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Hello and happy Monday evening.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Here is the final post on the flower market trip I made about three weeks ago. These flowers gave me so much joy and the number of arrangements I was able to create was pretty amazing. I almost lost count:)

It was fun to try them in all kinds of containers in various sizes and shapes. Suffice to say, there was not a single one of them that looked bad. Experimenting is the fun part:)

Nothing like beautiful flowers to make my day:)  So, here are the final arrangements I made and I included the few tips I had included with the first post in case you missed it. I have had several people since contact me thanking my for the hydrangeas tip, joking how when they think of all the hydrangeas thrown away that “they could have saved”. I can relate but now I get to perform CPR on my hydrangeas and almost always am able to save them:)  So let me show you the last batch of florals I made with that fun flower buying trip……


All the new arrangements waiting to be placed around the house:)

At this point these were about 5 days old, keeping them in a cold spot overnight allowed them to stay fresh for well over a week!

This arrangement ranks right up there with one of my most favorite arrangements of all time, love this in our new footed planter!

Love a mint julep on top of a stack of books, such a classic look!

The tulips almost look like peonies!

Adore a bud vase (or mint julep) on a nightstand with fresh flowers, it’s the little touches that make a difference:)

The hyacinths still going strong and the scent was intoxicating, they were perfect in our medium sized mint julep

Great reading material on my nightstand, the Mario Buatta auction catalogs


Wilty hydrangeas that seem to be to the point of no return? Have no fear, my little “ICU” trick will work like a charm! So take your wilted, soggy, sad little hydrangea stems and give them a fresh cut. Get a container of very very hot water (almost boiling). Dip the head into the water for a few seconds then put them stem side down into the water for a good 30 minutes (sometimes takes a little longer) Step away and come back to see a nearly fully resurrected hydrangea. Here is a picture tutorial to show you what I mean!


And here they are about an hour later coming back to life…woo hoo!


And the second one is, there is a reason all florists have their florals in a refrigerator, because they like it cold!! So while its wonderful to have our beloved flowers in the house during the day to enjoy, at night mine go outside where its cool, if its below 40 degrees they go in the garage.

Obviously summertime they stay indoors (in the coolest part of the house)  and if at all possibly can fit in a refrigerator that’s where they go. Bottom line is the longer they are in colder weather, the longer they will last! Doing this really maximizes your dollar spent on the flowers!


And there you have the final post on my recent flower trip. If you missed part one click here and part two click here.  Visiting that market just never gets old!!  My advice,  whether you live in the area or not, is to go and visit at the very least. My favorites are G Page, Associated Cut Floral and Dutch Flower Line.

Even if you don’t’s still such a thrill to be in such a fun, high energy place surrounded by the beauty of flowers. You will see flower brokers from all over in action, as well as big time florists and event planners shopping for what inspires them.

And, if you happen to live in the area, then by all means you should take home a bundle or two! They do sell to the public (prices a little higher than if you have an account) but still well priced. And, no where will you see such a beautiful selection. With spring at our doorstep, it’s a great time to go!

Thanks for stopping by and following along with all my floral shopping trips….until next time!

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Eileen A on


Eileen A on

Correction. I meant beautiful!!!!! Lol

Diane Meier on

Yes! I thought the pink tulips were peonies, too! The green and pink arrangements were wonderful. Brava, Tina. d

Sharon Larmore on

Enjoyed you 2 flower tips! Thanks so much!

Charleen Cross on

Great icu tips!! Beautiful arrangements

Elizabeth on

Great tips for the hydrangeas! I have heard of other things to revive them but not this one. I will try it next time. Also, I LOVE this arrangement, I agree it is my favorite of all of the ones that you made.

Arell on

Your arrangements were so beautiful! I really enjoyed ooohing and aaaahing over all of them!

Judy Walters on

So very inspiring – just beautiful – I would LOVE to have a hyacinth or two on my night stand. Or anywhere else in my house. Those footed planters are just wonderful! THANKS for sharing these beautiful flowers ready to enhance wherever they are “planted” –

Franki Parde on

Floral fantasies!! Lovely! franki

Liz on

Absolutely breathtaking! You are so talented and I think you underestimate your talents because trust me even after taking several floral classes I still have problems putting even the simplest arrangement together.
I have to agree the one that you said is one of your favorites is one of the prettiest arrangements I’ve ever seen!
I am inspired to try again!

Lorraine Hutchinson on

As usual so hard to say what I loved best. All of the arrangements are just so appealing. But looking makes me happy

Charlene on

Thank you for such loveliness and the hydrangea tip?

Susan M. on

Oh my gosh. These arrangements take my breath away! They are so gorgeous!!

Susanne on

To me you either have it are you don’t when it comes to flower arranging. I have tried but can’t ever seem to quite get it right! Which is why I spend a mini fortune on fresh arrangements delivered to our house twice a month. Like you, flowers make me very happy!

I remember once you said maybe you would consider some kind of a tutorial how I would love that, thank you for sharing this beauty!

MariaE on

Stunning arrangements!

Susan on

Your beautiful dog always makes my heart smile at the end of your blogs.
I had his twin his name was Harry. He took a part of my heart with him to the rainbow ? bridge ?

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