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Hello friends, hope you are having a wonderful week. Crazy that we are in the second week of September, I already feel the pressures of the holiday mounting and doing my best to stay well ahead of the curve ball:)

In the meantime, here is a random musings post that features what’s been happening in my corner of the world. It’s been a busy few weeks with lots going on, not a ton of down time which makes my lazy Sundays that much more enjoyable! Very little narration necessary, the pictures do all the talking, so here we go-


Three little pumpkins sitting on the ledge…….

Son came home and mom to the rescue with a whipup of his favorite lunch, pasta alla caprese!

Was at the apt. in NYC I finished (almost) for a photo shoot, a few behind the scenes pictures, will share more when I can, L O V E this library so much!

Behind the scenes flower making!


The elegant foyer makes a beautiful first impression

Almost ready for the closeups

Amazed at the process and how it’s all done now with technology!

Dinner with a bunch of friends at a pretty newer restaurant One North, it was great but got very “sceney” later on (not my thing) but pretty place

Always up for a good sushi meal! NO this was not all for me:)

Came across this and it made me excited for fall decorating (from last year)

So….don’t be jealous but years ago a antique shop was closing their doors.  I happened to go the second to last day it was a very sudden closing and I had no idea. She was just about giving away because the person who bought them reneged after he found out how much they would be to ship them to him in California.

This was a case of walking into the right place at the right time, as you might know,  these most exquisite Venetian mirrors as you know they can easily run $6-10,000! I bought four! Had no idea what I am doing with them but recognized the deal and plan to put them somewhere, someday….

Used my chinoiserie giftwrap and goregous gift tags featuring my Arabella June custom monogram

Yes rather smitten with my new faux kalanchoe, love that i will never have to worry about watering the again! Click here to see them both (you may need to scroll down, there are two sizes/styles)

Link to preorder the new planter is here

A friend is undergoing what has turned into (as they often do) a large renovation that started off as a “small” project! I stopped by to see her beautiful mess

Dared to go into my “Christmas dept store” as it is affectionately known (the attic) and I must admit I had fun seeing all of my holiday decor from seasons gone by:) On the other hand, I nearly fainted thinking about one day when we sell this house, what a task it will be to pack…think a mega tag sale will be in order. But according to my husband, we are never selling this house so guess the holiday decor will remain:)

You know how much I love going to farms and farmstands….a few Saturdays ago went and had such fun, last stop was Briermere for the worlds best pies, their peach and blueberry pie is so good it should be illegal:)

And YES, it really is that ridiculously good!

Gorgeous vibrant farm flowers, and yes, some even came home with me-

Above is our family room, it is a beautiful room but now that my husband has made the declaration we are never moving, I am giving this bad boy a facelift. This furniture believe it or not is almost 18 years old. Good furniture lasts, yes I know. Thank you EJ Victor, TRS and Theodore Alexander for making furniture that more than stood up to the challenges of three active sons!

We have more than gotten our moneys worth:) But I want to add new life to it, and am going to make it a project. The rug has soft greens, blues and golds (hard to see in this picture) so I want to lighten things up a bit and pull colors out of the rug. I am not sure if I am going to begin now or wait till the holidays, but rest assured I will take you with me on the transformation!

Yesterday put the finishing touches on my dining room mantle, and I love it. Simple and elegant, went out cut some evergreen, added holiday feeling sprigs to my two favorite double happiness vases and added my family of pumpkins! Click here to see the pumpkins sold as a set of individually.

Never used evergreen for fall but you know what- I love it! I really like the rich greens against the blue and white, think it’s quite striking. Plus it’s right in my yard, so why not!

Last, caught this incredible blush toned sunset the other night and it just took my breath away, love those late summer nights….yes it is still summer:)



So there you have the highlights of the last couple weeks. I have to say its been an unusually busy start to fall, (well you now what I mean, though it really starts Sept 23rd). I feel like this is a warm up for what is to come for the holidays.. B U S Y. So kind of like I am revving up my engines now.

Hoping to get all my  mums planted this week/weekend so that my home looks like it is ready to welcome the new season, my most favorite of all, fall! Hope your week is going well, and always appreciate you stopping in. Until next time………..

PS Many have been asking about our presale for the new holiday gift wrap and ornaments, we are either going to hold it this week or early next week, just working on some last minute details but it is coming, and SO worth the wait!!



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Pictures are great. By the way, the attic, crawl space, storage space all look the same in many homes. Disarray, upside down and disorganized. Someday I hope to have a feeling of organization in this space but until now, the door stays closed! I would love to have a group to come and just organize my space. My husband calls it junk but it’s holiday/seasonal decor that is just not placed or organized well. Just not aesthetically pleasing right now to the eye. Hopefully someday…?

Was just on instagram and was going to enter contest. After reading rules I don’t know how or what tag is. Any way I love that you give us the opportunity to have beautiful things for our own homes. Every I walk through my home and see all the things I have purchased, I fall in love with them all over again. Thank you for making that possible!

Those mirrors Tina…just absolutely fabulous! What a find. Hang them out now…they are exquisite! Kelli Dominique

I have a large venetian mirror in my dressing room and love it so much. I know how your husband feels–when I moved 7 years ago from a house we lived in for 27 years, it took 5 moving trucks. I had 50 oil paintings that had to be crated. Thank goodness I have a 400 sq ft. floored attic for storage, and I turned the large 5th bedroom in my house into a HUGE closet with big double tiered chandelier, upholstered furniture and built in cabinetry and peninsula. I keep all my Christmas items in there so I don’t have to drag them down from the attic and put them back after Christmas. I put Karastan carpet in a cheetah design on the floor and painted the walls a soft Dijon mustard color from Benjamin Moore called Peanut Shell. It is a fun room. I would dread moving again, but I kinda have the bug to build a farmhouse style house (white with black framed windows). There is a Southern Living plan called the Cedar River Farmhouse that I love (with a few interior changes). The problem is finding a pretty flat lot that is wide enough for a 105 foot house. It would be a fun vacation house and maybe forever home someday.

Our dinner last night featured a dish similar to your pasta alla caprese but with bay scallops and baby shrimp seasoned with herbs from my garden. Red foods served on Blue Willow, or other blue & white, look particularly delightful, don’t they?

Save family room project for after the holidays..believe me -wait. This season from pumpkins to poinsettia is too good to miss.
Also , tag sale is mostly an easterner’s term for estate or even garage sale, doesn’t have to be in the garage.
Yes I would have snapped up those mirrors with no buyers remorse

Those peaches looked so good, I wanted to bite the screen. lol. I am so curious to see your process in updating your gorgeous family room! Great things are ahead! Have a beautiful week.

Always so fun to get a glimpse into your world. I too love farm stands. Wish I had some like yours near me! And that pie!!

I love pasta! I saw this photo on instagram as well and it looks like an easy delicious recipe.

Blueberry Cream Pie??!! Whaat. Sounds ah-mazing! Your iPhone takes excellent quality photos.

Thanks for sharing. Yes, the pasta looks yummy. I always enjoy all of your recipes. I’m guessing you didn’t indulge?

We will be in New Your for Thanksgiving, Would you mind reposting your NY favorite list? I thought I saved it from a previous post but can’t seem to locate it. Would greatly appreciate!
As always, thank you for the beautiful pictures you post.

Anxiously waiting to see the family room remodel. Know it will be beautiful because you have such good taste. Also must comment on the apartment you decorated. Its gorgeous, especially the foyer.
So now I’m craving peach pie, yours looks too good. Thank for allowing us to travel through your life in picture.

Those Venetian mirrors make me want to visit your home and make you an offer for one at least! Good for you! If you find you have too many (ha-ha), I bet if you posted them as a special for your IG followers, you would have an instant bidding war! The apartment you decorated makes me want to move in! About your family room. You are in the Christmas business. I’ll bet in your desire to brighten up your room you might be forgetting how much time and energy a Christmas retailer goes through. Wait! Love all your pictures/comments/recipes—in short, everything! And especially the pictures of beautiful Teddy. That is the face that launched a thousand hugs! Not to mention the million tears.

I absolutely love your family room! Please don’t do anything too drastic like paint over that gorgeous paneling. Can’t wait to see what you do, I know it will be amazing!

Thank you Tina for the great pictures! Loved them all. Looking forward to the family room project. I have so many Enchanted Home things in my house now. It looks very nice and would never have attempted it without your blog. Love the new picture of Teddy, he looks so much like our Golden Retriever Abby.

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