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Hello and happy Sunday, well over here in NY we are in the full swing of fabulous fall feather and I am in all my glory. This past week with our cooler temps, I have been so happy to take out all my sweaters, light jackets and scarves! It is official! We have a really big week coming up as we kick off the holiday season so storing my energy best as I can!

A few important announcements-

Received part of our giftwrap order on Friday (in love), we will start shipping gift wrap presale orders this week. We got half the shipment now and the other half within 3 weeks. The paper as of this morning is online for sale (limited stock) until we get our next shipment. It is GORGEOUS, my favorite holiday paper so far. The tissue will be added within a few days and yes, we will be selling all the velvet ribbon (within the week).  Click here to see the paper

Our must anticipated huge porcelain container is coming in on Tues/Wed. For anyone who placed a porcelain presale order, your order will be shipping out this week and with luck we will have all porcelain orders shipped by weeks end/early next week at the latest.

In addition, ornament orders are in progress and we hope to have those all shipped within the week. The second part of our ornaments and gift wrap is due in within about 2-3 weeks. *

We will be having several arrival sales coming up- a porcelain arrival sale, a gift wrap arrival sale and an ornament arrival sale, so stay tuned. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, have a  girls night tonight at the house for someones birthday to finish out my weekend.  Here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday-


1 YUMMY LEMON ORZO I featured this on my Instagram,  last week and had many requests for the recipe. If you like lemon, the tang of Parmesan and basil, you will love this! It can be modified to use other pastas as well but  the orzo, to me works great because it soaks up all the citrusy/cheesy/herby goodness. Here is the recipe-


  • 1 1/2 Cups Dry Orzo Pasta
  • 1 Tablespoon Olive oil
  • 2 Cloves Garlic minced
  • 3 Cups Chicken Broth
  • 1 Teaspoon Fresh Thyme Leaves
  • 1 Lemon zested
  • Juice of Half a lemon
  • 1 1/2 Cups Peas
  • 1/3 Cup Grated Parmesan cheese plus more for garnish
  • Fresh Cracked Pepper
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • In a skillet over medium heat, add the olive oil and pasta.
  • Cook, stirring occasionally until toasted, about 30-60 seconds.
  • Add garlic and stir it in followed by thyme.
  • Add the broth, a small amount at a time.
  • Bring to a boil, cover the skillet with a lid and turn down to a simmer for 8-10 minutes or until the pasta has absorbed most of the water and is tender.
  • Remove the lid and add the lemon zest, juice, and peas and stir until the peas are bright and cooked.
  • Add the cheese and salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately.




2 A CHEETOS COLLECTOR ITEM? I nearly fell off my chair when I stumbled across this article.Yes, sometimes life really is stranger than fiction…. only in America! Did you know that rare Cheetos shapes are actually a collector item? I mean, first had no idea they even had the capability to look like these which in and of itself it a mini phenomenon but more staggering is that people re paying for these?

They are getting auctioned on ebay? Wow, I guess I have been hiding under a rock or a cheetah shaped like a rock lol. Go figure! Click here to read the article, it is pretty fascinating in a really odd way:)


3 A REVIEW ON A FEW RECENT PURCHASES FROM MY LAST WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE! I featured a bunch of things I loved and actually ordered quite a few. I thought it would be fun to follow up with an honest review for the items I did purchase in case you bought them too or were contemplating. For the most part this order was a home run. Only three returns out of the whole lot!

This sweater is my new fave I ended up ordering it in 2 more colors, GREAT fit, super cozy and warm. Always loved a mock turtleneck and 3/4 sleeve, it was like this was made for me. Click here

This sweater I could live in day and night….SUPER cozy, cashmere and drapes beautifully. Actually even better in person. It looks like a cashmere sweater that you could easily have paid several hundreds for. A big YES! Got it in gray and just ordered the camel. Click here

This was a letdown and what a shame as I was so looking forward to this piece as a great underpinning for sweaters, blazers and cardigans. Looked so much better in photos. The bow is skimpy and not nearly as full as it appears and the fabric is a very lightweight almost sheer-ish, it was an immediate “put back in box” and return item.

This too was not as great in person, its quite cropped so doesn’t  really hit me in the right spot. I also don’t like any synthetics and this one I can tell will pill easily, just one of those that looked way better in the pictures than in person.

This skirt promised to be a great deal but unfortunately the quality was not up to par. A straight long black skirt is a must have, it can carry you through many last minute wardrobe quandaries but quality counts and this one did not meet expectations.

This dress is a winner, love it. Already have a few things coming up where this will be a perfect choice. Click here

Got these in both the navy and white and they are as cute as they look in the picture, really nice looking and love hte brass button detailing. Great value too, click here

Bought this blouse and love it. It is classically elegant and such a feminine, ladylike blouse. The kind of “good blouse” you can keep in your closet forever. Click here



4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST The fall inspiration is in full swing now and I am loving it! So. much beauty to be found I had to use major self control to stop at these 12 Instagrams to share this week!

5 STOCKINGS AND HOLIDAY  TOPIARIES! Lots of holiday beauty heading this way. Take a look at some of the newest-

Think twice about how you think about Christmas stockings! They no longer need to clash with your decor. These beautiful color collections feature designer fabrics and trims. Say hello to our fabulous new stockings (more colorways coming up)! What is your favorite? We will hold an arrival sale on these beauties within about 2 weeks and then they will be available on the shop after that. Would love your opinion on which you love most and any other color collections to be considered.

And so in love with our new artichoke topiaires offered with both white and red berries. These are two of a few more new holiday floral arrangements for the 2019 holiday season.They are “planted” in one of my favorite containers, the square classic scenery container with tray underneath. The beauty of these is that you will have them every season!

Click here to see them on the shop-

And look where I found a home for them, right on my dining room table!

But then tried them on my mantel and they look great there too…….


6. TRADER JOE FAN? Then you will enjoy this. There is a virtual cult of Trader Joe diehards, countless websites devoted to what your kitchen pantry should not live without. I don’t get there very often but when I do, I find it a lot of fun to pursue all the aisles with so many unfamiliar foods/labels, not what you see in your normal market.

This article is a rundown on some of the very best from Traders Joes for 2019. Maybe some of these are on your list? If not please share your favorites, and below are a few of mine.

Click here to see all 45 items from Trader Joe’s!

I don’t go that often however when I do these are some of the the things I have bought there, things I tend to buy over and over. Shaved brussels sprouts saves me so much work, the mushroom tart is sensational (always sells out) so I buy several, makes a great last minute appetizer, raw nuts I buy in bulk and keep them on hand for healthy snacks (raw and unsalted) and the key lime cookies my husband loved (OK full disclosure, so did I).

Husband loved these

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So……this,  I could literally do an entire post on, and perhaps one day will. Met with an old friend a few weeks ago vising from France. She was born and raised there and is one of the. most stylish women I have ever met. She has a pared down, super chic elegance and just exudes a certain effortless style. We had such fun meeting for a lunch that lasted almost four hours, it nearly tuned into dinner:)

During those four hours we talked about many different things but one of the most interesting things was the difference between French and American women…..we had some laughs over some of the trends and the French’s perception of Americans, and a few things they are puzzled by.  Among two things were the idea that Americans are too absorbed with  “all things celebrity” as well as ” American women’s obsessions with looking young”.  While I know plenty of people who do not subscribe to the later, as a whole I can see where they would get that from.

We spoke of trends (she has been in the fashion industry for much of her adult life) and she was quick to tell me a few  things that the average American woman, in the French’s eyes do wrong. Of course this was said tongue in cheek as we were being lighthearted about it and she could not have said it more graciously, and she prefaced it by saying she loved my outfit (phew, glad it got her approval)!

Plus I was sitting there asking for it….I found it  completely fascinating and wanted to hear more, more more. A few things she said that are the stereotypes – they don’t understand how woman of any age can leave a house in sweatpants ( I fully concur) as well as why women wear yoga pants when they are not doing yoga, “older women” wearing tight jeans, she even said she can always tell an American by that, and wearing head to toe logos is a big French no no.

There was so much more and she even agreed to me interviewing her for a post on this very subject if I wanted to do one in the future. What do you think? Do you like the idea? So I want to hear what you say about her three observations, should be interesting:) I have to say for the most part I totally agree with her. The French in general have a much. more sophisticated, pared down style which I personally favor. OK your turn to chime in-


Well, this was fun! Hope you enjoyed this Sunday’s post. I always enjoy putting these together. Any post that can have Cheetos, French fashion and Christmas stockings on the same page has to make for an interesting read:) Anything here get your attention? Tell me about it! Hope you have a fantastic day and smooth end to your weekend. Crazy that we are entering the third week of October. Sure wish there as a pause button right about now. Until next time…………..

PS Announced our Fall Love contest yesterday and already we are over half full already, so if you want to enter, I suggest you do so very soon! Click here for contest details

PPS Last day to place your holiday monogrammed napkin order. This will be the last sale before Christmas. These will be online and available as of next week (but more expensive). Click here to see the sale

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Enjoyed your “Seven on Sunday” read. I also enjoyed your chat with your Parisian friend. Love to hear more from her. Parisian women love simplicity. You never see one wearing too much jewelry. Less is more. Also, women of Paris wear very little makeup. They always look fresh and natural. I can hear what your friend is saying about our fashions. It’s always nice to take a page out of Paris though! Bring it on. Lol. ?

Great Blog! I have lived in Europe for over 12 years. You can’t compare American Woman and European . We live such different life styles. I believe just use good judgment and dress accordingly. If you go to the city you dress a little more stylish and out in the country a little more casual. Always put on a little make up , nice clean clothes that are put together, hand bag and a little jewelry. A smile and you can go anywhere.

Michael Kors ~

“The difference between French and American women..? French women have tailors..!”

Good morning what a great post! I think I must have spent a good 25 minutes reading every word! Love the stockings and your new holiday items.

We have a Trader Joe’s only 10 minutes from here so I’m there almost every other day the mushroom pizza is a family favorite and they also have a great coffee under their own name which is surprisingly very good.

I loved and enjoyed the conversation you had with your French friend. My mother is British as is my husband and I can tell you that a “lady” wearing tight jeans say over 45 would most definitely be frowned upon, younger in some of the more uptight circles! I was born in the United States and I’m a proud American but will say the way that American women dress needs great improvement and we can look over to our European counterparts for lessons. I do hope you will get that interview with her because I think it would make for such an interesting topic and would be a great conversation starter among your readers.

Just go to any airport in the United States and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Very interesting topic and I’m with you Tina, absolutely under no circumstance or sweatpants ever OK!

I absolutely love the pale blue stockings and cannot wait until they are available.

On the subject of your French friend I would agree with her assessment of how the average American woman dresses but obviously there are many exceptions.

I am 47 years old and stopped wearing jeans about eight years ago, but I also grew up with a mother who never wore pants period! I am not a fan of logos but I think of it as one and it’s subtle it’s fine. I wish more women would understand what understated elegance looks like.

I must get to a Trader Joe’s now I want to try all the things you suggested?

Love Seven on Sundays! This was a very interesting post. What I do not like to see is women say over 40 trying to look like a teenager. As to yoga pants, leggings, if the correct top is worn, it looks ok. I see too many woman with leggings on and a short top. It looks like they forgot their pants. I especially do not like to see women wearing the “distressed” , knees hanging out jeans. I really do not care how much they cost; it looks very unkept. I do not mind a little fraying at the hem, but it should look neat. As to sweat pants, I do own a pair but never wear them out of the house. I think the French ladies have it together!

I shop at Trader Joe’s quite often and use some of the products that you showed today, I have never bought the raw nuts not so thank you for that tip!

As far as the observations for the way Americans dress, I need to agree with your friend. For the most part American women are clueless when it comes to fashion.

To see a 50 old woman and tight jeans makes me look at her and actually pity her because she’s trying way too hard! Yoga pants, sweatpants… It’s all the same and apart from being on your way to an exercise class it looks ridiculous!

I think that there are certain parts of the country where this type of dressing is more prevalent, and other areas where women prefer to dress more like ladies. I’m not going to say which areas I am referring to but one can guess!

Love your blog, thank you for these fantastic family posts.

No to women in jeans over 45!!

No to head to toe logos!!!

No to going in public in sweatpants!!!

Disappointed. Too much flogging of your products for my taste. When your Sunday posts are about things you do or places you go, it’s interesting. Otherwise this is just a merchandising site. And recommending items BEFORE you’ve tired them on and see how they fit at home is a disgrace.

I voted NO on Logos. Now, tell me. What are logos, pray tell?
I really like the short square planters but not the topiaries in them. I may order a couple later.

I would love to read a fashion interview with your Parisian friend. My husband and I have spent considerable time in Europe the last few years, especially France and Italy, and I must say I really do admire their style. I have always liked classics and NEVER LOGOS (thank goodness my kids never got into logo jeans – ugh!), but their style is much more than that. It’s about good taste rather than trends, and not looking like you are trying too hard. As a result I have pared my wardrobe, even my jewelry, down substantially and I really enjoy it more.

Here’s another topic of discussion: Women dressed to the nines out in the company of husbands/boyfriends who look like crap? 1. Why do women tolerate it?
2. Aren’t they embarrassed to be seen with someone who so clearly doesn’t care enough to make an effort?

Now regarding logos: I liked and wore Ralph Lauren back when he had the discreet polo pony logo. When he went and blew it up 500+% is when I stopped buying the stuff. Also…I love velvet slippers but why on earth would I wear the huge RL monogrammed ones…Ralph’s initials, not mine?

I agree with your French friend re American fashion. Not only women, but, the men as well have developed a very relaxed attitude about dressing. My dear mother who worked in the NYC garment industry was always around fashion. She always said ” before leaving the house, make sure you look at yourself in a full length mirror.”

I always love to read what you have to say and I would be very interested in your interview with your French friend.
All the Best to you for a wonderful week ahead.

Another beautiful post, really do appreciate the time attention and devotion you put into these just so you know!

I actually ordered some of the clothing choices that you had recommended and out of the four pieces I got, I loved every single one so thank YOU!!

I was interested reading about your friend ideas on American women and fashion. I have some very well-dressed friends but I think they are the exception. Also think you will tend to find more fashionable sophisticated dressers in bigger cities. That said, sweatpants and tight jeans are an absolute no no! I was brought up to always dress as though you’re going to run into someone you want to look very good for (thanks Mom)

So love the topiaries and just ordered one!

You are my fashion and decorating hero.!

Love what your French friend had to say and agree with every single word!

LOVE Trader Joe’s!

From the comments listed it seems that you have found an important topic of interest regarding fashion. It is true that American women dress more casually than do women in Europe. I remember the days when airplane travel was met with more respect in terms of dress (and demeanor). Women wore dresses, men suits or sport coats. This is no longer the case and we could all tell stories about what we have seen on airplanes. Fashion is fun, but with that said, a woman’s figure has great impact on her clothing. A woman can be very attractive in jeans and a tee if she has a good shape. Conversely, a large, lumpy figure can be dressed in couture and be a disaster. French women who value fashion are thin. American women run the gamut in weight. Women are busy. Sometimes fashion takes a back seat when raising children, especially if the budget first covers their needs. Good Moms will always sacrifice for their children. What is the answer? Stay healthy, possibly thinner than you are at this moment, buy what you can based on your lifestyle/budget and don’t be too quick to judge another’s style. We could all improve. There are more important things than a closet full of clothing. Figure out your own style and be happy with who you are as a person, on the inside.

I love, love the artichoke topiaries. I would love to have two for a mantle but, alas, I have downsized and live in a retirement community. Unfortunately we have no mantles. I have a sofa with one end table, one Pembroke table with two Delft vases, a blue and white porcelain lamp and a porcelain reclining Chinese man. The credenza has the TV, books, and part of my collection of Delft and Chinese jars, many from you.

A wise woman once told me who is a veteran in the fashion world- that ” any woman wearing jeans over 30 is trying too hard”. I could not agree more. Unless you are farmer or gardener those would be the only exceptions.

Good lord, anyone who cares one iota about herself would never leave the house in sweatpants, so tacky. So odd how other cultures revere woman dressing up and looking ladylike but for some reason, at least with the 20-30 years, it is considered to be “fashionable” to bare all. I never got it. I am 52 and would never dress that way, nor would expect my two daughters to.

We are from Boston and for the most part, it’s a bit more conservative anyway. I would love to have a post with your friend to gain her keen insight into the stylish women of France, they know how to dress I will give them that!

All of your new products are sublime Tina, you are on a roll!

I would love to see a picture of your “French Friend “ outfitted In what she wears ! Crazy right?? You need not picture her face…just the outfit and where she is going. And …same with you, since you are my idol in all things I envy and enjoy❣️

First love the stockings and artichoke arrangement, all very beautiful.

Regarding dressing, French women are very practical about how they dress and they greatly value quality clothes and would rather own 8 good quality pieces than 30 pieces of inferior quarry. I lived in Paris for 12 years when my husband was there with the embassy. I learned a great deal from the women there, whom I greatly admire. Here is what I learned in those 12 years-

They do not compromise.
I learned they will buy a few key pieces, almost always solid neutrals almost never a print or brights. They do not like logos.
They do not hear super high heels the way we tend to.
Baring your midriff or cleavage is very much looked down on. Tight pants, the same.
You do not see older woman wearing jeans unless they might be going to the market and even then rarely.
They have such a wonderful way with scarves and wraps. I learned how to use them several ways.
They love good lingerie and enjoy taking care of themselves.
They believe in good products for the face and body and unlike our cosmetic surgery obsessed culture, they like to age gracefully with very minor procedures here and there.
We as Americans have a long way to go. I feel so fortunate to have had that experience and learn from them, when people compliment me on my style (often) I say “you can thank the French”! Great topic. Enjoy your Sunday evening Tina.

LOVE this post for so many reasons… late mother always would say ….. “ the only monogram you should wear is your own….” Have tried to stay true to that pearl of wisdom. She had many “Gems” that I have share with my daughters over the years….”all you really need is a fragrance, lipstick and mascara and you are set for the day…”, etc. Have a great week……BTW my mother lived to a youthful 95 years young!

I couldn’t vote for your stockings, even though they ARE beautiful. I have a hand-knitted stocking made by my grandmother when I was a child that gets hung up every year, and now I’m 73. My six siblings each have their own as well. They are treasures and add to our holiday traditions. The first year we hung them my mother put an orange in each one, which stretched the stocking so much she had to scramble for more stocking stuffers!!

Hi Tina – would you ever consider selling the artichoke topiaries on their own? I have some silver containers that I got from you and they would be perfect in them.

I’m a neutral girl so I do my holidays neutral with lots of fresh greenery. I switched it up a few years ago and I find I don’t get sick of it so quickly. I just keep adding more greenery as the seasons goes on. I agree with your chic friend regarding logos. It is such a stereo type, LV tote, Tory flats,etc. I see it at the grocery store ALL the time! But I must admit I still love a little Gucci! LOL

I have always looked forward to seeing photos of your beloved Teddy….as we just said goodbye to our dear Charlie. Have you stopped doing the??? He always looked so sweet and patient in his holiday collars and bow ties…..

Great read. Love the French woman’s ideas. There is a blogger who interviews a French woman and she stated that if French women going to the gym, they change into workout gear at gym!

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