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Happy Halloween friends!   Today is an exciting day for more reasons than one. First, we finally got all of our presale orders out, (last batch shipping today). If you have any questions about your order status please email  **Please note anyone who ordered wholesale or ordered huge soldier jars which must ship freight, we are in the process of getting freight quotes and expect to have those tomorrow (we will be in touch by the weekend).

And now it’s time for our much anticipated  October container arrival sale! This time we literally doubled up on everything so we are very well stocked though there are some pieces we are very low on or almost sold out of.

And if you are a blue and white porcelain lover, then you must sit down for this, there is so much to see and you won’t want to miss a single item. Why? Because I would argue that this might be the most beautiful shipment I have ever gotten in, it is one of the largest and we are introducing several new products which I am super excited about. And with the holidays now only 8 weeks ago (yikes), this is a great time to start thinking about the blue and white lovers in your life and of course this includes yourself!!

This is a win/win, not only would you be incredibly hard pressed to find a selection this vast (and gorgeous) but there is no way you will find these prices for this type of quality. Remember these are NOT machine made, but hand painted and handmade. There is indeed a world of difference between the two.

We will hold this arrival sale through the weekend. As we always do,  we offer special arrival pricing on the entire container before they get added to the shop site. Most items are discounted even further for a pair price.

It is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of special pricing and there are as always some special incentives. Though we doubled up on everything, we are low on some items so it’s always subject to availability. If you. know of a fellow blue and white lover, then tell them about the sale and get a special little “finders fee”!

Always fun to take some warehouse pictures of all of the beautiful items! Yes, this is what blue and white heaven must look like:) Enjoy-

Our stunning fishbowl with braided handles is back…a beauty!

Stunning new lily pad jar…a keeper!

Such an elegant jar, the grand temple jar…one of our best sellers and such a value! Looks like a million dollars:)

Already took two pair of these home…..obsessed with them! Offered in both a light blue and a darker blue

Cannot even count the ways I love this new collection so much! We got the fabulous large ginger jars and garden seats, absolutely smitten! Will be adding other pieces, a vase, maybe even some kind of figurine and small planter…stay tuned:)

In love with this new style fishbowl…a new fave is born:)

So happy to see this vase again! One of my all time faovrites:)

This is the grand dame jar, truly out of this world beautiful. Jars like this sell for thousands, trust me I know. In Greenwich, CT there is a store that has one similar (not as pretty for $1800

With the holidays coming, not only is it s a great time to start thinking about getting your house in gear but it is also a fantastic time to think about those blue and white loving friends and relatives, because as we all know porcelain makes the best gift on he planet:)

So here are the rules which I. know to many of you, you already know but for those of you who are new to this, please read over the rules and how this sale works, of course any questions you are welcome to call us-

  • TWO WAYS TO ORDER– Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email (Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all offered at special arrival sale pricing
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Everything here is in stock and ready to ship
  • Spend $500 or more and save 10% off your entire order
  • If you recommend a NEW CUSTOMER to our sale who makes a purchase and mentions your name, you will receive a $10 credit for every $100 they spend!
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • International? Please email or call us with what you want to order and our address so we can get you a shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Contact us at or give us a call
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565


OK, and feel free to tell your porcelain loving friends and family about this sale, if you like them:) And here we go with the parade of exquisite porcelains coming in-

ITEM 1 Our super popular pair of bird jars, such an elegant duo. These fabulous jars depict a pretty bird and floral scene.

Perfect size of 17.5″ tall

Pair is $295.00

ITEM 2 The white extra chunky large jars are coming back, these are always a hit, Elegant white jars with a very light crackle complete with elegant foo dog top.

Measures 20″ x 13″ at it’s widest point

$155.00 each

$285.00 for the pair

ITEM 3  NEW! This super fabulous floral classic scene straight fishbowl, just in love with this and will immediately

be taking a pair home. Love it for indoors or out. Cannot wait to bring a pair of these beauties home!

Measures 17″ x 16.5″

$160.00 each

ITEM 4  NEW! This new style bird jar is sure to become a customer favorite. Elegant bird/floral style with an antiqued finish. Love the foo dog top.

Measures 18″ x 10″ at it’s widest point

$155 each

$290 for a pair

ITEM 5 Our best selling rectangular scalloped and pierced planter is coming back, in perfect time for all those holiday arrangements. This looks spectacular iwth amaryllis or narcissus, also filled with holiday greens!

Measures 14.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 6A  NEW!  Say hello to our newest garden seat to match our village scene tulipiere and now ginger jar! I love this collection and ma over the moon about it. Love the softer lighter blues, just a beautiful piece.

Extra large too, stands at 19″.


ITEM 6B  NEW!   And here is the matching ginger jar, how gorgeous is this? A pair is going right into my bedroom. Love it!

Measures an impressive 18″ tall

$175.00 each

$335.00 for a pair

ITEM  7  NEW!   Another new favorite, is this incredible large scaled cherry blossom jar that I also designed. Love that it has a lot of white on the jar, with the cherry blossoms handpainted on entire body of the jar with a pretty foo dog lid. It also has the raised bumps as an added detail.

Measures 20″ tall

$160.00 each

$310.00 for the pair

ITEM 8 Sometimes you need a smaller jar for smaller spaces, these are perfect on a mantle, which I use in my dining room and I have also done gorgeous arrangements in these that

Measures 14.5″ tall

$85.00 each

$155.00 for the pair

ITEM 9 NEW!  This large flat top antiqued bird jar is a beauty,  I own a pair and these are possibly my all time favorite flat top jar. Measures 10″ tall, lightly antiqued.

Measures 11.5″ x 11″

$95.00 each

$180.00 for a pair

ITEM 10 Another fantastic smaller jar, these are wonderful for smaller chests, consoles, etc…beautiful rich navy design with foo dog top

Measures 11.5″ tall


ITEM 11 These two jars were new additions and both have been very popular, they are a great size and the designs are classically beautiful! Either design same price.

Measures 17″ tall

$150.00 each

$285.00 for the pair

11A Trellis

11B Lily pad/floral

ITEM 12A The fabulous double happiness pieces are coming back! This adorable bud vase is coming home:) This is such a great little vase, perfect for end tables and nightstands. Love the detailing on the handles.

Measures 9″ x 4″

12B The matching small flat top cylinder double happiness jar is such a pretty little jar. Great as a pair.

Measures 6.5″ x 6,5″


ITEM 13 NEW!  This incredible songbird ginger jar is making it’s return after being gone a long time. Always a popular piece, with an elegant cherry blossom design. Great size too, I filled mine with tall sunflowers and it was spectacular, love the foo dog lid.

Measures 17.5″ tall

$150.00 each

$285.00 for the pair

ITEM 14 NEW!   FINALLY this most gorgeous vase is returning. I love this piece and own two. Even without flowers, it is a stunner! Elegant  paneled design with intricate “handles” on either side.

Measures 16″ tall


ITEM 15 A great. mid sized jar with a beautiful figurine/pagoda scenery, such a pretty pattern.

Great mid size at 14.5″ tall

$120.00 each

$230.00 for the pair

ITEM 16 One of my favorite large vases is coming back in stock, this large scaled bird vase is such a beauty! I love it filled with cherry blossoms in the spring and greens and berries for the holidays. One is fabulous and two is showstopping!

Measures 23.5″ x 9″ at it’s widest point

$155.00 each

$295.00 for a pair

ITEM 17 Another wonderful small vase, the kind you want on hand for the weekly flowers you pick up at your market. Elegant floral design, great size and wonderful little hostess gift.

Measures 9.5″ tall


ITEM 18  NEW!  Our other best selling vase is coming back,this beauty is square shaped and has the same gorgeous intricate handles and finely detailed hand painted design in a village scene.

Measures 18″ x 7″


ITEM 19  NEW! Feast your eyes on these two new large jars!! Love them both and am VERY  excited about their arrival, have just the spot for a pair. Two equally beautiful designs, bird and lotus leaf. These have a creamy white background and have been lightly antiqued. Elegant chunky base design with pretty foo dog top.

Measures 20″ x 11″

$180.00 each

350.00 for a pair

Specify lotus or bird

NEW!  Lotus-

ITEM 20 Our adorable mini fishbowls are coming back, and we have doubled up on them. These are so cute, they measure 6″ x 4″. Ideal for small boxwoods, succulents, a pretty catchall, etc…

Measures 5″ x 4.5″


ITEM 21 The original styled chunky dragon, bird, open field and  phoenix jars are also being restocked. Four fabulous styles! These are classically beautiful and a great size, 17.5″ tall. Love the chunky base. Lightly antiqued with foo dog lids and the raised bump detailing.

$145.00 each

$280.00 for the pair

Specify phoenix, bird, open field or  dragon

ITEM 22 Our elegant braided fishbowl handle is coming back. I just love this and keep it filled with orchids. I have also used it as one heck of an elegant beverage holder, filled it with ice then bottles or Rosè and sparkling water. Versatile and gorgeous!

Measures: 18.5″ L x 9″ W x 8.5″ H


ITEM 23 Another fabulous mid sized jar with elegant foo dog and floral design. I love the darker rich colors here and it contrasts nicely in a vignette with other porcelains. Beautiful but really fabulous as a pair! Measures: 14.5″ x 6″ x 6″

$110.00 each

$205.00 for the pair

ITEM 24 This octagonal mid sized cherry blossom jar is coming in and what a pretty jar it is. Love the shape and design that is so easy to fit in with other jars/pieces.

Measures 12″ x 10.5″

$95.00 each

$175.00 for a pair

ITEM 25 These two mid sized planters continue to sell out with good reason, they are reasonable, beautify and can be used is so many ways. They are poopuplar to use with boxwood balls, orchids or fresh flowers. Also have seen them with ferns, and they look gorgeous. Great size!

Both measure 12″ x 8″

Either style $85.00

Specify village scene or trellis

Village scene-


ITEM 26 The best selling mid sized bird flats top is coming back and we tripled what we normally get! This beauty measures 8″ x 8.5″ and honestly just works well everywhere, a great piece to add to an existing vignette.

Measures 8″ x 8.5″

$75.00 each

$140.00 for a pair

ITEM 27 Getting in a limited number of these “grand dame” jars which is how I refer to them. These incredible very large jars are true heirloom quality, just breathtakingly beautiful. These are very large scaled and are real statement jars and sell out fast with good reason.

Measures 26″ x 15″

$335.00 (this ships in two very large boxes)

ITEM 28 Our wonderful little cylinder shaped container is coming back, this is so perfect as a brush holder, pen holder, or little catchall.

Measures 6.5″ x 4″


ITEM 29 These stunning blue and white beautifully hand painted pagodas are coming back. These work well everywhere, literally! I change mine and place them indoors and out almost on a weekly basis:) Offered in two shapes/sizes.

29A This chunkier pagoda is such a great size, they work everywhere. Measures 16″ tall

$165.00 each

$320.00 for a pair

29B This is a taller, thinner shaped pagoda, very elegant, measures 24.5″ x 6″

$215.00 each

$405.00 for the pair

ITEM 30 NEW!  Soooo excited over these planters that I designed. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a pair (or two). I see them filled with red or white amaryllis for the fall/winter and orchids or hydrangeas for other seasons. Love them!

Measures 10″ x 8.5″ perfect size planter!

$140.00 (specify darker or lighter blue)

30A The darker blue

30B The lighter blue

ITEM 31 The popular grand temple jar is coming back in stock. This incredible hexagonal jar features a beautiful and very elegant pattern, complete with foo dog top. The interesting shape makes this a showstopping piece whether alone or as a pair. These sell out fast!

Measures 23″ tall

$195.00 each

$365.00 for the pair

ITEM 32 Gorgeous foo dog fishbowls finally coming back waited a long time for these beauties. I love this size, it makes it an. ideal piece for indoor use and looks amazing outside too. Perfect for an oversized boxwood ball, any kind of topiary tree or boxwood.

Measures 16. 5″ x 16


ITEM 33 Our beautiful extra tall double happiness vase is coming home, this is a beautiful “statement” jar. I love a pair on a console, or by a mantle. Also gorgeous on a center hall table filled with a spray of blossoms.

Measures 24.5″ x 9″


ITEM 34 And last but not least, this two smaller pairs of pagodas and foo dogs are top sellers for good reason. They are beautiful, can be used anywhere, and are perfect pieces to finish a vignette and also make the most stylish bookends!

34A Blue and white mini foo dog pair

Measures 4″x. 6″

$85.00 for the pair

34B  Beautiful pair of pagodas, sold as a pair

Measures 7″ tall

$55.00 for the pair

34C This is a newer style of min pagodas, makes a great pair of bookends!

7″ tall

$45.00 for pair



If you are reading this, you are a blue and white diehard like myself:) Never ever gets old to get in a beautiful container of porcelain and you would think I have run out of room to put things, but somehow I always find a spot for those that I love:) So,  if you see something you simply must have or something to stash away as a holiday gift, just email or call your order in-



Thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time….

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barara m on

The grand temple jar #31 is stunning–and such a standout with that hexagonal shape that sets it apart! As if the size alone was not enough. Love it.

Sue on

Oh my gosh ! So much to love ! I love the new lighter blue village scene and the new planters you designed , the question now is lighter blue or darker blue !

Sandi Wells on

This is the most beautiful collection I have seen! Wonderful designs and so classic! Kudos to Tina and staff!!

Patricia Elkins on

Item 22 braided handle fishbowl. I’ve always wanted one for my front window to put seasonal plants in. Love your items. Someday I’ll have some of them.

B. Woodring on

So much to pick from, but love the new planters & loving the new large jars with the Lotus. Also think I need a few of the little cylinders for my new office space!

Karen W. on

Item 33 – a classic that is perfect in so many ways!

Nadine Middendorf on

Extra tall Double Happiness Vase….what a statement!❤️

Eve B on

One word–STUNNING! I love #22 the Braided Fishbowl handle.

martha sappington on

Blue and white perfection! Cannot stop scrolling back and forth. I think this is the best collection yet, everything is just so pretty.

Kathy M. on

Absolutely in love with the mini Foo Dogs .Your selection in everything is Beautiful!

Judy on

Dreaming of a pair of the beautiful new ginger jars, item 6b, for my living room. I love the lighter blue color and the stunning lattice-like work on the top and bottom of the jar.

Joy on

I crave Pagodas!

Susan K on

I always look forward to seeing what you get in the containers! What a beautiful selection and each time you continue to outdo yourself Tina!

Constance Windham on

Oh, my! The “grand dame” jar is stunning!

Janet on

Hands down my favorite is the incredible large scaled cherry blossom jar, item #7. I love the subtle coloring and raised detail, very pretty!

Pat Rhodes on

I have two favorites! I’m getting the foo dogs as a Christmas present for my husband as he has said he really likes them. And the braided fish bowl which is stunning!

Beverly Rowntree on

It’s always so hard to choose, as all are beautiful. I really like Item 15 because of the design.

Paulette P on

With it being difficult to narrow it down to one item because they are all so lovely, I managed to select my favorite with Item #9, the large flat top antiqued bird jar. This piece would be a standout anywhere it’s placed. The mini fishbowls which are Item #20 would make great holiday gifts for a special friend filled with a plant or it would be a perfect hostess gift as well.

Sue Yuditsky on

While all are beautiful, I love the braided fishbowl. When I set the table for dining I like to use a long and low planter to hold my flowers for the table. This fishbowl would be perfect and can be used all year long.

Liz on

I love Item 5! I love the idea of holiday greens in this…

Tim F. on

I love the new large lotus jars!

charlotte on

The exquisite garden seat is my favorite. They work inside or out. How exciting it must be at your Warehouse!

Mary Anne on

Very calming to see this email before my dentist visit now !!
Anyway I love the Village Scene vase …. I may need another one !! Everything is just gorgeous !!!

Peggy on

I love the mid-size temple jars!! I need a pair for my mantle:)

Sandy w on

I love them all as usual. The white jar and the new garden seat, 6A are my favorites. But would love any of these pieces. Just keep looking for new places to put them.

Deb Harris on

I keep coming back to the garden seat with the pale blues and village scene. So pretty and delicate looking!

Dana on

I am in love with item 8. I know it one of the smaller ginger jars, but the pattern and shape have stolen my heart. I know from experience how absolutely beautiful your pieces are an what an amazing value. Every thing I have ever purchased becomes my new favorite piece that I find myself going into the room just to admire it. It is so hard to choose, truthfully I would buy everything if I could. I need a bigger home LOL. I sometimes buy something with no idea where it will land, but it always finds a special home. Your pieces make me happy!

Liane on

Oh Wow Love the new Light Blue Jars.
What a boat load of Blue and White and Perfect for the Holidays!
Thank you Tina I Love them all !

Cathy on

SOOO hard to choose, but item 14, the vase would be beautiful filled with white lilies, roses and greenery or red amaryllis and white roses for the holidays! I also love the new planters, item 30, and would love Tina to design the next version without the base. Such a fabulous collection. Tina, thank you for making such blue and white pieces available at such great price points! Long love blue and white!

Carol on

Of course, I love it all; however, my new favorite is the white ginger jar with foo dog top, Item #2.

Gina P on

The new garden seat is lovely! I would use it as a side table in my living room and another on my patioz

Jennifer S on

The new item, number 30, is really wonderful. Though, as always, love everything!

Susan Kayden on

Gorgeous collection!!! I love the new Lotus jar.

Terri Lacey on

I can’t wait to get my shipment of the new straight sided fish bowls – my boxwood balls are sitting in my courtyard eagerly waiting to be set inside of them and then ready to be part of a beautiful Christmas scene. I love the sweet little bud vase (12A).

Carol M on

All are so beautiful. I am loving that new garden stool. Thinking about it for my master bathroom!

Janet Masterson on

Adding the new footed planters in dark blue to my Christmas list today!!

Kathryn Monson on

The braided handle fishbowl is my favorite, although there are many close contenders! Beautiful blue and white! ❤️

Judy on

I absolutely love everything! But item #4 is probably my favorite!

Peggy Hitchings on

The beautiful garden seat is so versatile and can be moved from indoors to outdoors, gotta love that!!! It’s ALL about the blue and white!!
Happy Halloween!??

Jessie on

The Grande Dame for sure! It’s all just exquisite!

dale s. on

This makes me want everything! But I love the lighter blue.

Susan Hayes Long on

Every blue and white fanatic’s dream come true. Beautiful collection.

Rose C on

Oh my! I am swooning over this beautiful collection! Item 6A is my fave- I LOVE the color. It would be a practical addition to any room.

Suzanne Hughes on

All are Favorites!! I love the no. 4 jars the most. Perfect for my living room mantle. Will be asking Santa to bring this year!

Michael Eason on

Love Everything ! But Item #3, the floral fishbowl is my favorite. It is amazing !

Jackie C. on

By far the lotus large jar. The lotus has always been my favorite and it’s significance of rising above and showing your beauty. All of the porcelain shows beauty. Thank you for making it available.

Mary Jane on

Absolutely love the footed planters! I’ve never seen anything like these. Everything is so beautiful and the attention to the details of every piece is perfect!

Valerie Kokenes on

The grand dame jar is breathtaking ❤️

AFN on

#1 pair of birds ? vases. So beautiful. Blue and white, the best.

Deanna on

The Grand Dame of jars is what I really want and like. #27 is beautiful and I’m trying to find a place for such a magnificent piece! You have so many goodies, that choosing is difficult. I want them all!

LeAnne G on

I really like the trellis jar (item 11). Everything is beautiful though…hard to pick!

Alice H on

Have to say item #11 in the trellis design is so feminine and beautiful! Would be gorgeous in a guest bedroom!

Blair on

I live the rectangular shaped container with the reticulated base. Would be beautiful with orchids!

Jennifer on

I love the new design on 6b. Every time you have new jars I wish for a bigger house!

Terry P. on

I think I will purchase myself an “early” Christmas gift:) Am totally in luv with the new “grand dame” # 31.

Regina S. on

My favorite is braided handle fish bowl. I have this one from TEH and just put moss, white baby boos, and antlers. It’s so fun to use seasonal items in this bowl.

Terry P. on

I guess I’m going to have to order myself an early Christmas gift 🙂 Am in LUV with the “grand dame” #27.

Nancy on

Item 32 is spectacular. You knocked it right out of the park with this container sale. Gorgeous!


Trellis planter!!?

michelle l oleary on

Grand Dame Jar is absolutely my favorite! So many pretty items. Love the garden stools.

Kelley on

Love everything. Especially the grand temple jar

Patti S on

love # 22 fishbowl – beautiful!

Trish on

Love all your beautiful blue and white pieces. I think the thin pagoda is my favorite today.

Arell on

I am loving the “Grande Dame” Ginger Jars this time. But the Mini Pagodas are stealing my heart too! Just charming.

Trish on

Love all your beautiful blue and white pieces. I think the thin pagoda is my favorite today. #29B

Ingrid Swenson Ayres on

The straight fishbowl #3 is my absolute favorite! But it’s all so beautiful and I had to pick just one. I’m on my way to the phone to order it right now!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

It’s a blue and white extravaganza. One prettier than the next. Loving the Village scene ginger jar followed closely by the new cherry blossom jar.

Daphne Davis on

I think I would love to receive any thing from the shipment, but I would use the “fishbowl” footbath as a cooler for wine bottles and champagne at parties. Tres Chic! Blue and white LOVE!

Barb A on

You are so right, there is always room for new blue and white friends. Just love the fishbowls and they must be my next purchase.

Taken Smith on

I absolutely love the “grand dame” jars. They are stunning!

Tamme Smith on

I absolutely love the “grand dame” jars. They are stunning!

Trish Warriner on

My favorite is the taller, thinner pagoda! And the taller double happiness jar and a couple other things as well! Oh, Phoo Dog bookends!

Alissa S on

The fishbowl that is #3 would be beautiful both indoors or outdoors. Love it!

Julia Whitsitt on

This is hard but I have to go with #6B. Gorgeous, could go anywhere!

Jo Shafer on

So many lovely new designs from which to choose, but my all-time favorite is #5 rectangular scalloped and pierced planter.
Of the two styles of min-pagodas, I like the #34C version. It’s chunkier, and I can see the pair as part of a winter greenery arrangement on my mantel.

Lynn Payne on

Such Gorgeous items, how do I pick one?
I keep scrolling back to item #9 the Large Flat Top Antiqued Bird Jar for my kitchen island.

Anita. on

Pagodas, foo dogs, and the new planters I need all of them???

Jeri Katzer on

The Grand Temple jars #31 are hands down my favorite!

Mary Clare Mulhall on

I adore the planters, especially the lighter blue. They are the perfect size. They would look so beautiful flanking my front door!

Dinah on

Every item is beautiful but #32, the foo dog fish bowl planter, is my favorite!! Boxwoods planted in two of them would complement my pool house!

Jennifer Garren on

The grand dame jars, I would smoke the credit card for a pair of these!

Johnny Corlett on

LOVE 29-B Pagoda. Great lines, easy to accessorize as a seperated pair, or as a cluster. Really like the height for layering collections for display.

Susan Millsap on

#33 is quite a statement piece, absolutely stunning!

Natalie H. on

I love all the ginger jars, too hard to pick 1!

Lorin Scarborough on

I am smitten with 23. The overall design makes it a counterpoint to so many things in my collection.

Lexie on

The new mini pagodas are amazing!!

Dotti on

All items are gorgeous! Loving those chunky white jars!

Liz Wojes on

Wow what a fantastic collection to choose from! I’m favoring the small Vase (#17). Love the design on it.

Sube on

Love the foo dogs. Perfect size to go so many places in my home.

Ashley on

Love the pagodas!!

Ashley on

Love the pagodas!!

Kelsey H on

My favorite are the straight fish bowls- so beautiful!

Meredith B on

So much to love! I already own several of these pieces, but today, I’m loving #32 as I could use a pair of these for my front porch to give my fall mums a home and #14 to go almost anywhere!

Charlene on

Tina these are all gorgeous. Yes best yet. I’ve been looking all day today and yesterday just to see what I really need. Of course I want them all but am getting 6B which I absolutely love and 3 others. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Merry Christmas to me early?

Anne Dent on

Love the grand temple jar – so stately and timeless!

christine e on

All so beautiful….But really the Grand Dame jar is spectacular!

Lacy on

Grande Dame jar and the lattice one (6b)…but it’s all gorgeous!!!

Anthony von Reichert on

Always so hard to pick one fave but this time I would have to go with the Foo Dogs!!

Debra on

I can’t pick just one thing. I’m pretty sure I could find a place in every room of my house for all items pictured. Would like to see an umbrella stand, though:)

Susan on

Always love the foo dogs #34 but the new taller fish bowl #3 is wonderful,

sandra K on

I love all of the jars with birds: The new style bird Jar and the songbird ginger jar are GREAT! Finally settled on the bird jar with the lovely bumps!

Jessica on

My favorite are the dark blue no. 30 planters, SO pretty!! ❤️❤️❤️

Colleen on

Love #23 with that vibrant blue foo dog jar!

Susan Brown on

Love everything, but my favorite is Item 33, the tall vase.

Sarah Brown on

Item 5, the pierced planter!

Ann S on

I think Item 27 is truly stunning. I see this piece as a definite statement piece that would really be lovely in a room.

sabrina morgan on

So beautiful, but I’m enamored with the garden seat in the new collection! I love the subtle colors-very elegant

Dianne Kropp on

I love them all, but I don’t have any of the flat tops. It certainly won’t be easy to decide on one, since they’re all so beautiful!

Marguerite on

The taller, thinner pagodas are my favorite! Love love love pagodas!

Donna DeMarino on

I really like the chunky Phoenix bird jar. I’ve had my eye on it for some time. I have so many of your pretty things in my house now but still room for more ?

Leigh thomas on

I love all of it, but especially the new 18″ bird jar!

Cathy Temple on

Almost impossible to pick a favorite but the large cherry blossom jar (#7) is at the top of my list! The “antiquing” on these pieces is extraordinary. Truly gorgeous.

JennyBC on

The planters are just beautiful and the large fishbowl at the beginning. Everything is just perfect.

Nancy on

My heart belongs to the pair of blue and white mini foo dogs. I see so many uses for them anywhere and anytime of the year. Their size and their blue and white pattern is perfect!

Dana on

Love the foo dogs for my new bookshelves. ❤️

Mary coleman on

I love 6B! Gorgeous!!

Álvaro on

Dreaming in white and blue!!! Mi favorites: Item 19 Lotus, Item 4 and Item 7!!! Crazy about them!!


I am a Blue & White addict.

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