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Hello to all my fellow tree decorating friends! This is either going to  find you getting started with your decorating or for some of you putting the finishing touches (if the later, I am very jealous)! If you are  needing divine intervention, inspiration or just a few finishing touches…..we have just the answer! Our arrival sale on our large ornaments shipment is officially on as of today. Everything in stock and ready to ship!

****Please note all ornament pre sale orders have shipped,  if you do not have yours or not have gotten a shipping notification,  please call us at 1-800-804-9565****


Most of our ornaments normally sell for $14 each, but today they are being sold by the box at an exceptional discount plus there are a few incentives. Ready to go, everything in stock and ready to be hung!

First a few rules before we start (please read over especially if you are new to these sales)-


  • TWO WAYS TO ORDER TO GET THIS PRICING– Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion) ITEM NUMBERS ARE IN FRONT OF DESCRIPTION
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all now in stock ready to ship right away!
  • All ornaments on this sale are sold by the box only
  • Final sale
  • This sale will Thursday,  Dec 11th
  • Shipping is extra
  • Spend $300 or more and get a free box of ornaments
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • International? Please email [email protected] or call us with what you want to order and our address so we can get you a shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call to get your order in
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565 (Monday- Friday 9:30-5:30)


PLEASE NOTE- All ornaments are sold by the box. One style per box, special pricing is box pricing only. If you want to purchase them individually please visit shop site by clicking here.


ITEM 1 Gorgeous 5″ cherry blossom ginger jar, one of my favorites!

$36.00 for box of 4

ITEM 2 New style trellis ginger jar with a “panel” design on each side

$38.00 for box of 4


ITEM 3 Our classic Pheasant flat top

$36.00 for box of 4


ITEM 4 Assorted 4″ balls, mix and match to your hearts content, these are fabulous as an assortment!

4A All over floral 4″ ball (design on all sides)

$34.oo for box of four


4B 5″ Pheasant ball (design on all sides)

$38.00 for box of 4


4C 5″ Dragon ball (design on all sides)

$38.00 box of 4

4D 5″ Double happiness (design on all sides)

$38.00 box of 4

4E 5″ Pagoda scene (design on all sides)

$35.00 box of 4



ITEM 4F 5″ Pagoda (design on all sides)

$35.00 box of 4


ITEM 5 Our wonderful 4″ small dragon ginger jar

$32.00 box of 4

ITEM 6 Large flat top all over floral jar measures 5″, this is a great statement ornament

$38.00 box of 4




ITEM 7 Hexagonal all over floral  ginger jar 5″

$38.00 box of 4

ITEM 8 This is a new design and we do not have the professional shots back, it is a beautiful floral/cherry blossom 5.5″ jar. Offered in round OR hexagon shaped (please specify when ordering)


ITEM 9 Pagodas! Our amazing pagodas are a beautiful way to add a new design into your mix, they mix perfectly with all the others.

9A Pagoda 1

$36.00 box of 4

9B Pagoda 2

$36.00 box of 4

9C Pagoda 3 Solid navy

$30.00 box of 4

9D Solid white

$30.00 box of 4

9E Blue/white pagoda

$36.00 box of 4

ITEM 10  gorgeous nutcrackers! Offered in both red/green and blue/green with two different styles. 5.75″ tall

10A. Blue green with dots on hat

$36.00 box of 4

10B Blue/green with striped hat

$36.00 box of 4


10C Red/green with dogs

$36.00 box of 4

10D Red/green with striped hat

$36.00 box of 4

ITEM 11  Same here only have 2 of the 5 professional shots, but these are soooo cute! Measures 5″ tall. Choose from ivory/gold, black/white, blue/white, red/white, green/white

$38.00 box of 4 (specify colorway)


Blue/white floral



Green and white

 NEW blue and white style with dots

NEW pink/white dog


ITEM 12 Foo dog love this classic ornament 4″ just darling!

Box of 4 $36.00



ITEM 13  Our fabulous navy cherry blossom jar  now comes in two sizes!!  Striking rich navy jar with white blossoms is striking, measures 6″ tall and 4″ tall

$38.00 box of 4 for 6″ jars

$30.00 box of 4 for 4″ jars

ITEM 14 Some of our fabulous gold/white ornaments are back plus a few new styles!

14A This amazing 6″ tall gold/white ginger jar is a beauty

Box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 14B Mini dragon jar gold/white

Box of 4 $32.00

ITEM 14C New trellis jar, stands 5″ tall, gorgeous! Do not have the professional picture back yet

Box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 14D Now the pagoda comes in gold/white! Do not have the professional picture back yet.

Box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 14E Various style large 5″ gold bails

Box of 4 $34.00

Dragon, pheasant or double happiness

ITEM 14F Fabulous large 5″ flat top all over floral gold/white ornament

Box of 4 $36.00

ITEM 15. Solid pearlized balls These are really fabulous, and make quite a statement. 5″ round they are a perfect “filler’ to use alongside all the ornaments (see my Christmas tree picture from below where I used an abundance of the pale blue balls. Specify color when ordering

Sold only as a box of 4 $25.00

Pale blue/silver




New this year, a gorgeous rich mossy green (do not have professional pictures) this looks amazing with blue and white!

Blue These came in a bit different because though pearlized they have almost a textured feel to them, they are actaulyl quite pretty. I got a discount on them since they did this finish which I am passing onto to you. 5″ balls

Box of 4 $20.00

ITEM 16  Our now iconic gift toppers that double as a small 3″ ornament ! These are the cutest thing, and such a beautiful way to finish off any gift…truly the crowning touch!

Sold in a box of 6 $30.00

Styles include (each box contains one style gift topper)

green nutcracker, red nutcracker, green dog, blue/white dog, , ivory/gold dog and blue/white pagoda

We are low on stock on most of these so subject to availability

ROBES AND APRONS! We got an “emergency shipment” because we sold out of the robes and aprons so fast. Get yours while they last….these are so fun, festive and pretty! What a fun way to welcome the holiday season, great hostess/gift idea as well!

ITEM 17 Robes, 100 cotton, fits size 4-14 (includes inner tie, sash and two pockets)

$60 each

Buy 3 or more $55.00 each

ITEM 18  Aprons, these are 100% cotton, adjustable, generously sized and has two deep front pockets

$28.00 each

Buy three or more $22.00 each


Place your order by calling or emailing (calling in is quicker)


[email protected]

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I just love it all and can’t wait for the gift toppers to arrive❣

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