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Hello and happy Sunday, hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. SO excited it’s March 1st, 20 days closer to spring!  First want to announce the winner of the porcelain giveaway, congratulations goes to-



#24 Jo Shafer on 2/27/20020

The blue & white garden seat with the raised dots have been on my radar for some time, now. One of these days . . .

Please email us to claim you prize so it can be on it’s way!



Had a nice weekend, was in the city, had a fun lunch with a friend, hit the flower district (of course), dinner with friends and even getting to have dinner with my sons (minus one who is skiing in Utah). So I would say all in all, it’s been a good weekend.

Cannot lie, the non stop talk about the coronavirus makes me a bit nervous, I know it pays to be aware and vigilant but I am praying it does not escalate and become a pandemic as some are predicting. I am cautiously hopeful and actually made my survey at end of this post on this very subject.

I have relegated myself to accepting we will have a virtually snowless winter. Wow, talk about being a letdown. This is a first, and I am not thrilled. If we need to endure month after month of cold, gloomy, gray weather could we at least have a little snow! OK, getting off my soapbox, on we go to this weeks post and pretty happy things! Sit down and take five as it’s a full post this Sunday-



1 PRETTY FLORALS! I love pretty sundresses in the summer (and spring) and it’s so nice to see such a return to beautiful , feminine clothes. Ruffles and bows, love it all.

LOVE this top. The colors, the ruffles, the softness. I bought it as it was love at first sight:) I see it with a pair of white pants and gold sandals, so chic! From Zimmerman, click here

Here is another one I fell in love with but didn’t take home, a beauty! Click here

How sweet is this sundress, love the blue and white, how delicate it is….could be worn with a little white sweater or jean jacket, can’t believe its under $100! Click here

And this is a newer name to me, but love her dresses, they scream pretty summer dressing! Click here to see the entire collection

2 NEW PRODUCTS ON THE HORIZON Feast your eyes on all the new things heading this way very soon! A  few sneak peeks at other new things coming in, its fast and furious this spring! I have always had a “thing” for wicker covered glasses, so chic and stylish for summer. This glasses are going into production, so love them. They will be here by late March.

There are three styles, would love your opinion as I am hardpressed to name a favorite! I would love to do all three but will have to narrow it down to 2.




And would you look at how gorgeous these are!! This is a first sneak peek at these fabulous scalloped occasional tables, going to be offered in three colorways, here is the pale blue in progress (one or two will go straight to my house:)

And here are two, one in pale blue and one in pale green

Would love your opinion on these. Was looking for a Venetian tri fold vanity mirror for a client, was shocked to hear they are nearly impossible to find. Only found one antique one and it was a mini fortune. So… has been the case with many of my products, I started the process of making one. Got two in and they surpassed my expectations. Would love to know your thoughts? Thinking about producing these, but as with wholesale manufacturing goes, it requires a fairly large quantity. Love your feedback!

And coming also will be these elegant small three tier stands, love these. Will be offered in black/gold and a silverleaf/gold…LOVE:) Very elegant. Shown here is the not quite completed black/gold sample-

And how fabulous is this silver leaf/gold!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A lot of new accounts to me this week, so many beauties on so many random subjects.  Hope you enjoy!

4 EMMA IS COMING! I love this story by Jane Austen, one of my faves, so exited they remade it and its in many theaters now! Anyone see it yet? I am going hopefully this weekend. The cinematography has a very “Alice in Wonderland” vibe and looks so entertaining! Any period film does for me………


5 PELOTON ANYONE? Does anyone have one? I am seriously considering getting one. I will be the first to tell you, I really don’t love to exercise. I sure wish I did! The only saving grace is that I am busy and seem to always be moving, which is good  but not necessarily as good as it could be.

We went and looked at the Peloton and one thing my husband and I both agreed on, was that the seat was super uncomfortable. The salesperson (naturally) told us people say that but really do get used to it. So I am wavering and would love to hear from anyone out there who might have one. Thanks in advance! Click here to find out more in case you are interested to learn more about it.


6 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COOKIES PERIOD. I have been a fan of Lorena Rodriguez’s ever since I discovered her. Her truly mind blowing talent is something to behold. She makes, hands down the most gorgeous cookies on the planet. I mean, they are so beautiful I cannot imagine eating them! She is based in Costa Rica and believe me, I have inquired about ordering her cookies but the distance does not make it possible.

She SO generally sent me her amazing cookie kit so that a local cookie shop can make her incredible ginger jar and pagoda cookies one day (when I have some kind of party). So not only is she talented but she is as sweet as her cookies:)

Does it seem crazy that I would do a party centered around the cookies! So let me share with you some of her recent creations…jaw droppingly beautiful! If there were Olympics for cookies, she would take the gold! Click here to ooh and ahh on her beautiful website.

The AMAZING thing is now you can buy her exclusive cookie mold kits!!! That is exciting news for anyone who has any remote talent with cookies (unfortunately I am not one of them). Here is a sampling of the dozens of kits she offers. Click here to see all of them…happy baking!


7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY The dreaded Cornoavirus is being heard loud and cloud around the world. You can’t help but hear about it, as it seems to be spreading and some are saying soon become a pandemic. Let’s hope they find a vaccine first and FAST!! I am curious if this virus has in any way affected what you do? Flying, traveling, going to certain business establishments?

Living in NY where ethnicities abound, I hear a lot about how pockets of areas like Flushing (a huge Chinese community) has had many businesses close due to no business. I see more and more people wearings masks.

Friends of ours had a family trip planned for Bali and canceled their trip until this whole thing dies down. Another friend canceled a conference in California as the company she works for gave everyone the option to not go, she said about 80% opted out. People are really taking caution and I have to say, me being a nervous nelly thinks about it a lot myself. It makes me want to go to Palmetto Bluff and never leave:)

So curious how as if at all the Corona virus affected your life, or curtailed things you normally do?


Thank you so much for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday routine! Always appreciate hearing from you and would love to know if something resonated with you here today. Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, until next time……

PS With alfresco dining season just around the corner for us but already in season for others, we are offering a free serving platter with any $40 purchase! No code necessary (ends tomorrow night). Click here to see our fabulous melamine collection.

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Franki on

You got me at “COOKIES!!” OMG…they are jewelry for the palate!! Exquisite!! Luv’d the floral frocks, too!! franki

DarcyLea on

We were one of the first Peloton bike purchasers and have now added the Tread. We are a divided household – my husband loves the bike and I am absolutely smitten with the treadmill. There are classes for every level of walking, running and HIIT. I also love the Yoga, strength training, and Meditation classes. We have a basement gym so I have no excuse but to head down every morning (5 am for me). It’s so worth the investment. I can highly recommend Peloton.

Victoria on

Everything as always is beautiful, nice way to start my Sunday! I absolutely love the drinking glasses and those tables, can’t wait till they arrive! Love the silver/gold, so rich looking.

Living in a populated city the coronavirus is very much on the minds of everyone, I think we need to be careful to not panic but to be alert to how it’s changing. Incidentally we have a trip planned to go to Italy in June so we are waiting to see what happens and then will make our decision.

Thank you for starting my Sunday off right!

Lisa P on

Those scalloped tables are making my heart beat faster!

The floral dresses and tops are so beautiful!

Gail on

Own a peloton (my husband bought it) and then I started using it. I agree with you on the seat but you can buy covers that make them more comfortable. Start slow if you get it otherwise you may not en able to walk the next day! A mistake I made!

I use it three times a week and I have to say I like it much more than I ever expected to- The interactive nature makes it not feel quite like boring exercise!

All your new products are so beautiful, how exciting!

JK on

The cookies are beautiful…too pretty to eat!!
I did spin biking for several years. One of the best workouts ever. The seats are not made for comfort. You are up and down and good bit and you really do get used to it. You just hop on and off you go.

Beverly on

Love the scalloped tables!!!!
With respect to COVID-19, not panicking but taking thoughtful measures. Staying informed with credible sources. Praying. Grateful US is world leader in public health. Looking forward to beautiful March – enjoy!!

Peggy Thal on

Love your Seven on Sunday always. Having trouble getting your blog on my Email.

Anne Marie O’Connor on

All stationary bikes definitely need a larger seat for comfort. Don’t purchase anything that is uncomfortable because you will not use or be happy with it.

Jacqueline on

Oh my goodness gracious, the toile sundress!! I can’t wait for some beautiful sun and milder temperatures (we’ve had SO MUCH rain in West Tennessee). I love the rattan glass holders! They look so vintage and I can already imagine a gorgeous wine country tablescape using them. As for the virus, I’m stocking up on things that I would normally keep around and/or would use….just in case we feel the need to stay at home for a bit. Elderberry syrup, vitamins, Tylenol, ibuprofen, some shelf stable foods, good sanitizers, and masks. The masks weren’t a stretch because we are restoring an old home and use those whenever we paint, sand, etc, We only have lead based paint outside, but better safe than sorry. Hopefully, it will all be for naught!

Donna De on

I never think about the virus. I stopped listening to the news quite some time ago and am much more realistic about what really matters in life without someone telling me what to think, scaring one to death or making people angry with half truths etc. Comparing deaths from this virus to the number of people in the world it’s a non-story. Miniscule in the scope of things but the media is on a slow news cycle and blowing it out of proportion.

meg on

Lovely post. So excited for the wicker covered glasses, scalloped occasional tables and 3-tiered stands!! All gorgeous!

Judy on

Susan from the blog/IG Between Naps on the Porch has a Peloton….….she’s did a blog post or two on it a while back but I don’t recall her mentioning anything about the seat. You might want to check her post to see if she says anything about it. If the seat was uncomfortable I know I wouldn’t want to have to “get used to it” or break it it….just my 2 cents!

Martha on

As much as I love the wicker cozies for the glasses, I prefer ones that extend to the bottom of the glass so that a coaster is not
necessary. I have two sets that are covered on the bottom and I love them. Really enjoyed today’s post. Thank you, Tina.

Lynnette mesina on

The peleton is awesome! Seat is not an issue because you can buy gel seat covers if you need to from a speciality bike store or REI. I have both the bike and the tread and it’s great to have for convenience sake. No question …it’s worth getting!!

Janet on

Curious to see how others view the virus question. We have a European trip planned for late this spring, a short ocean cruise followed by a few weeks of independent travel. The areas we will be in are not currently impacted, but I suppose that could change. We’re just assuming the best. (And making cancellable reservations!)

Sharon on

Another fantastic Sunday post! I can’t start my Sunday mornings without reading your blog, so that means you can’t ever stop ha ha!

LOVE those glasses and tables! Your line is getting better and better every day- what I especially love is that you don’t see these products everywhere, which makes it such a pleasure. Almost like a secret only some know about?

I got a peloton from Santa- my three kids gave it to me and honestly at first I was very reluctant. I walk a few times a week but was looking for something that I could do indoors. Despite my initial trepidation I have to say I cannot imagine life without it. I do it religiously anywhere from 2 to 4 times a week and always feel so good afterwards, as it is a fantastic workout.

You feel like you are in the class and between the music and the constant talking the time goes by really quick. The only thing I would say is and I agree with your assessment of the uncomfortable bike seat however that’s a quick fix. There are many covers or you can purchase a non-peloton larger seat. Problem fixed! Do it! I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Deb Harris on

We purchased a Peloton last fall, and bought separately a padded seat cover. I found that it helped me a lot and continue to love riding!

helen johnson on

I like the Venetian tri-fold vanity mirror it is very interesting, but may not be for everyone. How about doing a single pane Venetian mirror, extremely hard to find at a reasonable price point and would probably be of greater interest

Cheryl Ringel on

I am in love with the new three tiered black and gold stand. Is it tall enough for a drink table by a chair or is it a tabletop item? I love it either way.

Sandy W on

We’ve had a Peloton for about two years. I love that it’s right here to use whenever I want. I also love the scenic rides besides the classes. The seat isn’t super comfortable, but you get used to it. I keep saying I’m going to get a seat cover.


Those scalloped tables are so beautiful. The silver leaf one is so so it all..

Debbie on

Love my Peloton! I became a user in June 2019, after my daughter raved about it for months. I was never a bike rider before, and although I’d taken a few spin classes, I didn’t feel like it was my thing. I love it now- the large screen, the amazing variety of classes, the tough but doable workouts, the music options, and the fabulous structures and community. The seat – yes, the first dozen rides were slightly uncomfortable, , but I don’t even think it now. I’m truly a fan.

Sheila in SF on

Absolutely amazing cookies!

Betty Shelley on

Thanks for posing the Peloton question! I have been curious, too. Wonder how large it is?

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Sorry about no snow. I grew up in Connecticut and remember very snowy winters…which is why I live in Arizona. Just a note, but I purchased a tri-fold Venetian mirror from Horchow many years ago. Not sure if they still carry them but it may be worth checking. Always enjoy ready your Seven on Sunday!

Marie in AZ on

Love those floral dresses! About the Coronavirus 19: We’re not in a panic, but I had my annual checkup last week and my doctor specifically told me not to travel for awhile, so we canceled some plans. I am susceptible to respiratory infections, so that may be why he mentioned it, and I took him very seriously. I’m not too concerned about canceling because there will be other times and other trips, but we are washing our hands a lot more just as a precaution. We won’t be wearing masks even though I am seeing more and more people who are, especially those who are in contact with a lot of people in their work–tradesmen, airport workers, and the like. My pharmacist told me that masks were flying off the shelves and they couldn’t keep them in stock!

Melissa on

The cookies from Lorena are exquisite, especially the Easter eggs.

I also am concerned about the coronavirus because I am 83, live in a retirement community, and have lung problems. I will follow the CDC guidelines and wash my hands anytime I am around others, not be in crowds or stand in lines, especially at the grocery store. Mel

Julie Whitsitt on

I’m sure you are told many times that ur blog and posts are joyful and uplifting. If not I’m sendin you this message “just because” and I love your thoughtfulness, your caring and your thoughts. All the best. Julie Whitsitt

Robin on

I live in Italy, so the Coronavirus has greatly affected us. The stock market is also impacted.
Love your piece on Instagram accounts. In particular, this week- Barcley- so adorable, big laughs!!

Robin on

Actually, Barkley with a K.

Joan on

Husband and I thought of getting a Peloton, but the thought of a 20-something screaming at me to “Cooommmmeee Onnnnnn!” at 5:30 am does nothing for me. So, I’m sticking to my Concept 2 rowing machine to work legs, arms and core (son rowed all through high school and college), while hubby searched online and found a system where you use your own bike (setting it up on special stationary block) and programs that you hook your laptop up to that shows you cycling through whatever venue you want in real time.

Given what slobs (sad but true) too many people are on planes, I am in NO hurry to fly anywhere. I’m one of those annoying people who Clorox Wipes-down every surface I may need to touch when I’m on a plane (if you’ve ever taken a Luma Light to these surfaces, you’d want to put on a HazMat suit….) And while those cookies look gorgeous, I am more conscious than ever of how many times someone may have to touch anything I put into my mouth. This is what happens when you know an infectious disease specialist and someone whose husband’s company sells cleaning supplies to hospitals, hotels, etc.

Roz on

1. Love the Venetian mirror and 3-tiered table in silver.
2. The Peloton seat looks live the average spinning bike seat. Get a bike seat cover and ride on.
3. The virus is the latest news distraction. 98% recovery rate. People with compromised immune systems are most vulnerable –
as with the flu, which has a much higher fatality rate. Take common sense precautions to protect yourself.

Charlene on

Nice Seven on Sunday post?HaPpy March!

Jeanne Bell on

I go to the gym 3 times a week. I take classes and work out on the equipment. I tried the Peloton and found the seat to be very uncomfortable. There is so much equipment that I like so much better that I never use the Peloton.

Alice Genzlinger on

Spoke with a Chinese lady today who converses with her family in China who tells her that China isn’t telling the truth, that its much worse than China reports. Hope the Chinese citizens somehow can survive this outbreak.

Eileen A on

My son has the peloton and loves it.

Cindy M on

Love all the new products! The glasses, tables and three tier stand, brava to you!

I own a peloton and it’s changed my life. So convenient to have at home and the classes are fantastic plus I lost 14 lbs!

I am staying on top of the Coronovirus but think we need to keep in perspective the flu cases and deaths in comparison.

Great Sunday post and adore those dresses and tops!

Karen on

The Peloton bike seat is very uncomfortable. My daughter ordered a cover for seat but still uncomfortable.

Jennifer on

Good Morning,
Those cookies are spectacular!
We purchased a Peloton to use during the winter months when we can’t bike outside. I suggest you wear cycling shorts…the padding helps tremendously. The more saddle time you have, the easier it is…your bottom will get used to it.

Jennifer on

After reading some of the other posters, I wanted to comment more on the Peloton. No one is screaming at you. All of the class instructors have different personalities and play different types of music and you just have to find one that resonates with you. Or you could choose one of the beach scenes or winding mountainous roads that doesn’t have an instructor at all.

Clare on

Hi a few things-

Love and obsessed with your new incoming items!! Those tables are exquisite!

While I feel that the coronavirus has the potential to become very serious I think we need to keep everything in perspective and trust that we are in the safest country in the world with the best and brightest in medicine!

I found a peloton for almost 2 years and it’s the best form of exercise that I have ever done. And I am not one who likes exercise but the high energy classes really pump you up to achieving your maximal fitness level. You won’t be sorry!

Lynn on

I love my Peloton. Have had it for 3+ years (actually I love it so much I have 2 of them). the seat pain goes away very quickly. It is like saddle sore and once your body is used to it, it goes away. Or, like others have said you can get a gel seat or padded shorts. My favorite instructor is actually a 51 year old woman. She plays lots of classic rock from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I love it. However, there are many instructors. Try them all and see who resonates. I also do a lot of the strength classes which are great. Good luck and I hope you do end up purchasing a bike.

CoCo on

Per the Venetian mirror concept….. Love the idea, but think the mirror needs more details. I would expect to see beveled mirrors, side trim on all the display areas, more ‘carvings’, etc. I saw the perfect Venetian mirror at a local rummage sale and just missed it by seconds as someone else snapped it up and this is what I am in visioning as the perfect Venetian mirror. It was AMAZING as it had so much going on with it. I know yours can look this way too with more detail added. Also, yes, more sizes, not just the 3 sided mirror. I would like one to put above a pedestal sink in my powder room. Thank you!!!

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