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Good Sunday morning to you all. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. By the time you are reading this,  I will be in Virginia visiting my parents for a few days. My mom had an operation and I am here to cheer her on in her recovery. How I wish my parents were closer…..I am very close to them and the hardest part about living in NY is not having my parents nearby. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Onto my post this Sunday……


1 A FAVORITE TOMATO TART This has been in my cooking repertoire for a long time, so I always surprised myself when I forget about it, because it is SOOO good! Of course it’s particularly good in July and August when juicy bright red tomatoes are plentiful and that is typically when I make it. This will not disappoint and I guarantee you will have people begging for the recipe! Click here to Ina Garten’s site for the recipe…it is heavenly good!

PS I do not make my own crust, to me,  the store bought crust works just fine and saves a lot of time, I am no Ina:)

2 BEAUTIFUL NEW PIECES COMING SOON I am over the moon about this growing collection. I have always been a fan of beautiful,delicately etched glass. I own a small collection of William Yeoward glasses and a few bowls, however they are so expensive that if a guest were to break one, I think I would lose sleep over it, so these are as beautiful but really affordable. So worth the effort and time that was required to make this happen. Here are some fabulous new additions heading this way!

And then feast your eyes on these new new style ginger jars that I designed, could not love them more and cannot wait to get them. The first one has a matching garden seat…..stay tuned!


3 A FAVORITE NEW PRODUCT FOR SUMMER. I love trying new products, some end up being losers and some become my new summer bff’s, such as this product below.This  is amazing, it is a shimmery oil that can be used just about anywhere, it’s beautiful on the cheekbones or on the shoulders/arms at night, looks great on the legs too, plus unlike some of the others this one doesn’t break the bank, great for a shimmery summery glow. Click here for info

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beauty each and every weekend. A very random grouping, but love each and every one:) Hope you enjoy-

5.NEW MOVIES!! The first two I am very excited about though I know I will need to bring my Kleenex, they both look fabulous. I can possibly see Michele Williams garnering Oscar attention for her role in After the Wedding, she is very talented.

And because I love documentaries, this one looks excellent and very enlightening-


6. INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK. This is a beautiful story and Ashlyn is a most remarkable young woman. Imagine at 24, having the maturity, ambition and empathy to devote her life to the children and community she serves. Being a teacher in itself is such a noble and me, underpaid profession but to immerse herself into one of the poorest communities is a whole other level of selflessness.

How she gives back part of her salary to help these impoverished young children is incredibly admirable. A remarkable young woman, what a beautiful example she sets for all young women out there! The world is full of great and inspiring people, we just need to talk about them more! And kudos to Ellen for continuously sharing these kinds of inspirational stories.

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY Are you a water drinker? If so do you tend to reach for a plastic water bottle or are you using the very popular metal canisters like S’well?

Admittedly I was always reaching for a water bottle however using my S’well (thanks to a good friend giving me one, in blue and white nonetheless) more and more. I love that it stays cold for so long but mostly that it is so good (and important) for our environment which is growing increasingly vulnerable. Whatever small part I can do, I am willing and happy to. What about you, do you use them?



Thank you for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday morning routine, hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing everyone a fabulous and enjoyable Sunday! Until next time…..

PS For today only, to celebrate reaching a milestone with my business, I am offering a 20% discount SITE WIDE, nothing is held back!

Great time to grab something you may have had your eye on. Click here to visit the shop


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Eve B on

Healing prayers for your Mom. You are so blessed to still have your parents, even if they live far away.

cheryl p on

i just love the ginger jar with the tree blossom you designed! And thank you for sharing Ellen’s video, what a remarkable young woman!

helen johnson on

The etched glass looks very interesting.

Susan on

Great Sunday post Tina! Love both new jars and the beautiful hurricanes.

Great story about the teacher- thanks for sharing. OK, I am making that tart today. I have tomatoes from my garden ready!

Ellen on

Love all your new pieces! I love everything I have ever gotten from you- and really enjoyed the teacher video.

Thanks for the movie tips- all look great!

Joan on

Wishing your Mother a speedy recovery, she is so lucky to have such a caring daughter, and I am sure that your Dad appreciates your support and company.
Since your family loved and was loved by a Golden, I encourage you to read the wonderfully written ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’. A dear friend gave me the book shortly after our first Doberman passed, it is a must read for every dog owner. (I’m not a weeper, but keep a box of Kleenex close by.) I hope that the movie does it justice.
Speedy pizza crust secret: Caulipower frozen pizza crusts. $8 for two crusts per pack. The other choices with toppings are ok, prefer to add my own. Crisp up with toppings in the oven at 425 for 8-10 minutes. You won’t feel deprived by not having a bread crust, honest!
Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of a beautiful summer weekend!

Sophie on

Those new ginger jars be still my heart? and the hurricanes.! I love your Sunday posts and Inas recipes are my favorite, have you ever tried her lemon chicken it is absolutely delicious and I make it almost every week. Wishing your mother a speedy recovery !

Christy on

Regarding the water bottle issue, I prefer to use a glass!! Very “old fashioned” I realize but glasses are so much easier to drink from. And, easier to refill and then to pop into the dishwasher. ?

Tempie martin on

I always use glass at home. Only use plastic If I’m away from home and glass is not available.

Susan V. on

Your new etched glass collection is lovely, Tina! Like you, I am a fan of William Yeoward but I’m hesitant to make that kind of investment anymore. I’m still not over the loss of a beautiful Baccarat vase one of my dogs knocked off an end table. Coco is lucky that I love her so much, that’s all I can say. I can’t wait for your new pieces as I know I will find some pieces that will delight the eye without breaking the bank.

Elizabeth Yingling on

I always look forward to your Seven on Sunday! I sit in my garden with an iced tea and savor every bit of your post. The two ginger jar designs are beautiful! Looking forward to their availability. I also look forward to your delicious entertaining recipes… share more, please?!? Prayers that your mom is feeling better very soon. You are so blessed to still have her. (I miss mine all the time.)

Jo Shafer on

Interesting survey about iced water drinking containers. At home, I usually reach for a tall glass from the kitchen cupboard, but lately I’ve discovered any cold drink — whether water, tea, coffee — tastes better from my tall metal Starbucks container. I wish I had a set of those, but that was the only one I happened to find on a car trip a few years ago. As for those ugly plastic bottles? Yuck!!

Catherine B. on

Prayers that Mom heals quickly. You are a good daughter for being there! Safe travels home.

Kelly on

Do you purchase puff pastry, pie, or pizza crust to make Anna’s Tomato Tart? Thank you!

Sally Julian on

I can’t wait for the new jars designed by YOU to arrive either! I hope to be lucky enough to get both of them when they arrive. They are gorgeous!

Dominique B. on

Tina! I am in LOVE with your etched glass pieces…all of them! They are exquisite! Sending best wishes and prayers your Mom’s way.

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