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Hello and happy Sunday to you. Hope you are having a great weekend, here nice and relaxing and enjoying the beautiful season of fall. We got to 58 degrees yesterday which was thrilling for me as I got to wear my first sweater jacket of the season! We were supposed to be heading upstate today to take in the magic of the fall foliage, however we may get some rain and the peak is still a few weeks away so think I am going to wait a week or two. I refuse to let this glorious season go by without my getting to take in the fall foliage splendor which is always spectacular upstate/Vermont.

Had a nice dinner with friends, was in the city, nothing like NYC during the season of fall (and winter)! Today, going to finally see Downton Abbey, cannot wait. Had a date with a friend but was away, so today it is! I know it will be further proof that I was indeed born in wrong era. Oh well, time to focus on the present!

Onward to my Seven on Sunday this weekend, hope you enjoy-



1 THE SWEETEST GARDEN SHED AND GARDEN I saw this and fell in love, leave it up to talented Chip and Joanna, love them. I am dying for a garden shed and planting garden like this, I could live here!! Is this not the cutest thing ever, Joanna can you make my dreams come true? Click here to read more about this dreamy little place…..

2 AMAZING NEW PRODUCTS! We have never had so many exciting things happening at once. It is like Christmas a few months early. Not long ago I introduced to you the amazing large house trays…these are truly incredible and like a mini master oil in the form of a tray.  These make the most sensational gift!  You can find out more about these incredible trays by clicking here

Here are some recent orders that will be shipping this week!

(Colors look a little lighter as these were taken with a flash)


And our stocking collection this year is going to be AMAZING. Forget what you think about stockings having to be red and green and take a look at this sophisticated spin on holiday stockings that will be both super festive but elegant and fit into your decor just beautifully, as if they were custom designed! We will be offering several color palettes, cannot wait to begin decking my halls…….

There are going to be about 20 differnt stockings, here are some others not yet photographed, should have the entire collection online for a pre order in about a week or so-

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Love this grouping,  a nice combination of fall, beautiful locales and a fun funnies to make you laugh this Sunday morning…….

4 MY MUMS IN BLOOM About the only thing I was excited about coming home to was seeing my white mums by my front door almost in full bloom…..yes, looks like they are on steroids and I  am loving every minute! Mums are a great value, inexpensive and when they bloom, they bloom in vibrant color. Plus what says fall more beautifully than mums?

Many ask about my stone pumpkins, they are from my shop (click here). They are fabulous as they are a fiber stone so you can pick them up, they only look like real stone. Offered in a few sizes, they make fall decorating easy peasy and I love that I have them every year!

They can all be found under my statuary and planters, click here

5 A FASCINATING DOCUMENTARY ON BILL GATES I love and greatly admire Bill Gates, always have. He is a man of decency, integrity and judging from his immense giving, incredibly generous as well.

He is one of those I would pick on my short list if asked that question, “if you could invite 5 famous people to dinner”. I find his story, wisdom and views on the world fascinating and I often listen to podcasts and  interviews with Bill as there is much to learn from this man. I was happy to stumble across this wonderful documentary about him from his earlier days, so fascinating and worth watching!

6 ANOTHER BOOK YOU NEED. Make room on your bookshelf for another book you simply need to own! My friends who came to visit at Palmetto Bluff brought me this darling book as part of a housewarming gift. I love Reese and her wonderful, charming southern style. Only recently however did I carve out the time (while at the pool in PB, so apropos) and read it front to back and if I tell you I got teary eyed reading it, I am not exaggerating. Good thing I was wearing sunglasses:)

So much of her opening resonated with me, all about Southern women, southern culture, so many wonderful traditions and so many things from my own childhood and family flashbacks came flooding back. I was amazed at the rush of memories, it made me feel both incredibly emotional and grateful for the childhood and strong southern ties that were a part of it.  It was such a “feel good” book and made me so proud of my Southern heritage. I cannot seriously recommend this enough, it made me laugh and cry (happy tears).

So many wonderful nuggets of good information and tons of wonderful sounding recipes too. Great gift idea as well! I found it on Amazon as I am sending it to someone going through a tough time who loves all things southern and think this just might cheer her up a bit! Click here

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the college scandal that rocked the world of all parents with college aged kids. Seeing Hollywood stars who many looked up to being a part of this deceitful ring was at best, incredibly disappointing.

As many of you know, Felicita Hoffman almost from the start came out with a very passionate apology and owned up to her monstrous wrongdoing over and over. While I do think it was sincere, I also think she should be punished as any other civilian would. In other words, no special treatment because she is a Hollywood celebrity. Overall think what she got was pretty fair and then there is the unspoken “sentence” of the shame she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

Of course this is my opinion and you most certainly do not have to agree, we can agree to disagree:)  She got a fine, 250 hours of community service and 14 days of jail time. What do you think? It was enough? Too little? Too much? Always curious to see what you think……


And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this weekend’s Seven on Sunday, always enjoy hearing from you about something you may have enjoyed on this post. Part of the fun of this blog is the exchanging of ideas, so keep them coming. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and relaxing end to your weekend. Until next time………

PS ALL tabletop is 20% off until tonight! Lots of things just came back in stock, not a minute too soon to start thinking about holiday entertaining and gift giving! Click here to see tabletop (all subcategories are on the left)

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Tina, your seven on Sunday always gives me a kick in the pants! Always gets me to put down my coffee cup and get going. Just never sure where! Hehe. Thank you!

I think Felicity Huffman received the right sentence. I also think that we need to stop the legacy trend that gives the children of alumni preferential treatment. Then there are the wealthy parents who donate large sums of money to a university, and of course their children are automatically accepted by that university. The process is already a bit sketchy.

Would enjoy hearing more about the Southern roots you mentioned. You certainly seem to capture them in your love of entertaining.

What a fascinating read on the history of GRACE and the restoration process !! Our South Carolina Low Country is so rich in history and Tradition and I’m so proud to call her home where I was born and raised !! Hope you will love it as much !!

Tina, I can not tell you how much I enjoy your ‘Seven on Sunday” blog. I look so forward to it EVERY Sunday!!! I sometimes wait until Monday if I can not sit quietly, to read the entire post all to my self!!! You are so inspiring to me, your beautiful home, ideas and products!!! I love living thru you! I have purchased many times from your site, and thrilled by this mornings idea for a future wedding gift that will be so over the top awesome, the tray with their first home painted on it!!! I love love love all that you do for “The Enchanted Home”. Thank you always for sharing so much!!! Have a wonderful time seeing “Downtown Abby”!!! I have seen it twice in the theater, and need to see it once more before it leaves!! the best thing is I really think it was just SPECTACULAR in sewing up everything, but also could see another sequel in the future. The music is just fabulous and oh so great in the theater. Thank you for this wonderful blog, the best part of my Sundays!!!! Linda

Yes, by all means, let’s all have drinks while we laugh at the amusing lower classes shopping at Walmart.

Perhaps we can also hold a seance, raise the ghost of Marie Antoinette and let her mock them along with us.

So much to love on this post, I know I’ll forget something ! Absolutely love the house trees what a beautiful and unique gift .
YES to those gorgeous stockings, will definitely be ordering !
Great instagrams too. My personal opinion on Felicity Is that for 10 days was just too much of a slap on the wrist,. is that 14 days was just too much of a slap on the rest, I thought she should have served at least a few months Her deceitfulness robbed spots away from honest hard-working students who tried to do it the right way . She also robbed her daughter of so much that will stay with her forever . Very sad matter how you look at it .

Re: College admissions scandal. Why have we heard nothing about the coaches, administrators, admissions officers, et. al? There were 2 parties that had to agree to commit this fraud. What is their punishment? They extended favors in exchange for bribes. Why do they get off? I believe Huffman’s sentence was fair, but so many people are guilty of so much more awful things than trying to buy influence for your kids, and they are still walking around. Justice seems upside down sometimes.
On a lighter note, thank you for Seven on Sunday, and enjoy Downton!

Risa your comment is ridiculous and very over sensitive. Walmart”s “people”
have garnered a niche market so that Instagram is on point. Please learn how to laugh!

Tina, another great Sunday post. The house trays are so pretty, love the uniqueness and I have someone in mind for Christmas who is one of those that seems to have everything except this tray!!

I will buy Reese’s book, thank you for the tip. When we were in Nashville about a year ago we actually met her at her store and she could not have been nicer ! Adore your new stockings, will you offer navy again?

Love the enclosed kitchen garden with “tool” shed. I’d use the shed as a writing cottage, much as Virginia Woolf did, but hers was separate from the gardens and reached by a path from the main house.

I am quite capable of enjoying a good laugh, however I prefer it not be at the expense of people who are struggling to survive in an economy that has left so many working class people behind. The entire “People of Walmart” humor is crude and centered around looking down one’s nose at them.

But thanks for the lecture. Go back to enjoying your laughs.

I feel that Felicity should have given scholarships to at least 5 or more students for 4 years, and specific community service with children instead of a “fine”. At the very least 5 or more young adults would have benefited …

There is never an instance in which it’s appropriate to mock those less fortunate. I think it’s time to take stock of ourselves and deal with what we’ve become.

Another great Sunday post! I generally do not like Sundays but must say your post is one of the few things I look forward to on this day. I adore the stockings, and can’t wait to see the other colors that you’ll be offering them in, what a good idea !

I love the suggestion that someone above made about Felicity offering scholarships that is brilliant ! I personally thought that she should do at least six months, I can assure you that if it was anyone other than a celebrity they would be there for at least six months to a year. To me, it is appalling and unforgivable what she did to cheat the system Trying to steal a spot from a hard-working honest high schooler! . To me, the high school also seems to be part of this, how was it that they did not know any of this was going on because the relationship between a high school advisor and a college advisor is pretty close. I think there is a lot more to the story than what we know . If I were Lori Loughlin I would be very nervous!

Love your Sunday blog. So many pretty things to be inspired by and thank you for the laughs!

Thank you, Mary.

If the phrase “ghetto” was inserted in place of Walmart everyone would immediately see the inappropriateness of the “humor”.

Love the post! Those stockings and trays oh my! Huge fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, they can do no wrong in my book ?

Hi Tina,
I enjoy your Seven on Sunday and this one is one of the best.
Reese’s book is lovely, I had it for about a year and have made several of her recipes. I simply love this book for the same reasons you stated in your post.
I’m Hispanic, and I was raised with the same manners that she writes about including the monogram mania!?
Thank you for your post and have a great week,

My heart hurt when I read the Walmart post this morning.
Risa, what a lovely person you are. Intelligent, Kind, Compassionate. Articulate. Witty. Thank you for your observation and for championing the people the Instagram post mocked and minimized.
And Audrey, since jumping to the defense of the common man is clearly not your thing I can only pray that you are able to secure a few more of those adorable holiday stockings in navy.

I should have known you had southern roots because of your love of all things beautiful . And because of how you “talk” to us. How you make sure to be pleasant to everyone.
Miss Huffman plead guilty up front, didn’t try to get out of her sentence and therefore I think her sentence was appropriate. What they were teaching their spoiled children was that money is god but like all things willfully misused, consequences are sure to be in their future.

Sarcastic laughing at the expense of others is sad and never appropriate.
Kudos to you Risa, for bringing it to our attention.

Hi Tina I am a new reader but just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blogs!

This is so much better than reading the Sunday paper in my house need those. stockings!

Loving your faux stone pumpkins! And thank-you for showing how ONE colorway in Mums looks fabulous! I’m more of a ornamental cabbage kind of gal, also love the smaller burgundy plumed grasses. Purple potato vine look great all summer in outdoor urns, but in the fall when they turn almost black, look very ‘Hallowe’eeny’ when you remove any dead floral annuals from the center of your planter, replacing them with a pumpkin.
The college admission scandal really frosted my pumpkins, especially Lori Loughlin’s stunt. Anyone who has a child who was a serious rower knows how hard these kids worked through high school to earn a spot on a college team. She had better not be allowed to turn any jail time she serves into a money-making book/movie deal once she gets out! In fact, both she and her daughters who benefited from this scam should be required to sit on an erg for a minimum of two hours a day.

Risas comment tells us a lot about what is wrong with society today. Too many people don’t have the intelligence to know that we all bleed red ant that we all were feel pain. I do some of my shopping at Walmart and resent her snobbish opinion. If she is so upper class how does she know what kind of people are at Walmart. Shame on her! On a lighter note I have been making Christmas stockings from clients fabric to match their decor for a number of years. It’s a great way to use leftover fabric and trim.

I live in a rural area in Flyover Country. Virtually the only shopping in my area, without driving an additional forty miles, is at a Walmart. So yes, I do some of my shopping at Walmart. Everyone, from every socioeconomic group here does.

My original comment was in response to the above Instagram “humor” about sitting in an observation area having drinks and laughing at the shoppers below. I have seen memes on the internet mocking Walmart shoppers, displaying pictures of people obviously not wealthy or upper middle class, and those are the people the Instagram meme was mocking. It was a disgusting generalization about the people shopping there. It was very elitist.

Twenty years ago my rural area had several industries , including a carpet mill and a Delta Faucet plant, which provided good paying employment for many families in my area. Those industries are now closed, moved to either Mexico or China. It has devastated our community, so many of the people I encounter at Walmart have been left behind economically while the upper classes elsewhere have profited handsomely from the geographic realignment in business.
My family is fortunate in that we chose to live here because we inherited a legacy farm, land that has been in my husband’s family for one hundred years. We are a family of lawyers and engineers. My husband teaches at the flagship state university and is retired from the oil and gas industry. Our livelihood has never depended on the local economy, but it is heartbreaking to see what it has done to the local populace. These people are my friends and I care about them.

Any impression that I was making a negative assumption about the class of people at Walmart was a misinterpretation. I was deeply offended by the Instagram posting that was mocking the shoppers. prompting my original comment.

I loved seeing Reece Witherspoons book featured. I have this and it is wonderful. So many great recipes, ideas for entertaining and great stories.

My dearest Tina
I haven’t left a comment for ages and just wanted to say hello my dear friend, especially as it is beautiful fall ( always reminds me of you) and most especially as I also went yesterday to see Downton Abbey.
I can only say that it was as magical as I hoped, I had been looking forward to the movie so much, but was away when it opened. It was a truly joy to every one of my senses and I am so glad you enjoyed it too. As the very traditional English girl I am, it was very nostalgic for me. Every breathtaking stately home and landscape is in right here in Great Britain, it is all exactly like that and especially our countryside. I only have to walk down the road from my village, and I am there.
There were tears in my eyes with the gorgeous music and ball at the end, for the era may not be ours but it was my grandparent’s. My beautiful beloved grandmother Phyllis was born in 1899. She had the most exquisite taste, grace and style which I try to follow and emulate every day and she was always immaculate, impeccable. A wonderful hostess, she taught me about stylish entertaining, and especially interiors flowers and gardening, glamorous dressing, balls and dancing. I have so much to thank her for ( including dozens of pairs of gloves 🙂 )
Do you know Tina, I think my Granny would have absolutely loved your blog, just like I do. We may all come from different eras and places in the world, but inspiring beauty brings us all together like kindred spirits, thank you my dear friend for all that you share. I am always here with you

With my fondest love to you, as always
Sally xxx

I find your comment very difficult to track. Are you are saying that Risa is the one with the problem, the one lacking in intelligence, the one who is snobbish? Her position has been very clear and very kind. I’m not sure who or what you are talking about.

I think Tempie believes I was saying everyone who shops at Walmart is “lower class”, when ironically I was angry at the Instagram mocking everyone who shops at Walmart. More specifically I am angry at wealthy people laughing at economically disadvantaged people who are trying to stretch the buying power of their financial resources, when many are victims of a global economy that has made many of their mockers wealthy.
I also put my money and my time where my emotions are on this issue: I have volunteered as a reading tutor for adults working on GEDs and given money for college scholarships for young women in my community. They are my friends and they deserve opportunities. If I was a snob, I wouldn’t live here.

Thank you for understanding where I was coming from on my comments. I am not on some high-brow crusade, but finding the Instagram on here, a site that I have visited to enjoy pics of beautiful objects and gracious lifestyles, shocked me with its ugliness. It brought to mind a vision of self-appointed aristocrats ridiculing people they find bizarre and amusing, and with very little thought I reacted. I had no intent to insult anyone except the people who find the Instagram appropriate.

And with this last comment, I leave!

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