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Hi there, hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I feel a little pep in my step just knowing we are in March and done with February…a few days closer to spring! Every few weeks I share life happenings with you as seen through my trusty little iPhone. I have the 8, which I have owned for about 4 years.

I keep saying I am going to upgrade to the new 10 with it’s “bionic camera abilities” but somehow it hasn’t happened. And my pictures (at least to me) are still more than fine. One day!

In the meantime, here is a look at a the good and pretty over the last few weeks…..


Don’t you love that golden hour when the late day sun filters through and gives the most beautiful sunlit glow to everything it touches! For those who have asked where to get my magnolia, they are from my shop, click here

I love how it literally “illuminated” my etched glass pieces!!

I love this vignette, it’s like a little corner of spring:) Many ask about my delphiniums, they can be found on the shop by clicking here, I like mixing and matching colors (I just got back in the blue so added a few, pay no attention to the tag, lol. It’s been since removed)!

Was in the city and my breath was taken away by this 8 foot Veneitan glass chandelier…exquisite!!

Had lunch at Maialino, one of my faves…and spotted this pretty little floral vignette

Made my all time favorite Greek salad, soooooo good. Recipe will be shared on Sunday’s post.

Spring is alive and well in my house!! How pretty and fresh is this! Many also asking about the bunnies, click here to see them (scroll down)

Having such fun helping a former edesign customer plan a bridal shower….we are playing with ideas and these are what we came up with for entrance, buffet and gift tables!

Counting down the days until my gorgeous new melamine comes in!!! A little over 4 weeks, we will hold a presale sometime mid March. Just love it, and it has me dreaming of all kinds of pretty tables!

Another arrangement next to my pretty Mottahedeh tureen

Have to say kind of obsessed with these pastel jars. They are so much more beautiful in person. They have been a real hit! They are now online, click here to see

Does my friend. know me well!! How gorgeous are these (I am ignoring the fact that my toes might need to be numbed in order to wear them however:)


A few glimpses into my recent NY flower market trip

Had dinner at The Grill in NYC, formerly The Four Seasons restaurant and it was outstanding, did not disappoint

This wine was excellent, so good that I took a pic of the label

Had a lazy Sunday morning, lit my favorite ginger jar candle  and enjoyed this huge weight of a book from Virtuoso travel about all the latest and greatest places/hotels to visit….though summer travel plans are kind of on a holding pattern, click here for the ginger jar candle filled with most delectable summer gardenia scent.

A corner of my family room…furniture we have had for about 18 years!!!!!! We had toyed with the idea of downsizing as this is a lot of house for 2 people but the market is horrible and in the meantime, I have decided once and for all giving this room a much needed facelift!

Pretty presents…love any excuse to use my paper and wrap up a pretty gift!


And there you have my recent musings….the good and pretty of course. Hope you enjoyed the post and hope everyone has a great day. Thank you for stopping by, hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping…spring is at our doorstep! Until next time…….

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What a feast for my eyes! Thank you for helping me wake up after a sleepless night with sick kids? so much beauty here- just love the beautiful floral branches in the blue and white pieces!

Love NYC lives there until 2016, miss it! Thanks for sharing the beauty

Those gifts! Someone must be very special.
That salad looks divine! I am going to pass the picture of the wine bottle onto my husband who thinks of them self as a Sommalier 🙂
Your melamine and bunnies are fabulous.

Thank you for a great post! I am so looking forward to watching how you redecorate your family room. I have similar 18 year old family room furniture that I could use inspiration on how to change it out. So excited to see how you do it with your fabulous taste!

Great post! Love the photos. The family room looks like a great place to hang out, relax at the end of a long day. But I agree, it needs just an uplift/update (new fabric on chair) but I am sure you will do your magic and it will look great! Can’t wait to see the results.

Nothing better than a Greek salad. I make mine from a recipe I received from a friend who worked at the wonderful Harbord Bakery in Toronto, just south of the University of Toronto campus (with the best bagels, ever!)

Joan’s Greek Salad
English cucumber (I leave skin on or else ‘stripe’ the skin with a veg peeler), cut into coins then quarter those coins
any kind of pepper you prefer (green/red/yellow), cored and cut into chunks
grape tomatoes, halved
celery, ribs cut on the angle
canned black olives, drained (any size)
feta cheese (cut into chunks or rough grate, your choice)
garlic cloves (minced or mashed, # of cloves your choice)
few shakes oregano and basil
salt & pepper
good quality extra virgin olive oil
apple cider vinegar
I mix all veggies together – use as much or as little of each that you like, eyeball oil and vinegar (use a light hand, you can always add more), add oregano and basil, give a quick toss. Add cheese on top, put into fridge for a few hours for flavors to mix, then give a quick toss before serving.
Makes a great addition to your own marinated and grilled chicken and/or pork souvlaki and grilled pita or nann, plus tzatziki (yogurt/cucumber/dill sauce – easy to make with a small food processor). This is my ‘go-to’ dinner for summer.

Awesome! I love love all your decorating and my favorite pic of this post is of your family room. Just remember when redecorating it, the integrity of this room does not lend itself to bright or busy fabrics. I love blue and white and how you have added just a touch on the coffee table, but with all this beautiful wood and fireplace surround this room is crying out to remain an old soul. All the best!

After a great evening out and enjoying a glass of wine I enjoy, I find I can’t remember the name of the wine. Proble solved I will have my buddy. IPHONE take a snap for me as a reminder.
Don’t go too light in your library. Go English -look. Nice to have a masculine room plus touches of chinocerie hint blue and white looks good in such a room

The Greek salad photo whetted my appetite for fresh produce these early spring days! I’m off to the store . . .

Your posts are so inspiring and get me looking forward to spring. Planning a similar face lift of our family room and a downstairs small bedroom also. May adjust the size of one and increase the other for the “aging” homeowners!!!!! Never want stairs to be viewed as an obstacle course…. a challenge in 50+ year old homes. Keep posting for all of us to enjoy and create our own “enchanted home”.

Your home is perfection! I love your family room, but changing things up can be fun. Thx for the beautiful pics!

So many beautiful pictures!
That salad looks delish. I hear you on the family room. It’s beautiful but I know what it’s like to freshen things up! I am in the middle of a big freshen up too! I can’t wait to see what you do.

Got my green pastel jars and LOVE them so much, great job!!

SO fun! I didn’t know the 4-Season is…no more…I do miss those days when we would just “fly to New York on the fly.” Luv’d your photos…I did upgrade from my 8 to a 10…grrrr….I don’t think the camera is “as good”….course, my Iphone hates me… 🙂 franki

Love the family room as is; it’s a beauty and how fortunate you are to have it. It is a classy thing, IMO, to have fabulous, well-preserved, great rooms with high quality, appropriate furniture that ages (or has aged) well (and yours hardly is old – yet definitely aging well). Also, so many memories? Maybe, if anything, a change to the upholstered chair then maybe an addition of some fabulous blue and white antique porcelain or another fabulous item? Just a thought, but it is stunning as it is, IMO!

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