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Hi friends….well, this might not be quite the St. Patrick’s Day many of you had planned on. Fun and silly office celebrations, maybe a parade or two, kids dressing up in green for school….life as we know it has changed dramatically over the last week and there is simply no denying that. I hope you are all safe and healthy, and practicing the social distancing, which is now crystal clear as the primary way to avoid both contamination and exposure to the virus.

I made a difficult decision yesterday to close our office/warehouse as of yesterday, which was a first. The decision was made in the best interest of my employees and practicing what the CDC is urging every American  to do. We will be closed all of this week and will assess going into next week, what the next steps will be. We are reachable at all times via email.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we all navigate these new uncharted waters. So lets celebrate St. Patty’s Day virtually, why don’t we! I thought it would be fun for a little diversion to take a look at some gorgeous green rooms, which have me dreaming of a little decorating:) I vowed that i will keep on blogging and keep up with my posts because it is as much of a respite for me as it is for you!

We need to keep the few constants in our life that we do have control over….We always hold a sale for St. Patrick’s Day and  will keep our 20% off St. Patrick’s Day on as was planned however please understand that orders will not ship until next Monday (use code clover).



Meg Braff created this happy, beautiful dining room

Wow talk about a room with impact! Celebie Kimball

A sage green kitchen never looked so pretty! Traditional Home

Love the punch of this gorgeous mossy green tablecloth in this elegant foyer, Sarah Bartholomew

Pretty and elegant space with green as a primary color, love the elegance pared down with the casual inviting vibe, Sarah Bartholomew

Gorgeous space from Laurel Home

Love the moodiness and drama of this kitchen in darker tones, Hello Lovely

Miles Redd is known for his signature punch of color, love blue and white in the mix!

Always loved this color blue when paired with green, lovely! Thibaut

Gorgeous and proof positive of how beautiful green, blue and white go together! Mark D Sikes

This is really cool looking, very sophiatyistaced, a glossy green herringbone. Love it for a bar! Pinterest

Not a bad place to self isolate, Alessandra Branca

This could make laundry not feel like such a chore! Amy Berry

I could get nice and cozy in this green lacquered library, Charles Spada

Pretty and inviting room by Phoebe Howard

Green chinoiserie! Yes! Arch Digest

Carolyn Roehme shows us that when you use green, go big or go home! Fabulous!

Pretty in a bedroom when paired with crisp white! Blayne Beacham

A longtime favorite that has been in my files a long time, pertty entry!

Love how fresh this feels, Mallory Mathison

Spectacular dining room,Suzanne Rheinstein


So….what do you think! Love any specific room? There are so many I love here, but I am drawn to those that also have a little blue and white, as i think it really creates such impact against the green.

As promised all green items on our shop site are 20% off today through 3pm tomorrow (since this is starting so late). Use code clover. Just keep in mind however, that orders wil not ship until Monday/ Tues of next week.

Click here to see our fabulous collection of green goodies!

In the meantime, please stay safe, heed  those warnings of social distancing as we must all do our part. We will come out of this stronger and more united than ever, I am confident.

Until that time…I will continue to post and keep up with the blog because I truly believe in times like this, it is so important to seek the beauty, humor and all that inspires us. We must hold onto hope because that is one thing we  all have in common. Be well, until next time…….


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Denise Mccoy on

Thanks for the “GREEN” post! i know it is St. Patrick’s Day, but green is the color of health.
Keep posting beauty!

Deborah on

Thank you for the beauty that you share with us you make my day

Teresa Hatfield on

Beautiful, Tina! Needed the green treatment!

Jane on

You are the best Tina!! Keep the Positivity going and stay safe.

Mitch Rhoades on

Thank-you Tina! Your posts have become a “part of my morning routine”. They are now a part of my “new normal”. Thank’s again to you and your staff. “God Bless us ALL”! — P.S.—-about the rooms above —-I’m “GREEN with ENVY”! Happy St. Patricks Day!————-Mitch

Susan W Minahan on

Hi Tina, Such a beautiful post! Thank You!

I don’t know anyone to talk to in New York. You have been so great talking about this virus and caring about your employees.

Was wondering if NYC does get overloaded with patients and not enough beds, is there a possibility of docking a large cruise ship and using that as a makeshift hospital for people with the virus. It has the beds, bathrooms, kitchen and must have a health facility. I know much would have to be done, for equipment, but would it be easier now, when ships are not being booked, to use these as floating hospitals, rather than build new make shift hospitals?

Loved your idea of seniors shopping early. Have seen this become a reality!!!

Susie Minahan

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Thank you for sharing the green rooms! I love the one by Sarah Bartholomew….makes me wish I had a bolder approach to decorating! Love the green!
These trying times will pass. The sun will rise each day and my rose bush will continue to bloom. It is a great time for those of us to be good role models in handling crisis situations. A teachable time to let the younger generation know how important it is to practice self-care, self-reliance, patience, fortitude and resilience. It is even more important to help each other when the going gets tough, instead of behaving in a selfish, dog eat dog way. With every challenge, comes new innovation and new behaviors. I am encouraged by the collaboration between the private sector and government to change obsolete practices that have been on the books for decades. The swine flu in 2009 was worse than this, but it appears not much was done to alter practices. Hopefully this time, necessary changes will be made, new innovations created and the next time we all will be better prepared. Now more than ever, we need beautiful blog posts and kind and caring messages.

Liz on

Hi and thank you for this beautiful post with my favorite color although I have to say after reading your blog, blue is starting to compete with the green!!

Hope that you are safe and I agree these times are very scary for all Americans but everyone needs to do their part and listen to the experts, they know what they’re talking about. As someone who has three physicians in our family, all I hear over and over again is to stay home, stay away from people, literally to self isolate is the only way that we stand a chance to not become the next Italy.

The government has stepped it up but most of the medical community are baffled that they are not implementing a nationwide quarantine but in the meantime we must all use our inner voice and stay away. Stay safe!

dale s. on

These are just lovely. But that herringbone wall was spectacular!

Verna Bass on

Green is my happy color! Loved the rooms by Meg Braff & Sarah Bartholomew

vmf on

Thank you very much for keeping up with your amazing blog! We do need consistency during these strange times. Thank you for all the beauty. It makes my lunch break at work a respite.

Pam W on

Thank you Tina for the boost today! Happy St Patrick’s Day. Stay safe & healthy!

Eve B on

Thanks for brightening my day! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours!

Gail on

Thanks Tina for the beautiful rooms you posted.
They truly help us escape for a little bit.
I believe too, that we will come out of this better and stronger.
God’s peace to you.

Cathy Schwartz on

Keep these coming. Beautiful pictures to make the gloomy rain and lockdown feel brighter.

Tempie martin on

Thank you a million times over. Just what we need in this time of unrest. Keep up the good work and God bless everyone following your posts.

Alice Genzlinger on

He still my heart. The green herringbone. I have wanted to do this for many years. Ever since I saw Kirstie Alley do her kitchen in green. It was drop dead gorgeous.

Lorraine Hutchinson on


Christina Woods on

Thank you for bringing such beautiful images of green on such a dreary sad day. You lifted my spirits and made me smile ?

Dominique B. on

Tina, you are a good person and employer. I think it’s wonderful that you have closed shop for a week to take care of your employees and do your part in flattening the curve. What a scary time with all this uncertainty. Tina, you are extremely talented and your blogs are beautiful and uplifting. I appreciate all the time that you spend writing to your customers and followers. Periodically, I read some of the comments that people leave you, and wow… everyone admires and adores you and your online shop.
Thanks for caring about your employees and all of us! P.S. My favorite green room is Carolyn Roehme. Your porcelains would look fabulous in a room painted that color green! Take care!

Franki Parde on

Is it September yet??? franki

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