurricanes.

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Piggy Thal on


Sue Yuditsky on

I have always been a lover of peonies as well. One of the most beautiful and intriguing flowers!! Your tables look great!!

Leslie Huff on

Simply stunning!

Randie Miller on

Do you carry the green trellis tablecloth? So fresh.

Liz on

Beautiful peonies!

Mariana De Nadai on

I just adore these flowers

Nancy Pharr on

Beautiful! And I’m sure so
What is the color of your living room walls. Please and thank you.

Norina on

I have always loved peonies. In my garden, I have a white one with touches of red and pink. My one problem is the ants love them too! They’re always crawling around the flower. Therefore, I don’t bring the peonies into the house. Since you have them displayed in the house , I’m assuming that they’re sprayed before bringing the flowers indoors.

Charlene on

What a glorious showing???thank you for sharing!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Thank you for sharing. I am swooning!!! We can’t grow peonies in Phoenix and the ones they ship in are sub-par….

DD on

I love peonies too. You did a beautiful job with them, such an amazing flower.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love your blue and white ginger jar tablecloth. You should add it to your linens collection for sale.

Janet Masterson on

Item #3….the double happiness jar! She is a beautiful piece for my collection. Filled with tall stems ..gorgeous!

Alison on

Love both the blue chinoiserie and the green trellis tablecloths!

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