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Hi friends! Hope you are having a great week. Remember I started this series a few months ago, where I feature someone of style whether its design, fashion, culinary, lifestyle, whatever. Just someone who’s body of work and life I greatly admire.  And suffice to say there are plenty of them out there….

I have been a long time fan of Carolyne Roehm and her iconic style. Everything she does speaks my language, I believe I own every single one of her books which I still pour over as though I am looking at them the first time.

Good books work that way and hers most definitely deliver. Whether it’s her incredible floral skills at work, elegant decorating, beautiful gift wrapping, I am always taking notes. She is now designing jewelry, of which I am the proud owner of two beautiful pieces and must say it’s quite beautiful. So her talents spill quite successfully over into many arenas. It is always such fun to see what she is up to:)

So today I am thrilled to honor this wonderfully talented lady, most definitely worthy of being in my style file! Let’s take a look at her sensational creations over time…..


She has a true talent with color and love that she loves turquoise necklaces (me too)!

Her living room/drawing room in Charleston…..clearly she too loves blue and white!

She spends a lot of time in her magnificent CT greenhouse, don’t blame her one bit, its spectacular!

Her table settings are legendary and always memorable

Her gift wrap equally beautiful!

Her fabulous light, airy kitchen in Weatherstone (her CT home)

This setting above has always been a favorite

Imagine having a meal in this greenhouse above….so beautiful and intimate!

One of her bedrooms from Charleston

Amazing spring dahlias straight from her garden

Beautiful seasonal vignette

What an entrance!!! Definitely speaks to me:)

Her fabulous gardens are the stuff dreams are made of

She is a master at decorating for every season!

Now this my version of a dreamy backyard! Loving all that blue and white:)

How amazing are these peonies….swoon!

And lest you think you have seen all the talents up her sleeve, I was completely blown away when I saw her artistic ability, really world class!


Quite spectacular don’t you think? I could stare at her beautiful pictures all day long, and thankfully have an entire library filled with her books which more than entertains me. If I need an idea, sometimes I will open her up books knowing I will find my inspiration in one form or another.

Click here to visit her wonderful website and prowl around…….and be sure if you don’t already to start your own Carolyne Roehm book collection. They will bring you many days of happiness and inspiration as they have me for years. Always fun to write about this creative force.  Thank you for stopping in and wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time…….

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She is the most talented Style Icon of our time. Have every book! Just adore her. I have her bumble bee ring, fabulous!!!

I adore Carolyne Roehm! Her books are just spectacular!
I think I first discovered my love of blue and white from seeing her gorgeous interiors!

I have “followed” her blog, books, etc. for years. She is one of the most talented artists…and shares same. I await & devour everything she does. franki

I too own all her books and also have my eye on her heart locket ❤️ I could happily spend an entire day swooning over the beautiful pictures of her incredible design, florals and tablescapes. And she lives in my neck of the woods here in CT!

I have been a huge fan of Carolyne for years. I also have many of her books. Her sense of style is amazing.

Does anyone know who is the maker of the blue fabric in the “How amazing are these peonies….swoon!”

Oh Tina, You should build an English greenhouse on your estate! How fab would that be for you. You can add a glass fridge to hold your flower purchases too. Go for it, you deserve it. xoxox

Carolyn is a Renaissance woman, one in a million. Whenever I’m stumped about anything related to decor I always wonder….what would Carolyne do. She is my true inspiration.

This is why it’s taking Jesus so long to return; he’s preparing mansions for us with gardens to top these! ?Thanks for sharing and the reminder to look at her books again.

I have all of her books too. I saw her speak at a luncheon here in Arizona~~she was so entertaining and knowledgeable. I only wish she had an intern program because I would sign up immediately! I want to dig out her books and peruse them today. Thanks for sharing. She is truly a gem. I didn’t know she made jewelry but I will replicate that outfit with her turquoise necklace featured above!

Every picture is a treat! Tina, I know many have said it but you my dear are a new younger Carolyne Roehm yourself! I see so much of her style in your beautiful style. Two icons!

I had the wonderful opportunity to tour her home in CT – simply spectacular! She is such a nice person, too!

Thank you for sharing Carol Roehm. It made the start of my day I will be thinking about it often on all day

I discovered Carolyne Roehm long before I discovered you. You two complement each other with your Blue & White worlds. My latest Carolyne Roehm book is the one about “dressing up” gifts and presents, which I’ve always loved to do since I was a child — not as elegant, of course, but Mother let me play at it anyway.

Thank you so much for this post. There are no words to convey my appreciation of Carolyn’s talent. I will keep this in my favorites so that I can dream of beauty in all of her ways. Borders is my next stop.

Hi Tina, I got your post at the same time I got my magnificent edged hurricanes from UPS today, I am drooling over them!

I also have been a big fan of hers ever since I discovered her and I feel that your aesthetic is very much in sync with hers, two of my favorite style setters!

Hi I also am a big fan of her beautiful work. I actually met her several years ago at a private function and she was gracious and so lovely. We spoke at length about our love for all four legged animals! Tina I can see why you like her style so much it reminds me very much of your room both of you have very elegant style! It is very refreshing because when I open up various design magazines, it almost makes me want to start crying things are so bad!

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