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Hello! First I want to announce the winner of the tulipiere giveaway! Congratulations goes to-

I do love the dark blue tulipiere with the purple flowers !!!!
They are all lovely !!!!
I have a small tulipiere and love it !!!!

Please send us your name, address and tulipere style choice so it can be on it’s way!


So I might physically be here in NY but part of me is still in idyllic Nantucket. It had been several years since I had been and upon visiting recently, I was wondering why I had waited so long. I forgot just what a special gem of an island it is! I was a guest aboard my friends incredible boat and we had the best of both worlds, land and sea:) I would have been hardpressed to find such a beautiful guest room anywhere on the island though there are a few fabulous hotels and plenty of private home rentals.

Suffice to say if you love flowers, charming shops, seaside restaurants and beautiful homes,  specifically along the coastline, then sit back and enjoy! What I love most about Nantucket is how beautifully they have maintained and held onto their character and integrity of their island. Not a modern house in sight, everything works beautifully and cohesively together, you truly feel like you have stepped back in time.

Absolutely love the tradition of naming the homes on the island, which dates back to maritime law that required every ship to have a name, so too do almost all the homes- love it!

So I am going to let my pictures do the talking, because they tell a beautiful story way better than words do! I have divided this into two parts since I took that many pictures, so this is part one and I will post part two next week!  Here we go with highlights from my time in Nantucket….



One of our first stops was Peter Beaton hat studios, I had been years ago but somehow this time had a greater appreciation for how wonderful this old fashioned hat shop is. And yes of course I came home with a beautiful hat which I have worn several times since:)

Every hat is special and hand made, and there are hundreds to choose from

Good news is they sell online! You can visit this most charming shop by clicking here

You can choose from a multitude of grosgrain ribbons and adornments to add to your hat

And yes men are included! They have a wonderful assortment of men’s hats as well

Well, this takes bike riding to a whole new level…a bottle of Veuve Clicquot attached to the bike instead of a water bottle? Works for me!

And we went to the fabulous and super charming Wauwinet Inn one day…

Had lunch there too they offer inside and outside seating

In and about town,  something to snap  a picture of at every turn!

Flowers galore (will feature many homes/flowers in part 2)

Fell in love with every single windowbox!

Stopped in for a quick bite for my friends son at Or The Whale downtime

The overflowing windowboxes seemingly at almost every took my breath away

How fabulous are these bikes! Only in Nantucket would you see a bicycle decked out in flowers:)

And don’t just love a good lighthouse? This one is breathtaking and if I was painted, I would be inspired to paint this!


This post was cathartic in “bringing me back” to this special jewel of a place. Just beautiful at every turn, and the kind of place that makes you feel like you went back in time (so my kind of place). Even the ferry ride is relaxing and you feel the stress leaving your body as you go out onto the open sea.

It’s like you leave everything behind on land, and go full steam ahead. If you have never had the chance to go, cannot recommend it highly enough! It really is a special little slice of America at it’s finest. Stay tuned for part 2 next week, where I will focus on all the beuatiufl homes and flowers I couldn’t stop taking pictures of:) Until next time……

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So beautiful! We have not been to Nantucket in so many years. Make me want to go. Looks like it has stayed the same. Always love seeing the photos if your Teddy at the end. He was a really handsome boy. ?

Love all the beautiful flowers everywhere! Reminds me of the summers spent at family lake house in northern Michigan leaving the TX heat. Everything is so green & fresh. Thanks for taking me on this journey to Nantucket.

So elated you shared this glimpse of Nantucket with us. Loved family trips there with my family as a child. Know how much your creative talent is an inspiration to me.?

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos of this special place that holds my heart. Just had to cancel our trip to Nantucket due to unexpected surgery. We will definitely reschedule and your pics remind me what I have to look forward to! ❤️

Dear Tina,
Thanks for sharing the lovely Nantucket pix. I grew up on Cape Cod and had the opportunity to go over via ferry to Nantucket often.
I now live in CA with my Californian husband. Not long ago I took him to my beloved Nantucket and we purchased many items to decorate our home as I’ve strived to have it look similar to the interiors of that beautiful island. Can’t wait to get back!

Love your Nantucket pics! I’ve never been but it’s definitely on my bucket list. Read Elin Hilderbrand’s books that are set there. Fabulous!

Nantucket is Charming, I would love to go and also Martha’s Vineyard. It is definitely on my bucket list waiting to be checked off. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. ?

Hi Tina we have been going to Nantucket for many years, my husband’s family owned a house there up until about two years ago . We so miss our summers there and celebrating all of the summer holidays . I completely agree with you it’s very special and it really is like going back in time, so happy that you had such a nice time and will be going back again ! Your pictures are fantastic

I haven’t been in about five years but the last time we were there we had the best time, we went for a wedding and stayed for extra days just biking around the island and eating to our hearts content . I love your pictures and look forward to part 2.

This is one of my favorite posts, Tina! Thank you for sharing your delightful pictures of quaint Nantucket! This charming island is definitely on my bucket list.

I’ve never been so thank you for posting these snapshots of Nantucket Island! It does look very inviting!

I really enjoyed this posting.
My late husband and I spent part of our honeymoon there many years ago. I have not been back but may do so in the near future.
Thank you.

Beautiful Nantucket!The Pictures Brought Back Memories Of A Wonderful Time There…So Happy I Read Your Charm Of Nantucket Today…Thankyou!

I was in Nantucket this month after many years away. It was so much more than I had remembered from several years ago. I repeat your words, it took my breath away at every turn. The flowers and window boxes, the happy people and the ambiance of the island was pure joy.

Just beautiful, I feel like I went on vacation.I do not know what I enjoy more the pictures of Nantucket to Teddy Please keep them coming

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