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Hi its been over a year since I did a post on tulipieres. One of my proudest achievements since starting my own line,  is my line of tulipieres. As anyone who has looked for one knows, they are very hard to find and when you do they often have a shockingly high price tag.

Which is large part why I created these……I saw such a market for them and I was right:) We have decent stock right now but getting in a large order in late March in time for spring and all the beautiful spring flowers that come with it! If you missed my post last year on a basic tulipiere tutorial click here.

I was at Trader Joe’s the other day and piked up some beautiful white tulips and white spray roses and decided it was a great excuse to play with my tulipieres. So first I share those pictures then go down memory lane showing you various arrangements I have made over the last few years using my different tulipieres. Perfect for literally every season, every flower in every color!

And for all you tulip and tulipiere fans, we are also offering any in stock tulipiere at 20% today and tomorrow! Use code tulip. Onwards to this fun post all about tulipieres-

A little history/description about tulipieres if you are interested-

“A tulipiere or tulip-holder is an ornate vessel in which to grow tulips, and is usually made of hand-crafted pottery, classically delftware. They are typically constructed to accommodate one single bulb per spout with a larger common water reservoir base. They were not designed as vases for a cut bloom, as is sometimes supposed. While fairly uncommon in modernity, during the 17th century tulipieres were used to grow tulip bulbs indoors and were common pieces of decorative art. After the advent of large-scale global trade in the 17th century, numerous flower bulbs from Asia such as the tulip, crocus, and hyacinth became luxury items in Europe and these bulbs remained an exotic novelty until the end of the 17th century.


And heres a look at previous variations of tulpiere decorating-


Yes, think its safe to say I have had and continue to have a lot of fun with my tulipieres over the last few years, they bring me such joy. I love that there is a never ending plethora of possible floral combinations, part of what makes it such fun! And come spring, you will find me working on them often. I will try to do some kind of a short video tutorial as many have asked.

Today and tomorrow all tulipieres are 20% off (subject to being in stock). Click here to see our wonderful collection of tulipieres.

If we do not have what you are looking for, we will get more in March so please check back.Hope you enjoyed the post, I loved putting it together and going own memory lane:) Thanks for stopping in. Until next time…..

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Everything is so beautiful!! I own two of your white tulipieres and love them! I use them for so many different occasions and even without flowers they’re still beautiful!

I think I need to buy a pair of the pale blue, they’re so pretty for spring?

Your Tulipieres are truly stunning year around! Christmas ties with Spring in my book……
Also loved your Aunt dancing and SO beautiful for her 90th party!
And last but not least, I BUY Loeffler Randall shoes because they are fun and they fit!!!

When did the aunt dance? I missed that and I watch every day. I would like to look that up please.

Everything is so beautiful, I own one but think I need a pair! Would love a video! So talented.

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