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Hi friends and blue and white lovers worldwide. This is a “safe zone” where we can come together in all of our unabashed love for blue and white and feel no shame. Why?  Because here,  there is no such thing as too much blue and white! You know things are getting serious when we have our very own logo:)

Each “meeting” I like to focus on one particular theme relating to blue and white and then love hearing from you and what your take is on that particular subject. If you. want to go back and look at previous meetings, just click on the BLOG TAB on the top of this page and you will then be taken to our blog archives, on right is a search bar- type “Blue and white club”, it will then take you to all the previous posts.

Onto this post, this is all about a blue and white bedroom in all it’s many shades and variations. Now, you might be surprised to hear that I do not have a blue and white bedroom nor have I ever. But don’t think for a minute, I haven’t thought of doing it many times! When I am ready to redo a few rooms, you can bet one of them (likely my guest room) will be in blue and white, so many possibilities and it mixes in well with other colors, as we all know.

So without further ado lets take a look at using blue and white in the bedroom. Please feel free to weigh in as I always love to hear your take!



A big fat yes to everything in this picture, my style for sure! Cece Barfield

Beautiful shades of blue in this gorgeous room by Kelly Proxmire

Love this kids room by Amy Studebaker

I envision doing something very similar to this when I do my guest room redo, beautiful! Sarah Bartholomew

Thoughts on mixing patterns and tones in a bedroom? Lauren Leonard

Proof that blue works in transitional space as well as it does in more traditional ones, Veranda

Phoebe Howard is a master of blue bedrooms!

This would probably be too strong for me personally but I cannot deny that it is gorgeous Mallory Mathison

A blue bed, why not! Cathy Kincaid

Always was a fan of this pretty bedroom by Ashley Whitaker

This is a beauty by Carolyn Griffith

Looks like handpainted walls in a steely gray/blue for this master, like the touch of the leopard neckrolls, Munger Interiors

A long time favorite, this is just the sweetest blue and white room ever, Cathy Kincaid

This pretty, bright and welcoming bedroom is by Meg Braff

How about this inviting bedroom featuring navy with the sisal flooring which I love,  by Megan Winters

A more transitional/coastal five for this fresh feeling space, Waterleaf Designs

I like this look a lot for a young boys room, feels very sophisticated.Brian Paquette

Blue comes in many shades, and this blue/steely gray is such a soothing tone for a bedroom, Geoff Chick

This is such a fun room, so crisp and bright! Beatriz da Costa

Everything a bedroom should be in my opinion, soft colors, welcoming, comfy seating, nice light Douglas Vanderhorn

Always loved this coastal/tropical yet very sophisticated room by Meg Braff

The only think that could be dangerous about a bedroom this pretty, is you might never leave Traditional Home


This was kind of dangerous because now I really want to redo a bedroom…NOW! This happens every time I do these posts, on one hand they are cathartic in confirming my love for blue and white. On the other, they leave me wanting to undo things and redo them:) So now its your turn to weigh in, on what you think about using blue and white in the bedroom. Is there such a thing as too much? Prefer just a touch? Do you have favorite room on this post?

Hope you are having a wonderful week.  We are already experiencing the holiday craziness, with getting porcelain orders out, expecting our big ornament shipment any day now, a brand new tabletop shipment has just come in (an arrival sale later this week) and then holiday gift wrap around Nov 15th so yes we have lots going on, and it’s all very exciting! Days are chock full and go by in a flash so sitting down early mornings to work on these posts is both cathartic and even provides a sense of relaxation, if you can imagine:)

Wishing everyone a fabulous day, until next time…….


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Mallory Mathison’s and Meg Braff’s bedrooms were my faves. Original, happy, inviting.

I loved all of them but have to say the first and last are my absolute favorites! We are building a new home which will be ready hopefully next spring so I’m starting to work on bedroom details, this post came at a great time.

I loved Megan Winters bedroom. Wish I could find out where to purchase these beautiful things!

Love how Kelley Proxmire selects the perfect shades of blue and effortlessly layers patterns with the punch of white. She also knows when to stop. Pure magic!

I have had a blue and white bedroom since I was a little girl. I have always loved blue. Now that I am a grandmother even my grandchildren are aware of my favorite color. There is something so restful about the combination of blue and white. Since finding this blog I have been so grateful to find a source to add to my collection and find a place to dream of the perfect home. It had been a true inspiration and my happy place. There is no such thing as too much blue and white. It has crept into every room in my house now and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I love these posts! My bedroom has been pale blue with white drapes for 35 years. The drapes have been changed during that time but are still white. The room has been painted twice but always the same pale blue. I still love it!

I think you are wise in not using blue/white in your bedroom. Most designers refrain from lots of bedroom color in order to give it a rest. (My uneducated opinion)??

Blue and white in a bedroom is so very relaxing. I chose blue and white for a tiny bedroom in a three room cottage and I loved it. I chose blue and white toile wall paper in the bedroom that was on the second floor. It was up a small staircase and on the walls. The rug was in a lattice design in blue and white. I used the bed I was born in that was painted white, there was a chaise lounge in blue and white, side table in white and curtains in sheer white . So very small but when I would wake up to sun shinning brightly, it was Beautiful.

Give me Cathy Kincaid’s toile bedroom I love the yellow pillows. I use blue and white accents but never a blue and white bedroom. In a guest bathroom I have painted a dark blue with a Ming vase shower curtain from Gumps (RIP)

My bedroom has always been blue and white. My wallpaper is a baby blue moire pattern that has silk ribbon columns running through it. The woodwork and trim are white, My bedskirt and spread are white and my window treatments are blue and white. When I enter my room, I have this overwhelming feeling of serenity that relaxes me. I love entering my bedroom !
I encourage you to do a room in blue and white. You will love it!!!

I have several blue and white pieces that set on a shelf on both sides of my fireplace. Below the shelves are another shelf with loved doors below. I need ideas on how to arrange the blue and white pieces. Should I mix them through out the rom or just arrange them on the sides ?

As someone who also LOVES blue and white everything, I so enjoy your posts!! Your taste is so elegant and classy. Thank you for sharing your homes with us! 🙂

Blue and white club blog is always much anticipated. I have a blue and white rug and accessories in my bedroom. I see some monogrammed pillows as seen in Cathy Kincaid and Megan Winters rooms In my future ???

Thank you for your very helpful posts and wonderful selection of blue and white porcelain! I keep ordering more items! The Gorgeous Bird Floral Vase and the Bird and Floral Large Flat Top Ginger Jars are discontinued I’ve been told. I would love to order them if the status changes or something very similar in color and design becomes available. Thanks, again!!

The Megan Winters photo is the inspiration I am using as I decorate my son’s first place. Love grass cloth and sisal with navy, ivory and beige. Masculine but pretty. Get going on your family room as I can barely wait to see your update and artistry with that project. Thanks, Tina for the blue and white tour. All gorgeous. Great post, as usual.

Cece Barfield & Megan Winters are my favorite rooms. I’ve never had a blue & white bedroom either and also think about it! Maybe for next spring! Thank you for the post! ??

Cece Barfield’s aqua/white damask headboard and aqua/white bedding, so pretty and comfortable. Megan Winters sophisticated navy/white/tan ? applause, Cathy Kincaid’s room with the twin beds and yellow accent pillows lovely details ??

I do have a blue & white guest room with upholstered headboard and matching chair that were featured in the Austin area when we lived in the Hill Country some years ago. Some things will never change and this is one of them with me! Blue & white forever?I love it!

Love the Megan Winters Traditional Home bedroom-contrast between the tans, white and blue colors is just right.

My bedroom is blue and cream and I adore it. It is serene and beautiful. Touches of gold in picture frames and a mirror set it off and darker blue in a Big Monet print and a Flow Blue platter on the wall ma!e me happy.

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