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Hello and happy Monday evening to you! I was like a kid in a candy shop on Friday, because we received part of our gift wrap order which had been air shipped. The rest is en route and due here within 3 weeks. I was almost doing cartwheels finally seeing them in person and must say,  hands down that these are my all time favorites! One of my prouder moments and so worth the hours spent thinking this collection up:)

One as pretty as the next, I would never be able decide upon a favorite. I put them to the test and went on a bit of a wrapping frenzy. Never mind that inside, the boxes were empty…..with a gift this pretty, what is inside is almost an afterthought:)

We are in the. midst of shipping presale orders out, in the order they were received. We will get a large number of presale orders out by end of this week, the rest will ship when the rest of the shipment arrives around Nov. 14th. Due to the immense popularity of this years collection we have added these as a presale option since many are inquiring about how to order and we sold out of most of our holiday papers last year. You can place your presale order online (click here) and your order will ship on or about Nov. 15th.

In addition to our beautiful double faced satin (2.25″ thick) we are now offering the most beautiful luxurious velvet ribbon too! If you know the price of velvet ribbon,  you will know that in many stores it is about $9 per yard. How about $32 for 25 whopping yards of beautiful thick velvet ribbon!!! This beautiful ribbon measures 2″ and really does make quite a statement, a very elegant presentation, and is offered in three great colors that coordinate beautifully with our gift wrap collection.

So here is a look at my little photo session, it’s one thing seeing paper on a roll but to see it all wrapped up really shows you just how fabulous this really is…….so do you have a favorite?



Our exclusivie gift toppers (3″) elevate the art of gift giving like nothing else… its a wonderful ornament/keepsake

Our beautiful new velvet ribbon really does make such an elegant statement, add a little fresh greenery and you are all set!


And love the way the tissue looks in our blue/white chioniserie large tote bags!

Absolutely love the matching tissue paper (all styles), gives any gift that “wow effect”!













One lucky gift wrap loving reader will win a box of four rolls of our 2018 holiday paper! You can choose your four favorites, winner to be announced Thursday morning, so be sure to check back.

To enter- leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite new pattern, that’s it!


Even though the word, “Christmas” makes me a little weak at the knees, just knowing I will get to wrap up all my gifts in this beautiful paper makes me kind of eager for the holiday kickoff. So….if you need this paper this holiday season, don’t take a chance on it selling out, place your presale order and sit back knowing you will have the most beautifully wrapped gifts in town! Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a great evening! Until next time……..

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Trudi on

My favorite pattern is green birds on branches. Just beautiful!

Hurder Kathleen on

Love, love, love the ginger jars w red and green bows, the topiaries, and the darling wreaths!, ????

Leslie P on

Love the topiary!

Mickey Shannon on

I love the blue and green topiary paper the most. It is so crisp, traditional and charming. Very southern, in my opinion.?.

Carolyn on

Never ever have I seen more beautifully wrapped gifts!! Even if they are cereal boxes, these are incredible!
I could not pick my favorite because each is equally beautiful and I think with the velvet ribbon and little ornaments, they are the perfect touch. Definitely ordering!

Ann Moorhead on

I really like the Blue and Green plants in the Blue and White planters- has a fresh look!
could also use for other times of the year!

Maryann on

Speechless over the beauty!

Arell on

I love the Nutcrackers, both colors. And the Christmas Trees too. I would truly be thrilled with any of them. Seeing the photos of gifts all wrapped up, well they are magical.

tt tippette on

These are absolutely the most beautiful wrapping papers and tissues ever!
I’m so excited I found your enchanted home website and blog!
Thank you!

Catherine B. on

Everything looks so festive! It is hard to pick just one! I would say my favorite is the ginger jars with the wreaths and the blue ribbon. Very pretty!

Sinead Cummins on

They are all lovely but the one that I love the most is the topiaries in the Blue & White planters. The velvet ribbon is an elegant finisher!

Jill K. on

I don’t know which I love more, they are all so beautiful!!!

Maureen O on

Love the blue green topiary and Christmas tree paper! Perfect with blue or green ribbon!

Ellie on

Love the blue and white gift boxes tied with the green bow! Just darling!

sandra K on

My two favorites have to be the Ginger jars with either the red or green bows and the festive wreaths.. With the velvet ribbons they are show stoppers!

Susan on

Love the gold birds and red paper! Can’t wait to place my order!

Wanda on

Love the topiaries paper.!

Marge on

Beautiful papers! Way too pretty to just throw away, so need to figure out a recycle need!

Anne on

My new favorite is the wrapped tier of Christmas gifts with the adorable doggies, all with the sumptuous green ribbon!!

Mary on

Beautiful! I love the wreaths with ginger jars the most.

Susan Hayes Long on

The topiaries with the gingham bows are just so cheerful and snappy happy.

Susan Millsap on

I love the topiaries — so elegant and classic.

Anne on

My favorites are the red and green chinoiserie patterns. Gifts wrapped in any of the papers under your tree creates a magazine worthy vignette.

Jackie C. on

Love the topiary.
Reminds me of your beautiful topiary planters at your Palmetto Bluff home.
Hope there will be posts from there during the holidays.

Gina Penner on

Beautiful, just beautiful! My new favorites are the stocking wrapping paper with the lovely olive green velvet ribbon and the ginger jars with the red velvet ribbon.

Beth on

Love the gold with red or the green with gold bird patterns. Simple elegance. Thank you, Beth

Sue Yuditsky on

Best new pattern: blue Christmas Trees with green ribbons! But I love the velvet ribbon…it is just so beautiful with the papers – I never would have thought of this combination. Thank you so much for your continued vision of beauty!! It inspires me daily…sue

Karen Purdon on

The most beautiful gift wrap in town! The green/blue wreaths & the topiary in green/blue are my absolute faves. The gorgeous new velvet ribbon just makes the ensemble the creme de la creme. Truly beautiful, Tina!

Eileen A on

The blue trees with with red bows are wonderful as are All of them. Spectacular!

Peggy Wilkins on

Topiaries are always a favorite, but I love the dogs (who doesn’t love dogs!?) with their pretty green ribbon… festive! The stockings are very Christmas=y and I do love them. What can I say, I love them all! 😉

Sandra on

Love love love the red, blue & green topiary paper. So beautiful & classic!

Cindy on

The topiary paper is my favorite!!!❤️

Merilynn Bergstresser on

Has to be the trees with the pretty red bows!

Jennifer on

The Trees with the Bows is my favorite paper!!

Cindy J on

I like the paper with the wreaths and th next is with the ginger jars. I use mostly bags however I do have done wrapped gifts. All very pretty and festive paper

Lisa on

The Christmas stocking paper is the perfect wrap for the season. I especially love it with the green velvet ribbon which compliments the paper so well.

Sandi Wells on

My favorites are the chinoiserie tote bags and papers. That is an elegant pattern that can be used throughout the year

Ruth on

I love the Wreaths with Blue and red ribbon. I plan on wrapping different size boxes and using them in my white bookcase along with my collection of blue & white plates and Ginger Jars. Last year I wrapped small (empty) jewelry boxes using your paper and blue&white gingham ribbon & put them in silver bowls. They were so simple and beautiful. Can’t wait to get started❣️

Nadine Middendorf on

Love the topiary and evergreen paper! New and beautiful❤️

Pat burdette on

❤️the topiary!❤️

Sandy W on

I love the green and blue topiaries. But they are all lovely and would make quite a statement under a tree

Sherry B on

The topiary paper is the best!!

Sharon Foster on

My favorite is the red and gold holiday paper. It is gorgeous for Christmas, but I can certainly see using it for special winter birthdays.

cheryl p on

I love the topiaries, but they are all so beautiful!

Terri L Michael on

I love love love the topiaries!

Robin Faulkner on

I love everyone of them


hello, the nutcrackers are just so NYC!!! JUST MAGNIFICENT…

Sylvia on

Hello Tina,
The wrapping papers are so awesome, but my very favorites are the ginger jars with the red bow and the topiary paper. They will look beautiful under my Christmas tree trimmed with your beautiful ornaments.?

Denise Marasovich on

I love love love the ginger jar with green ribbon and the blue velvet ribbon!!! ???

Dianne Johnson on

Love the ginger jars and wreaths with blue bows. So pretty with the blue velvet ribbon!

Terri on

The topiary paper is stunning

Linda C on

The papers are so pretty and so Enchantrd Home

Mylinda Mitchell on

The topiaries really pop! By far my favorite!

Mylinda Mitchell on

My favorite is the paper with the topiaries. Although they are all beautiful!

Lee B on

I thought I liked the ginger jar with green bow best… but now that I get a second look at presents wrapped with it… I think I like the stocking paper better!

Missy on

All of the wrapping is beautiful. Hard to choose a favorite…..

Yolanda on

My favorite is the topiary with green bow. Actually, they are all stunning.

Diane R. on

All are beautiful! My favorite is the topiary pattern!

Summer on

My favorite is the stocking paper. So cute.

Jeana B on

I love the ginger jar/wreath combo with the red ribbon! I ordered some gift wrap already, but forgot which ones I picked. They will be my first Christmas items of the year! They are all beautiful!

Tim F. on

Love the ginger jars and red bows.

Joy on

I like the ribbon-topped christmas tree papers…make me think of little girl holiday dresses!

dd on

The bags would look really nice with pretty ribbon handles instead of white raffia, IMO.

Jeanne on

This is a beautiful collection and I love the way you’ve tucked the cedar under the gorgeous ribbon. I love the topiary collection as well as the ginger jar and wreaths. I think the pop of red spells Christmas!

AFN on

?Gold birds on red background. Many colored ribbons will work. Wonderful selection. Thank you.

Kathrine on

Love the Topiary!

Kathryn on

Well, you have outdone yourself this time! Congratulations – they are each beautiful!

Mary Balagia on

I love the Christmas trees with red and green bows.

Melody Lightfoot on

I absolutely love each and every new paper design!!! The rich velvet ribbon is the icing on the cake!!! Every room in my home has a Christmas tree with a theme, this year our main family room will be decorated based on these papers!!!
Thank you for such lovely designs ?♥️?

Jo Shafer on

Any of the blue and green patterns because I can use these for winter birthday gifts as well as for Christmas, but I may order the nutcrackers in pajamas, too, for the grandchildren.

Sharon on

Hi Tina,

I really like the stocking paper but all are lovely.

Mersey on

Such a hard decision, but the ginger jars with red ribbons got me like ??

Paulette P on

At the top of my list is the gorgeous topiary paper. However, all the papers are winners. Your creativity is never-ending.

Joyce Ward on

You will have one of the most gorgeous looking wrapped gifts this season! The topiary, ginger jars, an birds wrapping papers are calling my name- wowza!

Thank you!

Jennifer S on

They are all fabulous. Love the green topiaries and green birds papers.

Anita. on

The chinoiserie papers in the red and green are my new favorites. They are unlike any of my other papers and with the velvet ribbon my packages will be divine.

Alissa S on

The ginger jars with he red bows is my favorite, and I love the way it looks with the blue velvet ribbon. So beautiful and festive!

Liz on

I love the topiary paper. But most of all the fabulous green and blue velvet ribbons!!!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Your wrapping papers are BEAUTIFUL! These papers are worth recycling and so is the ribbon. Great choices!???????

Susan B on

All the patterns are so pretty and festive, but I love the paper with the stockings!

Sandy Krug on


Lynne OBrien on

It is so hard to just pick one favorite! They are all completely fabulous! I do especially love the Christmas stocking wrapping paper and the velvet ribbon! All of it is so very fantastic!

Lucy Porter on

Here are my fab 4! Not necessarily in order! Red, Blue and Green nutcrackers
Ginger jars with green bows
Ginger jars with red bows

charlotte on

All of the papers are gorgeous but I think the topiary paper might just be my the green and blue.

Requi on

The topiary paper is absolutely gorgeous!

Judith Colwell on

OMG the holiday giftwrap is beautiful. It will be difficult to choose from among the amazing patterns! Matching ribbon too!!! Crazy good!!!

Carol M on

Love all of them, but the one with the doggies and the stacked presents is adorable!

Peggy Mae on

I love the paper with the stockings on it. I love the color combination and how fresh it feels.

Joan on

Love Love Love the topiary!

Cheryl on

All of the gift wrapping paper is beautiful. But I am drawn to the blue ginger jars with the red bow. Just the right touch of red to evoke the Christmas Spirit!

Janet Masterson on

I absolutely love them all but if picking just one…the blue and green ginger jar w/ green bow!!

Theresa on

Topiary paper!

nancy on

I like the topiary designed paper in the blue and green with the white background !!!!!!
I think I would use it any time of the year !!!!!!

Mary Kay Leveroni on

Just ordered the blue and green wreath/jar gift wrap with the gorgeous navy ribbon. I was just pricing velvet ribbon yesterday and can testify this really is a bargain. Many Thanks!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Just gorgeous! Love blue and white topiary paper best!

Karen Bauer-Tortorella on

I must be a real pig–I love and want everything!!!!

Irene Waldeck on

Tina, I love your blog! My favorite wrapping paper is the ginger jar with the red bow!

Marilyn S. on

My favorite is the green background with white birds and branches.

Jackie Wolfe on

The blue and green topiary paper is my favorite. Love the velvet ribbon.

Ann M on

I love the topiaries, and the stacked gifts with doggies.

Mindi Webster on

Your wrappings always garner such gushing responses to my gifts! This definitely ups my game!

Mindi Webster on

Forgot to share my fav….definitely the stockings!

Carole nadon on

Love everything! Pure magic! Most beautiful paper. Very classy

Carole nadon on

Oups! Topiaries are my favourites!

Jane on

Love the topiaries with gingham bows! But it is all beautiful!

Margie Winters on

Love your wrapping paper. I would love to see these patterns on reusable canvas gift bags. Maybe next year??

Patti S on

love the blue/white topiaries in the blue and white planters!

Marilyn on

My favorite is either bird paper.

Megan on

I absolutely LOVE the blue and green ginger jar and wreath paper! ALso, the price on the velvet ribbon is absolutely amazing! I’m preordering now! 🙂

Mickey H on

They are all great designs but I think the topiary is my favorite.

Marie on

My favorite is the paper with topiaries. I would love to win a few rolls. Thank you

Christine on

Who would want to open the gift? The wrapped bowed boxes are so beautiful! My favorite? Geez??? The stockings with the green ribbon? Or the wreaths with the blue? The topiary and red?

Janet Vendetti on

Love the green wreaths and red and blue ginger jars. Fantastic!

Julie Whitsitt on

Tina, what a beautiful collection I love them all but I’m going to pick the red with gold. It looks so regal. I think it’s timeless and with any of the yummy ribbon colors….exquisite!!

Dawn Wilson on

My favorite is the ginger jars with green bows. The color combo is perfect for so many types of gifts. What a beautiful statement your present will make.

Jennifer Bethune on

I love the ginger jars and wreaths with the red bows. I lobe the classic colors with the pop of re red for the holiday!

Sharon Joustra on

Gorgeous paper! My favorite is the wreaths.

Melody on

Love the green/blue nutcracker

kesha on

I love the red/green/blue nutcrackers and the topiary paper

Carol Lane on

My favorite is the ginger jar with red bow….which I have already ordered!

Barbara Kelly on

Please add gift bags to your line, The Nutcracker pattern is ideal for children.
Easy for me and easy for them.

Lauren on

I truly love all of them, but I’m a green girl!

l bossaller on

love the gold with red and green backgrounds.

Mary on

My fav is definitely the topiary!!

Martha on

Beautiful paper, and I love the red/blue/green nutcracker paper. Top it off with a red velvet bow and it screams “open me!”

lori bonelli on

Just love the topiary paper!

Jeannine on

All are beautiful! I especially like the ginger jar and the topiary with the the red bows

Beth on

I like them all but the topiary one is my favorite. Beautiful!

Dinah on

You made it difficult to choose a favorite — all of these papers are lovely and would create beautiful packages! However, if forced to narrow it to one, my vote goes to red background, beige bird and vine silhouette pattern. It is classic in style, festive in color, and would look beautiful under a green Christmas tree.

Sharon on

My favorite is the birds on red background.

Virginia Claiborne on

Love all the wrapping paper. Hard to choose. BLUE Christmas trees with Red Ribbon


They are all lovely but the one that I love the most is the topiaries in the Blue & White planters.

Tappy on

LOVE the topiaries with the blue gingham bows…..perfect with my decor!!

Elizabeth Newton on

It’s so hard to pick but I especially love the blue and green together. I used the blue chinoiserie paper and blue taffeta ribbon recently for the bridesmaids gifts at my daughter’s wedding and then took them to the bridesmaid’s luncheon in the large chinoiserie bags. I want to continue this look for Christmas with the same bags and the blue and green Christmas wreath paper and tissue so I guess if I have to pick one that’s it.

Leslie Huff on

Love the wreath with blue bow, ginger jars!

Sandra on

I love the nut cracker paper

Jane on

Elegantly simple.

Joyce on

I can’t get to your wrapping paper blog.!

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