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OK, the day has come! Posting a little later for our West Coast readers by popular request:) Second to last shipment of 2019 and our biggest to date loaded with so many EXQUISITE new porcelains! This is a forewarning-  just saying to brace yourself for some serious blue and white overload.

And if you are a blue and white porcelain lover, then you must sit down for this, there is so much to see and you won’t want to miss a single item. Why? Because I would argue that this might be the most beautiful shipment I have ever had, it is one of the largest and we are introducing several new products which I am super excited about.


This is a win/win, not only would you be incredibly hard pressed to find a selection this vast (and gorgeous) but there is no way you will this prices for these quality pieces!

We will hold this presale for 4 days. This container is en route and due here about Oct. 6th-1oth. As we always do we offer special presale pricing on the entire container before they get added to the shop site (once they are here). Most items are discounted even further for a pair price.

It is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of special pricing and there are as always some special incentives. We often sell out of some things so it is also a great time to guarantee that you will get what you have your eye on.

With the holidays coming, not only is it s a great time to start thinking about getting your house in gear but it is also a fantastic time to think about those blue and white loving friends and relatives, because as we all know porcelain makes the best gift on he planet:)

So here are the rules which I. know to many of you, you already know but for those of you who are new to this, please read over the rules and how this sale works, of course any questions you are welcome to call us-

  • TWO WAYS TO ORDER– Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all offered at special presale pricing, about 15-25% less than what they will be when they go online
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • This container is due here on by around Oct 9-14th  (sometime that week) and orders will ship in the order they were received
  • Spend $500 or more and save 10% off your entire order
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • International? Please email [email protected] or call us with what you want to order and our address so we can get you a shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565






OK, and feel free to tell your porcelain loving friends and family about this sale, if you like them:) And here we go with the parade of exquisite porcelains coming in-

ITEM 1 Our super popular pair of bird jars, such an elegant duo. These fabulous jars depict a pretty bird and floral scene.

Perfect size of 17.5″ tall

Pair is $285.00

ITEM 2 The white extra chunky large jars are coming back, these are always a hit, Elegant white jars with a very light crackle complete with elegant foo dog top.

Measures 20″ x 13″ at it’s widest point

$145.00 each

$275.00 for the pair

ITEM 3  NEW! This super fabulous floral classic scene straight fishbowl, just in love with this and will immediately

be taking a pair home. Love it for indoors or out. Cannot wait to bring a pair of these beauties home!

Measures 17″ x 16.5″

$175.00 each

ITEM 4  NEW! This new style bird jar is sure to become a customer favorite. Elegant bird/floral style with an antiqued finish. Love the foo dog top.

Measures 18″ x 10″ at it’s widest point

$140 each

$270 for a pair

ITEM 5 Our best selling rectangular scalloped and pierced planter is coming back, in perfect time for all those holiday arrangements. This looks spectacular iwth amaryllis or narcissus, also filled with holiday greens!

Measures 14.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 6A  NEW!  Say hello to our newest garden seat to match our village scene tulipiere and now ginger jar! I love this collection and ma over the moon about it. Love the softer lighter blues, just a beautiful piece.

Extra large too, stands at 19″.


ITEM 6B  NEW!   And here is the matching ginger jar, how gorgeous is this? A pair is going right into my bedroom. Love it!

Measures an impressive 18″ tall

$165.00 each

$320.00 for a pair

ITEM  7  NEW!   Another new favorite, is this incredible large scaled cherry blossom jar that I also designed. Love that it has a lot of white on the jar, with the cherry blossoms handpainted on entire body of the jar with a pretty foo dog lid. It also has the raised bumps as an added detail.

Measures 20″ tall

$155.00 each

$295.00 for the pair

ITEM 8 Sometimes you need a smaller jar for smaller spaces, these are perfect on a mantle, which I use in my dining room and I have also done gorgeous arrangements in these that

Measures 14.5″ tall

$75.00 each

$140.00 for the pair

ITEM 9 NEW!  This large flat top antiqued bird jar is a beauty,  I own a pair and these are possibly my all time favorite flat top jar. Measures 10″ tall, lightly antiqued.

Measures 11.5″ x 11″

$95.00 each

$180.00 for a pair

ITEM 10 Another fantastic smaller jar, these are wonderful for smaller chests, consoles, etc…beautiful rich navy design with foo dog top

Measures 11.5″ tall


ITEM 11 These two jars were new additions and both have been very popular, they are a great size and the designs are classically beautiful! Either design same price.

Measures 17″ tall

$145.00 each

$280.00 for the pair

11A Trellis

11B Lily pad/floral

ITEM 12A The fabulous double happiness pieces are coming back! This adorable bud vase is coming home:) This is such a great little vase, perfect for end tables and nightstands. Love the detailing on the handles.

Measures 9″ x 4″

12B The matching small flat top cylinder double happiness jar is such a pretty little jar. Great as a pair.

Measures 6.5″ x 6,5″


ITEM 13 NEW!  This incredible songbird ginger jar is making it’s return after being gone a long time. Always a popular piece, with an elegant cherry blossom design. Great size too, I filled mine with tall sunflowers and it was spectacular, love the foo dog lid.

Measures 17.5″ tall

$135.00 each

$260.00 for the pair

ITEM 14 NEW!   FINALLY this most gorgeous vase is returning. I love this piece and own two. Even without flowers, it is a stunner! Elegant  paneled design with intricate “handles” on either side.

Measures 16″ tall


ITEM 15 A great. mid sized jar with a beautiful figurine/pagoda scenery, such a pretty pattern.

Great mid size at 14.5″ tall

$115.00 each

$220.00 for the pair

ITEM 16 One of my favorite large vases is coming back in stock, this large scaled bird vase is such a beauty! I love it filled with cherry blossoms in the spring and greens and berries for the holidays. One is fabulous and two is showstopping!

Measures 23.5″ x 9″ at it’s widest point

$155.00 each

$295.00 for a pair

ITEM 17 Another wonderful small vase, the kind you want on hand for the weekly flowers you pick up at your market. Elegant floral design, great size and wonderful little hostess gift.

Measures 9.5″ tall


ITEM 18  NEW!  Our other best selling vase is coming back,this beauty is square shaped and has the same gorgeous intricate handles and finely detailed hand painted design in a village scene.

Measures 18″ x 7″


ITEM 19  NEW! Feast your eyes on these two new large jars!! Love them both and am VERY  excited about their arrival, have just the spot for a pair. Two equally beautiful designs, bird and lotus leaf. These have a creamy white background and have been lightly antiqued. Elegant chunky base design with pretty foo dog top.

Measures 20″ x 11″

$175.00 each

330.00 for a pair

Specify lotus or bird

NEW!  Lotus-

ITEM 20 Our adorable mini fishbowls are coming back, and we have doubled up on them. These are so cute, they measure 6″ x 4″. Ideal for small boxwoods, succulents, a pretty catchall, etc…

Measures 5″ x 4.5″


ITEM 21 The original styled chunky dragon, bird, open field and  phoenix jars are also being restocked. Four fabulous styles! These are classically beautiful and a great size, 17.5″ tall. Love the chunky base. Lightly antiqued with foo dog lids and the raised bump detailing.

$145.00 each

$280.00 for the pair

Specify phoenix, bird, open field or  dragon

ITEM 22 Our elegant braided fishbowl handle is coming back. I just love this and keep it filled with orchids. I have also used it as one heck of an elegant beverage holder, filled it with ice then bottles or Rosè and sparkling water. Versatile and gorgeous!

Measures: 18.5″ L x 9″ W x 8.5″ H


ITEM 23 Another fabulous mid sized jar with elegant foo dog and floral design. I love the darker rich colors here and it contrasts nicely in a vignette with other porcelains. Beautiful but really fabulous as a pair! Measures: 14.5″ x 6″ x 6″

$105.00 each

$195.00 for the pair

ITEM 24 This octagonal mid sized cherry blossom jar is coming in and what a pretty jar it is. Love the shape and design that is so easy to fit in with other jars/pieces.

Measures 12″ x 10.5″

$95.00 each

$175.00 for a pair

ITEM 25 These two mid sized planters continue to sell out with good reason, they are reasonable, beautify and can be used is so many ways. They are poopuplar to use with boxwood balls, orchids or fresh flowers. Also have seen them with ferns, and they look gorgeous. Great size!

Both measure 12″ x 8″

Either style $75.00

Specify village scene or trellis

Village scene-


ITEM 26 The best selling mid sized bird flats top is coming back and we tripled what we normally get! This beauty measures 8″ x 8.5″ and honestly just works well everywhere, a great piece to add to an existing vignette.

Measures 8″ x 8.5″

$70.00 each

$130.00 for a pair

ITEM 27 Getting in a limited number of these “grand dame” jars which is how I refer to them. These incredible very large jars are true heirloom quality, just breathtakingly beautiful. These are very large scaled and are real statement jars and sell out fast with good reason.

Measures 26″ x 14″


ITEM 28 Our wonderful little cylinder shaped container is coming back, this is so perfect as a brush holder, pen holder, or little catchall.

Measures 6.5″ x 4″


ITEM 29 These stunning blue and white beautifully hand painted pagodas are coming back. These work well everywhere, literally! I change mine and place them indoors and out almost on a weekly basis:) Offered in two shapes/sizes.

29A This chunkier pagoda is such a great size, they work everywhere. Measures 16″ tall

$165.00 each

$320.00 for a pair

29B This is a taller, thinner shaped pagoda, very elegant, measures 24.5″ x 6″

$205.00 each

$390.00 for the pair

ITEM 30 NEW!  Soooo excited over these planters that I designed. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a pair (or two). I see them filled with red or white amaryllis for the fall/winter and orchids or hydrangeas for other seasons. Love them!

Measures 10″ x 8.5″ perfect size planter!

$135.00 (specify darker or lighter blue)

30A The darker blue

30B The lighter blue


ITEM 31 The popular grand temple jar is coming back in stock. This incredible hexagonal jar features a beautiful and very elegant pattern, complete with foo dog top. The interesting shape makes this a showstopping piece whether alone or as a pair. These sell out fast!

Measures 23″ tall

$185.00 each

$360.00 for the pair

ITEM 32 Gorgeous foo dog fishbowls finally coming back waited a long time for these beauties. I love this size, it makes it an. ideal piece for indoor use and looks amazing outside too. Perfect for an oversized boxwood ball, any kind of topiary tree or boxwood.

Measures 16. 5″ x 16


ITEM 33 Our beautiful extra tall double happiness vase is coming home, this is a beautiful “statement” jar. I love a pair on a console, or by a mantle. Also gorgeous on a center hall table filled with a spray of blossoms.

Measures 24.5″ x 9″


ITEM 34 And last but not least, this two smaller pairs of pagodas and foo dogs are top sellers for good reason. They are beautiful, can be used anywhere, and are perfect pieces to finish a vignette and also make the most stylish bookends!

34A Blue and white mini foo dog pair

Measures 4″x. 6″

$80.00 for the pair

34B Beautiful pair of pagodas, sold as a pair

Measures 7″ tall

$55.00 for the pair


Phew! That is a whole lot of porcelain beauty!! If you made it to this point, congratulations:) Crazy but this never gets old, I get am as excited about this shipment as I was the very first one:)

Want to place an order?

Call 800-804-9565

Email [email protected]



One winner will win a pair of our beautiful mini pagodas. Simply comment on this post telling us your most favorite item or two and how you would use it, a winner will be announced on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day. I know for me, any day that starts with a healthy dose of blue and white has to be a good day:) Until next time…..

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Sky Moore on

Item number 3, the new fishbowl! Absolutely gorgeous! Would love a set on my wrap around porch with palms in them and vines. Would add a perfect touch to my lake porch! Happy almost fall & God Bless!

Charlotte on

I have been wanting to place an order for the small cylinder shaped jar. It would be perfect to hold my makeup brushes.

Becky Vice on

I just bought a seven foot fiddle leaf fig plant and it needs a new sizable container. Item 3 fishbowl would fit the bill perfectly. What a great find! I’m fiddle leaf will be so in vogue and comfy in her new fishbowl.

Susan K on

The blue and white foo dogs are so classic! I have been waiting for these beauties!

Susan Bonfield on

Lovely items for sale! I would use my winning treasures in my bookcase.

Elizabeth on

I love everything but I think the double happiness jar is my favorite.

michelle l oleary on

Love the garden stool with the softer touch painting and the large chunky white ginger jars

Tempie martin on

Wow everything is beautiful. My favorites 4 7. And 19. Might just need all three.

Sandy W on

Love them all. Just have to find more spaces in my home to put some more. Item #33 would be my top pick.

Patti Claud on

As I was looking at these beautiful blue and whites, I thought what a nice gift for my two daughters-in-law!

cheryl p on

I previously ordered the newer tree blossom jar #7, can’t wait for its arrival! Would love to add the foo dog fish planter #32 to my collection!

Sharon Foster on

I am just dazzled!

Julie Shuchman on

Love love # 3 fishbowl floral scene planters! Have never seen this pattern- soft and feminine! Would use a pair in my blue and white library on the floor underneath the mantel in either side. Would put an easy care house plant like a money plant in each ! Will increase beauty and financial fortune in my household!

ting on

Omg!! As I was scrolling through, knowing there would be some sort of Giveaway — and usually am asked what my favorite item is-, I get to the giveaway part- and here is a pair of Pagodas , which IS my favorite on this selection- only a pair.- Gorgeous!!-Love your site and Home Decor and all. -Thanks,_Valery

Karen Wheat on

The best and the only blue and white collection —anywhere. Perfect shapes and design…please,I want it ALLLLL

Laurie on

Love those garden stools!

Michael John on

Lovely – I want the foo dogs!

sandra K on

Tina, you have outdone yourself! Your new selections are wonderful! These items are worth the splurge!

Elizabeth Yingling on

I love it all! Your new designs are so soft and gorgeous. Perfect for the master bedroom. I know I’ll be ordering a pair of #17, as well, because they are so versatile!

Cc chintz on

Really like the footed planter. I have a lot of blue and white but an antique dealer asked me “Where are your Foo dogs?” So that being said…

sandra K on

OOPS! Forgot to leave my favorite! I think one of the new large bird jars would fit nicely on my entry way table next to two other blue and white jars!

Eve B. on

Item 32, the Foo Dog fishbowl is lovely, as are the mini pagodas. What a fabulous shipment!

Tim F. on

Love the foo dogs. They’d be great on my console.

Arlene on

I love the
Mini pagodas and the taller pagodas. Would love to have a mix
Of those in my
Dining room. Thanks for always being on the mark with your beautiful accessories

Ann R. on

The “grand dame” is gorgeous! I also love the mini foo dogs and pagodas!

Mary Beth on

The large pagodas and mini foo dogs are my favorite, but I love ALL blue and white!

Bonnie on

One of my all time favorite items from the shop is #29B, the tall, thin pagoda. A pair would be wonderful.

Cheryl on

Tina, everything is beautiful! Your designs are fabulous! I’m placing my pre-order today!! I have the perfect place for the beautiful mini pagodas in my bookcase. They will look great! Thanks for everything you do in helping to make our homes beautiful!

Anita. on

I have a pagoda crush either
short or tall they would be a stunning addition to my blue and white collection. I probably would use them on the mantle but they could be moved to dining room table for special occasions.

Megan M on

Love item#4 – the new bird jar! The antique finish is great!

Joy on

LOVE ’em! Have to have ’em!!!

Cindy on

Wow!! Blue and white beauty overload!!!❤️?❤️

Deb Harris on

Right now, I’m loving the garden stool to put next to my tub!

MaryLouise Holtz on

Beautiful as usual.. cherry blossom ginger jar with evergreen boughs….cannot wait!

Susan M on

Oh my goodness! As I scrolled they kept getting better and more beautiful! Love 6b & 7 – so feminine!

Blair on

I love the little pagodas!! Would use them in my dining room or on my mantle..

Mary on

My goodness…all of these are gorgeous as always. My favorite has to be the new planter design…just yummy.

Jane H. on

I love all of the items, particularly the porcelains with the foo dogs on the top. I also love all types of of the pagodas. I don’t have any of those yet and have been wanting to get some. I have the blue and white small foo dags and absolutely adore them. They are just the right size . Everything is beautiful. Thank you for having these wonderful porcelains made for us.

Jennifer S on

Such great items. I have several and enjoy each one. Can always add another!

Elissa Cron on

I’m so excited and overwhelmed! What a beautiful presentation! Now to get busy and make choices. Thank you for all these truly beautiful pieces to choose from.

Patricia on

I love everything of course but the new footed planter you designed has to come home to me!

Jennifer Garren on

30a, I would love to use a pair of these gorgeous planters in my mantle filled with berries for the holidays

leigh b on

Item 16 and the other vases. I have a couple of yours and enjoy them with my hydrangeas and other flowers!

Christine on

Wow, that is a stunning amount of blue and white! I think 29B is a favorite – a set of two in my bay window with seasonal flowers would really brighten up my living room.

Pam W on

Love the new planters

Lee on

Love number 19, both are nice but I prefer the bird! Calling you next with an order!

Judifer Yellich on

My favorite are 34A & 34B…would love them on my fireplace and mantel.
p.s. love the two little lamps I just bought.

Yolanda on

Love the matching ginger jar to the garden seat.

Ruth on

I love #2 ! Goes with everything ❣️❣️

Bev on

Love that you still include your beautiful dog in all posts. Our dogs are such wonderful creatures.

Peggy Wilkins on

Love it all, I always love the “double happiness” motifs on the vases or ginger jars. My love isn’t limited to that though, everything shown is eye candy and beautiful!

Mickey on

I love the ginger jars and would place them on my mantle.

Dianne Kropp on

I’m in need of a pair of small vases and I think I see exactly what I’m looking for, and several things I’m not in need of but really, really want!!!!!!

Kate S on

Item 5, the rectangular planter catches my eye, I can see it with greens for the holidays. But really everything is just lovely!

Gay Dean Lundin on

I’m so excited to see the little cups come back, I wanted to make candles for gifts this season! Thank you!

Catherine B. on

I really like the white large jars and the foo dog pair. They would look great on my sofa table. So many pretty things as always!!

Cindy on

Everything takes my breath away! LOVE THEM ALL! Your new footed planter will be wonderful with a small fern in a grouping of your blue and white pieces. Have slowly collected blue and white for 35 years, and YOU have made it so easy for us. You have the loveliest items to make our lives beautiful!

Fernanda Clifford on

They are all gorgeous. Item 30 would be beautiful on mantle with Christmas topiaries.

Janice Dauksch on

I have thought about those 16 “pagoda before since they are not anything I see in my area of the mini foo dogs and they would look great on my large book cases

Carol on

Oh my, Tina! I love every single piece! I also never tire of blue and white porcelain. I only wish I could buy every single thing in your shop!

Barbara Thompson on

Vase #14 is simply gorgeous, but there are several other things I find myself thinking “gotta have that”. I had thought my collection was pretty much complete, but now I’m not so sure. Thanks for keeping dreams alive!

Ingrid on

Love the garden seat. Would use as end table!

F Biegel on

Your pieces are exquisite!!

Leslie on

My favorite is hard. Love them all, But I do love the blue and white Foo Dogs… 🙂

Peggy Thal on

Such beautiful new items. Love them.

Chris on

I am new here so feel like a kid in the candy store ?. Really like #10, 14 and 26. Going to start a grouping on a new buffet in the dining room. Your home is beautiful!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

I love all the Blue and White Porcelain Selections You have ordered. Exquisite! Anyone of these items would look great at my front entrance on the hall table with lovely seasonal florals. Hope I get a chance of winning one of these items. Beautiful!

Karen Phillips on

I’ve always loved the pagodas! SO gorgeous!!

Nancy on

What a spectacular October container! My wish list begins with Item 1: Pair of Bird Jars and quickly added Item 11B: the Lily pad floral design jars. Beautiful

Alissa S on

The new fishbowl (#3) is just beautiful, and I’m thinking of ways to use it on my front porch throughout all the different seasons!

Ginny on

Love all your blue and white. I’ve been waiting for the #26 midsize bird flat top ginger jars to come back in stock, I must have them for my collection! This has become an addiction….

Ellen Willson on

All are SO Beautiful…. and the pagodas are my very FAVE!!!!!

Sara on

Favorites would be garden seat or any size pagodas cause are both unusual and hard to find.

Suzanne K. Hughes on

Just send me to Blue and White Heaven! I love and want each piece! Most beautiful collection by far.

Jenni Toebben on

Wow! It makes me happy just to look at all of this fabulous blue and white! I would love the taller, thinner, elegant pagoda (29B). So beautiful!!!

Mary on

I love item #33 I love the foo dog and will look stunning with my fiddle leaf dig!

Samuel Benbow on

I love them all! Blue and white is always such a pretty combination but I love the pagodas the most! I love doing different table scapes especially with spring flowers, they look so pretty with the blue and white porcelain

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina,
Lovely shipment! I love #11B, I would use it with flowers or just decoration.
I love everything you are getting.
Have a fun week

Patricia Pfeil Pozza on

There is no way to choose among these incredible pieces!

Joan Richards on

I love the foo dogs and plan to get 2 pair. One for a gift and one for me! And I love the planters that you designed! Really I love it all but those things stood out to me today.

Paige H on

Wow! Hard to choose with such a beautiful collection but I think the pagodas would look fab on my dining room table and the large double happiness vase would be a stunning centerpiece filled with gladiolas! And the mini foo dogs on the mantle, and a garden stool on the screen porch……so many wonderful pieces!!

Debbie Stutes on

Well you’re asking us to pick our favorites and it’s like asking me to pick what ice cream is best at the ice cream shop! They are all
So beautiful and I would like to have a pair of every piece. But since your pinning me down I would have to say that item 5 the rectangular and pierced bowl has topped my list of needs. I will put it on my coffee table with greens this Christmas. Thank you for sharing your love of blue and white with all of us. It brings a smile to my face every time is see a picture with these beautiful pieces.

Jason on

Item number 5 would look great on my dining table! ❤️

Elizabeth on

I love it all and want it all!

Anne Milam on

I love the Phoenix jar with foo dog lid! Mainly because I love the symbolism of the bird rising from the ashes. I find that reminder so inspiring, that no matter what comes, we have the strength to rise from our own ashes and change our story. I would put the jar in my bedroom, filled with flowers, for me to enjoy and be reminded of this truth. ❤️

Kathleen Bossert on

Love the little pen holder and the water lily anything!

Janet on

Oh my! So many beautiful choices, I had to sleep on it and look again today. I’ve narrowed my choice to two of 14 or 18–I can’t go wrong with either one. I will remove two smaller shelves on either side of some built in shelving. They will be stunning and finish off the display.

Ashley on

Love, love, love ITEM 14! I would put this on my mahogany dining table filled with forsythia branches, the yellow against this blue with the rich wood color would be amazing!

Teena Tucker on

I use your precious foo dogs as book ends on my kitchen island with blue leather books that I have and a white ceramic lamp. Sometimes I put flowers there too. It makes me so happy! I wish I could send a picture!

September on

Everything is just gorgeous in this container! And I’m in love with those mini pagodas!

Ellen Casey on

I have been dying for a pair of jars, topped with lions, as long as I can remember. And, that is quite a long time, as I just celebrated turning 70! I am thrilled each time I scroll through your lovely site.

Mary on

So gorgeous! Blue and White Heaven!

Dominique B. on

I’m drooling over here looking at all these spectacular blue and whites! Picking a favorite is quite a chore as I love everyone of them! Today I would choose number 16 as a favorite because of the large size vase and also because it goes oh so well with 2 of my ginger jars from Enchanted Home. The vase would look great in every room so I can’t pick a favorite. Besides, I love playing with my Blue and Whites and changing it up with different arrangements and placements almost weekly! It’s like playtime for me!!

Debbie B on

I’m loving item 13, the songbird ginger jars. All the lovely white with more delicate yet bold blossoms in blue. Very fresh and clean. I think a pair would be ideal on the table behind my sofa! Well done, Tina!

C. Herrmann on

Love everything, of course but, the footed planters in the lighter blue are so charming!

Cheri on

I’ve been waiting for the mini Foo Dogs. They are precious!

betty overly on

all of the items are beautiful. I certainly plan to buy a tulipiere. Watching for a sale

Christy Bennett on

Absolutely love all the beautiful goodies.

Christy Bennett on

Oops. My comment got posted before I was done. 29a & b and 30 are my favorites. I would display these beauties on various tables and shelves around my home. They would be front and center so I could enjoy them. I have the Foo Dogs and love them

Laura on

You have the most gorgeous products. I love scrolling and drooling over how pretty they are. Making my list now

Barb Austin on

Love anything with a foo dog…this time floral jars with my favorite foo. Just love the choices you give us.. Unfortunately I can always find one (or 2) I love and need.

Kiley on

Stunning!!! Want it all!!!

Kiley on

Gorgeous!!! So many wonderful pieces!!

Susan B. on

The pagodas would fit in beautifully with all of my blue and white!!!

Jeanne E on

Love the mid-size jars and the new garden seat. It’s always exciting to see the new designs!

Donna DeMarino on

Really love the pair of mid-size darker blue jars. So awesome.

Lou on

All of this are just beautiful, . Would love to have.

Maria Murray on

Item number 33, the double happiness vase, every week, I get flowers in remembrance of my husband, he passed away last year and he used to love lilies, I definitely will use this vase to place his favorite flowers. I love the name, the happiness vase, my husband Frank brought me a lot of happiness, and this vase will signify that.

Roxanna Hunt on

I love everything in this collection. Blue and white have always be my favorite to decorate with and never gets old to the eye. I would welcome them all.

Kristin Allen on

There are so many stunning pieces in this container! I would love to add a pair of the garden stools as cocktail tables in my sunroom or update my fall tablescape with a series of vases. So many options! I would add these mini pagodas next to the ginger jars flanking my kitchen sink.

Jennifer on

I love everything!!! I enjoy moving my different pieces around and embellishing them with whatever holiday fanfare is appropriate. I can never get enough of the blue & white.

Mary Lou Layden on

I won’t be able to sleep tonight ! Every selection is GORGEOUS – and I really would like to have them ALL- Ha!! I’m sure everybody would also. Alas, I will look at my list one more time, painfully narrow it down, and then wait with excited anticipation on my order’s arrival. I thank you, and my home thanks you, for your lovely and reasonably priced porcelains.

Caroline Stevenson on

LOVE it all but my favorites are 6A and 6B. Would love to gift to my mother on her birthday at the end of September! Xoxo.

Linda Biondi on

Your pieces are stunning. I am so happy that I’m a subscriber. As a blue and white collector, I can’t get enough of your gorgeous pieces.

Meredith B on

Far too many gorgeous items to pick from — and I already own several of the items featured in this shipment — but for this time, I think I most prefer #32 the foo dog fishbowl which I would use to re-home my lemon tree. It would love lovely on a patio table in spring and summer and in my great room next to the grand piano in the fall and winter! Yellow lemons are always nice with blue and white!

Wendy on

Love them all!!!

Denise Collins on

I always love the foo dogs. They make great bookends.

Beverly Rowntree on

I love item #23. The dark, rich blues are gorgeous. I would put a pair on my dining room table. ??

JenBC on

My favorites this time are #8 and #22 simply for the size. I have some larger pieces and these would be great on a shelf or in an alcove. I can see them already!

Tina on

Pagodas are beautiful!!! Love love love


Love the planters. Especially 30 a and b. Can’t decide on dark or light. Just gorgeous!!!!

Rebecca McVeigh on

Gorgeous!! I want it ALL!! I want item 3 and I would use them outside on my front porch of my yellow house, swoon….
Then I would buy 6A the lighter garden stool, she would be so pretty in my light pink foyer. What a great eye you have ?

Sandy on

I can’t get enough of blue and white porcelain. As my collection builds I still find a spot for these beautiful art pieces. It truly is my collection of art!

Sandy Alderette on

As a gardener all the planters and fishbowls. Especially item 30 and 32.

Paula Ball on

Love the blue and white porcelain. I have been collecting and displaying blue and white for years. It never seems to go out of style. The pagodas are to die for!!! Would love to win!!!

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